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wikiHow - The How-to Manual That You Can Edit

wikiHow is a wiki based collaboration to build the world’s largest, highest quality how to manual. Our multilingual how to manual has free step-by-step instructions on how to do all types of things. A collaborative writing project to build the world's largest how-to manual.

How to Help Someone with Stress  

Seeing someone you care about struggle with stress can be difficult. If you think a friend or loved one may be stressed out, you can help them cope by offering emotional support. Just being there and listening is often enough to help a stressed person feel better. If they want more practical help, sit down with them and talk about what's causing their stress. Suggest some coping strategies and look for ways to help make their problems more manageable.

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2019-11-15 16:00:00

How to Clean a Refrigerator  

Every so often, a refrigerator needs to be cleaned from the inside out. The shelves have to be washed down from milk spills, and food must be tossed out if it has outlived its shelf life. Though it's not the most pleasant task, knowing how to do it efficiently and effectively will save you plenty of time and hassle.

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2019-11-15 08:00:00

How to Make a Quick Homemade Bread  

Certain meals call for a loaf of fresh bread, but you don't always have time to wait hours on end for it to rise. When you need hearty, fresh bread in under an hour, making this quick recipe won't let you down. This crusty, fragrant bread is the perfect partner for any meal.

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2019-11-15 00:00:00

How to Begin an Essay  

The opening of an essay is very important, as you need to grab the reader's attention. Additionally, you need to set up the rest of the essay in terms of tone and content. There's no "right" way to begin an essay, but good openings share qualities you can use in your own writing. To begin your essay, start by creating a roadmap for what you want to say, then tailor your introduction to fit your essay. To improve your work, use popular essay writing strategies.

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2019-11-14 16:00:00

How to Win at the Game Risk  

Risk is a fun, challenging game, but it can be difficult to win. If you are new to the game, then you may have an even harder time of winning the game. The first thing you should do is make sure that you are familiar with the rules of Risk. For basics of gameplay, see How to Play Risk. After you have mastered the basics, you can also improve your chances of winning by learning more about the strategies involved in Risk and getting lots of practice.

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2019-11-14 08:00:00

How to Deodorize Clothing  

Some odors on clothing can be difficult to remove, not to mention embarrassing. By taking advantage of natural odor neutralizers, or experimenting with specialty detergents, you can find the method that works best for you, and maybe even save money in the process.

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2019-11-14 00:00:00

How to Spread Kindness  

Spreading kindness is beneficial for you and the recipients of your kindness. The happiness we feel from giving and receiving kindness promotes general good health. You can spread kindness in many ways, such as by being friendly and generous, and infusing the world and your community with positivity over the holidays and every day. Giving produces a "ripple" or "domino" effect, which can grow into an entire network of positivity. Although it's helpful when you donate financially or wit...

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2019-11-13 16:00:00

How to Prevent Electrical Shock  

Electrical shock is no laughing matter, as it often results in serious injury and can even be fatal. Educating yourself about avoiding electric shock can help keep you safe and prevent a dangerous accident. This wikiHow will give you tips on preventing electrical shock.

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2019-11-13 08:00:00

How to Teach Your Child to Read  

Teaching a child to read is a fulfilling and educational process, both for the parent and child. Whether you home school your kids or just want to give your child a head-start, you can begin teaching your child to read at home. With the right tools and tactics, your child will be reading in no time.

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2019-11-13 00:00:00

How to Apply for a Grant  

A grant is money that does not need to be repaid given by one party to another. Grants are typically given by a government agency or philanthropic organization to fund specific projects by a nonprofit entity, educational institution, a business or an individual. By locating, applying for and winning relevant grants, you or your organization may get the funding to support your project. Although each grant requires different processes, the sample documents below provide a good overview for the doc

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2019-11-12 16:00:00

How to Get Rid of Burn Scars  

Burn scars are the elevated, fibrous tissue left behind after you've received a serious first- or second-degree burn. If the scar tissue is relatively light, remove it with a moisturizing cream or silicone gel sheets. For scars left by more serious burns, try removing them through massage therapy or, for very deep or large scars, through surgery. In the case of more serious scarring (e.g., from third-degree burns), you won't be able to fully remove the scar from your body, but you may be abl...

