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Biglaw Firm Pitches Full Reopening In January 2022, Encourages In-Person Office Work Through Year-End  

Plus, is a raise in store for associates at the firm?

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2021-10-18 18:45:38

Chief Justice Roberts Changes SCOTUS Argument Procedure, Capable Of Shame  

The Chief Justice wants to put an end to a disturbing trend.

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2021-10-18 18:18:25

Biden's Education Department reportedly has a 'safety net' for student-loan borrowers when the payment freeze lifts in February  

Politico obtained documents outlining plans to ease student-loan borrowers back into repayment, including a 90-day grace period for missed payments.

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2021-10-18 17:48:35

Apple unveils next-generation AirPods with shorter stems and 'spatial audio'  

Apple's $179, third-generation AirPods come with surround sound-like "spatial audio" that customizes sound to the wearer's ear.

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2021-10-18 17:43:50

The Literate Lawyer  

Lawyers failing to become multi-literate. Specifically, they lack the visual literacy needed to interpret much of today's communication.

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2021-10-18 17:43:08

New York shuts down 2 crypto firms for unlawful activities and investigates 3 others  

New York State Attorney General Letitia James has been ramping up a crackdown on virtual currencies.

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2021-10-18 17:42:26

A $14 trillion cash pile will help US stock allocations hit new highs in 2022, Goldman says  

Investors' allocations to US stocks eclipsed the level seen in the dot-com bubble and hit a record high of 52% in 2021, Goldman Sachs said.

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2021-10-18 17:24:54

Biden administration brings Texas abortion law back to the Supreme Court  

A federal appeals court last week issued a ruling allowing Texas' strict abortion ban to stay in place for now.

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2021-10-18 17:19:40

I couldn't go to escape rooms during the pandemic, so these card games recreated the experience from my couch  

The Unlock! card games are like an escape room in a box. Using your phone, you search through the cards to solve the mystery.

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2021-10-18 17:16:17

'Why Can't ACLU Get Back To Protecting Nazis?' Whine Twitter Trolls  

ACLU stands against state actors infringing civil liberties... which shocks people who think no one should have civil liberties but them.

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2021-10-18 17:15:04

A top editor at German tabloid BILD has been fired after he reportedly promoted a junior employee to a high-profile role while having an affair with her  

"If they find out that I'm having an affair with a trainee, I'll lose my job," Julian Reichelt said in 2016, according to testimony seen by the NYT.

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2021-10-18 17:03:00

Grammy-winning artist Miguel on collaborating with the tech company Endel to make a 'generative' AI music project that adapts to a listener's movement  

Grammy-winning artist Miguel spoke to Insider about the making of a "generative" AI music project he released with the tech company Endel this week.

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2021-10-18 17:00:56

Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy says he won't vote for Trump in 2024 because 'elections are about winning'  

Trump is the first Republican president "to lose the House, the Senate and the presidency in four years," the Louisiana lawmaker told Axios.

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2021-10-18 16:50:11

23 gifts your boyfriend will love - all available on Amazon  

You don't need to look further than Amazon to find great gifts. Here are a few we personally recommend if you can't figure out what to get for your boyfriend.

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2021-10-18 16:50:00

Unclear And Contradictory Rules Bedevil Commercial Space Firms: Study  

The Aerospace study found that controlling the creation of dangerous space junk is a regulatory arena 'where clarity is badly needed,' for one.

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2021-10-18 16:44:46

Australian politician rips into Sen. Ted Cruz for mocking COVID-19 vaccine requirements: 'We don't need your lectures, thanks mate'  

Australia's Northern Territory chief minister Michael Gunner told Cruz that he loves Texas "but when it comes to COVID, I'm glad we are nothing like you."

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2021-10-18 16:40:41

GOP-led Texas House approves new district maps that favor Republicans even more and strip away seats in Hispanic and Black areas  

Democrats have repeatedly objected to the proposed districts, drawn by the Texas Senate, that would strip away seats in Hispanic and Black areas.

