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Louis Vuitton Releases a Chain Version of Its Toiletry Pouch  

Louis Vuitton’s history lies in the art of travel, and it’s arguable that if it were not for the revolution that took place within the world of travel in the mid-late 1800s, the brand would not be what it is today. Monsieur Louis Vuitton built his business on a foundation of trunkmaking, and Louis Vuitton’s travel pieces are at the core of the brand’s DNA still to this day. It was Mr. Source

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2022-08-18 17:00:03

Which Bag Was Considered the Height of Luxury When You Were A Kid?  

Every time I see a post about the new YSL ICare tote, I can’t help but think about how much I would’ve considered this bag to be the height of luxury during my adolescence. As a younger Millennial, my interest in fashion started sometime in the early 2000s ﹘ a time when pop culture was dominated by photos of celebs leisurely going about their days, always accompanied by some huge cushy bag as... Source

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2022-08-18 14:00:02

10 Chanel Bags That Every Bag Lover Should Know  

When you think of Chanel, what comes to mind? For many, Chanel is synonymous with the Classic Flap Bag. And while the Classic Flap is undisputedly one of the most important accessories in modern handbag history, there are over a handful of other bags that every handbag lover, Chanel fan or otherwise, should know. But, before diving in, let’s give ourselves a little history refresher. Chanel 2. Source

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2022-08-17 18:10:48

Three Colors That Are About to Be Everywhere This Fall  

By now, you’ve probably had it with us reminding you that fall is on the horizon, but in our line of work, it’s impossible to ignore. When summer just starts to hit its groove, fall’s new arrivals begin to drop, and summer’s most-wanted goods go on sale. That’s just the way it works, don’t shoot the messenger! As we get closer and closer to September, like us, many of you have shifted your... Source

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2022-08-17 14:00:27

Fashionphile Notice  

SHOP AND EARN at Fashionphile! Get $300 When You Spend $1,500+ at Fashionphile! The offer ends 8/21/22 at 11:59pm. $300 off code may be redeemed on orders of $1,500+. Promotional code will be issued on 9/28/22 and will be valid through 12/31/22. Source

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2022-08-17 13:09:21

The Best Bags We Spotted At Copenhagen Fashion Week  

The days of the fashion week scenes being ruled by the 4 major cities (New York, London, Paris, and Milan) are long over. While there was once a time when the stylish set paid little attention to much else, more and more cities are hosting their own fashion weeks these days. And no, these aren’t small-scale productions that fly under the radar; these are big events, capturing the attention of... Source

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2022-08-16 20:00:44

A Look at the Polene Tonca Bag  

By now, you’re likely familiar with cult-favorite (and PB favorite too!) Parisian bag brand Polene, but we can give you a quick refresher if you’re not. Back in 2018, we listed Polene as an emerging brand to watch in the coming years. Polene has only gotten higher and higher on our radar in the relatively short time since, introducing new shapes and silhouettes that enthrall even the pickiest of... Source

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2022-08-16 17:00:10

Claire’s Life: Women and Wine Weekend Featuring Dr. Jackie, Dr. Heavenly, Yandy Smith, and more!  

Happy Tuesday, folks! This past weekend, I was honored to host Women and Wine Weekend, a series of panels, parties, and networking mixers featuring Married 2 Medicine stars Dr. Jackie and Dr. Heavenly, and Love and Hip Hop’s Yandy Smith! During the day, I moderated panels featuring some of the featured speakers, and afterwards, I shopped from various vendors, networked, and hopped on live broadcasts with Women and Wine Weekend founder Tiffany Burks: It was lots of

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2022-08-16 14:41:46

Bags, Meet Barbiecore  

Of all the trends currently floating around the fashion sphere, there’s one that is exciting the inner child in all of us – Barbiecore. That’s right. Everybody’s favorite pink-clothed ‘It’ girl has made her way back into the fashion lexicon and, decades after the doll’s inception is influencing the style choices of those who have long closed their toy boxes for good. As often goes with the most... Source

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2022-08-16 14:00:11

The Most Extraordinary Gucci Jackie I’ve Ever Seen  

Once you have more than a couple of bags, you’ve moved beyond practicality into collecting. Sure, I could argue that everyone needs a handful of bags: the tote, the everyday bag, the crossbody, the evening bag, and a fun bag, but the majority of the purpose of a bag isn’t needed beyond a single bag. But that isn’t why we are here; we are here because we love bags and our mutual adoration for these... Source

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2022-08-15 20:00:21

What Would You Do If You Noticed Wear and Tear on Your Favorite Bag?  

As bag lovers, there is a fine line between taking care of our bags and babying them to the point of not really using them. I like to think that I fall somewhere in the middle. I take excellent care of my expensive things; I always have. Yet, at the same time, I believe that when I’ve spent my hard-earned money on things, they should be used and loved—no matter the occasion. Recently... Source

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2022-08-15 17:00:55

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s Mom-and-Dad Street Style: Vintage RZA, Vintage Gucci and More + Get the Look  

They may be low key and fly (mostly) under the radar these days after conceiving their first born child, but when Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are spotted out and about, their collective street style is better than anything you’ll see on a runway! Most recently, the couple was seen in NYC on a couple of occasions matching each other’s fashion energy. Photo: Backgrid First, the paparazzi captured Rihanna and ASAP Rocky in the city by night with RiRi wearing a black Balenciaga dre...