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2019-11-12 08:00:00

How to Build a Model Railroad  

Building a model railroad is like creating your own miniature empire. You'll have complete control over the features, enabling you to construct a modern design, a western design, or even one with fantastical elements. Building a railroad involves many skills and will develop your handiness doing things like mechanical and civil engineering, carpentry, electrical wiring, artistry, and more. You'll need to start with a plan to ensure the best results, but once you have one, you can build the found

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2019-11-11 16:00:00

How to Clean Your Room  

Cleaning your room can feel like an overwhelming task, but it is likely a quicker and easier process than you imagine! Play music, write a list, give yourself rewards, and make it into a game to keep yourself motivated. Tackle the big tasks first and then move onto deep-cleaning your room by dusting, wiping and vacuuming all of the surfaces. Before you know it, your room will be sparkling clean.

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2019-11-11 00:00:00

How to Make Vanilla Cupcakes  

Vanilla cupcakes might seem like a simple treat, but homemade vanilla cupcakes are actually a versatile dessert. Mix up an easy vanilla cake batter and divide it between a muffin tin. Bake the perfect cupcakes and cool them completely before you frost them with your favorite buttercream, icing, or mousse. Decide if you'd like to decorate your moist cupcakes with sprinkles, candy, or berries. Your vanilla cupcakes will be a welcome addition to any holiday or event table.

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2019-11-10 16:00:00

How to Put up Shelves  

Mounted shelves free up space by allowing you to store and display items along the walls of your home. They can also make a lovely addition to the room's decor in their own right. Since shelves are intended to bear weight, it's crucial that they be installed correctly. By taking the time to locate the your wall's studs and fastening your shelves securely to supportive brackets, you can ensure that they hold up to years of use.

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2019-11-10 08:00:00

How to Deal with Autumn Leaves  

In many areas, autumn is the time of year when trees and other vegetation shed leaves. While the leaves will eventually decompose if left on the ground, you may want to speed up the process by breaking them down. Or, you may decide to collect the leaves and either recycle or dispose of them. However you decide to deal with your autumn leaves, you can make fall cleanup easier with a plan!

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2019-11-10 00:00:00

How to Clean a Birkenstock Footbed  

Birkenstocks are a trendy yet classic sandal. While they are durable shoes with a strong sole, the footbeds are notorious for their tendency to get dirty and smelly, with well-worn pairs often sporting a grimy imprint of the wearer's sole. It is easy to avoid stains in your Birkenstock footbeds, and there are a number of steps you can take to remove dirt, grime, and smell to get your sandals back in shape.

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2019-11-09 16:00:00

How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener  

Curling hair with a straightener can create full, bouncy curls that won't look like ringlets. It takes a little practice, but once you get the technique down, you will look amazing and practically red-carpet ready. Follow along to learn how to get the beautiful curls you've always wanted – without using a curling iron.

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2019-11-09 08:00:00

How to Curl Your Hair with a Flat Iron  

Curling hair with a straightener can create full, bouncy curls that won't look like ringlets. It takes a little practice, but once you get the technique down, you will look amazing and practically red-carpet ready. Follow along to learn how to get the beautiful curls you've always wanted – without using a curling iron.

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2019-11-09 08:00:00

How to Enjoy Studying Science  

The sciences are traditionally viewed as a set of difficult subjects for students, but in reality they are widely applicable in daily life and increasingly important for you to understand. Understanding science helps you better understand the world around you, and science may be an important part of your education up through college. Many people even seek out careers in science. Learning scientific concepts through creative, hands-on classroom experiences and at-home experimentation and investig

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2019-11-09 00:00:00

How to Make Cappuccino Foam  

A cappuccino is a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk. The most striking thing about this drink is the milk foam on top. A soothing, consistent layer of foam is what sets a great cappuccino apart from lesser drinks. There's a greater part art than science in making the perfect cappuccino. Although it takes time to perfect the timing and method of pouring, having a firm knowledge of the basics will get you on your way towards the ultimate cup.