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2021-10-18 16:36:15

RECAP: Apple unveils major MacBook Pro and AirPod redesigns  

On Monday afternoon Apple unveiled major redesigns to its MacBook Pro and AirPods lines, as well as a less expensive tier of Apple Music.

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2021-10-18 16:34:11

Russia suspends NATO mission after the alliance booted alleged spies  

Tensions between Russia and NATO have been escalating for years, particularly since Putin's unilateral annexation of Crimea.

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2021-10-18 16:33:25

A New York power plant that mines bitcoin faces big test in governor's office  

Greenidge Generation in the third quarter of 2020 said it mined 729 bitcoins and had approximately 15,300 miners in operation.

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2021-10-18 16:27:35

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson says the US Treasury does 'everything in its power to kill' crypto  

The US Treasury does everything in its power to kill crypto, according to Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson.

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2021-10-18 16:18:57

Billionaire ex-Walmart exec says the first 'settlers' of his planned $400 billion city 'Telosa' will likely be selected through applications - and they could move in by 2030  

Telosa, a futuristic city created by Marc Lore, plans to offer its citizens equal access to education, healthcare, and transportation.

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2021-10-18 16:16:47

Helping During The Pandemic And Beyond [Sponsored]  

The COVID-19 pandemic has only increased the need for pro bono. Learn about new programs and resources to help you advocate for pro bono clients effectively.

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2021-10-18 16:12:31

Rolex Daytonas have outperformed the stock market over the past year as collectors pile in to the $20 billion secondary market for luxury watches  

Prices for the century-old Swiss brand's watches are going up weekly, but the CEO of Bob's Watches says they're still a relatively affordable luxury.

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2021-10-18 16:12:15

The best pumpkin carving kits in 2021  

The right tools to make pumpkin carving safe, fun, and easy. Here are the best pumpkin kits for everything from basic designs to intricate carvings.

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2021-10-18 16:08:25

Singapore Airlines will fly the Airbus A380 on on a 60-minute flight as carriers continue to bring back the world's largest passenger plane  

Singapore Airlines is set to operate the shortest Airbus A380 flight in service on a mere 60-minute hop between Singapore and Malaysia.

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2021-10-18 16:05:45

A high school is teaching teens to drive big rigs during the nationwide trucker shortage  

Amid a shortage in truck drivers, one high school is offering an elective class in truck driving to attract young talent to the industry.

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2021-10-18 16:02:54

Millions of student-loan borrowers don't know who they'll be paying when the payment freeze lifts in 100 days  

Three student-loan companies announced plans to shut down this year, but some negotiations are still underway before payments resume in 100 days.

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2021-10-18 15:58:33

Fox News anchor John Roberts deleted a tweet that questioned vaccine efficacy in light of Colin Powell's death, clarifying that he is actually pro-vaccine  

"The fact that Colin Powell died from a breakthrough COVID infection raises new concerns about how effective vaccines are long-term," he said initially.

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2021-10-18 15:53:19

These are the 10 most talked about stocks on Reddit's WallStreetBets  

As traders look to replicate the success of WallStreetBets stocks, one data aggregator is compiling the most mentioned stocks on the subreddit.

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2021-10-18 15:52:34

We tried 'cell-grown' salmon that looks, feels, and tastes real. Its makers want it to be the norm someday.  

"Cultivated" meat seems real because, according to companies making it, it is real - and it could help with ocean health, pollution, and other crises.

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2021-10-18 15:49:02

I'm striking at Kellogg. Our bosses are so disconnected, and we need to win to protect future generations.  

"I don't want to leave my workplace worse than I found it, even if this fight doesn't directly impact me," a Kellogg employee told Insider. "I can't."

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2021-10-18 15:45:49

Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, and other casual chains benefit from independent restaurant closures of the last year  

An analyst says the restaurant closures benefitted large chains by reducing competition for customers.

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2021-10-18 15:45:00

Zillow tumbles 11% after halting home purchases through year-end as it works through a renovation backlog made worse by staffing shortages  

'We're operating within a labor- and supply-constrained economy," said Zillow about its temporary halting in house-buying.

