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Crochet Bow Crop Top  

The bow top is what you get when you are searching for an easy to make summer top that works up super fast. This crochet top pattern is a very easy and quick make. You only have to crochet the front which is a basic rectangle while the back is made up of only straps. For this pattern you will need Dk weight yarn, 4.0 mm crochet hook, Tapestry needle, stitch markers. I hope you enjoy making the pattern. Happy crocheting!

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2022-01-20 12:53:44

Easy Book Weight & Bookmark  

Enjoy reading? You'll love this Easy Book Weight & Bookmark! I love reading on my back porch, but sometimes the wind is too much and starts blowing the pages of my book and I lose my place. This simple book weight lays across your page and keeps everything in place while you read. Once you are finished, just use the bookmark to keep your place. This is a super simple sewing project you can do in no time.

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2022-01-20 11:09:20

Crochet Neck Warmer Pattern   

crochet knit look neck warmer is another addition to the crochet knit look collection. The Yo-slst is a very unique stitch, the gives a crochet item a knit-look. The items looks like it has been knitted with the fisherman rib stitch. This post contains the written instructions for this knit look neck warmer to help you keep warm and cozy during the winter days. It's very beginner friendly and a very easy pattern. Happy crocheting!

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2022-01-20 06:48:52

Into The Sunset Crochet Mittens  

This easy crochet mitten pattern creates a beautiful pair of colourful crochet mittens. This pattern is accessible for beginners and includes tips on how to adjust the mittens to get a more custom fit. Make them in stripes, as pictured or as a single colour, they're the perfect pair of mittens for travelling and keeping in your pockets to keep the chill away. Makers should know how to do basic stitches in order to crochet this pattern, however, there are video and photo tutorials for the techn...

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2022-01-20 03:04:39

Heart C2c Pillow  

The Heart C2C Sherpa Pillow is a modern and trendy way to add some Love to your home! This pillow works up quickly in bulky yarn and with just two colors it is the perfect project for the corner to corner beginner! Complete photo and video tutorials available as well if you are new to this technique. Easy to make in the mini (hdc) corner to corner crochet technique. Finished size approximately 20" square Full color graph and written row-by-row instructions included.

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2022-01-20 02:38:48

How to Make a Dreamcatcher with Beads  

Learn how to make a dreamcatcher with beads by following this stellar video tutorial. This boho dreamcatcher is a beautiful and impressive craft to make! Read through the step-by-step instructions and watch the video to learn how to make this pretty craft. If you've never tried making a dream catcher before, it's a soothing project that's mesmerizing and surprisingly simple once you master the basic technique. The trailing yarns are a fabulous, boho touch. If you're looking for a funky new proje

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2022-01-20 02:18:04

Dog Advent Calendar  

Using an Advent calendar to count down to Christmas is one of the most fun things you can do in December. But you don't have to be human to count down. You can count down along with your dog when you make this dog Advent calendar. What's great is that it is reusable, so you can make it this year and keep using it year after year. Just make sure to refill it with fresh treats every year.

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2022-01-20 01:05:10

Money Origami Dog  

Use this step-by-step guide to make your own money origami dog. This is a fun but challenging dollar bill origami design that would make a great gift for that dog lover in your life. It can also be fun to learn other designs to leave creative money tips. This tutorial has detailed instructions and pictures for each step of the fold.

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2022-01-19 05:41:41

Macramé Heart Coasters  

Whether you're planning a romantic dinner for two or hosting a cocktail party for your Galentines, these macrame heart coasters will definitely gather lots of compliments at your gathering. If you've been wanting to learn macrame, this small project is great for beginners. So grab your supplies and let's get started! These coasters are super sweet and fun to make. You can also see tutorials for lots of macrame knots and techniques on my blog. Let's go!

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2022-01-19 04:54:22

Lila Pocket Scarf  

Who doesn't love more pockets? And an extra snuggly and cozy scarf with pockets? Yes please! With the Lila Pocket Scarf you have a fun and easily customizable design that has the pockets we all ask for. This design is worked in separate pieces which are then seamed together, which makes it a fantastically customizable pattern that you can make over and over (it's a great gift) and each time it will be unique. The pattern is available for free on DivineDebris but you can also pick up an ad-free

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2022-01-19 03:54:12

Beginner Crochet Hat   

The beginner crochet hat is a great crochet pattern that uses only basic crochet stitches. Work back and forth in rows and follow video tutorials on how to seam it and close the crochet hat in the end. One crochet hat size, however adjustments for any size shown through the pattern. This crochet beanie pattern comes in only one size, however you can make this in any size needed. To customize it, adjust the head circumference when you start the crochet hat by adding or reducing the number of

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2022-01-19 03:38:37

Crochet Twisted Earwarmer Headband With Texture  

Crochet twisted Earwarmer and the Twisted Crochet headbands are very popular at this time. I am sure we all have seen umpteen number of patterns and variations for this cute twisted headbands and twisted ear warmer crochet patterns floating around the internet. Even with a slight crochet stitch variation or using a variety of Worsted or Chunky Bulky yarn gives a new look to this Earwarmer. This super fun one row repeat pattern of Twisted Textured Earwarmer Headband is a quick and quite easy t

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2022-01-19 03:01:49

Cute Mushrooms Mug Rug  

Learn to make the fun, bright, and (as advertised) cute coaster - the Cute Mushrooms Mug Rug. Unlike small coasters, mug rugs are large and in charge, giving you lots of room to protect your tables and clean up some annoying spills. And with the Cute Mushrooms Mug Rugs, you've got a whole lot of personality and room to get creative and all you need to know is single crochet and how to change colors. The graph for this pattern is available for free on the Divine Debris website but if you'd like

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2022-01-19 02:54:39

Granny Square Sweater  

The Granny Square Sweater is a size inclusive pullover crochet pattern, with sizes from XS to 5XL. You can make this granny square sweater using the traditional granny square. The pattern includes the granny square sweater layout, in both photos & schematic. Pick your favorite colors & start making this beautiful piece! If you like crocheting the traditional granny squares, being able to use them in different projects are so great. They're so traditional that some even ca...