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2019-11-08 16:00:00

How to Write an Analysis  

An analysis is a piece of writing that looks at some aspect of a document in detail. To write a good analysis, you'll need to ask yourself questions that focus on how and why the document works the way it does. You can start the process by gathering information about the subject of your analysis and defining the questions your analysis will answer. Once you've outlined your main arguments, look for specific evidence to support them. You can then work on putting your analysis together into a ...

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2019-11-08 08:00:00

How to Invest in the Stock Market  

Starting to think about retirement? Wondering how you'll be able to afford to spend your golden years in comfort? Investing in the stock market is one way to increase your wealth and security, but it is not without some serious risks. Follow these tips to get a solid start on your financial future.

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2019-11-08 00:00:00

How to Calculate Fuel Consumption  

With the price of fuels going up all the time, more and more drivers are aware of how much fuel their car needs. While the exact fuel consumption of your car changes based on your circumstances (city or highway, road conditions, tire pressure, etc.), finding out your car's fuel consumption is actually very easy.

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2019-11-07 16:00:00

How to Do Abstract Art  

If you've ever looked at abstract art and thought "I could do that," it's time to give it a whirl. Abstract art can be tremendously fun and liberating to create. You can make an abstract painting by dripping, taping lines, or layering with paint. But abstract art isn't limited to painting! You could make abstract sculptures with clay, aluminum foil, or wire. You could make a Calder-inspired mobile, or take abstract photographs. Start exploring, and have fun!

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2019-11-07 08:00:00

How to Make Nachos  

There aren't enough good things to say about nachos. In their classic form, they're spicy, creamy, cheesy, crunchy, zesty and delicious, but what makes them timeless is their versatility. Take the core taste concepts - creamy, crunchy, layers - and you can let your culinary creativity shine. This article gives instructions for making classic nachos, BBQ nachos, and dessert nachos.

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2019-11-07 00:00:00

How to Use Either and Neither  

If you have difficulty figuring out when to use "either" or "neither," you're not alone. Proper usage of these words even confuses native English speakers sometimes, but it's all the more difficult to distinguish between them if you're trying to learn English. To make things even more complicated, these two versatile words can be used as 4 different parts of speech: conjunctions, adjectives, pronouns, or adverbs. When used as a conjunction, "either" is combined with the word "or," while "neither

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2019-11-06 16:00:00

How to Empathize with People Who Have Suicidal Tendencies  

Over 800,000 people die due to suicide every year and there are many more who try to attempt it.[1] Having suicidal tendencies is actually a call for help that shouldn't be ignored by the society. A person's life is at stake from the constant torments of their inner demons to the points that they decided that enough is enough and chose to end it. Suicidal feelings may include believing that "death is your only option, having low self-esteem and feelings of anger that you direct towards you...

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2019-11-06 08:00:00

How to Measure Astigmatism  

Astigmatism is a common eye condition that causes blurry vision. It occurs when your cornea is more oblong, or football-shaped, than round. Astigmatism can be diagnosed by your optometrist or ophthalmologist with a comprehensive eye exam. It can be corrected with glasses, contacts, or sometimes surgery - but measuring the shape of your cornea is important for getting the right lens prescription. Astigmatism is usually measured with a series of eye exams, some that are standard practice and oth...

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2019-11-06 00:00:00

How to Wash a Stuffed Animal in a Washing Machine  

After being fiercely loved and lugged around for years, plush toys and stuffed animals can get more than a bit scruffy. And if you're donating, many charities will not take stuffed animals unless they have been washed. Surface washing can't always get to all of the hard spots. Scrubbing and harsh chemicals may get out stains, but they can also damage fabric or cause colors to fade. Sometimes the best option is to machine wash a stuffed toy. By taking the proper precautions, you can wash your plu

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2019-11-05 16:00:00

How to Make Edible Teacups  

Dainty teacups that you can actually eat make a wonderful addition to children's birthday parties or afternoon teas. To use ice cream cones as the base for the teacups, cut them and attach the tops to shortbread cookies. Then use icing to fix pretzel handles in place. For teacups that mimic the actual shape of a teacup, roll gum paste to fit a real teacup and saucer. Then leave them to harden. You can even use melted chocolate to create perfectly rounded teacups that are great for your event.

