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'When in Rome' is the best Catholic conversion movie you've never seen...  

Finding a copy of When in Rome might be difficult, but despite its obscurity it is an absolute must-watch — a black-and-white, low-budget MGM picture centered around the Holy Year of 1950. Van Johnson plays Father Halligan and Paul Douglas is Brewster. The picture was produced and directed by reliable MGM helmer Clarence Brown in what proved to be his second-to-last film before retiring.

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2021-06-22 20:38:34

“Jesus and Mary don't want me”: Learning from the saints in their darkest moments.....  

A while back, I listened to an episode of The Daughters' Project about the importance of not erasing the saints' struggles from their stories, and it got me thinking about Rafael's. As the sisters point out, hagiography that totally glosses over the sins that saints struggled with, or casts the suffering they went through in a rosy, transcendent light, doesn't do anybody any good...

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2021-06-22 20:31:58

Do dogs go to Heaven?  

If a dog dies and a kid's really distraught,it's not a bad idea to tell that kid, "If you really need Fido in Heaven to be happy, he'll be there." Technically, that's not a lie. But here's the thing — you probably won't need Fido in Heaven to be happy, and that's really good news, because he probably won't be there...

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2021-06-22 16:13:54

What you need to know: “Eucharistic consistency” fallout, “Catholic awkward,” and episcopal unity...  

Today is the feast of St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher, the martyred bishop of Rochester. While More is well-known — having become the subject of a movie with six Academy Awards, after all — Fisher's story is also worth knowing. The bishop was executed June 22nd, 1535, on charges of treason which stemmed from his refusal to recognize King Henry VIII as the Supreme Head of the Church in England...

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2021-06-22 11:17:56

Why be good?  

I woke up this morning early (as I always do in the summer) and wondered why on earth I ought to be good. Really. What's the point? Why would anybody be motivated to be good? I immediately thought of some reasons why we ought to be good and none of them really impressed me and inspired me to be good. So why be good? Here are some reasons...

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2021-06-22 08:46:48

Vatican Intervenes in Proposed 'Anti-Homophobia' Law in Italy...  

The Vatican has intervened with the Italian state in a proposed "anti-homophobia" law, saying that the legislation as written violates freedoms of the Catholic Church in Italy. According to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Archbishop Paul Gallagher, the Vatican's secretary for relations with states...

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2021-06-22 05:12:08

Outliving myself: On finding I have vascular dementia...  

Old age is the most unexpected thing that can happen to a person. Leon Trotsky is said to have said that or something very much like it. It's the only thing I remember of the many things he is reputed to have said. There's much I no longer recall at all. Until lately old age and me, we were actually were getting along on fairly good terms.

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2021-06-22 02:14:03

Computer program reveals surprising shared word etymologies — like “cancer” and “chancellor”...  

I find word etymologies fascinating. Every word we speak or write sits unassumingly on the surface of a rich history, sometimes spanning millenia.

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2021-06-21 13:37:28

Pro-abortion Catholic politicians want the Church to leave them alone. Problem is, they will not leave the Church alone... ...  

Bishops "warned that such action would portray the bishops as a partisan force during a time of bitter political divisions across the country." That's AP's report on the American Catholic bishops — only a quarter of them — who opposed the creation of a document on the nature of communion, and who can receive it and who shouldn't.

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2021-06-21 10:57:50

Go ahead, teach me — I dare you!...  

As I scanned the classroom it was obvious that some of my student's spiritual mindset was not on class participation. This behavioral phenomenon is actually quite typical for a Monday morning class. What's even more striking is the faces of some of my students that scream; "Go ahead, teach me I dare you!" If you are a teacher at any pedagogical level of instruction you know exactly what I just described...

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2021-06-21 07:06:56

The cannon accident that helped Aloysius Gonzaga become a saint...  

Being the son of a wealthy and powerful parents in the height of the Renaissance comes with a ton of responsibility. It also comes with a fair amount of privilege. If that family is among the most famous in Europe, everything you do and say makes an impact. Aloysius Gonzaga (1568-1591), better known by his peers as "Luigi," perhaps didn't quite understand that dichotomy at an early age.

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2021-06-21 07:03:45

The Supreme Court's unanimous Fulton decision is a gift for children and pluralism...  

he Supreme Court, in Fulton v. Philadelphia, just ruled against the City of Philadelphia, which had argued that Catholic Social Services (CSS) could not be a partner in helping children in foster care get out of the overburdened foster system and into loving homes.

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2021-06-21 05:10:47

Newark's Cardinal Tobin appointed to Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signature, Vatican's highest court...  

Pope Francis on Monday appointed 12 new members of the Vatican's highest court, the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, including Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark.