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2022-01-19 02:11:15

Woodland Bear Coloring Page  

Woodland adult coloring pages are a fantastic way to add some fauna into your life without having to step outside. Whether you just want to color for fun or want to add some DIY wall art to your home when youre finished, this intricate and lovely Woodland Bear Coloring Page is a free, printable download that any and all adult coloring book enthusiasts will enjoy. Color this bear in with bright colors for a boho look or pretty him up to be a polar bear with greys, whites, and blues.

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2022-01-19 02:04:37

Diy Neck Gaiter  

Keep the sun out of your face with this fun diy neck gaiter! This is the perfect sewing project to make when you just want to whip up something quick. You can make this in about 5 minutes! It is a great scrap buster project, so if your fabric stash is getting out of control you can clean it up by making a few of these. I use these when we take the kayaks out and it works great! Make one yourself!

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2022-01-19 02:01:06

Simple Sew Tote Bag  

Sew your own cute bag with this simple lined tote bag. This bag has a premium feel thanks to the lining and materials. This bag is easy to sew and a great project for beginners or anyone wanting to sew a new bag. I use this for groceries, toys, books, and anything else I need to put in it. I have even used this as a purse as the lining makes it easy to clean out. Make one for yourself and one for a friend!

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2022-01-18 05:55:43

Ribbon Candy Wreath  

This Christmas ribbon candy wreath creates wonderful memories of my grandfather for me. You'll find a complete tutorial on how to make a ribbon wreath here. This folded ribbon wreath looks like old fashioned ribbon candy. This Christmas candy wreath craft project is even great to do with kids. Follow this ribbon wreath tutorial on how to make a candy wreath to make a beautiful Christmas candy decoration. This is a great candy themed Christmas wreath.

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2022-01-18 05:04:45

The Thicket Fingerless Gloves  

Knitting pattern for the Thicket Fingerless Gloves. These beautiful gloves will keep your hands warm and your fingertips free. The gloves are worked in the round seamlessly and have a comfortable thumb gusset. The design features a mirrored cable pattern. The gloves are knit with medium-weight merino wool, they do not require a lot of yarn and are fairly quick to knit. This is also a great last-moment gift for a friend or family member. Enjoy!

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2022-01-18 03:41:49

Easy Diy Snowman Wreath  

A great how to make a snowman wreath tutorial for you to create for your front door. This wreath is easy and inexpensive because it uses Dollar Tree supplies. This wreath easily takes you from the winter holiday season through February. There are several types of diy snowman wreaths out there but I think this is the cutest snowman wreath I've seen. This jolly snowman wreath that will work on your front door for Christmas and all the way up until Valentine's Day.

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2022-01-18 03:38:26

Ocean Paradise Crochet Throw Blanket  

The Ocean Paradise crochet throw blanket is perfect for keeping warm on a cool night. This free crochet pattern uses the Trinity Stitch to create beautiful texture. The ribbed border adds a soft squishy touch. Pair this deep blue color with the delightful stitch pattern and you have a winner. My son-in-law named this blanket as he said that it reminds him of the deep color of the ocean with waves rippling across the water. Modern Crochet Blanket This modern crochet blanket is worked up with su

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2022-01-18 03:20:01

How To Knit Long Fingerless Gloves – Free Knitting Pattern  

Made with large double pointed needles, 5.5 mm (US size 9) with worsted weight yarn, these fingerless gloves are super fast to make if you know how to knit in the round. Because this is such a plain design, you can use any variety of colours to make these look awesome. These also are a great stash buster. You can use up the smaller quantities of left over yarn from other projects to make stripes.

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2022-01-18 02:08:47

Multi-colored Designs - A Simple Technique  

If you are ever in need of amazing shirts or gifts, this is your solution. Be it for a family vacation, a wedding, a party, or any event, why not try out this amazing technique of making a multi-colored HTV design with only one cut, one weed, one press, and one peel. This is a simple technique that will become a go-to for any design! And the best part is, all you need is scrap materials to get it done! Come check it out!

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2022-01-18 01:53:13

Printable Heart Emojis (Free PDF)  

Looking for a short and sweet activity for littles this Valentine's Day? Print and have them color these adorable printable heart emojis! This free PDF is available as an instant download that you'll be able to print and color within minutes. The coloring page features four simple hearts each with a different expression. The sweet winking face is my favorite! Kids can cut out these hearts and hand them out as valentine cards this year, or simply enjoy coloring them as a festive activity this Feb

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2022-01-18 01:49:30

Simple Stripes Heart Coloring Page PDF  

Color a simple set of striped hearts this Valentine's Day! Gather the kids and have them color this sweet, relaxing heart coloring page PDF. The striped design allows for so many colorful possibilities! Adults will enjoy coloring in the stripes, too. See what different hues everyone chooses for their hearts! This can be a fun way to pass the time during indoor recess or a gloomy weekend day. Use these hearts to decorate the house for Valentine's Day, or cut them out and write messages on the bac

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2022-01-18 01:47:43

Crochet Easy Cowl Pattern  

Crochet a beautifully textured cowl with this beginner-friendly free pattern! This easy crochet cowl pattern is perfect for advanced beginners who already have the basic crochet stitches skills. This crochet cowl is a quick make and can be done in about an hour or so. The pattern is worked flat in back and forth rows and uses a variation of Half Double Crochet stitches. The cowl measures 28″ in circumference and 12.5″ wide but you can make it as long and as wide as you like! Materials: ...