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2019-11-05 00:00:00

How to Raise Low Blood Pressure  

Low blood pressure — often defined as lower than 90 mm Hg systolic or 60 mm Hg diastolic — is a common medical condition with a variety of causes, including pregnancy, heart problems, some severe infections or allergies, blood loss, and even dehydration. If you have long-time, symptom-free low blood pressure, you have little to worry about. However, if you are experiencing a sudden drop in blood pressure, then you should seek medical attention.

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2019-11-04 16:00:00

How to Become a Soccer Referee  

In order to become a soccer referee in the United States, you must first get certified by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) so you can start refereeing youth soccer matches. After you complete the entry-level certification requirements, you'll need to get all the necessary referee gear so that you can start officiating games. Once you have everything ready to go, it's time to start building up experience so you can ref at progressively higher levels. Becoming a capable referee will ...

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2019-11-04 08:00:00

How to Get Rid of a Headache  

Most people get headaches from time to time, whether they're mild annoyances or skull-crushing distractions. Treatment varies depending on the type of headache you're experiencing, but here are some quick feel-better strategies, as well as long-term solutions for stopping the pain before it becomes uncontrollable and difficult to handle.

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2019-11-04 00:00:00

How to Make a Cheese Sandwich  

Cheese is a sandwich staple, but it doesn't always taste good when used on its own. You will need something to moisten the bread at the very least, such as butter. Cheese sandwiches come in all types, from grilled, to ham and baked, to veggie. They are all easy to make and simply delicious.

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2019-11-03 16:00:00

How to Recycle Nespresso Pods  

Nespresso machines are convenient and easy to use. Unfortunately, you can't throw your used pods in with your regular recycling—they're too small for most recycling machines and they're made out of a unique plastic and aluminum that most recycling plants can't process. Luckily, Nespresso offers several free and easy to use methods to responsibly dispose their products. You can take the used pods to a collection point in a special Nespresso bag, or hand the bag to a delivery driver the ...

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2019-11-03 08:00:00

How to Get Rid of White Spots on Your Nails  

Medically speaking, those little white marks that sometimes appear as dots or lines on finger and toenails are known as leukonychia. They are usually benign and due to an injury, an allergy, or a vitamin deficiency. For the most part, you can treat white spots at home with a variety of natural remedies. If white spots do not clear up, see a doctor for evaluation. In rare cases, white spots on nails can indicate underlying medical issues.

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2019-11-03 00:00:00

How to Foundation Single Crochet  

Foundation single crochet (FSC) is a stitch that combines the chain row and the first single crochet row. Using FSC instead of chaining and single crocheting separately can simplify the beginning of a crochet project. The stitch is easy to learn as well. You will need to start the stitch using a sequence of basic crochet techniques, and then you will need to work the rest of the row using a different sequence. Try using FSC to start your next crochet project and save yourself a little time.

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2019-11-02 16:00:00

How to Soothe Itchy Eyelids  

Itchy eyelids may be caused by things you encounter every day, such as environmental allergies, irritants, viruses, and makeup. However, itchy eyelids are also often a symptom of more serious eye conditions, such as conjunctivitis,blepharitis, allergies, or an infection. Luckily, there are a few different ways you can soothe itchy eyelids using simple home remedies. In some cases, medication may be necessary to relieve the itching, such as if the itching is severe or if you have an eye infection

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2019-11-02 08:00:00

How to Be a Healthy Vegan  

Being healthy as a vegan can be hard at the beginning, but when done right, a vegan diet can be just as healthy as a non-vegan one. You can get almost every nutrient you need from a plant-based vegan diet. However, you have to know where you can find your essential nutrients. With some planning and creativity, you can create a diet that helps you feel healthier than ever.

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2019-11-02 00:00:00

How to Write a Novel in 30 Days  

Every year, many people sign up for the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which challenges its participants to write a 50,000 word novel in November. Even if you're not participating in NaNoWriMo, you might be interested in trying to finish a draft of the novel you've always wanted to write as quickly as possible. By preparing carefully and writing diligently, you'll be able to finally get your novel down on the page!

