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Impossible Foods's Fake Meat Gets Real Voluntary Recall  

A California restaurant found a piece of plastic in an Impossible Burger shipment Impossible Foods has issued a voluntary recall after a California restaurant found a piece of plastic in a bulk Impossible Burger product. Although the FDA has not mandated the recall for any food safety reason, Impossible Foods has ordered the recovery of the lot produced on Feb. 19, 2019 "out of an abundance of caution," according to a spokesperson. It's the first time the company behind t...

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2019-03-22 14:25:43

Just Add Milk and an Egg for the Easiest Homemade Pancake Mix  

A food processor makes this homemade pancake mix a snap, and thanks to refined coconut oil it can sit on the shelf for months on end. When you're ready for breakfast, all you need to make light and fluffy pancakes is a splash of milk and an egg—no whipping required! Read More

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2019-03-22 13:00:47

The 7-Eleven of the Future Is an Organic Hellscape of Turmeric Slurpees  

Who, exactly, is this 7-Eleven for? A trip to 7-Eleven, the country's most recognizable convenience store, is not an experience that most would describe as aspirational. Influencers don't flock there in search of the perfect selfie moment; no chic, strikingly lit Instagrams of perfectly arranged spreads of hot dogs and Slurpees populate social media. 7-Eleven exists largely to feed people who need to eat cheaply and quickly if they want to eat at all. Countless words have...

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2019-03-22 11:33:58

In 2019, You Also Sleep at the Restaurant  

For some fine dining chefs, weekend experiences — on ranches, at fancy inns, and "culinary workshop" Airbnbs — are the next frontier Hotel restaurants are hardly new. Ryokans in Japan developed to accommodate the needs of travelers, making all-encompassing housing/dining/travel commonplace, as did bed and breakfasts in America and hostels in Europe. Since people have sought places to stay away from home, they've needed sustenance, and one tends to follow the other: If...

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2019-03-22 10:30:49

Miller Lite Files Lawsuit Over Bud Light's Corn Syrup-Focused Super Bowl Ad  

Plus, Del Taco will start serving Beyond Meat nationwide, and more news to start the day MillerCoors escalates its corn syrup fight with Anheuser-Busch Two beer giants are gearing up to fight out their differences in court. In one of the biggest ad campaigns from the 2019 Super Bowl, a Bud Light King, a Bud Knight, and their wizard went on a journey to return a massive barrel of corn syrup to its rightful owners Coors Light and Miller Lite. The message: Bud Light does not brew

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2019-03-22 10:18:51

The Unlikely Partnership That Might Decide the Future of Meat  

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2019-03-22 09:12:00

Special Sauce: Tommy Tomlinson on Untangling Food, Love, and Loving Food  

Ed Levine and Tommy Tomlinson, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated author, discuss struggling with issues related to weight and eating. Read More

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2019-03-22 07:45:26

Chicken Chili With Hominy  

Hominy usually gets ground up to make grits, but using it for chili is a game changer! Tomatillos, green chilies and garlic help pack this dish full of flavor while the hominy and chicken bring that warm, comfortable feel.

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2019-03-22 04:55:26

Behind the Phenomenon That Makes Your Wine Smell Like Farts  

What does it mean if a wine is reduced? Industry experts tease apart some wine science to make sense of this controversial wine flaw. Read More

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2019-03-21 13:00:12

From Sushi Bars to Cheesecake Factory, 'Superstore' Star Nico Santos Embraces Dining in LA  

The actor reveals his Hollywood restaurant picks and lessons learned from the set of "Crazy Rich Asians" With scene-stealing roles in NBC's sitcom Superstore and box office hit Crazy Rich Asians, Nico Santos has been very busy lately. But when he's not on set, the Filipino-born actor/comedian might be found eating nigiri at one of LA's hottest sushi bars, sipping Nebbiolo at a Melrose Avenue cafe, or hitting up the Cheesecake Factory for its low-key awesome happy hour...

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2019-03-21 11:23:50

Saying Young Cooks Need to 'Pay Dues' Before Finding Success Is Kind of Bullshit  

In Kwame Onwuachi's new memoir, the chef questions what it means to be "ready" "Why do you think you can write a memoir at age 29?" This is the question chef Kwame Onwuachi asks himself, seated across from me at a table as the final lunch guests of the day leave the sunny Kith and Kin dining room. It's the same question that Washington, D.C., asked when he set out to open his first restaurant, an ambitious, pricey affair that would tell his life story, weaving Cr...

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2019-03-21 11:00:55

Introducing Serious Eater: The Untold Serious Eats Origin Story  

In his new book, Serious Eater, Ed Levine shares the untold tale of what it took to grow Serious Eats from a personal blog into an award-winning food website. Read More

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2019-03-21 10:30:19

Baked Bacon-Burgers  

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2019-03-21 03:06:46

An Anthony Bourdain Memorial Book Is Coming This Spring  

Plus, McDonald's gets into the couch business, and more news to start your day The book was originally made for Bourdain's daughter A new book memorializing the late Anthony Bourdain is set to be released this spring. Named Anthony Bourdain Remembered, it will showcase memories and anecdotes of the beloved chef. It looks to be more a photo compendium in remembrance of Bourdain (rather than a novel), interspersed with comments from some of his prominent fans such as Barack ...