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2021-06-21 04:48:16

'Luca' (Rotten Tomatoes 89%) is burdened by tiresome tropes, but it's still a sweet film...  

In Pixar's Luca, a gentle, overtly Miyazaki-esque coming-of-age period piece struggles under the heavy weight of iron-clad Disney/Pixar formula requirements and story beats. The charming elements work well enough to carry the film, but only just. The premise of two young sea monsters living just off the coast taking on human form and venturing into the human world for a summer of discovery and adventure

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2021-06-20 12:26:42

Pope's Sunday Angelus: “How often do we fixate on our problems rather than bringing them to God?”...  

Speaking from the window of the Vatican's Apostolic Palace, the pope reflected on the Gospel account of the disciples caught in a storm at sea as Jesus slept on their boat. Filled with fear, the disciples cried out to the Lord, "Teacher, do you not care if we perish?"

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2021-06-20 09:06:42

Lead, protect, teach — the three things every good father does...  

In 1994, a team of Swiss researchers conducted a study on how faith is transmitted in the family, and their results were surprising. If a father does not go to church — even if the mother is deeply religious — the study showed only one child in 50 will become a regular worshipper. Whether a child will remain a Catholic...

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2021-06-20 08:38:33

National Park Service bear advisory: “Do not push a slower friend down, even if you feel the friendship has run its course”...  

There have a been a string of serious bear encounter incidents in National Parks this year and we all need to be bear aware when traveling in their natural habitat. Looks like the folks at the National Park Service social media team have a bit of a dark sense of humor. Check out these bear safety tips posted Sunday...

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2021-06-20 08:16:48

3 lessons to learn from Our Lord's peaceful nap in the middle of a storm...  

In today's Gospel, we see Jesus commanding the wind and sea during a storm. He rebukes the wind and tells the sea, "Quiet! Be still!" and a great calm settles. His disciples in the boat, in awe at what they've witnessed, say to one another, "Who then is this whom even wind and sea obey?" It's a stunning moment for them, but there's another striking detail contained in this Gospel...

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2021-06-20 04:42:51

Fascinating CNN story: Ghosts of coronavirus victims are appearing to loved ones worldwide [this is why Masses, indulgences, suffrages for the dead are so important!]...  

They never ran out of things to talk about. It was obvious from the start. He was a brawny former Maine lobsterman with a booming baritone. She was a redhead with freckles from Wisconsin who worked in corporate recruiting. They talked about everything from sci-fi movies and her love for the rock group Bon Jovi to whether the Lord of the Rings film trilogy did justice to J.R.R. Tolkien's books.

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2021-06-20 04:06:45

Boys Town sent 800 young men to fight in World War II, and 35 made the ultimate sacrifice. Father Flanagan was the only father they ever knew.....  

The honor no American parent wants is the right to display the Gold Star Service Flag. This distinction is reserved for families of military servicemen who have died in the line of duty and is meant to honor and acknowledge the family's sacrifice and grief. This somber honor dates back to the First World War when military families displayed service flags featuring a blue star...

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2021-06-20 04:05:40

My soul looks back and wonders how I got over...  

The gospel today is something of a storm journal, a kind of picture of the Christian life as we journey through a stormy world against winds contrary to the gospel. There are distinctive stages, beginning with the call of Jesus to cross to the other shore. But as we cross there are surely storms and difficulties that assail us...

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2021-06-20 03:19:03

Two big tips for young dads in June...  

It's wedding season, and bells are chiming out all over the place. We've already RSVP'd for two nuptial celebrations this month, and there's another in July. Of course, these days it's just my wife, Nancy, and me slipping into the back pews and sniffling at the vows...

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2021-06-20 02:59:42

God doesn't just calm storms. He turns their violence into covenants — and sacraments.....  

The Gospel and readings for this Sunday, the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B, are all about finding faith amid the storms of life. But there is another lesson: God turns violence into sacraments that bring peace. The tale is told with the characteristic novelistic details of Mark's Gospel.

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2021-06-20 02:40:38

St. Joseph was the “earthly shadow of the Heavenly Father”...  

Foster fathers play a significant and sometimes critical role in caring for children from troubled backgrounds, but because their role is often temporary, they don't get much mention on Father's Day. St. Joseph has long been referred to as Jesus' "foster father" even though we have every reason to believe his presence was steady and abiding throughout Our Lord's youth.

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2021-06-20 02:38:48

On the 40th anniversary of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark,' let us consider Indiana Jones, the embodiment of the American spirit...  

A people, a civilization defines itself largely through the heroes that it adopts and celebrates. These heroes may be entirely mythical: We think of the Homeric epics, which tell the story of Odysseus, who overcomes many trials in his ten-year journey home after the Trojan War; of Lohengrin, the German knight who rescues a noblewoman...