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2019-11-01 16:00:00

How to Make Dulce De Leche  

Dulce de leche (pronounced "DOOL-se de LE-che," meaning candy of milk) is a rich syrup similar in flavor to caramel. It is a common ingredient in South American desserts. If you want to add a delicious sweet flavor to your desserts, it's easy to make your own dulce de leche at home. Most recipes involve boiling or baking condensed milk until it reduces into a syrup. You can also use regular milk mixed with sugar to produce dulce de leche.

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2019-11-01 00:00:00

How to Draw a Brain  

The brain is one of the most fun parts of the body to draw. You can make it as simple as you like by drawing lots of squiggles and keeping the shape round. If you want more of a challenge, include anatomical parts, such as the brain stem and cerebellum. Once you've drawn the cartoon or realistic brain, you can go back and add color or label the parts.

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2019-10-31 16:00:00

How to Trick or Treat  

The jack-o-lanterns are carved, your costume is all picked out, and the sun is just starting to set on a spooky Halloween night. Now it's time for the best part: trick or treating! Grab a group of friends, take a couple of flashlights, and get ready to indulge that sweet tooth. With a few simple tips, you can have a safe and successful trick or treating experience, complete with a whole pile of tasty candy. Happy Halloween!

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2019-10-31 08:00:00

How to Fix a Shoe Heel  

Over time, the heels of your shoes will wear down from wearing and walking in them and you may need to replace them. If you have a high heel, then all you need is to put in a new tip before you can walk in them again. If the heel's worn on a dress shoe, then you need to replace it in order to fix it. Your heels may also get dirty, scuffed, or torn while you wear them, but you can easily clean and make repairs on them.

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2019-10-31 00:00:00

How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds  

Instead of throwing out the pumpkin seeds after a pumpkin carving session, try roasting them as a delicious snack instead! Rinse the seeds under cold running water before drying them and baking them in the oven until they're golden brown. You can add any sort of seasonings you desire, turning your pumpkin seeds into a spicy, sweet, or simply flavorful treat.

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2019-10-30 16:00:00

How to Trim a Handlebar Mustache  

Trimming a handlebar mustache can be daunting. It's natural to worry about ruining the look you've worked so hard to create. Trimming your handlebar mustache, however, is easier than you may think. All you need is some mustache wax, a comb, a pair of electric trimmers, and a pair of quality scissors. The key thing to remember when starting to trim is to go slow and take off just a little bit at a time.

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2019-10-30 08:00:00

How to Sew a Table Runner  

A beautiful table runner can really make your table arrangements stand out or lend a pop of color. Learning how to make your own runner also puts you in charge of choosing your own fabric, colors, sizes, and decorative elements. Start by sewing a classic rectangular table runner before adding piping, cording, or fringe. You'll soon have unique table runners for every occasion!

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2019-10-30 00:00:00

How to Organize Your Jewelry Box  

Wearing jewelry is a fun way to accessorize an outfit, but if you just throw it all into a jewelry box, you'll eventually end up with a jumbled mess. Large items get tangled together, smaller pieces get hidden at the bottom of the pile, and pairs of earrings get separated. Luckily, you can make it easy to see all of your jewelry and keep everything together by organizing your jewelry box!

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2019-10-29 16:00:00

How to Make a Fake Scar  

An authentic looking Halloween costume can be tough, especially when the most realistic costumes and makeup are outside your price range. Even if you don't have a snazzy costume, changing the appearance of your face to something more spooky can be even better than the expensive alternatives. With a little bit of time and effort, your friends and family won't be able to tell who the person is behind the scars.

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2019-10-29 08:00:00

How to Buy a Used Motorcycle  

If you're toying with the idea of getting a motorcycle but don't want to spend an arm and a leg, buying one used is the way to go. However, there are a few considerations you'll want to make in order to ensure that the bike you've got your eye on is worth the asking price, such as its general condition, mileage, and performance during a cold test ride. Knowing what to look for will help you find a motorcycle in good working condition that will hold up to countless miles of fun and advent...