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2019-03-20 16:23:49

Instagram Mastermind Creates Fake Influencer Account That Racks Up Free Meals  

This is an impressive, algorithm-filled grift A Manhattan data scientist is turning the social media influencer world on its head by revealing that he created a bot that not only runs a successful Manhattan-themed Instagram account on its own, but also automatically solicits meals from restaurants in exchange for posts. The bot-run account in question, @beautiful.newyorkcity, has shared over 600 photos of New York cityscapes — all reposted from other accounts, with attribu...

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2019-03-20 14:10:40

Postmates's Newest Feature Is Like a Carpool for Food Delivery  

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2019-03-20 12:56:24

Ruth Reichl Relives the Golden Age of 'Gourmet' in New Memoir  

The food world figure discusses Save Me The Plums on the Eater Upsell In 2009, Conde Nast shuttered its premiere food magazine Gourmet after 68 years in business. It was a shock to readers, to food lovers, to media world watchers, to restaurant industry reporters (hi). It was a shock to Ruth Reichl, the woman at the helm. "A world without Gourmet was unimaginable," Reichl writes in her new memoir Save Me in Plums, where she recounts the full story of her decade at the maga...

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2019-03-20 12:02:17

Following Plagiarism Controversy, Former NYT Food Writer Mark Bittman's New Publication Changes Name  

A feminist magazine was already using the name Salty before Bittman came along The new project from former New York Times food writer Mark Bittman got off to a rocky start yesterday. In a Times article, Bittman announced Salty, a new food-focused "online magazine" that he created with the publishing platform Medium. One problem: Salty already exists, and it's a feminist magazine that launched in 2017. On top of that, there was more than a passing resemblance between the l...

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2019-03-20 11:50:58

Watch: This Seoul Sushi Chef Runs a Six-Seat Omakase by Himself  

From the fish market to the counter, the man behind Ooshima does it all single-handedly "There are a lot of people who like sushi but can't afford it," says master sushi chef Park Sangha, the owner of Seoul's six-seat restaurant Ooshima. "But I believe they have the right to eat sushi, too." Sangha's technique at Ooshima is all his own, where the chef keeps his costs down while serving high quality fish, largely by modifying techniques, abandoning tradition, and ...

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2019-03-20 11:19:05

A Great Food Sweatshirt, Famous Barbecue Sauce, and More Things to Buy This Week  

Your weekly dispatch from the 'Add to Cart' newsletter This post originally appeared on March 19, 2019, in Add to Cart — the weekly newsletter for people who love shopping (almost) as much as they love eating. Subscribe now. On Saturday night, on my way home from a delightful party with rather undelightful wine, I found myself scrolling through Instagram, inspired to bring better wine into my life. I found an online seller called Primal; it looked nice and had a decen...

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2019-03-20 11:16:31

The Creators of 'Chef's Table' Are Bringing 'Street Food' to Netflix This Spring   

The new series will celebrate the work of chefs who run food carts and hawker stalls around the world The filmmakers behind Chef's Table are working on a new Netflix series called Street Food that will shine the spotlight on acclaimed chefs around the world working in casual restaurants, including food carts and hawker stalls. Street Food will take viewers to nine Asian countries throughout its first season, and each episode will highlight "the stories of perseverance an...

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2019-03-20 10:41:31

Yes, Chick-fil-A's Foundation Still Donates to Anti-LGBTQ Causes  

Plus, Utah's pickle-based dessert, and other news to start your day In fact, the donations even went up in 2017 New tax filings from chicken chain Chick-fil-A's charitable arm, the Chick-fil-A Foundation, show that the company is still directing donations to organizations with fairly solid anti-LGBTQ outlooks. Per ThinkProgress, the newly released filings from 2017 show that a hefty $1.65 million was donated to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which imposes a ban on ...

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2019-03-20 10:32:32

Ceviche and Sashimi Collide in Peruvian Tiradito  

Peruvian cuisine has been influenced by waves of immigration from Japan. Tiradito is one of the results, featuring sashimi-style fish with Peru's punchy leche de tigre—the citrus-and-chili sauce used to marinate ceviche. Read More

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2019-03-20 10:30:20

How to Make Vibrant, Flavorful Fruit Frostings  

When it comes to flavored frostings, just say no to watery fresh fruit puree, and reach for freeze-dried fruit instead. It has the same fresh taste, but none of the water, adding a concentrated dose of color and flavor color to any buttercream. Read More

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2019-03-20 07:45:32

American Restaurants Are Finally Embracing Tinned Seafood  

Fish in a can is no longer just a Portuguese souvenir. It's on the menu. Sardines in olive oil, mackerel in broth, and mussels escabeche (or mussels poached in vinaigrette) packed in colorful tins are more than the perfect souvenir from a Portugal vacation. Globally, preserved fish is on the up and up. According to Bloomberg, the market for tinned fish is expected to reach $36.7 billion by 2021. Although seafood conserva is admittedly more popular in Europe and Asia, the Unit...