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2021-10-18 15:42:26

Biglaw Firm Boosts Salaries, And New York Money Will Play Second Fiddle To Philadelphia  

NYC isn't the Big Apple of this firm's eye in terms of cash compensation.

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2021-10-18 15:42:02

Altcoin prices drop as investors await bitcoin ETF approval, but dogecoin and shiba inu buck the trend  

Ethereum and litecoin fell while meme-inspired altcoins dogecoin and shiba inu rose ahead of the bitcoin futures ETF approval.

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2021-10-18 15:30:09

A small town in Indiana is offering people $5,000 and a 'Grandparents on Demand' service to move there  

Small cities across the US are trying to attract remote workers and Greensburg, Indiana believes "Midwestern hospitality" could do the trick.

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2021-10-18 15:27:04

iPhone maker Foxconn reveals 3 new electric vehicles with names eerily similar to Tesla's  

Foxconn won't sell its Model E sedan and Model C SUV under its own brand. It'll partner up with car companies instead.

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2021-10-18 15:19:15

Google CEO says companies that fail to go carbon-free will lose the talent war  

The teenagers of today won't want "to work for a company which they feel is polluting," Google CEO Sundar Pichai told Bloomberg.

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2021-10-18 15:18:00

Coercing Congress Into Raising The Debt Limit  

Almost no one is running for high office for the right reasons.

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2021-10-18 15:15:14

American billionaires added $2.1 trillion to their fortunes during the pandemic  

American billionaires' wealth grew 70% this year. These data comes as Democrats debate tax hikes for the rich to pay for childcare and paid leave.

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2021-10-18 15:06:29

Bitcoin is overbought and due for a pullback, says hedge fund chief who still expects it to hit $250,000 in 5 years  

Morgan Creek Capital chief Mark Yusko noted that bitcoin tumbled as much as 17% to around $44,000 after El Salvador adopted it as legal tender.

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2021-10-18 15:01:28

Make Your Predictions: 2021 Bonus Season Awaits  

Share your thoughts in our annual bonus season survey. 

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2021-10-18 14:48:02

This world-building board game is my new favorite way to spend a Friday night - it's similar to Catan but so much easier to get into  

Easy yet innovative and challenging gameplay makes Carcassonne a must-buy for any budding board game fan.

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2021-10-18 14:42:17

NetJets is betting $1.2 billion on one of Embraer's most-advanced personal private jets as unprecedented demand rocks the industry: Meet the Phenom 300E  

The Phenom 300E has a list price of nearly $10 million and can fly up to 2,010 nautical miles and at speeds of up to Mach .80.

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2021-10-18 14:33:00

Master Your Money Bootcamp: Re-evaluate your financial goals  

Welcome to the second week of the Master Your Money Bootcamp on sticking to your plan. This week we're revisiting our goals.

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2021-10-18 14:30:14

'Halloween Kills' smashed box-office expectations despite also streaming on Peacock and it shows the strength of the horror genre  

"Halloween Kills" follows other horror movies like "A Quiet Place Part II" and "Candyman" to top the box office this year.

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2021-10-18 14:26:40

Supreme Court backs qualified immunity for police officers, allowing cops greater protection from lawsuits  

The court backed qualified immunity for police officers accused of using excessive force in separate cases in California and Oklahoma.

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2021-10-18 14:08:27

Goldman, Morgan Stanley Didn't Just (Allegedly) Screw Credit Suisse Over On Archegos Sales  

At least one company did not enjoy having its shares dumped, it says in lawsuit form.

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2021-10-18 14:02:56

The S&P 500 just reclaimed a key technical level that paves the way for a year-end rally, Fundstrat says  

With the S&P 500 back above its 50-day moving average, the next level to watch is its record high.

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2021-10-18 13:58:31

Tributes from government leaders pour in over the death of former Secretary of State Colin Powell  

"He was such a favorite of Presidents that he earned the Presidential Medal of Freedom - twice," said former President George W. Bush.

