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How Pranksters Tricked Twitter-Scraping Sites Into Copyright Infringement  

An anonymous reader shares a remarkable story from Fortune's Data Sheet newsletter: The story begins on Dec. 3, when an artist going by @Hannahdouken on Twitter posted an image of hand-drawn text reading, "This site sells STOLEN Artwork, do NOT buy from them!" And asked followers to reply that they wanted the image on a shirt. They were testing a theory. For years, artists posting their work online have found the art turned into t-shirts and other merch without permission or compensation.

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2019-12-09 11:34:00

Free Software Foundation Offers Benefits and Merchandise In Its Annual Fundraiser  

An anonymous reader writes: The Free Software Foundation is holding its annual fundraiser, with a goal of attracting 600 new members by the end of December. (New members so far: 112.) "We are still fighting the oppressive nature of proprietary software," explains the campaign's web page. "We have made solid inroads, and the community is as passionate as ever." As a 501(c)(3) charity the group's membership dues are all tax deductible, and associate memberships are just $10 a month ($5 for st

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2019-12-09 08:34:00

Former Oracle Product Manager Claims He Was Forced Out For Refusing to Sell Vaporware  

A former Oracle employee filed a lawsuit against the database giant on Tuesday claiming that he was forced out for refusing to lie about the functionality of the company's software. The civil complaint, filed on behalf of plaintiff Tayo Daramola in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, contends that Oracle violated whistleblower protections under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Dodd-Frank Act, the RICO Act, and the California Labor Code. According to the court filing, Daramola, a resident

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2019-12-09 05:34:00

HBO's Silicon Valley gear for auction: Pied Piper badges, Gilfoyle's Satan iPhone case - CNET  

And how'd you like Richard's frantically handwritten notes on his middle-out compression algorithm?

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2019-12-09 05:05:00

2021 Hyundai Sonata N-Line first drive review: A punchy performance preview - Roadshow  

The contrasty camouflage wrap is mostly for show. Beneath it, this Hyundai Sonata prototype previews an exciting N-Line performance model coming next year.

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2019-12-09 05:00:03

Steve Jobs' signature on a floppy disk sells for $84,000 - CNET  

Its original value was estimated to be $7,500.

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2019-12-09 03:03:00

Final Fantasy characters return to Kingdom Hearts in KH3: ReMind DLC - CNET  

Square Enix uploaded, and then quickly deleted, a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind over the weekend.

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2019-12-09 02:47:00

Disney Warns 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' Effects Could Cause Seizures  

"The Walt Disney Co. is asking exhibitors worldwide to warn moviegoers that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker may pose a seizure risk to audience members with photosensitive epilepsy," reports Deadline: In an unusual move, Disney has sent a letter to theater owners and operators worldwide with a recommendation that special steps should be taken to alert moviegoers about the visual effects and flashing lights in the J.J. Abrams-directed interstellar adventure. "Out of an abundance of caution,"

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2019-12-09 02:34:00

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actor René Auberjonois dies at 79 - CNET  

Fellow actors George Takei, William Shatner and more pay tribute online to the actor who played Changeling Odo.

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2019-12-09 02:25:00

Iran's internet freedom is on life support - CNET  

The country's president wants a state-controlled intranet to replace the internet.

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2019-12-09 01:08:00

Ohio Neighborhood Temporarily Evacuated Over Misplaced Fears of a Homemade Nuclear Reactor  

"A 911 call Thursday led to a precautionary evacuation of an entire street in a Northwest Side neighborhood in Columbus over concerns about a possible small nuclear reactor and alpha waves reported by a resident who said he sustained burns in his garage on the device," acocrding to the Columbus Dispatch. Slashdot reader k6mfw shared their report: In the end, authorities found no hazard. The man will undergo a mental-health examination and may face charges of inducing a panic. The man, who

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2019-12-09 00:34:00

Max Q: SpaceX and Rocket Lab launch rockets and X-Wings take flight  

Sign up here to receive Max Q weekly in your inbox, starting December 15. This week saw a ton of activity in the space industry, with multiple launches, key preparations for commercial crew missions, robots and much more. Besides all the real space news, there’s also some extreme fan service for Star Wars lovers, courtesy […]

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2019-12-09 00:13:34

Crisis on Infinite Earths the perfect cure for Avengers crossover withdrawal - CNET  

Commentary: The CW's comics and TV crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths is unlike anything done before.