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2019-10-29 00:00:00

How to Hockey Skate  

While hockey skating is different than figure skating or speed skating, many of the basic techniques are similar. Before you try to skate on ice with a pair of hockey skates, you'll first want to spend some time practicing how to balance on the edges of your skates' blades. Once you're comfortable balancing in your skates, go ahead and try stepping onto the ice. The most important thing to remember when you're skating on ice is to keep your center of gravity low by bending your knees.

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2019-10-28 16:00:00

How to Decorate a Pumpkin Without Carving It  

Carving pumpkins is one of the most popular Halloween activities. Not everyone wants to carve pumpkins, however. Fortunately, there are countless creative ways in which to decorate a pumpkin, from painting to gluing rhinestones.

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2019-10-28 08:00:00

How to Stretch a Hat  

Hats can be a fun and stylish way to accessorize an outfit, but it can be frustrating when they don't fit correctly. Don't shell out a lot of money on a new hat just yet—instead, try out a few less expensive remedies that will effectively stretch your headwear. If you have a straw, cloth, or baseball cap, consider using water and a blow dryer to expand your hat a little more. Fitted hat wearers can also use a soccer ball and a bike tire pump, as well as a wooden hat stretcher and some stea...

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2019-10-28 00:00:00

How to Make Granola  

Buying bags of granola at the grocery store may seem more convenient, but it's actually really easy to make your own delicious granola at home. All you need are a handful of ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, a few standard kitchen tools, and an oven. Start with a basic recipe that uses a 6-to-1 ratio of dry to wet ingredients, then customize your homemade granola with whatever flavors you prefer. After that, you can munch away anytime you like!

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2019-10-27 16:00:00

How to Make Halloween Decorations  

Homemade halloween decorations are a world away from the mass-produced flimsy plastic and paper dollar store offerings. Making your own decorations ensures a unique look, plus you can reuse items around your house that might otherwise go to waste. By making your own decorations with family and/or friends each year, you can look forward to an enjoyable Halloween tradition.

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2019-10-27 08:00:00

How to Wear Flannel Shirts  

Flannel shirts are the perfect fall garment—they're warm and cozy and you can style them in about 100 different ways. Wear your flannel with T-shirts and jeans or joggers for a casual feel. Or, create smart casual and office-friendly looks with a flannel shirt by pairing them with items like a blazer or chinos.

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2019-10-27 00:00:00

How to Organize Your Office  

A well-organized office can help improve your focus and efficiency while you're working since you won't have so much clutter. Once you put everything in a specific place, you'll save more time trying to find it later. Try changing the layout of your office furniture to help you feel less stressed throughout the day. Once the layout of your office is set, organizing your office supplies and papers will make your office clean and uncluttered.

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2019-10-26 16:00:00

How to Make Glow in the Dark Cupcakes  

If you're looking for an eye-catching treat to wow your guests, try making these cupcakes that glow under UV light! Since it's just the frosting that glows, you can use any cupcake recipe you like. You can even buy cupcakes already made from the bakery, if you like! Then, ice the cupcakes with a frosting made with tonic water, freeze the frosted cupcakes, and finish by dipping them in a mixture of gelatin and tonic water. This easy treat is sure to be a big hit!

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2019-10-26 08:00:00

How to Use Eyebrow Stencils  

Brow stencils make shaping your brows an easy task. Find a brow stencil that fits your natural shape and fill it in with your favorite brow pencil or powder. Then, for an extra clean look, touch up your eyebrows with tweezers, concealer, and eyebrow gel. You'll have perfect eyebrows so much more quickly than when you try to draw them in by hand.

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2019-10-26 00:00:00

How to Swaddle a Baby  

Need to make a fussy baby feel cozy and safe? Swaddling is an age-old tradition that mimics the conditions of the womb, and all you need is a blanket and some clever folding. Your baby will be sure to be happy, warm, and contented. Follow safe swaddling practices to minimize any possible risks to your baby.