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2022-08-15 16:55:29

Looks from Marsai Martin’s Fairytale 18th Birthday Party: Marsai’s Custom DaShone By DaSh Gown, Kelly Rowland in Lia Stublla and Karrueche Tran in Vintage Marcella  

One of Hollywood’s youngest film moguls and a rising fashion icon, Marsai Martin, held a magical celebration for her 18th birthday party yesterday, August 14th! The ‘Far Far Away’ theme called for this princess to make her grand entrance as the royalty she is, and that she did. Photo: Tyren Redd Photo: Tyren Redd Upon arrival, all eyes were on Marsai who was draped in the most gorgeous shade of emerald green. Her custom DaShone by DaSh gown styled by Bryon Javar gave

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2022-08-15 15:23:44

Celebs Show Off Colorful Carries From Bottega Veneta and Hermès  

August tends to be a quiet month for celebs and us regular folk in New York and beyond too. In some parts of the US, school kicks off, while in other places, August signals that the end of summer is near and it’s time to get in those last-minute vacations and trips to the beach. Celebs are just like us, and it’s not all that uncommon to see them wind down during the month of August. Last week... Source

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2022-08-15 14:00:55

Look of the Week (August 8, 2022):  Meagan Good Beams in Dolce and Gabbana, Halle Bailey in August Getty Atelier, JT Dressed in Alaïa + More  

Each week, we’re rounding up the top celebrity looks according to you, bombshells! From street style to award show fashion, meet and greets and everything in between, nothing is off limits. The people have spoken; here are the top 5 A-lister outfits as deemed by the numbers on social media. Now it’s time for you to vote on who deserves that number 1 spot: Megan Thee Stallion in Jean Paul Gaultier 6.6K Posing with fans while promoting her new album ‘Traumazine’,

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2022-08-15 14:00:49

5 Viral Beauty Trends Circulating on TikTok Thanks to Doja Cat: Eyebrow Eyeliner, BH Cosmetics x Doja Cat, Blunt Bangs with Butterfly Clips and More!  

Doja Cat is known for turning looks that captivate and catch on like wildfire, be it in her music videos, red carpet ensembles or on social media! Lately, many TikTok creators have been trying their hand at the icon’s beauty practices and replicating her aesthetics through viral DIYs and tutorials. Here are some of the latest beauty trends floating around on social media all because of Doja Cat: 1. Eyebrow eyeliner After the singer recently revealed a shaved head and eyebrows,

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2022-08-15 02:24:12

Introducing Coach Coachies, the Personality Filled Collection  

When I first heard about Coach’s new, playful line of bags, I was immediately taken back to our forums’ early days. The Coach forum was buzzing with members chatting daily about their mutual love for Coach, and one day they named themselves the Coachies. I don’t remember the specific day that it happened, but it did, and forever more, the frequenters of the Coach subforum would be called Coachies. Source

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2022-08-12 20:00:52

Valentino Is Keeping the Rockstud Alive  

Although subjective and mired in controversy, a bag’s staying power is nevertheless a topic of particular interest among us purse-lovers. Sometimes, we can all unanimously agree when a handbag has run its course and should be discontinued by its brand. At other times, we at PurseBlog are entirely overwhelmed by your support for a purse ( like the Givenchy Antigona) that continues to impress year... Source

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2022-08-12 17:00:11

The Many Bags of Dua Lipa  

Pop sensation Dua Lipa hit the music scene in 2017 with the release of her debut album. The British-born singer quickly rose to international stardom, and in 2018, her single ‘One Kiss’ peaked at number one in the UK and became the year’s longest-running number-one single by a female artist. It was only up from there, and her 2020 album Future Nostalgia garnered many accolades, from top-ten hits... Source

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2022-08-12 14:00:02

Has the Dior Saddle Bag Become a New Classic?  

Four and a half years ago, Dior shocked the fashion world with the news that one of its most popular bags from the early aughts was coming back. Many in the fashion world collectively rejoiced at the sight of one of the 2000s most iconic bags on the runway once again. The Dior Saddle bag was back. The Dior Saddle Bag was one of the most popular and sought-after bags of the 2000s, worn by the who’s... Source

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2022-08-11 20:00:25

The Best Bags We Spotted On the Upper East Side In July  

Summer is coming and going faster than we’d like to imagine, but before we move on to covering fall street style, we’ve got a few more warm-weather installments of Bags in the Wild in store! This time, we’re taking it back up to Gossip Girl territory; that’s right, we spent a few sweltering hot days in late July to scope out what Upper East Siders had to offer. The UES continues to surprise us... Source

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2022-08-11 17:00:12

The Secret to How Luxury Influencers Can Afford So Much Stuff  

Almost every time I open a social media app, I get sucked into a cycle of mindless scrolling. Between all the IG style pages, Pinterest vision boards, YouTube hauls, and TikTok unboxings, it’s hard to get bored in the luxury lifestyle space because it feels like there’s always something new to see. I’m usually pretty good about bringing myself back down to Earth by asking how many bags are too... Source

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2022-08-11 14:00:15

On The Celebrity Looks from Inside Beyonce’s Top Secret Club Renaissance Party!  

Visit to see the hottest celebrity looks at Beyonce’s album launch party and get the full fashion tea! Photo: Backgrid Claire gives insider style details from looks worn by celebrity guests to the event held over the weekend at EDITION Hotels in NYC. The invite-only Studio 54 themed celebration welcomed attendees to show up in their glitziest, most extravagant attire. Some names who stopped by the event include Tyler Perry, Janelle Monae, Trevor Noah,

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2022-08-11 02:49:17

This New Loewe Home Fragrance Pairs Perfectly with This Flamenco Bag  

If there is something I wish more of my favorite luxury brands would do, it would be to make home fragrances. I love a fragrance that isn’t overwhelming while feeling like you just walked into your favorite brand’s store. You walk into a premiere designer store, and it has a specific smell? The combination of the leather bags and, often, a proprietary scent the store uses starts our luxury... Source

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2022-08-10 20:00:33

On The All of Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster’s Fashion Forward London Looks  

Visit to see Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster’s mother/daughter style from their recent trip in London! LONDON, ENGLAND – AUGUST 04: Kylie Jenner, Stormi Webster and Travis Scott are seen having dinner at Nobu Portman Square on August 04, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Ricky Vigil M/GC Images) I write, “Kylie Jenner and her daugher Stormi Webster have been crushing their mother/daughter style while in London, dining and shopping in betwe

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2022-08-10 19:52:22

The Allure of the Prada Triangle Bag  

As specific colorways and designs are synonymous with different brands, the triangle is integral to the House of Prada. The iconic Prada Triangle Logo can be seen on most items, both understated and recognizable simultaneously. Prada took it one step further by creating a triangle-shaped bag, aptly named the Prada Triangle Bag, and while some may have felt it was too on the nose, I found this bag... Source