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2019-12-08 23:46:00

First Wonder Woman 1984 trailer sees Gal Gadot literally ride lightning - CNET  

Plus, an emotional reunion as Chris Pine returns as Steve Trevor, Diana's long-lost love.

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2019-12-08 23:44:00

Astronomers Find the Biggest Black Hole Ever Measured  

"Astronomers have found the biggest black hole ever measured -- it's 40 billion times the sun's mass, or roughly two-thirds the mass of all stars in the Milky Way," writes Iwastheone shares their report: The gargantuan black hole lurks in a galaxy that's supermassive itself and probably formed from the collisions of at least eight smaller galaxies. Holm 15A is a huge elliptical galaxy at the center of a cluster of galaxies called Abell 85... When two spiral galaxies --

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2019-12-08 23:34:00

Apple Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR to be available to order Dec. 10 - CNET  

Beastly desktop is Apple's attempt to win back professionals who have gone over to Windows.

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2019-12-08 23:03:00

Chinese Newspaper Touts Videogame Where Players 'Hunt Down Traitors' in Hong Kong  

The Global Times is a daily tabloid newspaper published "under the auspices" of the Chinese Communist Party's People's Daily, according to Wikipedia. And this week Slashdot reader Tulsa_Time noticed that this official state-run newspaper "promoted a video game where users are tasked with hunting down the 'traitors' leading Hong Kong's ongoing pro-democracy demonstrations." Here's an excerpt from the article by China's state-run newspaper: An online game calling on players to hunt down

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2019-12-08 22:34:00

The Nintendo Switch Lite is 10% off at Woot for Amazon Prime members again (while supplies last) - CNET  

That's the lowest price anywhere right now, and it won't last long.

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2019-12-08 22:11:49

Interstellar comet Borisov, visiting from deep space, makes a historic flyby - CNET  

It's just the second visitor to be spotted from beyond our solar system and it'll never be closer to the sun than it is this weekend.

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2019-12-08 21:48:00

Debian Begins Vote On Supporting Non-Systemd Init Options  

"It's been five years already since the vote to transition to systemd in Debian over Upstart," reports Phoronix, noting that the Debian developer community has now begun a 20-day ranked-choice vote on eight different proposals for "'init system diversity' and just how much Debian developers care (or not) in supporting alternatives to systemd." The eight options they're voting on: Choice 1: F: Focus on systemd Choice 2: B: Systemd but we support exploring alternatives Choice 3: A: Support

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2019-12-08 21:38:00

Linux Users Can Now Use Disney+ After DRM Fix  

"Linux users can now stream shows and movies from the Disney+ streaming service after Disney lowered the level of their DRM requirements," reports Bleeping Computer: When Disney+ was first launched, Linux users who attempted to watch shows and movies were shown an error stating "Something went wrong. Please try again. If the problem persists, visit the Disney+ Help Center (Error Code 83)." As explained by Hans de Goede, this error was being caused by the Disney+ service using the highest

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2019-12-08 20:34:00

20 Low-End VPS Providers Suddenly Shutting Down In a 'Deadpooling' Scam  

"At least 20 web hosting providers have hastily notified customers today, Saturday, December 7, that they plan to shut down on Monday, giving their clients two days to download data from their accounts before servers are shut down and wiped clean," reports ZDNet. And no refunds are being provided: All the services offer cheap low-end virtual private servers [and] all the websites feature a similar page structure, share large chunks of text, use the same CAPTCHA technology, and have notified