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2022-01-18 01:41:19

Owl C2c Scarf  

This scarf is super cute and perfect for any owl lover! Made with the dc c2c (corner to corner) crochet technique, this c2c pattern is beginner friendly with minimal color changes. Great for someone just getting started in corner to corner! Approximate finished size = 7" wide x 55" long which is perfect for teens - adult. If you made with the mini hdc c2c crochet technique the scarf would be smaller - perfect size for kids! I also have all the tutorials you need to start out in c2c - phot...

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2022-01-18 01:26:52

How To Make Paper Mache Dragon Eggs  

Dragons are so much fun! And any dragon needs a dragon egg! These simple paper mache dragon eggs are easy to make and lots of fun for kids. All you need is some old newspaper, water, flour and a few colors of paint. The process is a bit messy, but kids love to make a mess, and the end result is dragon eggs to play with! This is a great weekend activity for kids! Come check it out!

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2022-01-17 02:24:10

Diy - Giant Balloon Number  

Everyone has a birthday coming up! So why not celebrate it in style with giant balloon numbers! These are quick to make and all you need is some foam board, balloons and glue from your local dollar store! This step by step tutorial will walk you through the whole process, give you tips on what not to do and some tricks to help make the process easier. Best part is, you can complete it in one evening.

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2022-01-16 05:40:08

Diy - Simple Dragon Wings For Kids  

Dragon wings are an essential part of your child's costume wardrobe. And every kids loves running around with dragon wings pretending they can fly high above the world. This quick dragon wing costume can be made in one evening and only requires minimal sewing. All you need is a large piece of black fabric, some Velcro and optional snaps. Your kids will love it, or you can make it for yourself! Come check it out!

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2022-01-16 05:26:01

Trinity Stitch Crochet Tutorial  

This Trinity Stitch Crochet Tutorial will show you how easy this textured stitch is to create. Once you get the hang of this pattern, it is a repeat of row two. It is quite fun and easy to crochet. As I work on expanding my crochet skills, adding new stitches to my skillset is one of my goals this year. What does The Trinity Crochet Stitch Look Like? The look is a nice texture with a bit of puff and three vertical bars extending into the stitches in the row below. While this stitch is puffy lik

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2022-01-16 04:49:10

Pop Up Frog Card  

Make a whole day of this pop up card craft. The kids will love this frog pop up card craft. The frog pops up on the card with some shrubbery using a small pop up mechanism. This pop up card craft comes with a free printable template in pdf format. Simply print out the templates and cut out all the craft pieces. Using a glue stick, fix the pop mechanism. Then attach the frog and the remaining pieces.

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2022-01-16 03:22:40

Willow Leg Warmers  

These easy crochet leg warmers are super cozy, and so quick to work up! This free pattern is written for 8 sizes, from Baby up to Adult Large, so you can whip up a pair of crochet leg warmers for everyone in your family! Each leg warmer is a simple rectangle, which is worked flat in one piece and then seamed to form a tube. The main body of the leg warmer is a combination of half double crochet (hdc) and slip stitches (sl st), which creates a fun ribbed texture. And the ribbing at the top and bo

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2022-01-15 12:12:23

Simple Joys Beanie  

The Simple Joys beanie is an easy crochet beanie pattern written for 5 sizes - Baby, Toddler, Child, Adult Small and Adult Large. This beanie has such a classic look and feel, making a perfect crochet beanie for men and women. The easy pattern requires just two stitches - chain and single crochet (sc) - so I would definitely rate it as a beginner-friendly crochet pattern. The beanie is worked from the top-down in continuous rounds, meaning that you don't join with a slip stitch at the...

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2022-01-15 11:14:46

Sedona Mosaic Hat  

The Sedona Hat is an easy mosaic crochet hat pattern written for 4 sizes, from Baby to Adult. If you haven't tried mosaic crochet before, then this is a great first pattern to try - if you can work a single and a double crochet then you can make this hat! This crochet hat has quite a simple style, and looks great on both men and women. The hat body is worked from the bottom-up in continuous rounds, meaning that you don't join with a slip stitch at the end of each round, you simply begin th...

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2022-01-15 10:19:22

Advent Amy - Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet Along  

Join the Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet Along! We'll be making these beautiful dolls and then we will be making enough garment, toy and accessory pieces for our dolls (like, dress, shirts, shoes, etc) to fill a DIY advent calendar that will be finished in time to gift to a child for the holiday season. Written patterns and video tutorials will be available for each pattern released for the crochet along so no matter your skill level, anyone can participate.

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2022-01-15 07:29:57

Hearts Aflutter Scarf  

The Hearts Aflutter Scarf crochet pattern is a little bit of what we all need in our lives -- happy, cheerful and fun! The scarf itself is made with a very simple v-stitch easy enough for the beginning crocheter. The heart fringe edge really takes this cute scarf to the next level. The hearts fluttering at the ends adds just the right touch. I have included video tutorials on my website detailing instructions for both the v-stitch and the heart fringe.

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2022-01-15 05:45:48

December Square  

The December square is the 12th and final square in the interlocking tiles set. This square uses interlocking crochet to make a quilt-like motif. Make all 12 squares for a crib sized blanket, or make more for a throw! The squares can be mixed and matched as they are all the same size. This pattern is free including written instructions, charts (one plain, one annotated), and full video tutorial to walk you through the pattern step by step.