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2022-08-10 17:00:49

The Fan-Favorite Chloé Woody Tote Now Comes in Leather  

Totes are one of the most beloved and recognizable handbag silhouettes in fashion, and for a good reason. An everyday tote is not only stylish and easy to wear, but also it can be incredibly functional when designed right. While other handbag silhouettes may come and go (think hobos, saddle bags, etc.), the tote remains a mainstay amongst nearly every single designer’s line-up. A core shape that... Source

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2022-08-10 14:00:45

Chanel Price Increase in Europe for August 2022  

With the Euro hitting a two-decade low and making it nearly equal to the dollar, many tourists, Americans especially, have been greatly incentivized to shop for designer bags in Europe this summer between the price disparity and receiving the VAT refund. Last week the Euro fell below $1, and while this meant considerably price savings, it was clear that it would most likely mean one thing: price... Source

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2022-08-09 20:00:42

Spiritual Word releases new collection of clothing inspired by Hip-Hop and Christianity   

At the intersection of culture and Christianity is Spiritual Word (SW), a globally-recognized digital leader that bridges the gap between pop culture, black excellence and God's word. The unique mission of the innovative company is to engage their readership multiple times daily on Instagram, where they live; posting content ranging from celebrity news to inspirational quotes rooted in biblical principles. Boasting over 2.4M followers with posts receiving 100k+ likes as well as garnering thou...

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2022-08-09 18:13:14

A Closer Look at the New Bottega Veneta Mini Cabat  

I’ve been dreaming and writing about bags for so long that I’ve watched different trends come, go, and then come back around. There are specific bags, however, that stay embedded in my memory for various reasons, and one was the Bottega Veneta Cabat. This bag will forever be one of the most meticulous works of handbag art, one of the bags that validated my appreciation for the design of these... Source

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2022-08-09 17:00:38

Fashion Mourns the Death of Japanese Fashion Designer Issey Miyake  

It was announced early this morning that famed Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake died from cancer at age 84 on August 5th. The Miyake Design Studio broke the news this morning, stating that a small family funeral had already occurred. Per the designer’s wishes, no further celebrations of life will be occurring. Miyake’s work was widely known for its core aesthetic—focusing on innovative... Source

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2022-08-09 14:00:16

Young, Famous and African Season 2: Everything We Know So Far + What to Expect  

It is confirmed! Both Netflix South Africa and Netflix Nigeria took to Instagram to announce that the hit series Young, Famous and African (YFA) has officially been renewed for a second season. With production already underway, new episodes are expected to debut on the streaming service in 2023, and we cannot contain our excitement! YFA is the first of its kind: an African reality television show available to an international audience. The series documents the lives of a handful of affluent

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2022-08-08 22:51:37

The Barbiecore Breakdown: From How to Wear It, as Seen on Nicki Minaj, Doja Cat, Lance Gross and More to Beauty Trends and Accessories  

With a release date slated for 2023, the long awaited Barbie movie is nigh and pop culture has already adopted all pink, life-in-plastic aesthetics into our daily lives! This mainstream comeback is thanks to design houses like Valentino for their signature Pantone shade of Piccioli Pink, Moschino for their campy aesthetics, Balmain for their collaboration with Barbie earlier this year and other brands like Versace, Balenciaga and Prada for including hot pink hues into their latest collections.

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2022-08-08 21:20:51

I Can’t Stop Dreaming About the Coach Pillow Tabby 18  

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ve probably come across the story of me sharing that my first bag that started it all was Coach. This is a brand that is dear to my heart, that sparked my love and interest in the designer bag world, and no matter what my specific style liking is at any point, Coach will always be a brand I come back to. Enter the Coach Pillow Tabby, a bag we’ve... Source

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2022-08-08 19:47:42

Look of the Week (August 1, 2022): Tiffany Haddish in Jonathan Simkhai, Saucy Santana’s Custom Performance ‘Fit, Ryan Destiny + More  

August set it off with a bang boasting dazzling movie premiere ensembles, avant garde outfits overseas, performance attire that’s cute both on or off the stage and more! Here are the top 5 looks according your reactions on Instagram over the pas week! Tiffany Haddish: 29.3K Photo: D. Adams For the Easter Sunday Premiere in LA, Tiffany Haddish pulled up in a copper coloured Jonathan Simkhai silk gown. The dress was matched with a crystal and fringe Marzook handbag, Stuart Weit

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2022-08-08 18:44:55

Khaite Has Done What Most New Bag Brands Can Only Dream Of  

In 2019, then three-year-old luxury brand Khaite debuted its inaugural handbag collection at New York Fashion Week. It was debuted under the name Khaite Luggage, staying true to designer Catherine Holstein’s clean feminine aesthetic; the range included delicate frame bags, super-soft totes, and sleek crossbody pouches. The brand’s debut received a lot of buzz early on, and rightfully so... Source

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2022-08-08 17:00:39

Stars Carry Khaite, Loewe, and Loro Piana As the Hottest Month of the Year Kicks Off  

August has commenced, and the temps are sweltering in many parts of the country. The hottest month of the year has kicked off; with it, we’ve got a hefty dose of celeb bags. This week, a wide variety of brands were toted by our favorite handbag-loving stars, from newbies like Khaite to the oldest leather makers like Loewe and the big H. Some celebs seem to shy away from color, though this week... Source

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2022-08-08 14:00:48

Celebs Love: Nicki Minaj, Lori Harvey and Joie Chavis All Wore Saint Laurent’s Black Velvet Cutout Catsuit, But Who Wore It Best?  

The Yves Saint Laurent jumpsuits have been a celebrity hit lately, with Chrissy Lampkin spotted in their  rose print plunge neck long sleeve catsuit while Yung Miami, Jayda Cheaves and Alonzo Arnold each wore the black, white and red Saint Laurent cutout jersey jumpsuit! Most recently, three more stars have all styled the black velvet cutout catsuit in their own ways, further solidifying the YSL jumpsuit as a dressing room staple piece. First up, Joie Chavis paired her jumpsuit with YSL...