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2021-10-18 13:54:44

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson says he's praying for Democrat gridlock on the stalled $3.5 trillion reconciliation plan  

Sen. Ron Johnson told Fox News that he wants internal Democrat divisions over the package to make it fail.

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2021-10-18 10:07:18

US futures fall as inflation fears grow and China's economy slows sharply  

Stock market investors are grappling with a number of worries including higher inflation, hawkish central banks, and a Chinese slowdown.

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2021-10-18 10:02:04

10 things in tech you need to know today  

Apple is expected to unveil new MacBook Pros today, and Facebook employees say its AI doesn't work: 10 things in tech you need to know.

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2021-10-18 10:00:00

A Chinese propaganda film about the defeat of the US Army is set to become the country's highest grossing film ever  

"The Battle at Lake Changjin" was funded by the Chinese government and debuted on the eve of a national holiday.

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2021-10-18 09:56:25

Jack Dorsey says Square is looking to build bitcoin mining hardware for the masses, as the cryptocurrency climbs through $62,000  

The digital payments company is weighing up whether to create a simple-to-use bitcoin mining rig, Dorsey said, laying out issues around bitcoin mining.

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2021-10-18 09:54:57

A senior Bank of America exec says she wouldn't have gone to university if it wasn't for a mentor  

Katy Ingle, head of diversity and inclusion, EMEA, told Insider that having the right mentors was one of the "biggest things" for her career.

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2021-10-18 09:54:03

A small town in Tennessee that's up for sale for $725,000 is drawing comparisons to Schitt's Creek  

Water Valley, which is 50 miles south of Nashville, has four former stores and a barn. The real estate broker said she'd received 93 calls in one day.

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2021-10-18 09:42:21

10 Things in Politics: Tracing Trump and QAnon's roots to smog  

And Fauci says full-vaccinated Americans can "enjoy" the holidays

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2021-10-18 09:24:49

Citigroup nabs Credit Suisse banker - Frustrated Goldman execs - PwC's remote-work plan  

The top finance stories for Oct. 18, including the latest on Citigroup nabbing a Credit Suisse banker and PwC's flexible-work policy.

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2021-10-18 09:00:00

Toymakers are focusing on selling soft, squishy toys this holiday season because space in storage containers is so limited  

The supply chain crisis means companies are finding it harder and more expensive to find space on shipping containers.

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2021-10-18 08:48:19

The shipping crisis has gotten so bad that some companies are chartering air cargo planes for $2 million or more for a single flight  

Seeking to avoid the shipping crisis, desperate retailers are chartering planes for up to $2 million - sometimes even more - to get their goods shipped from Asia to the US.

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2021-10-18 08:14:25

A protester shot by Kyle Rittenhouse accused police of 'deputizing a roving militia' and enabling 'white nationalist vigilantes' in new lawsuit  

The lawsuit was filed weeks before Rittenhouse, who is accused of homicide and has pleaded not guilty, is set to stand trial.

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2021-10-18 06:49:59

Netflix isn't available in China but that hasn't stopped businesses there from cashing in on the 'Squid Game' frenzy with merch  

Despite not being technically available in China, "Squid Game" has taken off in the country, and retailers are selling dalgona candy and costumes to fans of the South Korean hit.

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2021-10-18 05:57:37

If you're planning on shopping at Walmart for the holidays, here's your guide  

Each of Walmart's sales events will start online and then move into brick-and-mortar locations a few days later. The first on kicks off on November 3.

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2021-10-18 04:01:00

GOP senator says Trump could lose the nomination if he runs in 2024 since Republicans lost the White House, House, and Senate during his presidency  

"Elections are about winning," Cassidy told "Axios on HBO." adding that if Trump does run, he won't be voting for him.

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2021-10-18 03:42:54

Trump is calling for a vote audit in another Arizona county even after the first recount in Maricopa proved Biden won  

The former president is now baselessly alleging that "fictitious" votes were cast in Pima County and has called for Biden's win to be decertified.

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2021-10-18 03:29:15

Sen. Joe Manchin is demanding Biden's child tax credit come with a work requirement and income cap around $60,000, report says  

The child tax credit is just one of the policies facing cuts in the social spending bill because of demands from Manchin.