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2022-01-15 05:35:54

How To Make A Fabric Face Mask (3 Sizes)  

Hi Creative Mamas, teachers, aunties, grandmas. I am doing my bit as a creative soul to try and help in these tricky times that we are in. My children are becoming increasingly anxious and worried about the Covid 19 virus and the impact that is having in their lives, their school routines, their sports and our family and social life. Here in New Zealand we are being advised to use face masks but of course there is a shortage of them. On the other hand my daughter finds face masks particularly s

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2022-01-15 03:23:20

Happy New Year! And A Free Sewing Pattern!  

The beginning of a year is always special and for many of us, it is a time of tidying and organising - we don't necessarily want to bring all of the last twelve month's clutter with us into the new year! But to have a bit of organisation in the home, there has to be somewhere to put things and I love these fabric storage baskets. They are quick to make, easy to customise and actually serve as great stash busters too. I added pockets to one to make a totable craft basket. This is a great confide

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2022-01-15 02:24:35

Merlin Sage Shawl  

Happy New Year everyone! This is my first shawl in 2022, so I'm starting with one of my favorite designs to make, an asymmetrical shawl. This one features a pattern with diamonds and big eyelets. As I say every time, once you start working the pattern, you'll find out how easy it is, and knitting it will go smoothly. A bonus feature for this shawl is that you can repeat the general pattern as many times as you want until you get the size you desire. I also included a video tutorial for the I-cor

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2022-01-14 13:14:18

Goldfish Valentines  

Do you want to surprise your loved ones with a unique valentine's day gift? Do you love goldfish? We do too! That's why we created this goldfish Valentines printable card to add to your goldfish lover's bag. It will make them smile and feel loved on Valentine's Day. Plus, it's free! Just download the file below and print at home or take it into a local printer. You can even use our design as an invitation to a party or just share with friends on social media!

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2022-01-14 11:06:04

Upcycled Candle Jar  

If you've got a weakness for candles that's led to a surplus of empty jars, here are some cute ideas to create chic and tasteful upcycled candle jar centerpieces and decor that are perfect for just about any occasion. Repurposing old candle jars is a great, eco-friendly way to add some personalized accent pieces to your home when you don't want to throw away perfectly good glass vessels. With this project, you can easily learn how to clean out a candle jar and use it to store, organize, or stan

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2022-01-14 08:03:31

Bring on Spring DIY Throw Pillow Cover  

Welcome spring with a DIY throw pillow cover fit for any living room. This gorgeous "bring on spring" project from Therm O Web features beautiful blooms and bright colors. Orange, yellow, and green go together so well when it comes to projects celebrating the world coming to life again after a long winter. The black accents are perfect for highlighting the centers of the flowers and ensuring the elegant script stands out. The contrast is lovely! This would be a lovely addition to the furniture i

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2022-01-14 07:46:26

Eleanor Long Cardigan Knitting Pattern  

There is always that weird time between seasons where you never know if you should wear a coat or if a sweater is fine. The Eleanor Cardigan is a great solution! It's a bit heavier than a normal cardigan thanks to the chunky weight yarn, but not quite a coat. It's a coatigan. Try this easy pattern and have everyone asking you where you got this piece! /PATTERN DETAILS • XS to 5XL (details below) • Easy knit • Between a cardigan and a coat: coatigan • Uses chunky yarn which makes it qui...

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2022-01-14 06:24:49

Farmhouse Heart Towel Topper  

This Farmhouse Country Heart Towel Topper is full of rustic charm - perfect as gifts or to decorate your own home at Valentine's Day or any time of the year! Made from two heart panels that are worked from the bottom up in easy single crochet with a plastic ring crocheted into the back panel. This creates an inside hidden loop to hang your towel for easy removal! Makes for easy washing & drying! Works up quickly so perfect for craft bazaars or to make up for gifts. A great two-for-on...

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2022-01-14 03:23:27

Printable Jobs Word Scramble  

This free printable jobs word scramble is a great way to introduce kids to various jobs. This printable activity includes 15 job titles such as astronaut, designer, architect, teacher, postman, journalist, doctor, and more. Download the PDF file and print it at home or at your local print shop. You can laminate the page to use it more than once. This printable activity is a fun way to learn new words and practice spelling. Enjoy!

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2022-01-14 01:59:45

Valentine's Day Sign  

Crafts are a great way to express your creativity and show affection to a loved one on Valentine's Day. Here is an easy tutorial for a cute, Rae Dunn inspired wood Valentine's Day sign you can make this year! It's that time of year again, when the love bugs are out in full force, from couples in love to boys with their crushes! No matter what you're celebrating, Valentine's Day is a great excuse to express yourself creatively. Check out this Valentine's day sign and then get creative...

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2022-01-14 01:52:23

Repurposed Denim Treat Bags  

These cute applique heart treat bags are great for Birthdays, Valentine's and Mother's day. The bags are like a little gift in themselves. They are simply made from repurposing the back pockets of old jeans. A cute heart is reversed appliqued onto the pocket. And hand-stitched in place with a decorative blanket stitch. A strap is then sewn into the pockets. This can be made from the denim seams or with scraps of leather. The pockets can then be hung and filled with treats.

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2022-01-13 12:38:40

How To Tie Dye With Natural Dyes  

If you are interested in tie dye and you love using natural dyes you are definitely in for a treat! In this post I will show you step by step how to achieve beautiful results by using tie dye techniques in combination with natural dyes. What is tie dye? We refer to tie dye as a method in which we create a resist area in a piece of fabric. It usually involves binding areas with thread or rubber bands to create circle shapes on the cloth. However, tie dye is a type of Shibori and it's traditio...

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2022-01-13 09:49:11

Simple Casserole Carrier  

Take your favorite meal with you on the go with this simple casserole carrier. Great for potlucks, meal trains, and anytime you want to share your favorite dish with a friend. I got tired of not having a better way to transport my round casserole dish and this little carrier did the trick. You can make it to fit the dishes you already have. Pick out some cute fabric and sew yourself one of these now!