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2019-12-08 19:34:00

Open-Source Security Nonprofit Tries Raising Money With 'Hacker-Themed' T-Shirts  

The nonprofit Open Source Technology Improvement Fund connects open-source security projects with funding and logistical support. (Launched in 2015, the Illinois-based group includes on its advisory council representatives from DuckDuckGo and the OpenVPN Project.) To raise more money, they're now planning to offer "hacker-themed swag" and apparel created with a state-of-the art direct-to-garment printer -- and they're using Kickstarter to help pay for that printer: With the equipment full

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2019-12-08 18:34:00

Holiday Xbox deals this weekend: three-game Xbox One S bundle for $160, Crackdown 3 for $15 and more - CNET  

The ghost of Cyber Monday has continued some hot Xbox deals at Walmart and elsewhere, so you can still get Cyber Monday prices right now.

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2019-12-08 17:55:00

Will Robots Wipe Out Wall Street's Highest-Paying Jobs?  

An anonymous reader quotes Bloomberg: Robots have replaced thousands of routine jobs on Wall Street. Now, they're coming for higher-ups. That's the contention of Marcos Lopez de Prado, a Cornell University professor and the former head of machine learning at AQR Capital Management LLC, who testified in Washington on Friday about the impact of artificial intelligence on capital markets and jobs. The use of algorithms in electronic markets has automated the jobs of tens of thousands of exec

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2019-12-08 17:34:00

Snapchat Cameo edits your face into videos  

Snapchat is preparing to launch a big new feature that uses your selfies to replace the faces of people in videos you can then share. It's essentially a simplified way to Deepfake you into GIFs. Cameos are an alternative to Bitmoji for quickly conveying an emotion, reaction, or silly situation in Snapchat messages. Some French […]

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2019-12-08 16:59:54

81-Year-Old Donald Knuth Releases New TAOCP Book, Ready to Write Hexadecimal Reward Checks  

In 1962, 24-year-old Donald Knuth began writing The Art of Computer Programming -- and 57 years later, he's still working on it. But he's finally released The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 4, Fascicle 5: Mathematical Preliminaries Redux; Introduction to Backtracking; Dancing Links. An anonymous reader writes: On his personal site at Stanford, 81-year-old Donald Knuth promised this newly-released section "will feature more than 650 exercises and their answers, designed for self-st

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2019-12-08 16:34:00

Tesla Wants To Clean Windshields With Laser Beams  

Tesla "may be keen on replacing the humble windshield wiper with lasers," reports CNET. In a patent application filed this past May and published with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on Nov. 21, Tesla describes a "pulsed laser cleaning" for "debris accumulated" on glass, specifically for automotive application. It also mentions this could be used for "photo-voltaic" applications. That's fancy-speak for solar panels... According to the patent, Tesla imagines the system wo

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2019-12-08 15:34:00

Uber Loses $1.4 Billion in Value After Acknowledging Thousands of Sexual Assaults  

"Uber's stock market value fell by $1.4 billion Friday, on the heels of the company's release of a safety report revealing that 3,000 incidents of sexual assaults took place during its U.S. rides in 2018," reports the Bay Area News Group: On Thursday evening, Uber released its long-awaited safety study, which revealed that the company received 3,045 reports of sexual assaults in its rides in 2018, and 2,936 such incidents in 2017. Those figures included 235 reports of rape in 2018, up from 22

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2019-12-08 14:34:00

Crisis on Infinite Earths is the perfect cure for Avengers crossover withdrawal - CNET  

Commentary: The CW's comics and TV crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths is unlike anything done before.

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2019-12-08 13:57:00

Are my passwords on the dark web? These tools monitor your info after a data breach - CNET  

By the time a company tells you your data's been stolen as part of a breach, your login credentials may already be on the dark web. Here's how to keep pace with the hackers.

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2019-12-08 13:35:01

iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, 2 months later: The ultrawide camera is still our favorite thing - CNET  

Here's which one we think you should buy.