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2021-06-19 14:31:41

When you teach about Jesus Christ, be urgent...  

The urgency to teach the person of Jesus Christ who is God should resound with any one because the final aim is eternity with the Father in heaven. As the Church prescribes that a parent should exercise urgency to baptize their infant child within a brief period of time after birth, this same urgency never dissipates to assist anyone develop a fruitful and faithful devotion and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

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2021-06-19 11:49:49

Alexa, make me happy...  

The packaging of the Amazon Echo boasts that Alexa is happy to help. Happy to help us in what way? What is it Alexa can help us achieve? She can help us become the people we are becoming. For our waking lives more and more resemble a never-ending all-you-can-eat buffet...

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2021-06-19 10:37:04

If our culture ever turns around, it will be because Christian men stand up and fight...  

The Year of St. Joseph points us to Jesus' adoptive father, Joseph, as the essential model for fathers. Joseph not only manifests genuine masculinity, he also images God's own fatherhood, as Pope Francis makes clear in his apostolic letter, Patris Corde: Jesus, though the Son of God, obeyed Joseph, learned from him, and worked with him, acknowledging Joseph as a true expression of God's own fatherhood.

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2021-06-19 09:38:19

'American Spartacus' — On Juneteenth, let's honor this black Catholic Civil War hero...  

Juneteenth is now a federal holiday, recognizing the liberation of Black Americans and the final conclusion of the U.S. Civil War. On June 19, 1865, enslaved Black Americans in Galveston, Texas, saw the Union Army, which included regiments of armed Black Americans fighting under the American flag, reunite the country and declare them free from bondage.

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2021-06-19 08:52:40

What it's like to be an Arab Christian in the Holy Land...  

One of the most important things we must do is watch our tongues. Let every word we speak be a word that promotes justice and peace, forgiveness and reconciliation. Our words create the worlds we and our children live in. Our words are words of war or of peace, of hatred or of love, of prejudice or of openness, and with the words we speak we form the reality that will materialize tomorrow.

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2021-06-19 07:48:13

Scott Hahn on how Father Scanlan let the Holy Spirit breathe life into Steubenville — and Benedictine, Belmont Abbey, Christendom, TAC, Ave Maria, University of Mary, and more... ...  

Dr. Scott Hahn, who holds the Father Michael Scanlan, T.O.R. Chair of Biblical Theology and the New Evangelization at Franciscan University of Steubenville and is the founder and president of the Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology, sat down with Monsignor James P. Shea, President of the University of Mary...

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2021-06-19 07:13:38

European Union founding father Robert Schuman declared 'venerable' by Pope Francis...  

Pope Francis has declared venerable the French statesman Robert Schuman, known as a key "founding father" of the European Union. After a June 19 meeting with Cardinal Marcello Semeraro, the prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, the pope advanced the sainthood causes of Schuman and six others.

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2021-06-19 05:57:54

Why sharpen a knife (and a bit about how)...  

Certain tools possess primordial qualities. The simpler the tool the more visceral response it yields. When I give my son a hammer, an ax, or a saw it is as if the entire woods demand to become a cabin. They no longer see thick trunks and hanging boughs; they see posts and beams. Somehow, this creative impulse written into our DNA is triggered by the handling and use of these tools...

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2021-06-19 02:01:52

Catholic bishops vote to draft Communion guidelines: What happens next?  

Following three days of contentious debate, the U.S. Catholic bishops approved a measure on Friday to draft a statement that could deny Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians like President Joe Biden. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, at their spring conference held remotely because of the pandemic, voted 168 to 55...

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2021-06-19 01:18:13

Joseph Lamb, an Irish Catholic who got his break from Scott Joplin, was an unlikely ragtime giant...  

Joseph Francis Lamb was born in the suburban township of Montclair, New Jersey in 1887. The fourth and youngest child of Irish immigrants, James and Julia Lamb, Joseph grew up with his brother and two sisters in a spacious home built by his carpenter father. It was from his father that he acquired woodworking skills...

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2021-06-18 14:07:41

“This Church harasses women!”: Catholic priests face belligerent mob during New York City pro-life march...  

On Saturday, June 12, two priests walked through a pro-abortion mob and stood for the unborn. The priests walked through the streets of Brooklyn, New York in a peaceful and prayerful demonstration to a nearby abortion clinic after St. Paul Church's morning Mass.

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2021-06-18 09:10:53

USCCB votes 168-55 to prepare document on the Holy Eucharist...  