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2022-01-13 09:11:03

Easy Pom Pom Panda Craft For Kids  

This easy pom pom panda craft for kids is a cute and cuddly project that you can make together. Easy and quick to make, you can create it in less than 15 minutes for the perfect project to do with kids after school, or for an easy and fun project on weekends or before bed. With only a few supplies, it's an affordable craft. Here's how to make this pom pom panda craft with your family.

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2022-01-13 09:10:52

Leather Name Keychain  

Making a leather name keychain is a super simple project with you have a cutting machine like a Cricut or Silhouette. Even if you do not you can cut out the basic shape for the leather keychain by hand and follow the remaining steps to make the keychain. As an alternative to using vinyl for the letters you could use a paint marker to draw out the names that you would like to have on your keychains. Once you make one of these it is super simple to make a bunch of them for gifts for friends and

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2022-01-13 06:57:36

Diy Fitted Face Mask For Glasses – Free Pattern  

I am excited to share with you this new pattern and tutorial on how to make a great fitted face mask for glasses so that your glasses won't fog when wearing a mask. This is a true no fog face mask and a real solution for people who need to wear a mask and are glasses wearers. I was struggling to come up with a fitted face mask to make for one of my boys. He uses glasses and every time he wore a face mask his glasses would fog up. This was creating a bit of anxiety since its now compulsory to ...

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2022-01-13 06:34:33

Faux Chenille Baby Blanket  

After my recent attempt at quilting and all the adventures, failures, and very steep learning curve that went into making a baby quilt, I decided for my next expectant friend, a different approach was in order. Pinterest to the rescue for inspiration and I came across a tutorial for a faux chenille baby blanket. Although the end result is lovely, it didn't look easy and even the writer had plenty of problems along the way. Never to be daunted, I gathered my materials and got to work.

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2022-01-13 03:02:38

Diy Hair Bows  

Make something cute and fun with this DIY hair bow sewing tutorial. This is a simple and quick project perfect for beginners. I used some scrap fabric to keep costs low and they turned out great! These you can make these with hair bands or hair clips depending on what style you perfer. My girls love these and I made several so they can pick ones to match their favorite outfits. You can make these for a fraction of what they cost in store! Get to sewing!

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2022-01-13 02:45:31

Simple Homemade Bunny Soaps  

Enjoy the calming scent of lavender essential oil with these adorable homemade bunny soaps. The kids will love seeing these simple homemade bunny soaps in their Easter baskets this year as a non-candy Easter basket filler, or you could use them as a more natural scent option throughout your house. In all honesty, these make an adorable addition to any bathroom too. The lavender scent holds strong to keep as a decorative dish on the back of your toilet or a shelf in the bathroom to continuously e

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2022-01-12 13:15:17

Bath Salts Recipe With Rose Petals  

After a long and tedious day, adding this delightful-smelling bath salts recipe into your bath can give you the most soothing and relaxing sensation. Adding rose essential oil enhances the allusion of rose petals with a sweet rose fragrance. Additionally, the Epsom salt is loaded with numerous health benefits that will leave your skin feeling youthful and rejuvenated. This homemade bath salts recipe is super easy. Preparing the diy bath salts takes 10 minutes or less! This easy DIY bath salt wit

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2022-01-12 13:11:54

Crochet Rectangle Basket With Dividers Made In Rounds  

Crochet Baskets are Perfect for Home Storage. They are a great option if you are looking out for a quick organizing crochet project. The fun and the most awesome thing about making a Crochet Basket is that, you can make them in size of your choice with the same pattern. Using the same pattern you can make them in various sizes of your choice by increasing the number of rounds in the base of the basket. Using different yarns gives you a different textured basket. They are of course pretty easy

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2022-01-12 11:46:19

Diy Easter Egg Wreath  

Can you believe that Easter is just around the corner? This year has flown by so far and I'm feeling a little late to the game when all of the holidays seem like they're jumbled together. We just finished Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day is just over a week?away. Then we've got Easter just 2 weeks after that! I wasn't sure if I should start decorating for St. Patrick's Day or Easter, so I decided I'd better just do both!

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2022-01-12 11:05:01

Lace Dyed Easter Eggs  

Coloring eggs is a fun and festive activity for the family to enjoy at Easter time. But if you're like me, then you're probably tired of the same ole' boring egg decorations year after year. That's why I decided to think outside the box this year. I wanted to experiment and try to make some gorgeous lace eggs. I succeeded - on one egg at least and I wanted to share how to make beautiful lace dyed Easter eggs with all of you in case you want to put a more elegant spin on the classic Eas...

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2022-01-12 11:03:45

Lilac Scented Layered Bunny Soap  

This layered bunny soap is a perfect one for Easter and will make a great basket filler for children, and adults alike. It's really simple to make - much easier than you might think it would be. How to Make Lilac Scented Layered Bunny Soap The beauty of this particular soap is that you can choose to use whatever scent that you would like, or you can even opt for no scent at all. I just particularly love the scent of lilac for spring!

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2022-01-12 09:53:34

Diy Hippity Hop Door Hanger  

I love spring time! It's my favorite time of the year. I love seeing all the flowers blooming and celebrating Easter with my family.? Since I have plenty of pallets I have been busy creating things for my home.? My latest design is the Hippity Hop Door Hanger!? I didn't have anything to hang on my door for Easter and this was just too cute not to create.? All I used was one pallet board and cut it in half.? It was actually a piece of wood that I had already pre-painted for another project th...