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2019-12-08 13:00:00

The new Mac Pro goes up for order December 10  

After more than a year of teasing, Apple finally unveiled the new Mac Pro at WWDC in June. The long wait was finally over — though Apple left out one key detail: when, precisely the high end desktop would arrive, beyond a purposefully vague fall timeframe Earlier this, however, the company began sending out pre-pre-order […]

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2019-12-08 12:55:38

Can We Kill Fake News With Blockchain?  

"One of the more unique future uses for blockhain may be thwarting fake news," writes Computerworld's senior reporter, citing a recent report from Gartner: By 2023, up to 30% of world news and video content will be authenticated as real by blockchain ledgers, countering "Deep Fake technology," according to Avivah Litan, a Gartner vice president of research and co-author of the "Predicts 2020: Blockchain Technology" report... "Tracking assets and proving provenance are two key successful use c

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2019-12-08 12:34:00

Got a new Google Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max? Here's how to set it up - CNET  

Did you spend a few Black Friday dollars on a Google Home smart display? Get it connected it to your smart home fast with this quick guide.

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2019-12-08 12:00:07

Uber vs. Lyft: Cost, safety, user experience compared - CNET  

Here's what you need to know about both ride-hailing apps.

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2019-12-08 12:00:06

Take a tour of Taiwan's Te Yang destroyer, formerly America's USS Sarsfield - CNET  

After 32 years of service with the US Navy, the USS Sarsfield found a second life -- and 27 more years of service -- in Taiwan. Let's go aboard.

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2019-12-08 12:00:04

All aboard the ROCS Te Yang. Beware of bears - CNET  

A WWII-era American destroyer is a museum ship in Taiwan. Here's a look at this ship's long history. And its bears.

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2019-12-08 12:00:01

Wait, Apple is releasing how many iPhone 12 models in 2020? - CNET  

Apple's iPhone lineup could be getting a shakeup in 2020 with four new iPhone 12 models released in the fall and one surprise iPhone before then.

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2019-12-08 11:37:01

In wake of Shutterstock's Chinese censorship, American companies need to relearn American values  

It's among the most iconic images of the last few decades — a picture of an unknown man standing before a line of tanks during the protests in 1989 in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. In just one shot, the photographer, Jeff Widener, managed to convey a society struggling between the freedoms of individual citizens and the […]

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2019-12-08 11:25:16

RaySecur, a mailroom security startup, raises $3M in seed funding  

Raysecur says at least ten times a day someone sends a suspicious package containing powder, liquid, or some other kind of hazard. The Boston, Mass.-based startup says its desktop-sized 3D real-time scanning technology, dubbed MailSecur, can intercept and detect threats in the mailroom before they ever make it onto the office floor. Mailroom security may […]

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2019-12-08 10:23:33

Roadshow behind the scenes: How we film car-to-car shots video - Roadshow  

Roadshow's expert video producers give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we pull off one of the most specialized automotive film production techniques: the car-to-car shot.

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2019-12-08 10:00:01

The best facial recognition cameras of 2019 - CNET  

Want a security camera with facial recognition? Here are your best options.

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2019-12-08 10:00:00

25 apps that defined the decade: 2010-2019 - CNET  

From games to social media to dating: These 25 apps had the most impact on our lives in the last 10 years.

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2019-12-08 08:37:01

Reddit Bans 61 Accounts, Citing 'Coordinated' Russian Campaign To Interfere In UK Vote  

"The prospect of Russian interference in Britain's election flared anew Saturday after the social media platform Reddit concluded that people from Russia leaked confidential British government documents on Brexit trade talks just days before the general U.K. vote," reports the Associated Press: Reddit said in a statement that it has banned 61 accounts suspected of violating policies against vote manipulation. It said the suspect accounts shared the same pattern of activity as a Russian interf

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2019-12-08 08:34:00

Are You Ready for the End of Python 2?   