The voting results of the USCCB's June meeting are in, and the bishops have voted to approve the drafting of a teaching document on the Eucharistic. The bishops voted on a range of agenda items; results on several items were announced at the opening of their final day of meetings this afternoon.

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2021-06-18 03:22:21

U.S. Bishops continue intense debate over timing and impact of proposed document on Holy Communion...  

The second day of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' (USCCB) spring general assembly featured a lengthy and passionate debate over the proposal to draft a document on the Church's teaching on the Eucharist. The document, which would include a discussion of worthiness to receive Communion...

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2021-06-18 02:22:33

USCCB Meeting: Debate Erupts Over Allowing Unlimited Debate on Holy Eucharist Document...  

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) spring general assembly got underway with some immediate controversy Wednesday as a vigorous debate arose over what is usually a routine vote to approve the meeting agenda.

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2021-06-17 12:10:17

The lie of LGBT weakness: Corporate America just keeps handing the movement money and publicity...  

Of course it was just another example of tokenism and hucksterism by a corporation seeking to align itself with a faddish cause celèbre. Of course the media's and the Twitterati's response demonstrates that for all our demographic stagnation and declining fertility, the relative rate of birth of suckers has not slowed since P.T. Barnum first observed that datum in his famous (alleged) quip.

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2021-06-17 06:57:57

This summer, step up and step out into the life-giving practice of wholesome toil...  

Summer has begun. As a kind of new beginning, every season offers a natural occasion to be more intentional about life. Yet a season is not a generic restart. Rather, each constitutes a concrete call, if we give ear to the natural world, for attending to specific aspects of our life. Summer is certainly no exception. It is a time of work and productivity. Just look to the plants and the animals...

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2021-06-17 06:31:56

U.S. bishops vote to keep time limits on discussion of Eucharistic document...  

While some U.S. bishops on Wednesday pushed for no time limits in debating a motion to draft a teaching document on the Eucharist, during their meeting this week, a majority opposed that push, allowing for a vote to proceed under the normal limits of debate.

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2021-06-17 05:01:36

Supreme Court unanimously rules in favor of Catholic foster agency in case that pitted religious freedom against LGBTQ rights...  

The US Supreme Court unanimously ruled on Thursday in favor of a Catholic child welfare organization, saying the charity has a right to decline to place foster children with same-sex couples.

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2021-06-17 03:59:22

On the balance of love and correction according to St. Gregory the Great...  

Applying salutary discipline, and balancing it with necessary consolations and encouragement is never an easy task. It is possible that a parents can be too severe on their children, such that they become disheartened, and lack necessary self-esteem...

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2021-06-16 05:21:38

There are two handy tools hidden behind your electrical outlets — and few DIYers seem to know about them...  

Leah of See Jane Drill shows the two tools in an electrical outlet and demonstrates how the tools are used...

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2021-06-16 02:26:24

The theater of Cardinal Marx's resignation was clearly intended to convey a message. But what?  

I was wrong about the resignation of Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich. I wrote here that "it is unlikely that Pope Francis would have permitted [Marx's resignation letter] to be published if he did not intend to accept it." Wrong, but perhaps understandably so. Objectively it remains "unlikely" that a superior would permit someone to publish a resignation letter if he did not intend to accept it...

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2021-06-16 01:35:39

Poll: Regular Mass attendees say politicians who oppose Church teaching on grave matters 'create confusion'...  

A poll by a Catholic advocacy group released on Tuesday found that, among Catholics who attend Mass regularly, the vast majority say that Catholic politicians who take policy positions contrary to Church teaching "create confusion" among the faithful.

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2021-06-16 01:35:36

The 3 heroic priests aboard the Titanic who died saving the lives (and souls) of passengers...  

One twitter user recently posted photos of three heroic priests who offered their lives for the passengers aboard the Titanic before it sank on April 15, 1912. The priests chose to minister to passengers on the ship rather than choosing a lifeboat to save their own lives.

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2021-06-15 21:57:58

Why listen to the misogynists, Paxton? A woman doesn't need abortion to succeed.....  

Texas high schooler Paxton Smith gave a surprise valedictorian's address at her high school's graduation reacting to the state's attempt to restrict abortion. She said she needed access to abortion to accomplish her goals. Without it, she was "terrified." Jacqueline Abernathy, once an ambitious high school star herself, explains why she's so wrong.

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2021-06-15 13:40:40

The Southern Baptist Convention, and what to expect from the upcoming U.S. bishops' meeting, and “we are greatly blessed”...  

Today is the feast of St. Abraham of Clermont. Born in Syria in the fifth century, Abraham was imprisoned for five years by the Persian Sassanian Empire, which at that time ruled much of the Middle East, and which had enacted a persecution against Christians in the region. After years in chains, Abraham escaped Sassanid captivity and went west, eventually settling as a hermit in what is now central France...