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2021-10-18 01:53:25

Fauci says he is polarizing because he supports 'science, data, and hard facts' and not conspiracy theories  

"Sometimes the truth becomes inconvenient for some people, so they react against me," Fauci told Fox News' Chris Wallace.

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2021-10-18 00:56:18

Walgreens cited shoplifting as rationale for closing 5 stores in San Francisco, but local officials, data, and experts cast doubt on that explanation  

Police data obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle found the closing stores had on average less than two shoplifting reports per month since 2018.

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2021-10-18 00:09:57

Progressive Democrats push Biden to advance plans for student loan forgiveness  

Roughly 45 million Americans hold $1.7 trillion in student loan debt, according to the Federal Reserve, a figure that has long rankled progressives.

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2021-10-17 21:03:23

Facebook claims it uses AI to identify and remove posts containing hate speech and violence, but the technology doesn't really work, report says  

Facebook AI removes less than 5% of hate speech viewed on the social media platform, according to documents received by the Wall Street Journal.

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2021-10-17 20:06:23

Rep. Adam Schiff says Jan. 6 committee plans to hold Steve Bannon in criminal contempt for not complying with subpoena  

"We're not messing around here," Schiff said on Sunday, adding that the committee will "go after anyone" who doesn't comply with subpoenas.

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2021-10-17 19:59:54

Black Senate candidates are experiencing a fundraising bonanza in key 2022 races  

Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia raised $9.5 million in the last quarter, while Rep. Val Demings of Florida took in $8.5 million for her Senate bid.

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2021-10-17 19:47:16

Fauci said FDA panel's recommendation shows J&J vaccine 'should have been a two-dose vaccine to begin with'  

Fauci called an FDA panel's recommendation to authorize J&J boosters "a very good thing... for those who have received the J&J vaccine."

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2021-10-17 19:05:13

Tesla has started delivering its latest Model X SUV after months of delays  

The updated Model X SUV comes with a revamped interior, a facelifted front end, and a rectangular steering wheel. It starts at $100,000.

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2021-10-17 18:56:13

A Florida school says students who get vaxxed must stay home for 30 days due to unfounded claim that they'll infect others  

School officials told WSVN that the quarantine mandate exists because they believe vaccinated students could infect unvaccinated students.

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2021-10-17 18:17:22

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson says Trump's continued focus on the 2020 election is 'a recipe for disaster' in the midterms  

Hutchinson dismissed former President Trump's call for GOP voters to sit out 2022 and 2024 if the party didn't back his unfounded election claims.

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2021-10-17 17:30:11

A car dealership CEO says he cut staff by 17%. Now employees are 'happier' and selling twice as many cars.  

Some large car dealerships are doing just fine without hiring back all the employees they let go in 2020, executives told The Wall Street Journal.

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2021-10-17 16:40:08

A renowned female crime novelist who won a million-euro prize in Spain turned out to be three middle-aged men  

The truth was revealed after the three Spanish scriptwriters walked onstage to accept the Planeta literary prize on Friday.

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2021-10-17 16:18:07

Fauci: Americans who are fully vaccinated can enjoy the holiday season with their family  

Dr. Anthony Fauci said being fully vaccinated will protect loved ones and communities during the holiday season.

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2021-10-17 16:14:03

Bill Clinton leaves California hospital after 6 days of treatment for urological and blood infection  

"His fever and white blood cell count are normalized and he will return home to New York to finish his course of antibiotics," his doctor said.

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2021-10-17 15:37:22

Publix grocery store heiress donated $150,000 to GOP attorneys general group to promote the January 6 protest  

Julie Jenkins Fancelli is the daughter of the founder of the Publix grocery store chain and the top funder of the January 6 pro-Trump rally.

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2021-10-17 15:31:36

iPhone maker Foxconn will reveal 3 electric vehicles on Monday. Here's what they'll look like.  

Foxconn will announce details about an upcoming electric bus, sedan, and SUV during an event Monday.