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2022-01-12 08:24:20

Easter Diy Painted Egg Wood Slices  

Easter is such a fun holiday for crafting. The things that you can do with items in the shape of an egg are practically endless, and today I'm sharing a super cute project for Easter DIY Painted Egg Wood Slices. They're simple to make and are a beautiful decoration for around your home during Easter. In fact, these Easter DIY Painted Egg Wood Slices would make wonderful gifts for Easter too, and are a great addition to Easter baskets. You could even make a dozen or two to hang in one of your...

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2022-01-12 08:15:22

Diy Owl-trageous Love Charm   

The other night my daughters and their friend were creating things out of polymer clay. I sat down with them to supervise and began creating too. My niece's birthday is coming up and she has become obsessed with owls. ?I thought this would be a great time to try and create an owl for her. I wanted to make a charm that would be very versatile and that could be worn on a necklace, key chain, zipper or whatever. Materials: Jewelry Kit Modge Podge Chain Wax Paper Clay Tools Eye Pins 2 Flat Pins 2 ...

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2022-01-12 06:37:50

Diy Stamped Hearts   

Don't you just love Valentine's Day?? Flowers, chocolates, hearts and love? Well, I LOVE making things for Valentine's Day so I made these great DIY Stamped Hearts to use in a million different ways - all with only 3 basic ingredients! Cornstarch Baking Soda Water I bet you all have those in your cabinets as we speak!? I will show you the easy steps to making some great gifts! DIY Stamped Hearts You need: 1/2 cup Cornstarch 1 cup Baking Soda 3/4 cup water

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2022-01-12 06:21:29

Watermelon Sugar Scrub Bars  

These watermelon sugar scrub bars are wonderful for your DIY skin care. This easy diy recipe is ideal for exfoliating dead cells and moisturizing the skin. In addition, the scent of the watermelon fragrance oil has a calming sensation that can help to reduce anxiety and boost your mood. These homemade sugar scrub bars are essential for rejuvenating the skin. Your skin will feel fresh and renewed after this simple at-home exfoliating treatment. Reading this, I'm sure that you have a lot of ques...

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2022-01-12 06:19:10

Diy Valentine's Exchange Cards   

Valentine's Day is just a week away and I've got a fun idea to make the day extra special - DIY Valentine's Exchange Cards! They're simple to make, adorable and they'll be unique! I've chosen a? mix of black, red, and white so these Valentine's Exchange cards are gender-neutral. Just have your child sign their name on the back and they're ready to pass out to their friends. DIY Valentine's Exchange Cards Most of the supplies to make these Valentine's Exchange Cards can be f...

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2022-01-12 05:09:45

Fun Flapper Dress Tutorial  

Feel cute and fun with this flapper dress sewing tutorial. If you have been making your own dresses for a while, this project is a great next step in your sewing journey. I love ruffles, so the first time I saw this dress I knew I wanted to make it. The free sewing pattern makes it a breeze to cut out your fabric so you can put this dress together in no time. I used fun print fabric but you can use whatever you like! Enjoy!

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2022-01-12 04:24:10

Diy Valentine's Favor Boxes   

Valentine's Day is coming up and it's one of my favorite times of year. It's the season of love and I like to celebrate this special day with my family and friends. I pass out candy, give special treats and even make stuff for the kids. Now that they're older, I don't get to make their special classroom Valentines anymore, but I just know these Valentine's Favor Boxes would be a hit - and the nice part is they're not just for kids! You can load these up with conversation hearts o...

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2022-01-12 04:15:18

Butterfly Chair Cover  

Years ago, I bought this butterfly chair from Urban Outfitters. I still love the design, but its canvas cover is sun-faded and worn. So with some upholstery weight fabric I had on hand, a sewing machine, and a bit of patience, I brought it to life with a new Butterfly chair cover. It's a bit tricky, but a new chair template can be made from the old cover. You should give it a try - the result is so darn cute!

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2022-01-12 03:42:54

Diy Easter Egg Bath Bombs Make Perfect Basket Fillers  

Easter is just around the corner and I've got a really great DIY project that all of the ladies will enjoy. These Easter egg bath bombs are perfect Easter basket fillers and better yet, they're pretty simple to make with just a few ingredients! Easter Egg Bath Bombs Here are the supplies you will need, which can easily be purchased through these affiliate links and although I may earn a small percentage of any sales, it won't cost you any extra. 1 cup Epsom Salt 1/4 cup Sea Salt 1/2 cup Ba...

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2022-01-12 02:34:27

Pamper Yourself This Valentine's Day With Diy Relaxing Bath Oil   

There isn't much I like more than a bath. Well, maybe a bath where the husband and kids are mysteriously gone and I have a (large) glass of wine. More often than not, it is a medium-sized glass of wine and after the kids are in bed. I decided that for 2014 I am going to take better care of myself. I'm not going to become a gym rat, or go on an all-veggie diet. I am going to take a bath with this DIY relaxing bath oil.

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2022-01-12 02:01:36

Natural Solid Perfume Recipe  

How to make a natural solid perfume recipe. This is an easy recipe that's perfect for beginners. I only used two ingredients plus essential oils. This adds a light scent that you can reapply throughout the day. I also have some tips for applying it and using a fixative so it lasts longer. This recipe uses beeswax, but I have some vegan alternatives and how to adapt the recipe to use them to make a solid perfume.

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2022-01-12 01:19:25

Coastal Wood Slice Coasters  

These coastal wood slice coasters are so pretty beaming with their vibrant beachy colors painted in a feathery swirl design, and they're super easy to make! These easy coastal wood slice coasters are painted in a whispy spiral pattern thats reminiscent of all the gorgeous colors of the ocean. These colors are bright, bold, and beautiful and create a lovely contrast on the wood slices. You can also use these paints to make these mini coastal clay houses!