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2021-06-15 11:21:25

“Do I really sound like that?” — Hearing your voice can be an uncomfortable experience. Here's why.....  

As a surgeon who specializes in treating patients with voice problems, I routinely record my patients speaking. For me, these recordings are incredibly valuable. They allow me to track slight changes in their voices from visit to visit, and it helps confirm whether surgery or voice therapy led to improvements.

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2021-06-15 10:58:47

Don't let people seduce you with the rhetoric of self-invention and making up your own values. There's no project duller and more suffocating than that.....  

For the past many years, I have been maintaining an internet ministry that allows me, through comment boxes, to listen in on the questions, complaints, and pontifications of thousands of people in regard to religion. I have noticed that these commentaries sort themselves out in fairly predictable ways, centering around issues of God's existence, the problem of suffering...

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2021-06-15 10:02:09

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Dramatic time-lapse video of a supercell thunderstorm over Texas...  

Featured here are four time-lapse sequences of a supercell in 2013 rotating above and moving across Booker, Texas. Captured in the video are new clouds forming near the storm center, dust swirling on the ground, lightning flashing in the upper clouds, all while the impressively sculptured complex rotates ominously.

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2021-06-15 09:29:41

Term limits for Church leaders: a policy created to be ignored?  

The Vatican decision to impose term limits on the leaders of lay associations is not unreasonable on its face. The new policy addresses the problems that have arisen in some lay movements when long-term leaders abused their authority. It should, in theory, provide for the fresh new perspectives that Pope Francis always desires, and guard against the encrustation of power that he fears.

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2021-06-15 08:39:16

A (needed) guide to reading G. K. Chesterton...  

People quote him all the time, but he's not always that easy to read. G. K. Chesterton, who died 85 years ago today, was one of the greatest of Christianity's popular writers in the last century. But while he offered forehead-slapping insight, he sometimes gave his readers head-scratching obscurity. I love Chesterton's writing, but I just want to warn you that...

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2021-06-15 08:12:02

Hidden King: A reminder that your ordinary, everyday life matters, and YOU matter...  

Do you ever feel overlooked and unimportant? Do you ever wonder if the small stuff you do every day matters? Washing the dishes, taking out the trash, doing the laundry, mowing the lawn. ... St. Joseph was a poor, hardworking dad who spent his earthly life hidden from any earthly honor. His life was ordinary and unknown to most...

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2021-06-15 08:02:04

President Biden's request for meeting, morning Mass at Vatican today nixed by Pope...  

President Joe Biden's attendance at early morning Mass with Pope Francis has been nixed from an early plan of the June 15 meeting of both leaders, a reliable Vatican source told CNA.

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2021-06-15 07:27:49

Authenticity changes lives — and silence doesn't work in evangelization...  

I sometimes think the Apostles were complete knuckleheads. How could you watch Jesus raise people from the dead, heal the blind, change water to wine, walk on water, and more...yet doubt or be afraid? Then I realize that I have met the same Jesus and I do the same thing. I have seen Jesus save lives...

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2021-06-15 05:45:15

You are the old, the sick, the poor, or will be. Do unto others.....  

On the way in, we walked down a hallway where we could just see in to a few of the rooms where some residents lived who couldn't leave their rooms. I'd brought a youth group to a nursing home to sing carols to the people there, and these patients weren't able even to make the trip to the common room where we would be singing.

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2021-06-15 02:27:09

What do divorced Catholics need from their friends?  

The Catholic Church takes the sacrament of marriage seriously. Because this is so, it also takes abuse seriously, and never requires spouses and children to silently endure abuse in the name of the sanctity of marriage. But those who do leave marriages, or those who are left, are often treated like second-class citizens by their fellow Catholics...

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2021-06-15 02:08:24

'I got it': Daughter offers perspective on her mother's decision to become a cloistered Carmelite nun...  

The last time I saw Ann Miller, she was seated behind a grille at the cloistered Carmelite monastery in Des Plaines, Illinois. The fashionable clothes and Elizabeth Arden haircut were gone. Instead she wore a brown Discalced Carmelite habit and black veil...

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2021-06-15 01:56:29

Pope's message for World Day of the Poor: ““If the poor are marginalized ... the very concept of democracy is jeopardized”...  

Pope Francis said Monday that "the very concept of democracy is jeopardized" when the poor are marginalized and treated as if they are to blame for their condition. In his World Day of the Poor message released June 14, the pope appealed for a new global approach to poverty.

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2021-06-14 14:29:38

The 5 progressive stages of sin...  