"Users of an old version of the popular Python language face a reckoning at the end of the year," reports Wired, calling it a programmer's "own version of update hell." The developers who maintain Python, who work for a variety of organizations or simply volunteer their time, say they will stop supporting Python 2 on January 1, 2020 -- more than a decade after the introduction of Python 3 in December 2008. That means no more security fixes or other updates, at least for the official version o

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2019-12-08 04:34:00

New Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker clip debuting inside Fortnite - CNET  

Director J.J. Abrams will reveal the footage for players who land in Risky Reels.

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2019-12-08 04:17:00

Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina teaser reveals its January return - CNET  

Sabrina goes to Hell in the new teaser trailer from Netflix.

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2019-12-08 03:53:00

Best holiday gifts for grandparents, from smart tech to sentimental - CNET  

Our favorite options for the perfect gift for your favorite grandma or grandpa this holiday season.

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2019-12-08 03:11:00

Google Doodle celebrates Camille Claudel, French sculptor and Rodin muse - CNET  

She had to overcome gender-based restrictions to study and create art.

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2019-12-08 03:00:00

Researchers Call Chronic Inflammation 'A Substantial Public Health Crisis'  

UPI reports: Roughly half of all deaths worldwide are caused by inflammation-related diseases. Now, a team of international researchers is calling on physicians to focus greater attention on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of severe, chronic inflammation so that people can live longer, healthier lives. In a commentary published Friday in the journal Nature Medicine, researchers at 22 institutions describe how persistent and severe inflammation in the body is often a precursor for

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2019-12-08 02:34:00

Best gifts for teenage girls for 2019: Apple AirPods, Fuji Instax and more - CNET  

Teenage girls can be difficult to buy for. We've done some of the hard work to make it easier with some of the best gifts for teen girls this holiday season.

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2019-12-08 01:38:00

Best phones of 2019: iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, Motorola... - CNET  

The best phones from the biggest brands. Hand-picked by CNET editors, here's our list to help you give the best smartphone gift this holiday season.

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2019-12-08 01:26:00

Best direct-to-consumer cookware of 2019: Made In, Brandless and more - CNET  

By cutting out the middleman these online-only brands offer high-quality products at lower prices.

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2019-12-08 00:58:00

Will Plunging Battery Prices Start a Boom In Electric Power?  

An anonymous reader quotes Utility Dive: Average market prices for battery packs have plunged from $1,100 per kilowatt hour in 2010 to $156 per kilowatt hour in 2019, an 87% fall in real terms, according to a report released Tuesday by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). Prices are projected to fall to around $100 per kilowatt hour by 2023, driving electrification across the global economy, according to BNEF's forecast. BNEF's latest forecast, from its 2019 Battery Price Survey, is an exampl

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2019-12-08 00:34:00

Best action cameras of 2019: How GoPro, DJI and Yi compare - CNET  

These tiny rugged cameras are made for shooting and sharing your adventures -- even if they only happen in your backyard.

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2019-12-08 00:20:00

Interstellar comet Borisov set to make historic flyby Sunday - CNET  

It's just the second visitor to be spotted from beyond our solar system and it'll never be closer than it is this weekend.

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2019-12-08 00:19:00

'Why Are Cops Around the World Using This Outlandish Mind-Reading Tool?'  

ProPublica has determined that dozens of state and local agencies have purchased "SCAN" training from a company called LSI for reviewing a suspect's written statements -- even though there's no scientific evidence that it works. Local, state and federal agencies from the Louisville Metro Police Department to the Michigan State Police to the U.S. State Department have paid for SCAN training. The LSI website lists 417 agencies nationwide, from small-town police departments to the military, th

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2019-12-07 23:34:00

New Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker footage -- Flying Stormtroopers with jetpacks - CNET  

J.J. Abrams and the cast discuss new footage, Carrie Fisher, Palpatine, character friendships and more at Brazil Comic Con.

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2019-12-07 23:28:00

Amazon's The Boys season 2: New trailers, cast and plot theories - CNET  

New teaser trailer shows plenty of gore and action. Get the latest on the upcoming season of Amazon's dysfunctional-superhero series starring Karl Urban.