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2022-01-11 11:40:58

Snowman Wreath For Winter  

Made with Dollar Tree supplies, this easy to make winter wreath will look great on your door! Guests will think you worked hard to make your wreath! All you need is a snowman wreath, hat, rope, faux fur, and the option bow if you want to add some fun color to it. All of the materials can be found at the Dollar Tree or craft store to make this inexpensive door decoration for winter or for the holidays.

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2022-01-11 11:18:56

How To Make A Rag Doll  

I am super excited to share this rag doll tutorial with you today! In this post I will show you an easy and quick step by step of how to make a rag doll using fabric scraps. For this tutorial I am using fabric leftovers from my naturally hand dyed samples. I love to use these because naturally dyed fabric has a special quality to it. I am also using vintage items such as buttons and doilies which I have tea dyed to reinforce the antique quality of them.

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2022-01-11 10:09:27

How To Make A Cotton Ball Wreath  

How to make a cotton ball wreath. This is an easy to make wreath that uses Dollar Tree supplies. I used a wire wreath form from Dollar Tree supplies and cotton balls from the dollar store. I also used bottle brush trees from Dollar Tree. I made mine as a simple winter wreath, but you can swap out the decorations for Christmas or fall decorations. I also have directions for cleaning it in case it gets dusty.

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2022-01-11 07:45:16

How To Start A Temperature Blanket  

Hello friends! A temperature blanket is a great way to start a big project for the new year. You make a large afghan or blanket and document the weather in your region. Create a color chart for all the temperatures your city sees, choose a color palette of yarns, and get started! This is a great way to be creative and work on a large blanket- yet every day seems new as you don't get to choose the color! The weather does!

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2022-01-11 01:20:36

Heart Nesting Basket  

These crochet heart nesting baskets are so cute and easy to make! I love accenting them around my home to use for treats, loose change, accessories, jewelry, crochet supplies and more! The nesting baskets are written in 3 sizes: small- 3" wide X 1.5" tall Medium: 4.5" wide X 1 3/4" tall Large: 6.5" wide X 2" tall The width is measured at the hearts widest point. You will need to know how to: sc- single crochet hdc- half double crochet dc- double crochet Special stitches (explained i

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2022-01-11 01:20:33

How To Find Yarn Yardage   

Sometimes it is easy to find out the amount of yarn you used in your project, such as when you use an entire skein in your project. Then you just look at the label and however many yards were in that ball is the number of yards you used. Nice and easy. Done. But what about when you only use part of the ball / skein and things aren't so easy? You may think it's incredibly difficult to calculate, but it's easier than you may think. You don't have to rip out your hard work and then measure...

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2022-01-10 12:36:28

Adorable Amigurumi Jellyfish   

I have Mitsuki Hoshi's first 2 books Ami Ami Dogs and Ami Ami Dogs 2. I love these books and have made many dogs from them, so I was really exited when I received ABC Crochet for Christmas a few years ago. Flipping through it, I fell in love with the cute jellyfish and turtle. However, I was disappointed when I discovered that not all the patterns for the animals shown were actually included in the book, so I designed this little amigurumi jellyfish that was inspired by the book. This would...

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2022-01-10 07:12:23

C2c Winter Blanket  

This corner to corner crochet winter blanket pattern is the perfect snow day blanket! It's worked in the traditional c2c method of making squares in diagonal rows starting from the bottom right corner and working to the top left. Each square is made of three double crochet. If you know how to double crochet and make a chain, you can do c2c! For this winter blanket pattern you'll need worsted weight yarn (#4) and a G/4mm crochet hook.

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2022-01-09 12:35:26

Paper Frog Hat   

Fun, easy and straightforward frog craft for kids. This printable frog headband craft is great for any frog themed activity or even as part as a costume. All you need to make this frog headband are as follows There is a coloured and plain version. Even more fun for the younger kids, you can make the them colour the plain as they choose before making the hat free printable frog headband template A4 yardstick paper preferably white scissors glue stick

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2022-01-09 11:49:51

Free Amigurumi Crochet Dolphin Pattern  

I don't know about you but I find dolphins mesmorising! It has always been my dream to swim with dolphins one day but in the meantime I just have to do with my Amigurumi dolphin :-).  Although, I don't think I will be taking it in the bath tub with me, haha :-)). This free crochet dolphin pattern is a fun and quick project for you to work on so why don't you check it out and make a playfull companion for your loved ones!

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2022-01-09 09:15:18

Painted Ikea Moppe Hack - Creative Diy  

Easy Ikea Moppe hack! A great idea to organize your craft room, home office, living room, kitchen, or playroom! Create a unique and creative design on an Ikea Moppe storage chest and use it to store your craft supplies or to organize your desk with style. This Moppe unit has been painted with white chalk paint and black contrasting paint to create a Farmhouse style star quilt block pattern. See the post for the step-by-step tutorial, downloadable PDF pattern and more Moppe customizing ideas.

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2022-01-08 04:09:52

Ophelia Cardigan  

The Ophelia Cardigan is the easiest way to upgrade your outfit. It is a longer cardigan that will instantly become your next fashion staple. Inspired by falling snowflakes, the colorwork is SUPER simple and can easily move from season to season with your color palette. It's a pattern easy enough for a beginner, with expert-level results. The piece comes together really easily with its bulky yarn and panels that are sewed together. This piece checks every box you want from a crocheted cardigan...

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2022-01-08 03:16:47

Easy Sew Laundry Bag  

Keep all your dirty laundry in one place with this easy sew laundry bag. This is a simple and quick sewing project to make. It is great for teens and college students coming back home with laundry. I used some fun fabric I had leftover and it worked great. This bag is pretty big, but you can upsize it if you need to. I also use this bag for washing big blankets and bedding it is so convenient.