We are living in times when many are doubling down on their sin. As the darkness grows, many fiercely defend their sinful practices. This is especially evident in the matter of abortion. The science could not be clearer that there is a unique, beautifully formed, distinct human life in the womb of a pregnant mother, with a heartbeat, brain activity, alternating sleep and wake cycles, and the ability to feel pain...

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2021-06-14 14:14:16

Father Thomas Joseph White on vocations, his new role at the Angelicum, and the Hillbilly Thomists...  

Dominican Father Thomas Joseph White says he is "humbled by the decision" to be appointed rector of the prestigious Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome, and at the same time hopes to bring positive elements of the American ethos to the university...

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2021-06-14 10:33:40

The meaning of the colors at Mass, and the connection with the Temple of Jerusalem...  

Now in Ordinary Time we're back to wearing green vestments and folks quite rightly wonder what the meaning of the four colors of vestments signify (six if you count the rose and black vestments). So I explain to the altar boys that red is for the blood of the martyrs and the fire of the Holy Spirit.

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2021-06-14 10:31:30

Pope's Sunday Angelus: God is at work as “a good seed,” and the Church should never give in to the “weed of doubt”...  

The Church should not let herself be overcome by the "weed of doubt" because God is always at work in the world as "a good seed". This means that everyone is always called to start again with "patience and perseverance", said Pope Francis today before the Angelus prayer, which included a strong appeal against child labour and for the people of Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray region.

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2021-06-13 13:34:14

If you can use anything, Lord, you can use me...  

The readings for this Sunday speak of God's providence, which is often displayed in humble, hidden, and mysterious ways. While it is true that God sometimes works in overpowering ways, His more common method seems to be using the humble and even unlikely things of the created order to accomplish His goals.

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2021-06-13 13:07:55

Meet the Vatican librarian who was the Gordon Ramsay of his age...  

This Tuesday will mark the 546th anniversary of the foundation of the Vatican Library on June 15, 1475, by Pope Sixtus IV, the pontiff who helped usher in the Italian renaissance through his patronage of learning and the arts. That makes it an apt moment to recall a figure who plays a key role in the institution's story, even if he's all but forgotten today.

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2021-06-13 07:38:45

It is imperative that we identify how the woke movement operates, as it often mimics Christianity...  

One of the reasons woke ideology has been successful at making inroads among Christian communities is that it feeds off the Christian precept to offer compassion and aid to the marginalized and suffering. This leads to a lot of confusion about whether or not Christians can get woke, with many seeing it as the natural outgrowth of that Christian precept...

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2021-06-12 14:15:18

Gallup poll: For first time, more Americans believe abortion is “morally acceptable” than “morally wrong”...  

A new Gallup poll reveals, for the first time in two decades of surveys, more Americans believe abortion "morally acceptable" than "morally wrong." According to a Gallup poll published on Thursday, 47% of people surveyed found abortion to be "morally acceptable," the highest tally since the poll began in 2001. Conversely, 46% of those surveyed said that they believed abortion to be "morally wrong."

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2021-06-12 14:02:16

God doesn't want you to be a “nice Catholic” — he wants you to be a saint...  

The difference between being the saint God is calling you to be and being a "nice Catholic person" is, in a word ... risk. I find myself thinking a lot lately about the witness of my parents. By the grace of God, all six of their kids, as members of the least religious generations in U.S. history, are practicing the faith and, even, have active and living relationships with God...

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2021-06-12 13:44:57

Cardinal Kasper says he's “very worried” about the German Church's “synodal way”...  

An influential theologian considered to be close to Pope Francis has said that he is "very worried" about the German Catholic Church's controversial "Synodal Way." Cardinal Walter Kasper said in a June 8 interview with the Passauer Bistumsblatt that he hoped the prayers of faithful Catholics could serve as a corrective.

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2021-06-12 13:42:46

99% of people don't know this simple math hack for calculating percentages...  

This little trick makes math calculations much easier...

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2021-06-12 11:47:43

Important summertime reminder: Drowning doesn't look like drowning. Here's how to know when someone is in trouble, and how to respond.....  

The captain jumped from the deck, fully dressed, and sprinted through the water. A former lifeguard, he kept his eyes on his victim and headed straight for a couple who were swimming between their anchored sportfish and the beach. "I think he thinks you're drowning," the husband said to his wife. They had been splashing each other, and she had screamed, but now they were just standing neck-deep on a sandbar.

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2021-06-12 09:41:36

Father Thomas Dailey: Beholding the Sacred Heart of Jesus...  

"The Sacred Heart is so powerful, precisely because it's that imagery of the actual human heart of Jesus that reminds us — not only of our own hearts physically, that we have one, that it's central to who we are — but that it's in hearts that are united in love that we find our greatest fulfillment," said Fr. Thomas F. Dailey...