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2022-08-08 01:29:52

10 Black-Owned Shoe Brands with Styles Under $500: SybG, Jessica Rich, Tejahn Burnett and More!  

You ask, we answer! Crystal from Stockton California writes, “Why don’t none of these black shoe designers make a shoe you can purchase for under $200? I wanna support my black people but damn Gina, I gotta spend $500?” Here to satisfy your shoe lust and introduce you to some black-owned businesses while we’re at it, Fashion Bomb Daily has just what you need, Crystal! Without further ado, here are 10 black footwear designers worth every dollar spent: SybG  ...

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2022-08-06 01:45:18

The Many Bags of Jennifer Lopez, Part III  

If there is one person, rather one couple, that can claim the throne of king and queen of summer 2022, it’s Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Correction, Jennifer Affleck. The obsession many of us have felt over their rekindled romance turned nuptials may be largely due to nostalgia. After all, we were immediately taken back to Jenny from the Block, dating Ben many years ago. The reuniting pair has... Source

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2022-08-05 19:30:39

When Should a Brand Discontinue a Purse?  

Have you ever looked at a handbag – perhaps a rare sighting in the wild or simply sitting unused in your closet for an inordinate amount of time – and thought, why isn’t this discontinued yet? Does anyone still buy this anymore? What was I even thinking when I bought this? Conversely, there’s also that one purse (or maybe more) that got away for you – sold out in its very first run... Source

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2022-08-05 14:00:43

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster Spied Out in London in Pink and Black Hand Embellished Fall 2007 Comme Des Garcons Top and Skirt  

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster hit London Town, with Stormi in a casual ensemble, and mom Kylie in a pink and black archival look by Comme des Garcons: London, UNITED KINGDOM – Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi seen leaving Harrod’s London after enjoying afternoon tea and a private shopping trip. Pictured: Kyline Jenner BACKGRID USA 4 AUGUST 2022 USA: +1 310 798 9111 / UK: +44 208 344 2007 / *UK Clients – Pictures Containing

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2022-08-05 11:46:31

On Will Monkey Pox Stop New York Fashion Week?  

Will Monkey Pox stop Fashion Week Shows? Visit for all you need to know. The short answer: it's unlikely. In this photo illustration, a test sample tubes labeled ‘Monkeypox’ shown on a surface. Few confirmed cases of the Monkeypox virus have been detected in India. Yesterday, the Biden Administration declared a State of Emergency due to Monkey Pox, as the illness has infected over 6,000 people in the US. This of course isn’t the best new...

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2022-08-05 11:20:38

The (Nylon) Designer Belt Bag Battle  

If you follow us on social media, which you really should, we have some great content; if I do say so myself, you’ll know that one of our big focuses lately has been our bags in the wild series ( TikTok here and Instagram here). This is where different photographers across the globe and I grab some video content of the bags people carry in their daily lives, not in staged paparazzi photos. Source

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2022-08-04 22:32:44

An Ode to Chanel’s Graffiti Backpack  

When you think Chanel, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Is it the brand’s ubiquitous CC logo or Classic Flap Bag? What about its ability to put on a themed runway show like no other? Maybe you think of the brand’s myriad of novelty bags like the Chanel Cassette Tape Bag or the Chanel Doll Clutch. Or, if you’re anything like me, you think of the brand’s many seasonal runway bags... Source

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2022-08-04 17:00:22

The Brand Behind Odell Beckham Jr’s Go-To Jeans  

Odell Beckham Jr. is a force in football and fashion. After the 2015 one-handed catch that launched his career in the NFL, he became a one-to-watch on the style scene. When the all-star wide receiver isn't scoring touchdowns, he's gaining style credibility with his red carpet appearances, street style, and general swagging on the Gram. There are a fair amount of athletes with style worth taking note of, but not many have their exploratory approach to fashion lauded by renowned designers, li...

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2022-08-04 16:03:09

An Appreciation Post for Ferragamo’s Fall 2022 Bags  

Few brands boast the quality and craftsmanship of Salvatore Ferragamo, which began as a leather shoe company in the 1920s. Since its inception, the brand has expanded its business to include a wide range of products, from accessories and handbags to ready-to-wear and beyond. It has become synonymous with creativity and an attention to Italian craft that is unmatched. Though the brand did not begin... Source

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2022-08-04 14:00:28

Are Fabric Bags a Waste of Money?  

Last week I wrote about Saint Laurent’s latest logo bag, which is an ode to the Yves Saint Laurent of the past. Most of you were quite averse to the bag itself, and while I’m not exactly surprised, I’m also not ashamed to say that I really love it. It’s very me. Colorful, unique, and fun, it’s not a bag that everyone would have, and that’s one of the things I like about it. While I’ve said I won’t... Source

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2022-08-03 20:00:28

Introducing the Fendi O’Lock Swing Bag  

Earlier this year, Fendi presented its fall 2022 collection, and once again, it wowed. Designed by fashion’s favorite duo, Fendi’s fall collection is Silvia Venturini Fendi and Kim Jones’ exploration of House history. The inspiration for this collection is rooted in Kim Jones’ rediscovery of the Fendi Spring/Summer 1986 collection. Jones’ love for the collection reignited as he was researching... Source

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2022-08-03 17:00:58

Should Kids Wear Designer Goods?  

A couple of weeks ago, the paparazzi captured photos of Kim Kardashian and her children as they exited a New York City hotel. To the surprise of no one, Kim’s children (4 and 9) had on equally trendy outfits as herself, complete with matching mini Balenciaga bags that would set the average shopper back about $4k. This definitely isn’t the first time an entertainer has stepped out with their... Source

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2022-08-03 14:00:18

Look of The Week of July 25, 2022: Jhene Aiko in Jacquemus, Usher in Rick Owens, Blac Chyna in a Custom Outfit and More  

The end of July was jam-packed with endless style moments! We had to narrow it down to just a few, and the numbers don’t lie – here are the top looks from last week! Jhene Aiko in Jacquemus Photo: IG/Reproduction Shortly after going public with their pregnancy, Jhene and Big Sean headed out together. Jhene stole the attention in her Fall-Winter 2022 Jacquemus dress, styled by Sam Woolf. Photo: Alessandro Lucioni Usher and Lori Harvey Photo: IG/Reproduction...