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2019-12-07 23:25:00

Volkswagen Headquarters Raided Again After They Disclosed New Diesel Filtering 'Issue'  

"Reuters is reporting that German public prosecutors have again raided the Wolfsburg headquarters of Volkswagen in the latest investigation into the carmaker's diesel emissions," writes Slashdot reader McGruber. The purpose of the raid was to "confiscate documents," the article reports: Volkswagen, which admitted in 2015 to cheating U.S. emissions tests on diesel engines, said it was fully cooperating with the authorities, but viewed the investigation as unfounded.... The carmaker said it h

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2019-12-07 22:34:00

Amazon leases space in New York, less than year after scuttled HQ2 deal - CNET  

Following an outcry over corporate tax breaks, Amazon pulled out of a deal for a new headquarters near Manhattan. Now it's leasing office space in midtown.

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2019-12-07 22:04:00

The U.S. Considers Ban on Exporting Surveillance Technology To China  

The South China Morning Post reports that the U.S. may be taking a stand against China. This week the U.S. House of Representatives passed a new bill that would "tighten export controls on China-bound U.S. technology that could be used to 'suppress individual privacy, freedom of movement and other basic human rights' [and] ordering the U.S. president, within four months of the legislation's enactment, to submit to Congress a list of Chinese officials deemed responsible for, or complicit in, huma

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2019-12-07 21:34:00

New Black Widow footage with Scarlett Johansson; more on Red Guardian - CNET  

Marvel's Black Widow movie offers a closer look at Natasha Romanoff and her family. New Brazil Comic Con footage reveals Red Guardian and Melina were married.

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2019-12-07 21:12:00

Remembering Star Trek Writer DC Fontana, 1939-2019  

Long-time Slashdot reader sandbagger brings the news that D. C. Fontana, an influential story editor and writer on the original 1960s TV series Star Trek, has died this week. People reports: The writer is credited with developing the Spock character's backstory and "expanding Vulcan culture," SyFy reported of her massive contribution to the beloved sci-fi series. Fontana was the one who came up with Spock's childhood history revealed in "Yesteryear," an episode in Star Trek: The Animated Seri

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2019-12-07 20:34:00

Marvel's Eternals first footage arrives at Brazil Comic Con Experience - CNET  

The footage was shown to a small, exclusive group of thousands of fans at CCXP.

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2019-12-07 19:43:00

Jury Sides With Elon Musk, Rejects $190M Defamation Claim Over Tweet  

Aighearach (Slashdot reader #97,333) shared this story from Reuters: Tesla Inc boss Elon Musk emerged victorious on Friday from a closely watched defamation trial as a federal court jury swiftly rejected the $190 million claim brought against him by a British cave explorer who Musk had branded a "pedo guy" on Twitter. The unanimous verdict by a panel of five women and three men was returned after roughly 45 minutes of deliberation on the fourth day of Musk's trial. Legal experts believe i

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2019-12-07 19:34:00

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Meet the design dream team behind the show's iconic look - CNET  

With season 3 upon us, the top creative minds behind the Amazon Prime hit share their secrets.

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2019-12-07 19:24:00

The 7 best fitness subscription boxes in 2019 for every workout style - CNET  

Whether you're a yogi, runner or gym rat, everyone loves new stuff.

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2019-12-07 19:19:00

What your future VR/AR goggles could do with Qualcomm's new XR2 chip video - CNET  

An early hands-on peek at where phone-free 5G standalone headsets are heading.

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2019-12-07 18:45:01

Why Is Russia's Suspected Internet Cable Spy Ship In the Mid-Atlantic?  