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2021-10-17 15:12:09

Oklahoma doctors called 40 hospitals to find an ICU bed for a COVID-19 patient with internal bleeding. None of them had space and he died.  

Forty hospitals across four states reportedly did not have an available ICU bed for 69-year-old Johnnie Novotny.

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2021-10-17 15:04:43

Zillow and the National Association of Realtors are locked in a legal fight with a Texas startup, which accuses them of anti-competitive practices  

REX, a Texas real estate startup, accused Zillow and the National Association of Realtors of anticompetitive practices in a lawsuit.

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2021-10-17 15:03:35

Democrats mock Donald Trump over Virginia governor race, flying a plane with a banner near Mar-a-Lago  

Democrats tease Donald Trump over Virginia's Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin's attempts to distance himself from the former president.

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2021-10-17 14:55:27

Trump loyalists are leading a 'takeover' of local Republican parties across Georgia  

Trump boosters are now driving the agenda within local GOP chapters, especially as the former president continues to tease a potential 2024 campaign.

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2021-10-17 14:36:15

Hooters adjusts policy to make controversial new uniform optional for employees after outcry over skimpy new shorts that are 'like underwear'  

"We are clarifying that they have the option to choose from traditional uniforms or the new ones," a spokesperson wrote in an email to Insider.

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2021-10-17 14:31:08

Inside the rise of pumpkin spice - the millennial obsession that everyone loves to hate  

It all started with a 1798 "pompkin" pie recipe. Then came Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte.

what do you think?

2021-10-17 14:28:01

A bitcoin futures ETF is coming next week. It could soon send the token soaring to $85,000, one analyst says.  

A bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund is due to launch next week and it's making the crypto industry very excited.

what do you think?

2021-10-17 14:25:26

Instagram isn't just hurting teenage girls - I'm an adult that deleted Instagram. Here's what I learned from my digital detox.  

I deleted my Instagram account because I was getting addicted to Reels. Quitting Facebook's social media is hard, but possible. Here's how.

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2021-10-17 14:00:00

Some Colorado schools don't have enough milk for their students because of 'unprecedented' supply shortages  

Pupils in Denver, Colorado, are being encouraged to bring refillable water bottles with them because of milk shortages.

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2021-10-17 13:45:22

I went to TGI Fridays for the first time in years and I was pretty impressed by its menu, including its delicious new Beyond Meat vegan burger  

I ordered TGI Fridays' new To Vegan and Beyond Burger, which came with a Beyond Meat patty and vegan applewood cheese.

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2021-10-17 13:36:44

Donald Trump being subpoenaed by the January 6 committee is not 'far-fetched', says Rep. Stacey Plaskett  

Trump's legal team has told his former advisors, including Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows, and Dan Scavino, to not comply with House committee subpoenas.

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2021-10-17 13:28:41

Overthinking and being introverted can be an advantage at work. These 4 books explain how.  

These reads explain how our inner voice shapes our lives, work, and relationships, and why introverts might have a hidden superpower.

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2021-10-17 13:26:00

Nearly 3 million people have signed a petition demanding that Congress issue a fourth stimulus check  

The petition shows there's a clear demand from Americans for more federal support, but it's unclear whether there will be a fourth stimulus round.

what do you think?

2021-10-17 13:25:57

NASA is studying how to build a Wi-Fi network on the moon in the hope it could solve Earth's digital divide  

A NASA study explores the idea of a lunar Wi-Fi network to help fix inadequate internet services in American cities, including Cleveland, Ohio.

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2021-10-17 13:20:16

China's economy is set to slow sharply as it grapples with the Evergrande crisis and weaker domestic demand, Barclays says  

Like other banks, Barclays has become more pessimistic about China's growth prospects as it deals with Evergrande and an energy crunch.

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2021-10-17 13:11:26

I travel the world for free as a wedding planner for the rich and famous. This is what my job is like.  

I traded having kids for traveling the world for free, working 16-hour days, and planning one-of-a-kind weddings for celebrities and billionaires.

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2021-10-17 12:57:00

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