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2022-08-02 21:26:05

The Best Shearling Bags for Fall 2022 So Far  

Fall is one of the most widely beloved seasons, and if you’re anything like me when August hits, your mind shifts to fall fashion. All of this comes despite the fact that the weather outside feels like fall will never come. One thing (among many) that I love about fall is how many lush textures the season brings into my wardrobe. There are super-soft knits and cozy furs (faux for me, typically)... Source

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2022-08-02 20:00:45

Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Jada from Atlanta  

Hey Bombshells! Today’s Fashion Bombshell of the Day is Jada from Atlanta. Check her out below. Form fitting pieces, prints and good fabrics keep this Bombshell’s style sexy yet sophisticated. What do you think of her style? Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 5-10 clear, unfiltered, head-to-toe pictures of 5-10 different

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2022-08-02 18:26:00

10 Stylish Rappers We Think You Should Follow On Instagram  

Style and hip-hop are almost synonymous in the way they intertwine. Throughout the beginnings of Dapper Dan’s designer-influenced customs and even before, emcees have been delivering their lyrical flow, with a side of fashion, for decades. Lest we forget Grandmaster Flash making the Kangol hat the menswear accessory of the moment or how Lil Kim and Miss Hylton turned the industry on its head look after look. The early 2010s belonged to Kanye, who pushed for Givenchy graphic tees and leath

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2022-08-02 17:50:23

The Most Stylish Stars at Lollapalooza 2022 (So Far): Jhene Aiko Radiant in Cult Gaia, Dua Lipa Sparkles Wearing Mugler, Rihanna Decked Out in Balenciaga x Adidas and More!  

One thing is for sure, we love summer for the festival fashion that colors each month, the most recent one being Lollapalooza! The multi-day concert is held over several months, across 7 different cities, in 7 different countries: Sao Paulo, Buenos Aries, Santiago, Berlin, Paris, Berlin and Chicago. While some of these music events have already taken places, others are still to come. Here, we’re summing up a few of the most fashionable looks worn by celebrities at Lollapalooza thus far!

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2022-08-02 17:41:45

A Love Letter to the Loewe Puzzle Bag  

I’ve loved handbags for as long as I can remember, and from a very young age, I knew I would become a collector of them one day. There was something about bags that enticed me. Something far beyond the superficial. The story they told, how they are essentially an extension of ourselves. Eventually, I would end up making a career out of my passion, and it wasn’t until I began working in the... Source

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2022-08-02 17:00:08

5 Times Celebs Slayed in Denim Dior: Foxxy Brown, Rihanna, Jayda Cheaves and Others!  

There are a million ways to wear denim, and Dior monogram is certainly one of them! The denim Dior look has been trending lately as a direct response to the 90s/early 2000s aesthetic takeover, so we at Fashion Bomb Daily have compiled a list of those who have and still are doing it best in hopes to inspire you on how you can get in on the fashion action and make it your own! Foxxy Brown Photo: Getty Images The first to ever do it, Foxxy Brown showed up to the 1999 VH1/Vogue Fashio

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2022-08-02 14:51:21

Terrycloth Has Taken Over, But Will the Bubble Burst?  

If you hear the word terrycloth and immediately think of the pastel-hued tracksuits you wore to high school in the 2000s, it’s probably time to consider botox if you haven’t already. Oh, wait. That’s me… Jokes aside, terrycloth boomed big in the 2000s. There were terrycloth skirts, tracksuits, dresses, hats, and of course, bags. You probably owned at least one item in the material... Source

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2022-08-02 14:00:51

Claire’s Life: Detroit’s Polo and Pretty Women Event + Fashion Show Featuring Mel Styles, Motive Jeans, and More!  

Happy Monday! Over the weekend, I was excited to host an event called Polo and Pretty Women in Detroit, Michigan! The event featured Polo, gorgeous ladies and gents… J. Vision J. Vision J. Vision J. Vision …and a fashion show, which I provided commentary for. With designers like Motive Jeans, Everything and Me Boutique, Mel Styles, and more, the fashion was nonstop! J. Vision J. Vision J. Vision J. Vision The guests were also

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2022-08-02 02:46:13

The Definitive Guide to the Hermès Kelly  

The Hermès Kelly is arguably the most classic and fashionable handbag of all time: with a naturally accommodating and elegant-yet-useful design, produced over the years in a variety of materials and in two structures with various iterations, the Kelly has been consistently covetable and a perennial “It Bag” for the past few decades if just slightly less popular than the Birkin. Time for a deep... Source

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2022-08-01 20:40:27

Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2022 Runway Bags Are Here  

Earlier this year, Louis Vuitton presented its Fall-Winter 2022 collection at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. The museum contains beautiful works of Impressionist art, all housed in a former railway station. Its architecture and beautiful interiors were the perfect backdrops for the stunning bags that were presented, many of which felt like works of art in their own right. While the fall collection... Source

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2022-08-01 17:00:02

Celebs Workout and Play with Birkins, Bottega, and Beyond  

Summer is in full swing, and celebs are certainly reveling in it. We’ve got a little bit of everything this week, from those on holiday in Europe and the Hamptons to those working out; celebs are never without their designer bags, it seems! Once again this week, our assortment lacks bright, bold colors (with one exception), which is interesting given the trend toward bags from every color of the... Source

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2022-08-01 14:00:26

Nigeria’s Up-and-Coming Fashion Talent: Voodoo Republik, the Man Behind Bella Shmurda’s Style Evolution  

Lagos based fashion stylist Voodoo Republic says working with Bella Smurda has been “amazing”! The Triumphant singer has been loyally dress by Voodoo for the past 2 years and the two work collaboratively to fuse Nigerian culture with modern fashion. It's thanks to Voodoo that Bella coined his nickname "Dangbana", a Pidgin english word that refers to someone with strong convictions to their roots and heritage. Now, Voodoo Republik sits with Fashion Bomb Daily to share the jour...