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2022-01-07 02:07:44

Mason Jar Ring Coasters  

How to make easy coasters with mason jar rings and lids. These are no sew fabric coasters and use hot glue instead. You can reuse old rings and lids or use new ones. I used a winter hat from the dollar store for the fabric, but these coasters are a fun way to reuse an old sweater. You can also use other fabric. You can paint the rings if you want, but I left mine plain.

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2022-01-06 02:26:05

Coffee Queen Cozy Cup  

Do you love Knitting and Embroidery? then you will love Coffee Queen Cozy Cup, pdf pattern is great for all knitting and embroidery beginners, you will learn how to knit this cozy cup using an easy knitting stitch and how to make the embroidery tag. You can accomplish this project in just a few hours or one day! Coffee Queen Cozy Cup is perfect to use as gifts for your friends and family Start your Coffee Queen Cozy Cup today and for any questions or pattern support do not hesitate to contac

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2022-01-06 02:12:55

Printable Fruit Mazes  

These free printable fruit mazes are lots of fun! They are great to keep kids entertained at home. Mazes are not only fun, but they also help train various skills such as eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills. There are 3 fruit-themed mazes in this set with different difficulty levels. Simply download the files and print them at home, print as many copies as you need. Answer key is also included in the download in case kids get stuck and cannot find the way out of the maze! Enjoy!

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2022-01-06 01:28:09

4 Ways To Use Yarn Scraps  

From weaving in ends, to sewing parts together, to the barely-scraped by bits left over from winning at yarn chicken; yarn scraps come with the yarnbending territory. If you have a compulsion to hold onto those scraps (no worries, I do too), read on for ways to actually use them. Length does matter, but there's a method that will work for any scrap length. For reference, I've noted the length of yarn that I tend to use for each.

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2022-01-05 11:59:28

Toaster Pastry Blanket  

Learn to make the fun, silly, and super customizable Toaster Pastry Blanket. This design is a fun corner to corner pattern that works up on a bias. It's a fun technique that allows for a lot of squish and creativity in your blanket designs (or whatever you like to use your C2C for). With the free graph available on the Divine Debris blog you can customize this blanket to fit your favorite flavor toaster pastry and even add sprinkles if you'd like.

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2022-01-05 09:47:02

How To Make A Easy Crochet Scarf With Puff Stitch  

Stay warm and cozy this winter with this pretty Crochet Scarf. Crochet Scarves are the most fun , easy and quick projects to whip up. With just simple stitches you can make yourself a pretty and cozy crochet scarf. They also make beautiful gifts for your loved ones. Here's a very pretty and simple crochet scarf pattern that will keep you warm and cozy during those cooler months. Today am sharing the pattern for this Easy Crochet Scarf with Puff Stitch. The pattern is made by repeating only 1...

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2022-01-04 04:31:19

Printable Jobs Word Search  

This free printable jobs word search puzzle is a great way to introduce different careers to your children. This printable activity includes 20 jobs such as lawyer, pilot, nurse, firefighter, plumber, chef, architect, and more. Download the PDF file and print it at home or at your local print shop. You can laminate the page to use it more than once. This printable activity is a fun way to learn new words and practice spelling. Enjoy!

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2022-01-04 04:21:46

Felt Succulent Plants With Pdf Template  

Make your own felt succulent plants for your home! These make great housewarming gifts, and you don't need to water them! Read through to see what supplies you'll need and how to make your own DIY succulent planters. Cute, inexpensive, and fun to make, this succulent craft is a great project for crafters of every skill level. Whether you can't keep a plant alive or just want a no-maintenance option for decorating your home, felt succulent plants are a great choice. And since they're so ...

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2022-01-04 01:07:32

Easy And Quick Infinity Scarf  

This Easy and Quick Infinity Scarf is perfect for a beginner and experienced crocheters alike. The pattern uses basic crochet stitches and repeats one row, and it can be made with any worsted weight yarn. As I was taking photos of this basic infinity scarf, I realized how lovely they would look paired together. The result is a chunky infinity cowl that has a two-toned color. What a gorgeous festive look for the cold days. Make this in neutral colors and wear this year-round as a fashion accessor

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2022-01-03 04:07:37

Ridged Crochet Fingerless Gloves  

Here is another free pattern of crochet fingerless gloves! It's a simple design and easy enough for beginners! The design is similar to the fingerless gloves I previously shared with you with a different type of crochet stitch. The type of stitch I'm using here is commonly used for ribbing on cardigans, jumpers/sweaters, hats/beanies etc. The stitch makes an elastic, soft and stretchy fabric which makes it great for fingerless gloves! Materials used: medium worsted #4 yarn and 4.5 mm croch...

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2022-01-03 04:05:04

The Thicket Headband  

The Thicket headband is a beautiful accessory that will keep your ears warm. The headband is knitted flat and the shorter edges are sewn together forming a twist, there are no visible seams. The design features mirrored cables and slipped stitches. It is designed to fit an average adult head, but you can easily make it longer or shorter. This knitting project doesn't require a lot of yarn, it is a cute last-minute gift for a friend or family member. Enjoy!

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2022-01-02 05:19:18

Alphabet Dot Marker Printables  

A very fun and exciting way to engage your kids and make them learn their ABCs. With this dot marker kids activity, they express creativity through colouring and also improve alphabet recognition as well as colour recognition There is no prep, no mess and no clean up necessary This alphabet dot marker printable is the complete set from A- Z The materials you will need include Dot marker or bingo dauber Simply print, lay out the markers and you are good to go Alphabet dot marker templates

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2022-01-02 04:44:06

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