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2021-06-12 09:09:52

As new report is released, Vatican bank chief says “bad old days” are done...  

With release of an annual report showing a healthy profit in 2020 despite the Coronavirus pandemic, Friday capped what's already been a good run in June for the Institute for the Works of Religion, the so-called "Vatican bank," including good grades from Europe's top financial watchdog and a key recognition by the IRS in America.

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2021-06-12 09:06:39

“Don't lose heart”: The third apparition of Our Lady of Fatima on June 13...  

The June 13, 1917 saw the second apparition of Our Lady of Fatima to the young shepherds, Jacinta, Francisco, and Lucia. The message given by the Blessed Virgin on that day is a very important one, indeed vital, but it has been somewhat overshadowed by what she said during the first apparition...

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2021-06-12 04:33:57

Vatican imposes term limits for leaders of ecclesial movements to help stop “violations and abuses”...  

The Vatican issued a decree Friday setting limits on the terms of leaders of international associations of the faithful and new communities. In an introduction to the June 11 norms, the Dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life said that it wanted to define "the criteria for prudently guiding government" in lay ecclesial movements.

what do you think?

2021-06-12 04:01:20

How will the pandemic affect the Church in the long run? Phil Lawler's new book takes a closer look.....  

One sure sign that the pandemic is fading may be the steady stream of books about it that have started to trickle out. It's true that COVID-19 affected the planet like nothing else in our lifetimes. In fact, the fallout from what has transpired over the last 15 months could be felt for years, if not decades, to come...

what do you think?

2021-06-12 02:42:09

A real surprise, a curious case, and an offer the Pope refused...  

We started the week by reporting the full list of bishops who "signed" a letter emailed to Archbishop Jose Gomez calling for the subject of Eucharistic coherence to be dropped from the USCCB's meeting agenda for next week and for committee work in the issue to cease. Well, it turns out, not all of the bishops whose names appeared on the letter were all that keen on the idea.

what do you think?

2021-06-11 14:12:02

From simply sentimental to strong and sure — a consideration of devotion to the Sacred Heart...  

I must say that in the past I was not always as on board as I should have been when it came to the Feast of the Sacred Heart. As a man, I have struggled especially with some of the Sacred Heart images of past years, especially from the 1940s into the 1970s that, frankly, made Jesus look like a bearded lady.

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2021-06-11 12:52:55

The rise and fall of the Sacred Heart in Dublin...  

Just north of Dublin's Pro-Cathedral, there was an area once known as "Monto." From the 1860s to 1925, Monto was the site of Europe's largest red-light district. Estimates vary but some suggest that there were as many as 1,200 prostitutes working in that area. Monto's brothels ensnared many from the higher echelons of society but their chief clientele came from the various army barracks dotted around the city.

what do you think?

2021-06-11 11:50:05

Pope Francis names new prefect of Vatican's Congregation for Clergy...  

Pope Francis Friday named Bishop Lazarus You Heung-sik as the new prefect of the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy. The 69-year-old bishop is the first Korean to lead a Vatican congregation.

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2021-06-11 09:04:35

Pope Francis refuses to accept resignation of Cardinal Marx...  

Pope Francis declined on Thursday the resignation of Cardinal Reinhard Marx, offered to him last month. In a June 10 letter, the Pope asked the influential German cardinal to continue as archbishop of Munich and Freising.

what do you think?

2021-06-10 07:55:10

Mimetic desire and the seven deadly sins...  

The French thinker Rene Girard had a seminal insight which has shed light on just about every aspect of human endeavor from theology and anthropology to economics, politics, psychology and business development. It's called mimetic desire which being translated is "imitation envy." Basically it is the observation that we learn by watching and imitating others, we desire to be like the other...

what do you think?

2021-06-10 02:59:33

Following UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Catholic wedding, the task of announcing new Anglican bishops will fall to someone else [London Times paywall]...  

Boris Johnson might have assumed that his most profound change to the British constitution was to secure Brexit but as Britain's first Catholic prime minister he has also prompted a rethink on the link between religion and politics.

what do you think?

2021-06-10 01:40:14

How to defeat dumb pro-choice memes...  

No matter how often Christians explain that we oppose killing the unborn because humanity knows that killing the innocent is wrong, not because we've got special insider instructions, the pro-choicers say "You're imposing your religion." When they do that to our secular friends...

what do you think?

2021-06-09 22:57:50

Have fun — it's virtuous!...  

Do you take yourself too seriously? Are the challenges of life dragging you down? Even in the midst of all the chaos of life, it's important to have good, clean, wholesome FUN. You need it! Not just to have a good time, but to be holy. I hope this video is an encouragement for you to do so.

what do you think?