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2022-08-01 01:05:30

Shoe Game Too Strong: New Parents Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Walk NYC in Salomon and The Attico  

It’s a given that A$AP Rocky and Rihanna have a combined wardrobe that could collectively put us all to shame, but the stylish two continue to slay each and everyday even after welcoming new life into the world! Early on in the week, Rihanna and A$AP stepped out into town sharply dressed, and the footwear was worth a double take. Photo: Backgrid Riri was spotted wearing an all black outfit that paired a satin corset and leather trench with $720 heels from The Attico that are curren...

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2022-07-31 01:49:03

RSVP TODAY! The Bomb Fashion NYFW Show on Saturday, September 10th Sponsored by Bombay Sapphire, Urban Skin RX, and Nivole Wines!  

Happy Saturday! I’m so so so so excited to announce that we will be having our annual The Bomb Fashion Show during NYFW on Saturday, September 10th! Yes! The Bomb Fashion Show will be back and better than ever with a showcase of emerging design talent. We created Fashion Bomb Daily Shop and the Bomb Fashion Show to give designers a shot at participating in the elusive fashion industry. Come out and support their talent from 6-10pm on Saturday, September 10th at Tribeca 360:

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2022-07-30 13:56:27

Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Cherish from Miami  

Hey Bombshells! Meet Cherish from Miami, our Fashion Bombshell of the Day. Check her out below. Her style is bold, playful and sophisticated and this Bombshell stays rocking a killer bag. What do you think of her style? Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 5-10 clear, unfiltered, head-to-toe pictures of 5-10 different outfits (no co

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2022-07-29 18:50:00

Its Back to Cool At Coach for Resort 2023  

When you think of resort wear, visions of lightweight fabrics, beach-ready bags, and something to remind you that spring and summer are coming immediately comes to mind. Resort hits stores somewhere between the fall and spring collections, during a time when many places of the country are cold and dreary. While resort is geared towards those planning mid-winter getaways or dressing for holiday... Source

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2022-07-29 17:00:59

Love It or Leave It: Bottega Veneta Chain Mini Jodie  

In modern handbag history, there are more silhouettes than ever to choose from. Gone are the days of picking from a simple shoulder bag, top handle bag, or tote. From minis and micros to giant bags and top handle bags that also come with a shoulder strap, convertible bags, and belt bags to clutches and more, if you want it, you can find it. Still, there’s something to be said about a bag just... Source

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2022-07-29 14:00:25

On All the Fashion Credits from Beyonce’s Renaissance Including Beyonce in Rick Owens, Alaia, Christopher John Rogers, and More!  

Visit to read a rundown of all the fashion credits from Beyonce’s 7th studio album, the Renaissance: Credit: Mason Poole/Getty From runway Alaia and Rick Owens to emerging designers Bethany Cordwell and Buerlangma, stylists Marni Senofonte and KJ Moody showed a range of styles, silhouettes, and inspirations. They have the range! Read the full run down and be sure to subscribe to Credit: Carlijn Jacobs/Getty

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2022-07-29 12:44:50

Do You Store Your Bags or Leave Them On Display?  

There are some pretty amazing things about living in New York City that only those who’ve ever experienced it can attest to. Maybe it’s the energy of the city on that first warm spring day after a harsh cold winter, the moment when your barista remembers your name AND your order, or a walk through Central Park in the heart of fall. While city living can feel like a dream, parts of it downright... Source

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2022-07-28 20:00:09

The Balenciaga Crush Bag is the Hourglass’s Softer Sister  

Back in 2019, Balenciaga released a sleek new bag that arguably shifted the brand’s direction as a whole, paving the way for today’s Balenciaga. In the seasons that followed, the brand saw an increase in not only its popularity but financially as well. House staples that are an ode to the brand’s rich history, like the Neo Classic and the Le Cagole, which pay homage to Balenciaga’s beloved moto... Source

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2022-07-28 17:00:36

Barbiecore is for the Boys Too: A Look at Menswear’s Take on the Iconically Pink Trend  

Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ is set to release in 2023, but it seems the cultural impact has gotten a head start. While details are minimal on the movie’s central plot, we can assume it’s more or less about her life in plastic being fantastic, oh and pink. Lots of pink. So much pink that Barbie’s signature shade has taken over street style, red carpets and Instagram. It’s called Barbiecore and the idea is to channel you inner Miss B with a pink on pink l

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2022-07-28 16:29:09

When Counterfeits Distort Buyer Perceptions  

“My marriage is a fake Fendi!” Exclaims Charlotte in the third season of Sex & the City, and her pronouncement resonates to date as fakes and divorces have both become more rampant. For a little context, said episode is all about Samantha’s quest to land herself a fake Baguette from a San Fernando Valley-based replica-seller, while Charlotte grapples with the absence of chemistry with her then... Source

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2022-07-28 14:00:46

Fashion Bomb Hair: Singer Sevyn Slays in Indique Curly Lace Front Wig with Orange Ombre  

Singer Sevyn knows how to turn heads, always keeping her fans guessing with new looks! Her latest hairstyle? An Indique Curly Lace Front Wig, straightened and dipped with orange tips by Styles by Davonte. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Indique Hair Extensions (@iloveindique) Indique offers a host of bomb styles and wigs, from bundles to full on wigs. Sevyn’s 18″ Pure Curly Lace Front Wig is endlessly versatile. With coils or straight, itR

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2022-07-28 13:10:51

Thembi Mawema is making major moves as Director of The Shade Room all while staying in touch with her roots while wearing Ankara designs  

Born and raised in the Southern African country of Zimbabwe, Thembi Mawema is only 28 years old and already a major powerhouse behind The Shade Room (TSR), one of the most influential Instagram platforms in the world. Not only that, the recognizable executive is funny, fashionable, smart, and making major moves on her own in Hollywood. After coming to the states in 2008 she attended Chico State University in the Northern Sacramento Valley and graduated with a degree in Communications. The A

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2022-07-28 12:53:53

Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Wisdom from Maryland  

Hey Bombshells! Meet Wisdom, our Fashion Bombshell of the Day. Check her out below. She says, “I would describe my style as versatile. My style is constantly evolving & switching between fun & flirty to sexy & bold . While incorporating vintage thrifted pieces in almost every look I make it my own by mixing patterns & textures for modern trendy looks.” What are your thoughts on this Bombshell’s style? Fashion Bombshell of the Day is