"Russia's controversial intelligence ship Yantar has been operating in the Caribbean, or mid-Atlantic, since October," writes defense analyst H I Sutton this week in Forbes. He adds that the ship "is suspected by Western navies of being involved in operations on undersea communications cables." Significantly, she appears to be avoiding broadcasting her position via AIS (Automated Identification System). I suspect that going dark on AIS is a deliberate measure to frustrate efforts to analy

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2019-12-07 18:34:00

The Mandalorian episode 5 recap: Baby Yoda travels to an iconic planet - CNET  

In the Disney Plus episode titled The Gunslinger, Mando meets a deadly assassin after having some engine problems. Prepare yourself for nostalgia overload.

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2019-12-07 18:14:00

Elon Musk should invent space warp drive, Neil deGrasse Tyson says - CNET  

It sounds like the famed astrophysicist would rather Elon Musk spent less time thinking about Cybertrucks and more time making Star Trek real.

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2019-12-07 18:12:00

Best shower filters for 2019: How they work and why you should get one - CNET  

Wash away all the chemicals that are hiding in your shower water.

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2019-12-07 18:09:00

SpaceX, NASA finally set date for critical Crew Dragon launch-emergency test - CNET  

SpaceX must ace a practice capsule escape before it can ferry NASA astronauts to the ISS.

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2019-12-07 18:00:00

Buy two video games, get one free at Target - CNET  

There are over 600 titles in the deal, including hot new games like Jedi: Fallen Order and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

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2019-12-07 17:50:00

Honda Civic and pickup trucks were the most popular vehicles stolen in 2018 - Roadshow  

Thieves really like Hondas and trucks. Of course, there's a lot of them around.

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2019-12-07 17:49:04

Apple Fails To Stop Class Action Lawsuit Over MacBook Butterfly Keyboards  

Mark Wilson quotes BetaNews: Apple has failed in an attempt to block a class action lawsuit being brought against it by a customer who claimed the company concealed the problematic nature of the butterfly keyboard design used in MacBooks. The proposed lawsuit not only alleges that Apple concealed the fact that MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air keyboards were prone to failure, but also that design defects left customers out of pocket because of Apple's failure to provide an effective fix.

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2019-12-07 17:34:00

Best holiday shopping deals this weekend: Switch Lite, Echo Show, Instant Pot and more - CNET  

Arcade1Up machines are heavily discounted. Plus: Score a Nintendo Switch Lite for as low as $180 and get lots of other discounts as well.

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2019-12-07 17:23:00

Original Content podcast: 'The Crown' embraces middle age  

“The Crown” has returned to Netflix with a new cast — Olivia Colman as a middle-aged Queen Elizabeth, Tobias Menzies as her husband Prince Philip and Helena Bonham Carter as her sister Princess Margaret. Loyal listeners of the Original Content podcast may recall that we reviewed the show’s first two seasons last year. We didn’t […]

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2019-12-07 17:00:52

Hospitals' New Issue: A 'Glut' of Machines Making Alarm Sounds  

"Tens of thousands of alarms shriek, beep and buzz every day in every U.S. hospital," reports Fierce Healthcare -- even though most of them aren't urgent, disturb the patients, and won't get immediate attention anyways: The glut of noise means that the medical staff is less likely to respond. Alarms have ranked as one of the top 10 health technological hazards every year since 2007, according to the research firm ECRI Institute. That could mean staffs were too swamped with alarms to notice a

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2019-12-07 16:34:00

The best smart home gifts of 2019: Amazon Echo Dot, Google Nest Hub and more - CNET  

Give the gift of household convenience to your friends and loved ones. Just make sure they know what they're getting into.

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2019-12-07 16:20:22

How Fake News Is Still Fooling Facebook's Fact-Checking Systems  

Slashdot reader peterthegreat321 shared an article from Medium's technology blog OneZero revealing the "cracks, loopholes, and limitations in Facebook's systems that bad actors are busily exploiting." Facebook says it's proud of the progress it has made, though it acknowledges there's more to be done. "Multiple independent studies have found that we've cut the amount of fake news on Facebook by more than half since the 2016 election," the company said in a statement to OneZero. "That still me

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2019-12-07 15:34:00

This Week in Apps: Black Friday's boost, security news and the year's biggest apps  

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the Extra Crunch series that recaps the latest OS news, the applications they support and the money that flows through it all. What are developers talking about? What do app publishers and marketers need to know? How are politics impacting the App Store and app businesses? And which apps […]

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2019-12-07 15:00:09

Theragun review: This high-end percussive massage gun is not the end-all, be-all - CNET  

It does what it says, but it might not be what you need.