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2019-03-19 14:28:31

Unlock the Secret to Fresh Green Flavors in This Spring Pasta  

This soubise-inspired creamy pasta sauce uses spring onions and fennel, along with bacon, cream, and cheese for a dish that is somehow both light and decadent. Read More

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2019-03-19 13:00:05

Waze Is Watching You and It Knows You Want McRibs  

Google isn't just monitoring what you do online; it's watching you while you're in your car, too Welcome to the future, where apps can show you an ad for a burger, then lead you straight to it. Crowdsourced GPS app Waze, which was acquired by Google in 2013 for more than $1 billion, can now determine not only where exactly you're driving, but also what billboards you may be seeing along the way. And in a recent partnership with McDonald's, it put this data into action...

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2019-03-19 12:29:10

Questlove's Fake Meat Cheesesteaks Are Coming to Concert Venues Across America  

The hip-hop drummer is teaming up with Silicon Valley fake meat company Impossible Foods The Roots' drummer/Tonight Show bandleader Questlove is putting his name on a cheesesteak made with plant-based Impossible Meat that will be available at 40 Live Nation concert venues across the country, as well as Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, where the Phillies play ball. This new sandwich is made with the recently-introduced Impossible 2.0 Meat, plus a "melted cheese blend,"...

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2019-03-19 12:28:00

Get 45% Off Our Favorite (Already Affordable) Cuisinart Dutch Oven  

An enameled cast iron Dutch oven is an essential for home cooks. Today, our favorite budget pick is on super sale. Read More

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2019-03-19 11:34:04

A Guide to Pepper: The World's Most Popular Spice  

A guide to the different kinds of pepper out there, from the more common black and white peppers to the rarer long pepper, and a few spices that aren't even pepper at all. Read More

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2019-03-19 10:30:01

My Sick Fascination With Hudson Yards  

From the Editor: Everything you missed in food news last week This post originally appeared on March 16, 2019, in Amanda Kludt's newsletter "From the Editor," a roundup of the most vital news and stories in the food world each week. Read the archives and subscribe now. Hudson Yards, the most expensive private development project in American history, debuted in New York on March 15 to much fanfare, wild crowds, and monster lines for everything from Kith ice cream to Jos...

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2019-03-19 10:29:34

Study Suggests That Hip-Hop Makes Cheese Taste Better  

Plus, Cadbury wants you to go looting, and other news to start the day Pair your emmental with A Tribe Called Quest It's already been said that music helps plants to grow faster — now, a new Swiss study suggests that you can improve cheese by playing it some hip-hop. The research from Bern University of Arts tested the effects of different styles of music on the taste, smell, and texture of cheese. Eight wheels of emmental were subjected to various tunes, played on repeat ...

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2019-03-19 10:08:56

Massimo Bottura's New Dubai Restaurant Is a Fellini-Inspired Party  

Torno Subito at the W Dubai — the Palm is a playful ode to Italy in the 1960s Dubai has a reputation for attracting world renowned chefs. Outposts of Jose Andres's Jaleo and Heston Blumenthal's Dinner by Heston Blumenthal are both set to open in 2019. But when Massimo Bottura was approached by the W Dubai — the Palm about opening his own Dubai restaurant, opening another version of three-Michelin-stared Osteria Francescana was out of the question. "I always say I'...

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2019-03-19 09:22:00

Easy Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake  

Want a cake made from a mix to taste like it was made from scratch? Add mayonnaise to it! It gives the cake extra moisture and improves the texture - making it more like homemade.

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2019-03-19 05:06:18

The Nomafication of Nordic Food  

Rene Redzepi transformed the world's perception of Nordic food. This isn't necessarily a good thing Rene Redzepi changed everything. No one Nordic individual has done as much to capture the attention of food writers and enthusiasts worldwide as Redzepi, who has attracted them to the region in droves since opening Noma in 2003. In the years since, both his name and that of his iconic restaurant became synonymous with "New Nordic" cuisine and the sleek, earthy aesthetic...

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2019-03-18 17:51:32

Beto O'Rourke's Presidential Platform Is Actually a Restaurant Countertop  

Dude, people need to eat food off of those! Texas congressman and newly minted Democratic presidential candidate Robert "Beto" O'Rourke really likes standing on things. During campaign stops for his failed bid at the Texas senate last year, O'Rourke spoke to his impassioned followers from a variety of elevated positions: traditional risers, stepladders, the back of a pickup truck. In his first presidential campaign event Thursday in Iowa, O'Rourke wandered into a cof...

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2019-03-18 14:58:00

Watch: What It Takes to Farm 10,000 Oysters a Week in Freezing Temperatures  

This Scarborough, Maine, farm doesn't stop harvesting just because it's winter Oyster farming does not stop after summer ends, so farmers across the Northeast are going out in winter temperatures and icy waters to farm for the prized bivalve. In Scarborough, Maine, the team at Nonesuch Oysters picks up 10,000 oysters each week — reportedly between half a million and 1 million every year — and is inevitably working for hours on a boat on all the sunny-yet-freezing days i...