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2022-07-27 23:50:38

Move Over Balenciaga, Gucci is the World’s Hottest Luxury Brand Once Again  

Want to know what’s trending big time in fashion? Look no further than the Lyst index. Lyst’s quarterly report analyzes the online shopping habits of shoppers around the globe to provide insights into what consumers are searching, buying, and talking about. Every three months, Lyst analyzes various data such as Google searches, social media call-outs and mentions, product sales, and product views. Source

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2022-07-27 20:00:02

Introducing the Gucci Attache Bag  

When you’re a handbag lover and hear the word Gucci, it’s likely you immediately think of one of two things, or sometimes both. That would be the Gucci GG Supreme print or the iconic and instantly identifiable Gucci Web. Both motifs are historic parts of the brand’s genetic code, utilized for decades on various products from bags and shoes to clothing and accessories. Both emblems have been... Source

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2022-07-27 17:00:02

Take a Look at Two of the World's Most Valuable Handbags  

If you were to ask fashion enthusiasts what the most valuable handbag ever made was, most would probably guess the Himalayan Birkin. It’s a good guess, but that’s technically just the most expensive one to ever be sold at auction, not that was ever produced. I recently found out that the title of The World’s Most Valuable Handbag actually belongs to a creation of the Italian handbag brand... Source

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2022-07-27 14:00:30

Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Mia G  

Hey Bombshells! Meet Mia G, our Fashion Bombshell of the Day. Check her out below. Mia’s street style is a combination of sporty and glamourous. Oversized pieces paired with high heels and great accessories gives this bombshell easy going everyday looks. She embodies “crazy sexy cool”. What do you think of her style? Let us know. Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send yo

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2022-07-26 21:32:36

Saint Laurent’s Latest Bag is a Colorful Ode to Yves Saint Laurent  

Ten years ago, almost to the day, then new creative director Hedi Slimane decided to drop the Yves from Yves Saint Laurent in favor of just Saint Laurent Paris. At the time, the Y in YSL was an integral part of the Parisian design House’s branding, but rumor had it that Slimane wanted to implement fast change in the form of modernization and that a name change was his first step. The news was met... Source

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2022-07-26 20:00:29

Who Wears Short Shorts? A Look At Our Favorite Hotpant Looks for Men  

Photo: BrosNYC / BACKGRID USA IIf you’ve been wondering how to combat this hellish heatwave in style, look no further than Donald Glover. Yesterday the rapper turned showrunner managed to get a workout in despite temps being at an all-time high. Glover hit the streets of SoHo in a monochromatic and minimal look featuring this season’s hot ticket item for men: short shorts. Although Glover was in workout mode –indicated by his Brooks running shorts, Apple Watch, and Saucon

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2022-07-26 18:09:36

Chanel Pre-Collection Fall 2022 Bags Have Dropped and We’ve Got the Scoop  

When it comes to Chanel, devotees of the brand are incredibly blessed by the sheer number of new collections that drop yearly. Not all brands do pre-collections, and most of the ones that actually offer them don’t offer nearly as large of a selection as Chanel. Pre-collection bags tend to be more wearable and consumer-friendly than those presented on the runway as part of the main collections. Source

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2022-07-26 17:00:04

Pockets Adorn Louis Vuitton’s Most Popular Bags in New Fall For You Collection  

Louis Vuitton Monogram is one of the most recognizable motifs in all of fashion. Known all over the world as a symbol of prestige and luxury, LV Monogram has been reinvented time and time again to feel modern and fresh but still possess a classic heritage appeal. Owning a Louis Vuitton bag is like owning a rich piece of fashion history—it will never go out of style, and it will usually retain its... Source

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2022-07-26 14:00:59

Jay Ellis and Nina Senicar Tied the Knot at a Dreamy Tuscany Garden Wedding Wearing Dolce and Gabbana  

Heartthrob Jay Ellis from HBO’s Insecure is officially off the market after taking it to the alter with Nina Senicar. The couple got engaged in 2019 while vacationing in Bali, however with the pandemic in full effect only a few months later, the wedding plans were brought to an instant halt. It wasn’t until last week that they were able to say their “I Do’s” during a romantic Italian wedding. Fashion-wise, that could only mean one thing: when in Italy, do as the

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2022-07-25 20:29:50

Review: My Hermès Evelyne TPM  

This review starts as a story. A story of me walking into the Hermès boutique and talking to an SA and telling her I was interested in a Kelly and wanted to look at a pair of shoes. A story of her returning to tell me that she just got this Mini Evelyne in and I should check it out, and the end of the story being me texting Vlad, “if Bank of America calls, it’s not fraud, it’s me. Source

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2022-07-25 20:00:00

5 Times Celebrities Have Worn God Save Queens Black Cut-Out Pieces, Featuring Karrueche, Jelena Karleusa, Laura Govan and More!  

Whether its evening attire, swimwear or lingerie that you’re into, God Save Queens knows how to keep things interesting and up-to-date with their staple cut-out styles. For head designer Karolina Preiss, it’s all about women empowerment and body positivity! That’s exactly why this label has made their way from insta-brand to celebrity favorite, worn by the likes of Teyana Taylor, Erica Mena and so many others. For a look into what GSQ has to offer, here at 5 times some of our

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2022-07-25 19:16:50

Five Exciting New Hermès Bags for Autumn-Winter 2022  

Now that summer has (finally!) gotten into full swing, everyone is looking ahead to Fall 2022, and you know what that means: new everything. Although the cycle of seasons would have us believe that spring is the time for birth and renewal, in the fashion world, that time really is Autumn (hence the traditionally thick September magazine issues, back in the day). For Hermès, the focus is on renewal... Source

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2022-07-25 17:00:59

The 2022 ESPY Awards Brought Fashion to Sports: Our Favorite Looks Including Steph Curry in Bottega Veneta, Ayesha Curry Wearing Monot, Ciara Dressed in Sabina Bilenko Couture and Others  