2021-06-09 22:42:31

I am deeply grateful for Poland — a nation that may yet become a beacon to the world, if they take heed of John Paul II's social doctrine...  

Over the past three decades, I've spent about three years, all told, in Poland, much of it in Cracow, a city I've come to regard as virtually another home. On this anniversary, however, my mind turns to some extraordinary people I first met in June 1991. Many are no longer with us but I cherish the memory of them, for their contributions to my education in matters Polish was incalculable.

what do you think?

2021-06-09 19:10:17

Transgenderism and children's hospitals: When the state comes for your kids...  

Ahmed is a Pakistani immigrant, a faithful Muslim, and until recently, a financial consultant to Seattle's high-tech sector. But when he reached me by phone in October 2020, he was just one more frightened father. Days earlier, he and his wife had checked their 16-year-old son into Seattle Children's Hospital for credible threats of suicide...

what do you think?

2021-06-09 17:19:17

This cloistered Carmelite nun had 10 children and 28 grandchildren. Her son just told the story of her incredible life in 13 tweets.....  

Twitter user Mark R. Miller posted an amazing and stirring story of a late cloistered Carmelite nun who had 10 children and 28 grandchildren.

what do you think?

2021-06-09 15:26:07

When a man becomes a priest, he begins to weave a human fabric with divine threads. Thank God for our faithful priests.....  

An ancient Latin word for priest means bridge-builder. From time immemorial we humans have recognized that our life and very identity, whether we will it or not, are deeply connected with the divine. And this connection is complicated. It needs attending, and building. And certain men are set apart to be special agents of building that connection...

what do you think?

2021-06-09 13:50:35

The Sacred Heart is a feast of friendship and an answer to your loneliness...  

The late renowned theologian Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete used to say that if Christianity doesn't connect profoundly with what we care about — addressing the deepest needs of the human heart — then "you can substitute the Great Lizard for Christ." But I don't know anyone who wants to worship the Great Lizard. And the reason is because Great Lizards don't make great friends.

what do you think?

2021-06-09 12:57:19

Vatican's financial crimes prosecution hurt by inexperience...  

European evaluators warned Wednesday that the Vatican's efforts to investigate and prosecute financial crimes were suffering from understaffing and inexperience, as well as the mistaken belief that its own cardinals and bishops were immune to criminal conduct.

what do you think?

2021-06-09 11:55:24

The new Pharisees are watching and want to know: How woke is your supper?  

The intimate relationship between cancel culture and food eerily resembles the situation in Christ's time. Scripture has plenty to say about purity and identity. A pertinent example for today comes in July 2020 when David Tamarkin, chief editor of the Epicurious website...

what do you think?

2021-06-09 11:15:59

Nobody knows exactly how tornadoes form — and that lack of understanding can be deadly...  

Shortly after midnight on March 3, 2020, Moe Odhwani woke up to find his cellphone buzzing violently beside him. The screen told him that a tornado was nearing his home in East Nashville, Tennessee. In the past, these alerts had never amounted to much — but he took shelter in the garage just to be safe.

what do you think?

2021-06-09 10:20:22

At Wednesday audience, Pope tells Catholics to pray the ancient Eastern Christian “Jesus Prayer” throughout the day...  

Pope Francis on Wednesday encouraged busy Catholics to say the "Jesus Prayer" throughout the day. Speaking at the general audience June 9, the pope recommended the short prayer at the heart of Eastern Christianity's mystical tradition.

what do you think?

2021-06-09 08:29:43

The New York Times admits it was wrong about Pius XII...  

When Sister Margherita Marchione died recently, at the age of 99, the New York Times, to its credit, published a lengthy and sympathetic obituary. Less to its credit was the clumsy anti-Catholic mistake in the obituary. A mistake the newspaper then, surprisingly, corrected.

what do you think?

2021-06-09 07:55:45

Selective indignation: Canadian calls for a Vatican apology...  

We have seen this pattern before, in the sex-abuse scandal. Catholic bishops were asked to apologize—and with ample reason, because their negligence was appalling. But when they did apologize, there was no letup in the demand for further apologies. Victims' advocates insisted that the Church should sever all ties with clerics guilty of abuse...

what do you think?

2021-06-09 07:29:04

Grooming preschoolers? This shocking video makes clear: It's time to pick a side.....  

For many years, I have heard and seen snippets of children's videos, books, and school curricula that intend to indoctrinate even the smallest children into acceptance and celebration of the LGBTQ ideology, to normalize grave sin and acclimate little ones to incredible deviations from the moral law and our Catholic faith.

what do you think?

2021-06-09 07:09:50

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