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2019-03-18 14:45:17

6 Sous Vide Beef Recipes for Steaks, Burgers, Brisket, and Beyond  

Sous vide just might be the best way to get buttery, rich, juicy beef. Read More

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2019-03-18 13:00:20

'Queer Eye' Sends Jones Bar-B-Q Sauce Sales Through the Roof  

Viewers of the Netflix show are eager to try the signature sauce from pitmasters Deborah and Mary Jones On the latest season of Netflix's hit series Queer Eye, meat-smoking sisters Mary and Deborah Jones get a makeover along with their Kansas City restaurant Jones Bar-B-Q — and now fans are clamoring to get a taste of the duo's signature barbecue sauce. As the sisters explain in their Queer Eye episode, the sauce is baed on a secret recipe passed down to them by their f...

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2019-03-18 12:56:02

I Want to Be a Non-Combatant in the Coming Burger Wars  

If fighting climate change devolves into arguing about hamburgers, we're all doomed Climate change is coming for every aspect of our lives, if it hasn't already. There will be tough compromises, heartbreaking disasters, moments of hope and loss, and either a mass rejection of filling the atmosphere with warming gases that destabilize our way of life or… not. Leading writers on the issue agree now is the time to take action; in his new book, David Wallace-Wells argues that...

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2019-03-18 10:33:06

French Protesters Torch Elite Paris Restaurant (and a Nespresso Store)  

Plus, a drinkable version of onigiri, and other news to start the day Gilets Jaunes target opulent, caviar-laden Le Fouquet on the Champs-Elysees Parts of Paris were shut down over the weekend as Gilets Jaunes (yellow vest) protesters took to the streets again. This time, the targets were status symbols of the rich and famous, including century-old Champs-Elysees restaurant Le Fouquet, which was torched and badly damaged. The brasserie has been popular among French politici...

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2019-03-18 09:32:00

What Happens When a Restaurant's Toxic Culture Reaches Customers?  

Diners who experience inappropriate comments are often left with little recourse The deli had delicious sandwiches. The kind of food you crave suddenly and without warning, the kind that makes you wish you lived close enough to eat it every day. Andrea and her husband loved this deli, and when they found out Andrea was pregnant, it was where they went to celebrate. They were trying to take a photo of themselves with the ultrasound when the owner came over, joking that he didn...

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2019-03-18 09:11:00

Spanish Migas Is an Easy One-Skillet Dinner  

This traditional Spanish tapa of crispy breadcrumbs, smoky pork, and blistered peppers, makes for an easy weeknight dinner or a great weekend brunch. Read More

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2019-03-18 07:45:08

Classic Reuben Sandwich  

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2019-03-17 03:52:07

Corned Beef with Irish Mustard Sauce  

Corned beef, veggies, and sauce all in one recipe. Slices of well-seasoned corned beef and an Irish horseradish mustard sauce make up a hearty and happy plate.

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2019-03-16 17:40:58

Beer Pairings 101: Sour, Tart, and Funky Beers  

Sour, tart, and funky beers are best enjoyed alongside rich and comforting dishes. Read More

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2019-03-15 13:00:40

'Queer Eye' Heads to the Midwest in a Season Full of Drama (and Ramen)   

Streaming recommendations for the weekend plus a roundup of the week's food-related entertainment news This post originally appeared on March 15, 2019, in "Eat, Drink, Watch" — the weekly newsletter for people who want to order takeout and watch TV. Browse the archives and subscribe now. Welcome back to Friday afternoon. I hope that you've pencilled in some time this weekend to get reacquainted with your old friend the television. Here are notes on three shows to c...

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2019-03-15 12:02:13

'Top Chef Kentucky' Finale Recap: A Drama-Filled Showdown in Macau   

The three remaining contestants prepare to cook the "meals of their lives" for a bevy of guest judges During the overstuffed Top Chef Kentucky finale, the three remaining contestants cooked the food we've come to expect from them all season: Contestants Kelsey Barnard Clark and Sara Bradley created meals that reflected their Southern upbringings, while Eric Adjepong continued to channel his West African heritage by preparing food that represented the history of the trans...

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2019-03-15 11:21:46

Four Loko, Joose, and Sparks: An Abridged History of Caffeinated Alcohol   

Why is everyone so nostalgic for messing up their bodies?

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2019-03-15 10:39:31

Brown Butter and Toasted Sugar Make Vanilla Cake Anything But Plain  

This bold vanilla layer cake is backed by the richness of brown butter and toasty depth of caramelized sugar. It tastes like a classic white cake, rich and moist, and big enough to feed a crowd—the perfect choice for any celebration. Read More

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2019-03-15 10:30:31

Special Sauce: Osayi Endolyn on the Legacy of Southern Fried Chicken  

Part two of Ed Levine's conversation with Osayi Endolyn, a James Beard Award-winning writer. Read More

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2019-03-15 07:45:32

March 14 Is 𝜋 Day, So Here Are 21 Pie Recipes, Because Math  

Read More

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2019-03-14 13:00:38

Shake Shack Wants to Entice Workers With Four-Day Workweeks  

Butterball recalls 39 tons of raw turkey, and more news to start the day Shake Shack tests four-day workweeks at Vegas restaurants Fast-growing burger chain Shake Shack is exploring the idea of offering its employees a four-day workweek, Bloomberg reports. The company's CEO Randy Garutti told investors on Thursday that several Las Vegas-area Shake Shack locations have been testing the schedule as an option to attract and retain workers in a tight labor market. "If we can f...