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2019-12-07 14:00:01

Real X-Wings took flight at Disney's new Star Wars ride grand opening thanks to Boeing  

Boeing might be taking the last crucial steps to prepare for its first crewed Starliner capsule spaceflight, but it’s also busy turning sci-fi into reality right here on Earth - by helping Disney build X-Wing large-scale starfighters to celebrate the opening of the ‘Rise of the Resistance’ ride at Disney World in Florida. Earlier this […]

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2019-12-07 13:48:54

TikTok is the best place on the internet. We should all delete it - CNET  

Commentary: The app has had a run of bad press too spectacular to ignore.

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2019-12-07 13:09:00

Startups Weekly: U.S. VCs eye European startups  

In this week's newsletter: Vroom nabs $254M, the Away scandal and "inevitable takedown of a female CEO" and American investment overseas.

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2019-12-07 13:00:32

With Avengers done, 'Crisis' is the superhero event to get excited for - CNET  

Commentary: Crisis on Infinite Earths on The CW is a television comic book crossover event unlike anything done before.

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2019-12-07 13:00:13

5G in 2019 underwhelmed. Here's how 2020 should be different - CNET  

Think: new chips, cheaper devices and broader networks.

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2019-12-07 13:00:11

9 great reads from CNET this week - CNET  

Google's so-called open culture might be closing, a look into the weird future of VR headsets and why one CNET editor is just saying no to TikTok.

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2019-12-07 13:00:10

Best smart countertop ovens of 2019 - CNET  

Smart ovens for your countertop are a thing now, and there are actually good ones out there. Here's who makes the cut.

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2019-12-07 13:00:08

A port-free iPhone is my dream and nightmare - CNET  

Totally wireless gadgets are our destiny. But I have concerns.

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2019-12-07 13:00:06

2019 BMW 330i, Volkswagen Atlas and more: Roadshow's week in review - Roadshow  

Here's a look at our most important stories for the week ending Dec. 7.

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2019-12-07 13:00:05

6 Amazon Prime benefits you need to use for holiday shopping - CNET  

You don't want to shop for gifts without knowing about these Prime benefits.

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2019-12-07 13:00:01

Scientists Propose Using Mountains To Build a New Type of Battery For Long-Term Energy Storage  

An anonymous reader quotes a report from IEEE Spectrum: One of the big challenges of making 100 percent renewable energy a reality is long-term storage," says Julian Hunt, an engineering scientist at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria. Hunt and his collaborators have devised a novel system to complement lithium-ion battery use for energy storage over the long run: Mountain Gravity Energy Storage, or MGES for short. Similar to hydroelectric power, MGES involves st

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2019-12-07 13:00:00

What this powerful new chip could mean for 2020 phones like the Galaxy S11 - CNET  

Samsung's upcoming flagship phone will be one of the first to use new features from the Snapdragon 865 processor.

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2019-12-07 12:00:03

Cyber Monday's record sales day, Google co-founders step down video - CNET  

This week's most important stories include a record-breaking Cyber Monday, Google's co-founders stepping down and a new prediction that Apple's 2021 iPhone will be completely wireless.

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2019-12-07 12:00:01

How Samsung's QD-OLED hybrid could take on LG for TV supremacy - CNET  

Could quantum dots and OLED combine to create the TV of the future?

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2019-12-07 12:00:01

4 holiday shopping scams to avoid in 2019: Phishing, pyramid schemes and more. - CNET  

Learn how to recognize the most common methods criminals are using to target you and your pocketbook this holiday season.

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2019-12-07 12:00:01

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