Look, fashion may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think NBA, FIFA or Major League Baseball, but when Stephen Curry – known for his stylish tunnel walks – is the host of the evening, you already know that everyone is about to arrive on their A game! This year the ESPYs were held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Here are our top picks for best dressed of the night: The Currys in Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga and Monot Photo: Getty Stephen and his beau

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2022-07-25 16:42:59

Stars Power Through Heat Waves With Prada, The Row and More  

Much of the world dealt with scorching hot temperatures last week, but you’d never know that simply based on what stars were wearing alone. I guess when you’re sitting in a cold car and walking right into an air-conditioned building, it really doesn’t matter. Godspeed to the rest of us peasants who don’t have that luxury. May your makeup stay on your face and your tanks remain dry. Source

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2022-07-25 14:00:04

Joan Smalls Slays Amfar in Dundas and Indique Hair  

Hairstylist Hos Hounkpatin struck gold again with model Joan Smalls, slaying her curly, auburn tinged Indique Hair tresses for the Amfar gala. The eye catching color was a great complement to her Dundas dress, styled by @dfsablon. With makeup by @josecorella ⁠, Madame Smalls looked bomb! Get her Hair look at and use the code BOMB15 for 15% off. Hot! or Hmm…? Images: Courtesy

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2022-07-25 13:38:00

Jourdan Dunn Slays the 75th Annual Cannes Film Festival Wearing Indique Hair  

No red carpet look is complete without the perfect hairstyle! Model Jourdan Dunn had her Hair Dunn, nails Dunn, everything well Dun at the 75th Cannes Festival 2022 wearing Indique Hair, styled by @hoshounkpatin . ⁠Her banged updo was the perfect complement to her pretty pink Ashi Studio dress, styled by Justin Plz. With makeup by @kelechisart ⁠and nails by @katewilliams0n, Ms. Dunn was picture perfect! Get her hair look at Use the code Bomb15 for 15...

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2022-07-25 13:12:00

Jhene Aiko Bares the Baby Bump in an Interstellar Maternity Shoot with Big Sean  

A few weeks ago, photos of a very pregnant Jhene Aiko next to longtime partner Big Sean surfaced online, and the couple recently confirmed what we already knew by posting a breathtaking photoshoot to their respective Instagram accounts! Photographed by Renee Rodriguez, the two are posed side by side and skin to skin, Jhene covered in galaxy nebulas all over her body. Photo: Renee Rodriguez While the spacial edits were done by Efuru Edamame, the mother-to-be’s glow was the product of

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2022-07-25 01:55:49

Claire’s Life: Receiving the Vision Community Garde Gala Fashion Entrepreneurial Excellence Award Wearing A Pink Beaded Gert Johan Coetzee Dress  

Happy Sunday! Friday Night, I was blessed to be an honoree at the Vision Community Foundation’s Avant Garde themed Gala! The Vision Community Foundation is a religious organization geared towards the LGBTQIA+ community in Atlanta and beyond. They offer resources and education, with the goal of empowering marginalized communities to live healthy and productive lives. I received an award for being an architect of Fashion and an Influential Serial Entrepreneur of Excellence!

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2022-07-24 13:18:20

Loewe’s Most Important Launch of 2021 Gets a Mini Makeover  

Loewe has steadily and consistently been making its mark on the handbag world under the direction of Jonathan Anderson. The brand’s desirability continues to grow, and while once it was more under-the-radar, beloved by mostly those in the know, these days it’s more mainstream than ever before. Known for its quality and attention to craft, each and every piece that Loewe releases oozes intense... Source

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2022-07-22 17:00:24

Fashion Bomber of the Week: Rolland Ryan from Los Angeles  

Fashion is forever but style is eternal. An ancient proverb you've probably heard on and off Tumblr. Yet as reduFashion is forever, but style is eternal. An ancient proverb you've probably heard on and off Tumblr. Yet as redundant as it sounds, it is undoubtedly true. Style is what separates the tastemakers from the fashion followers and makes the industry we love go ’round. Take designer Rolland Ryan for instance, a Louisiana-born, L.A-based designer with adoration for sick sungl...

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2022-07-22 15:48:37

MCM Backpacks: Uber Cool or Overly Gaudy?  

Who influences your bag-buying decisions? Nope, this isn’t a Closet Confessional; I’m just curious. Are you the resolute buyer – dependent on the opinions of no one but yourself? Or do the style gurus on social media have a bearing in determining your choices? For most of us, it’s likely that a healthy mix of our own preferences, lifestyles, friends, and/or significant other’s perceptions of... Source

what do you think?

2022-07-22 14:00:14

3 Black Owned Brands You Should Know from the Nope Movie Premiere: JAGNE, SUNNI SUNNI and Jeofroi  

Jordan Peele has been instrumental in forging fresh and new ideas within the thriller genre, let alone as it pertain to black film at large. What better occasion than the Los Angeles premiere of the Nope movie to wear black designers proudly! A number of celebrities came dressed in up and coming African American designers for us to discover, so here are three black owned brands you ought to know about as seen at the premiere event: Skai Jackson in Jeofroi Photo: Getty Images Jeffre

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2022-07-22 02:15:27

PopShop Local offers an array of black owned fashion/beauty brands with machines located everywhere from The Beverly Center to The Hilton Midtown in NYC  

Channeling a lifelong entrepreneurial spirit, boundary-pushing fearlessness, and innate understanding of the nexus of technology, commerce, and culture, Dawn Dickson-Akpoghene consistently catalyzes the companies and brands under her purview. At the helm of multiple cash flow positive businesses, the Ohio-born entrepreneur, inventor, businesswoman, angel investor, and speaker has made history and emerged as a consumer thought leader in her own right. As the C.E.O. and Founder of PopCom, she pio

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2022-07-22 01:20:36

This Fall, It’s All About the Bigger the Bag, the Better!  

Over the last few years, bags have gotten tinnier and tinnier, but big bags are finally making their much-hyped comeback. The point of a purse is to tote your stuff from place to place; at the end of the day, the functionality should reign supreme. Finally, fashionable bags that are also functional are coming back. Mini bags, move over! We’ve been keeping our eyes on fall’s latest drops... Source

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2022-07-21 20:00:43

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