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2019-03-14 11:58:51

The 16 Essential Restaurants in San José, Costa Rica  

Where to find show-topping mariscos, brimming arepas, and quite possibly Central America's best scoop of vanilla ice cream in the Costa Rican capital Nearly 2 million travelers head to Costa Rica each year for its waves, stunning tropical rainforests, and epic beaches. But its status as Central America's top tourist destination is a fairly recent phenomenon. (Many Costa Ricans credit 1994's famed surf documentary Endless Summer 2 with putting the country on the internat...

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2019-03-14 11:21:00

Sign Up for Eater's New Newsletter: 'The Move'  

Pro tips and advice from Eater's dining experts, direct to your inbox Eating, as it turns out, can be a complicated thing. From the changing norms surrounding tipping (always 20 percent, even at counter-service spots, people) to the mind-boggling number of "never-ending" pasta combinations available at the Olive Garden, dining out has always been riddled with more questions than obvious answers. For our part, Eater's always been here to help. But now, we're launchin...

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2019-03-14 11:12:00

Why You Can't Call It a Barcade  

No really, you'll get sued Shawn Thornton was a week away from opening his new business, Double Dragon Barcade, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, when the company's Facebook page abruptly shut down. Alarmed that the business's followers were suddenly lost to the ether, he reached out to the social-media platform to find out what was going on. Facebook moderators directed Thornton to an attorney for Brooklyn-based arcade bar chain Barcade; Thornton claims the lawyers informed him by...

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2019-03-14 10:39:31

The Best Cooking Tools for Kids of All Ages  

Toys, tools, and equipment to get kids of all ages into the kitchen. Read More

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2019-03-14 10:30:31

Chipotle Wants You to Know That Its Sick Employees Now Stay at Home, Thanks  

Plus, a juice bar that makes drinks based on news headlines, and other news to start the day The chain is also preparing to roll out quesadillas Under former Taco Bell exec Brian Niccol, it looks like Chipotle has bounced back from its various food poisoning scandals and their attendant bad press. Bloomberg has some analysis on the turnaround, and the steps Chipotle took to fix its problems seem, well, pretty obvious. Chipotle now makes sure sick employees stay home (a solid s

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2019-03-14 09:32:00

Behind the Scenes of 'Top Chef' With Eric Adjepong, Sara Bradley, and Kelsey Barnard Clark  

The three finalists look back on their journey from Kentucky to Macau The rollicking culinary extravaganza know as Top Chef Kentucky will draw to a close tonight in a final, winner-takes-all cook-off set in Macau. While the three finalists each have their own distinct styles, they all share an inclination toward cooking food that reflects their heritages and past experiences. Throughout the season, Eric Adjepong, the chef/co-proprietor of the D.C. pop-up Pinch & Plate, i

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2019-03-14 09:11:00

WeWork Is Launching a Co-Working Space for Food Startups  

WeWork Food Labs will also give $1 million in seed funding to companies as a part of a new accelerator program WeWork — the chain of co-working spaces that famously offered complimentary fresh fruit water, coffee, and ping-pong to freelancers on its way to a $45 billion valuation — now wants to reach people outside the workplace. In January, it announced that, after conquering the market in office real estate, it was rebranding to "The We Company" and splitting into thr...

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2019-03-13 16:20:49

There's a Lot to Love About Au Cheval, But the Burger Isn't It   

The Chicago import's hyped-up burger isn't that great; order other stuff instead, says critic Robert Sietsema

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2019-03-13 16:14:38

'Yelp for Trump Supporters' Disappears From App Stores  

A security researcher identified major flaws in 63red Safe's design A Yelp-like app created to help snowflake Trump supporters patronize MAGA-friendly, safe spaces disappeared from Apple and Google Play's app stores after a French security researcher identified major security flaws. The app, called 63red Safe, billed itself as a place for "reviews of local restaurant (sic) and businesses from a conservative perspective." It's now listed as "Coming (back) soon!" on...

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2019-03-13 14:09:09

Today's Best Cookware Deals: Staub, ThermoWorks, and Instant Pot  

We scoured the Internet for the day's best deals. Here's what we found. Read More

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2019-03-13 13:45:53

Brooks Headley and New York's Favorite 300-Square-Foot Restaurant  

This week on the Upsell, the chef behind Superiority Burger talks expansion, accessibility, and passion for his work How does punk rock chef Brooks Headley think about the next iteration of his quirky, beloved, and nationally recognized vegetarian restaurant Superiority Burger? What's it like to go from working in one of the country's most grandiose high-end kitchens to opening a 300-square-foot spot with very little counter space? And how does a tiny business in New York w...

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2019-03-13 13:29:26

Mini Spatulas, Pink Breakfast Bowls, and More Things to Buy This Week   

Your weekly dispatch from the 'Add to Cart' newsletter This post originally appeared on March 12, 2019, in "Add to Cart" — the weekly newsletter for people who love shopping (almost) as much as they love eating. Subscribe now. I couldn't tell you which colors were cool at specific times in my life. I guess lime green had a moment back when I shopped at Limited Too, but it was hardly the color of the mid-'90s. I don't think any single hue was, at least not in...

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2019-03-13 13:03:08

Meet Bottarga: It's Like Parmesan, but From the Sea!  

Bottarga is a delicacy that has been enjoyed all across the world for hundreds of years. Here's how you can enjoy it, too. Read More

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2019-03-13 13:00:20

Watch: Seattle's Pike Place Market Is Home to a Legendary Filipino Food Stall  

Halo Halo heads to Oriental Mart for a taste of the Filipino home cooking the family-run eatery has served for three decades Slightly tucked away inside Seattle's iconic, bustling Pike Place Market is Oriental Mart, a three generation-owned market stall. It first opened in 1971 by Milagros Apostol who immigrated to Seattle with her husband and children from the Philippines, where she owned a dry-goods store. It was a natural move for Apostol to open an Asian-goods shop in her...

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2019-03-13 12:29:07

Vampire Weekend's New 'Sunflower' Video Features a Pair of Famous Jewish Delis   

Can you feel the '90s vibes? The new video for Vampire Weekend's single "Sunflower" is an all-star collaboration featuring guitar virtuoso Steve Lacy and funnyman Jerry Seinfeld in front of the camera, actor-turned-auteur Jonah Hill in the director's chair, and a pair of legendary Manhattan Jewish delicatessens in the background. Hip-hop/film icon Fab 5 Freddy also has a brief cameo in the video. The video begins with split-screen footage of Lacy and Vampire Weeken...

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2019-03-13 11:21:51

Maybe Everyone Should Blow Out Their Birthday Candles Like Mitt Romney  

What if he's not weird and you're just gross? My team surprised me with a cake made out of my favorite snack—twinkies! Looking forward to all this year has in store.— Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) March 12, 2019 The other day, Utah senator and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney tweeted a video of his staff presenting him with a homemade cake, a Stonehenge-like array of Twinkies, for his 72nd birthday. But instead of leaning over...

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2019-03-13 10:44:27

Winemaker, Beverage Exec Charged in College Admissions Fraud Scandal  

Plus, the history of "government cheese," and other news to start the day A former casino exec and frozen burrito magnate also face charges The food and beverage world was not spared in news of a college admissions scam that broke yesterday, most famously involving actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin. The widely reported scam was elaborate and multi-pronged, with the parents of college applicants paying up to millions of dollars for fake athletics credentials or ...

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2019-03-13 10:36:58

Reclaiming the Grain Bowl   

Black chefs are giving the sad-desk-lunch staple a distinct culinary identity At Teranga, Le Creuset dishes in primary colors hold items ready to be scooped into compostable bowls for a line of waiting customers. There's fonio, a grain lauded for being nutritious and gluten-free, along with couscous and rice; vegetarian sides, like a beet salad and roasted plantains; and, naturally, a choice of protein, including salmon and chicken. The result is a fast-casual grain bowl, to ...

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2019-03-13 09:52:31

Join Eater and the Food Bank for New York City to Fight Hunger  

Here's how you can get involved Each spring the Food Bank for New York City — New York's major hunger-relief organization — holds a weeklong restaurant campaign that allows local restaurants and its patrons to get involved in the fight against hunger. Eater is excited to partner with the Food Bank and its efforts in this year's campaign, Eat for Good. From March 18 to March 24, restaurants participating in Eat for Good will donate five percent of sales to the...

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2019-03-13 09:12:21

All the Best Ways to Cook Bacon (And All the Ways Not To)  

There are as many ways to cook bacon as there are varieties of the smoked meat, but not all are created equal. Here's everything we know about cooking bacon on the stovetop, in the oven, sous vide, on the grill, and more. Read More

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2019-03-13 07:45:18

Mexican Stuffed Chicken Breasts  

It's tough to go wrong with Mexican flavors, everything always works together. Green chiles and cilantro give this stuffed chicken a real kick to go along with all the ooey gooey cheese inside.

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2019-03-13 01:55:11

The Lost City of Aguachile  

A Mexico City seafood chef travels home to Sinaloa in search of the "original original" version of the state's signature shrimp dish It's Saturday morning and a crowd of 30 people has already clogged the narrow central aisle of Mexico City's Mercado de San Juan, the gourmet food market in the historic center. Bottles of Pacifico pass from hand to hand as waiting customers dance to banda music blaring from a precariously placed loudspeaker over chef Luis Valle's cram...

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2019-03-12 16:42:46

The Story of Captain Carvel, the Ice Cream Superhero   

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2019-03-12 16:18:54

Budweiser-Infused 'Natural' Pork Is Heading to Your Meat Aisle  

The watery lager brand aims to entice millennials with a Coleman Natural partnership Budweiser may shy away from corn syrup in its recipes, but it's happily partnering with a corn-fed meat brand Coleman Natural on a new line of beer-infused pork products. The "all-natural" meat supplier announced last week that it is teaming up with the beer giant to "reinvigorate" grocery aisles with Budweiser jalapeño cheddar beer brats, Budweiser barbecue sauce-slathered St. Louis...

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2019-03-12 12:28:05

California Tourism Board Reportedly Paid $600K to Lure Michelin Guide  

Comparatively speaking, it's not the most expensive Michelin Guide — or even the worst deal In what appears to be a bargain (relatively speaking), California's tourism board reportedly spent $600,000 to draw Michelin into producing a state-wide guide, the tire company's first such guide in the U.S. The number comes from restaurant industry blog Family Meal — according to Visit California (via that blog), the money is used to "underwrite the hard costs of expanding t...

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2019-03-12 11:02:53

How Much Is Having a Michelin Guide Worth?  

It's quite common for tourism boards to dangle money before Michelin in the hopes of getting local guides. California is no exception. In what appears to be a bargain (relatively speaking), California's tourism board reportedly spent $600,000 to draw Michelin into producing a state-wide guide, the tire company's first such guide in the U.S. The number comes from restaurant industry blog Family Meal — according to Visit California (via that blog), the money is used to ...

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2019-03-12 11:02:53

Nobody Blows Out Birthday Candles Like Mitt Romney   

Seriously, what is this bizarre technique? This morning, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) showed off a truly unusual technique for blowing out candles on a birthday cake. To celebrate his 72nd birthday, Romney's team surprised the former governor of Massachusetts with a multilayered cake made out of his "favorite snack," Twinkies. In a Twitter video filmed by a staffer, Romney looks genuinely thrilled to be receiving such a whimsical treat, telling his crew, "Oh my goodness, w...

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2019-03-12 10:56:25

The Paris Restaurant That Defies Categorization  

At Le Rigmarole, chefs Robert Compagnon and Jessica Yang attune the menu to their customers' tastes Here's the precis on Le Rigmarole, which opened in Paris last year: A young team trained in fancy restaurants is letting their hair down, serving a menu that doesn't cost a fortune and a fair bit of natural wine to go with it; they've set up shop in the 11th Arrondissement, a part of town where many chefs have staged similar rebellions against traditional fine dining. No...

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2019-03-12 10:25:00

New Dating App Matches Singles Over The Contents of Their Fridges  

Plus, Ariana Grande stokes vegan ire over Starbucks' new egg white drink, and other news to start the day That's one way to sell an expensive cold box Riffing off a popular Subreddit, Samsung has a new app that hits the sweet spot between "novel" and "invasive": Called Refrigerdating, it's basically "Tinder, but with the contents of your fridge." Users download the app, peep at pictures of other singles' refrigerators, and then decide if they're intereste...

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2019-03-12 09:54:43

Watch: Can the Worst Steak Be Saved With a Tub of Beef Fat?  

Butchers Ben Turley and Brent Young try to salvage the flavorless eye of round Whole-animal butchers Ben Turley and Brent Young are quick to gush about their favorite cuts of steak — like merlot and beef shank, to name a few — and have even devoted entire episodes of Prime Time to the underrated ones. But this episode is all about the duo's least favorite cut, the "womp womp" of all the muscles of all the animals, the one that for them has zero redeeming qualities: ...

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2019-03-12 09:11:00

The Best Electric Griddles for Crowd-Size Cooking  

A large griddle can make big-batch cooking for meals like brunch a lot easier. We tested a range of prices and designs to find our favorites (and also to suggest a non-electric option for some situations). Read More

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2019-03-12 07:45:32

The Most Important Kitchen Tool May Be the Humble Plastic Container  

Forget fancy gadgets — the takeout container is a cooking essential They are always a little hidden in photos. A round rim might peek out from behind a chef's elbow in a halogen-lit kitchen. A tapered edge can be glimpsed the moment a refrigerator opens behind the bar. Standing in line for the bathroom at a favorite neighborhood restaurant, I see them in all their glory: stacked on top of each other, right up to the edge of the shelves, lined up like prepared, colorful sold...

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2019-03-11 16:48:23

10 Fried Rice Recipes for Inspired Weeknight Meals  

Fried rice recipes that are pure magic. Read More

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2019-03-11 13:00:43

Pineapple Pulling Is the Internet's Newest Viral Fixation  

This "food hack" is much harder than it looks All around the world, people's minds are being blown to pieces by a video showing a hand plucking perfect little nuggets of fruit straight from a whole pineapple — and now fruit-lovers are attempting to replicate this same feat, to varying degrees of success. Pineapple pulling mania started last week when a video from Tik Tok got a boost on Twitter from a fellow named Dennis Naghizadeh: Wait, what? The whole time? The...

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2019-03-11 12:03:56

Watch: Why Is the Midwest Obsessed With Portillo's and Its Chicago Dog?  

Among all the hot dog joints in Chicago, this chain has stood out for more than 50 years All around Chicago you'll find vendors slinging the city's beloved version of a hot dog: an all-beef frankfurter with yellow mustard, relish, chopped white onions, tomato wedges, a dill pickle spear, sport peppers, and celery salt, all perched on a poppy seed bun. But of all the many hot dog joints in Chicago, there's one chain that has stood out for more than 50 years: Portillo's. ...

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2019-03-11 10:32:34

'Yelp For Trump Supporters' Is Here to Protect the MAGA Crowd  

Plus, the political delusions of grandeur continue from Starbucks's founder, and more news to start the day 'Keeping Conservatives Safe' is its tagline Trump supporters have a new resource available to ensure they only patronize establishments where tacky red hats are welcome: A new Yelp-style app will give ratings on whether restaurants and other businesses are Trump-friendly. The Daily Beast discovered the app, named 63red Safe, over the weekend, noting that the app'...

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2019-03-11 10:18:49

Pink Restaurants Were Edgy. Now They're (Mostly) Derivative Instabait.  

The making of a color trend Restaurant design trends come and go: Dark walls, bare bricks, and Edison bulbs give way to white-washed spaces accented with natural wood and succulents. The latest restaurant-interior fad, however, is not a checklist of design hallmarks, but a single color: pink. Pink is everywhere in dining today: On restaurant walls (see June's All Day in Austin, Gabrielle in Charleston, Cha Cha Matcha in New York City), in logos and branding (Momofuku Milk B...

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2019-03-11 10:04:33

Watch: Breaking Down and Rebuilding a Coconut for a Michelin-Starred Dessert  

Sugar Coated investigates how Le Bernadin's executive pastry chef Thomas Raquel crafts a pastry showstopper Welcome back to Sugar Coated, Eater's video series for dessert lovers hosted by New York pastry chef, Rebecca DeAngelis. Rebecca DeAngelis was the pastry chef at New York City's Babbo for 11 years, a post that today DeAngelis confidently claims she only would have left for a job at Le Bernardin — Eric Ripert's three-Michelin-star French, seafood-centric restaur...

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2019-03-10 10:52:54

Homemade Honey Graham Crackers  

Graham crackers have a multitude of uses from snacks to baking. Try this homemade version rather than buying them at the store.

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2019-03-10 03:30:08

Watch Kate McKinnon Play a Momo-esque Fast Food Mascot on 'SNL'   

This fried chicken restaurant has a big problem — its mascot looks like internet demon Momo Last night's Idris Elba-hosted episode of SNL featured a hilarious commercial for a fictional fast food chain called Bok Bok's, whose mascot bears a striking resemblance to Momo, the ghoulish figure that's the subject of a viral internet hoax aimed at terrifying young children. Played by cast member Kate McKinnon, the mascot has a devilish smile, bulging eyes, and the body of a...

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2019-03-09 09:12:00

Beer Pairings 101: Fruity and Spicy Beers  

Saisons, Tripels, and wheat beers are packed with spicy, fruity flavors that go beautifully with some of our favorite foods. Read More

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2019-03-08 13:00:30

A Few Changes Ruined the 'Big Family Cooking Showdown' on Netflix  

Weekend streaming recommendations and a roundup of the week's food pop culture news  This post originally appeared on March 8, 2019, in "Eat, Drink, Watch" — the weekly newsletter for people who want to order takeout and watch TV. Browse the archives and subscribe now. Welcome back to Friday afternoon. I've got some TV recommendations and a roundup of the week's food-related entertainment news, as well as a WORD OF WARNING about a food show that is alluring ...

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2019-03-08 12:41:00

In the Restaurant Industry, Improving Mental Health Feels More Important Than Ever  

After a wave of suicides in Sacramento's hospitality community, one group of chefs mobilized This story was originally published on Civil Eats. The food world suffered a major shock in 2018 when celebrity chef, writer, and television host Anthony Bourdain died by suicide. A cynical yet compassionate realist, Bourdain was often candid about his bouts with depression and substance abuse, and that fact made him more relatable to many of his fans and admirers. Despite his cand...

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2019-03-08 12:36:53

'Top Chef Kentucky' Recap: A Fusion Feast in Macau   

The penultimate episode of Season 16 features a durian challenge and a cross-cultural banquet Continuing their stay in Macau, the contestants on Top Chef Kentucky encounter new challenges and a few major surprises during the second part of the finals. At the start of the episode, the four remaining cheftestepants — Eric, Michelle, Sara, and Kelsey — seem excited and a little nervous about moving onto the next round of the finals. "Whatever happens next is going to deter...

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2019-03-08 11:47:14

Tech Workers Are Boycotting DoorDash Over Its Tipping Policy  

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2019-03-08 11:20:08

Elizabeth Warren Wants to Challenge Mergers Like Amazon and Whole Foods  

Starbucks gives employees an Ariana Grande playlist as a peace offering, and more news to start your day Elizabeth Warren proposes a breakup of 'big tech' Massachusetts senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is flexing this week in a letter on Medium that outlines her policy goals for taking on the nation's tech giants. Warren writes that companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have amassed too much influence: Today's big tech companie...

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2019-03-08 11:02:01

NC Pizzeria Is Apparently Sticking by Ryan Adams-Themed Menu in Spite of Misconduct Allegations  

Sticks and Stones Clay Oven Pizza has been unresponsive to a customer's complaints regarding the disgraced singer A customer is accusing a North Carolina-based pizzeria of insensitivity for continuing to serve dishes named after songs by musician Ryan Adams. The singer-songwriter has been accused of psychological abuse by several women, in addition to allegedly engaging in sexually explicit communication with an underaged girl, according to the New York Times. In a statement,...

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2019-03-08 10:34:17

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