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2019-10-25 16:00:00

How to Make a Butterfly Costume  

A butterfly is a cute, pretty costume for people of all ages. Choose any fabric to make butterfly wings, decorate them how you want them to look, and then attach them to a garment, such as a dress or shirt. Enhance your costume with a quick and easy pair of antennae and you'll be ready to go! You can create a butterfly costume for a child or an adult.

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2019-10-25 08:00:00

How to Check the Total Views of a YouTube Channel  

Whether you run your own YouTube channel or are interested in someone else's channel, you might want to find out the number of channel views. You can check a YouTube channel's total views with a few simple clicks. This wikiHow will teach you how.

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2019-10-25 00:00:00

How to Use Rose Water on Your Face  

Rosewater is anti-inflammatory, as well as antibacterial, making it a great addition to your skincare routine. Typically, you'll find rosewater in sprays, though you can also find small bottles without spray nozzles if that's your preference. Try using rosewater in the morning after you wash your face for a way to awaken your skin or spritz or dab it on during the day to refresh your skin and calm irritation.

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2019-10-24 16:00:00

How to Make a Dinosaur Tail  

A dinosaur tail can be used in a Halloween costume or be a new accessory for a dress-up game. Best of all, this fun, brightly-colored tail only takes 1-2 hours to make. If you're familiar with a sewing machine, you can stitch your dinosaur tail together. For a quicker assembly, you can use hot glue. It only takes a few pieces of fabric and some fiber stuffing to take your child's imagination to the next level!

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2019-10-24 08:00:00

How to Help Your Nails Recover After Acrylics  

Anyone who's ever had acrylic nails knows that they can absolutely ravage your natural nails if removed incorrectly. Typically, the best way to repair this damage is to wait for them to regrow. In the meantime, you can take steps to make sure your nails grow in happy and healthy by providing daily and weekly care and varying your diet to make sure you're getting the nutrients you need.

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2019-10-24 00:00:00

How to Open a Jammed Locker  

A jammed locker is a nuisance and a time stealer, but you don't need to make yourself late. Most jams come from books, packages, and other things pressing against the lock. Knocking that item free is often enough to open up the average school locker. If your locker has a key lock, clean it before attempting to force it open. If you still can't open it yourself, call for help in order to retrieve what you left inside of the locker.

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2019-10-23 16:00:00

How to Recycle Towels  

Fabric is a great resource, even if it's a worn-out towel. Old towels have plenty of life left in them, so put them to good use to avoid waste. You could turn old towels into things to use around your house, including mats and clothing. If you don't need to save the cloth for yourself, cut it up and use for craft projects or for pets. Even if you have to cut away frayed ends, you can get more value out of a repurposed towel than you ever would have expected.

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2019-10-23 08:00:00

How to Make a Bracelet With Your Name on It  

If you've been to camps, fairs, or tourist markets, you may have noticed friendship bracelets that spell out a variety of names. They might look elaborate, but in reality, it's not too difficult to make your own. With a lot of craft threads, beads, and patience, you can create a bracelet with your own name on it, or even make customized gifts for your family and friends. Whether you choose to weave your design or string letter beads together to spell a name, your creations will impress everyone

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2019-10-23 00:00:00

How to Remove Under Eye Milia  

Milia look a bit like whitehead pimples, but they're actually small cysts caused by trapped bits of the protein keratin. They're nearly always completely harmless medically, but having them under your eyes—which is a common spot for milia—can be quite frustrating due to how they look. While it's generally fine to just let the milia go away on their own, you can try an under-eye routine that may help speed the process along. For more immediate removal options, contact your primary care ...

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2019-10-22 16:00:00

How to Make a Pincushion  

A pincushion is a stuffed piece of fabric that you can insert pins into. Pincushions are essential for sewing and other types of craft projects. There are many ways to make a pincushion! Sew a quick and easy square-shaped cushion, opt for a flower petal cushion for something more decorative, or make a no-sew mason jar pin cushion and sewing kit!

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2019-10-22 08:00:00

How to Coordinate Colors  

Color coordinating can be a little daunting if you've never been introduced to color theory based on the color wheel. The color wheel is a great tool to help you choose colors that go together. Whether you're putting together an outfit or choosing paint colors for your house, use the color wheel to figure out the best colors to suit the occasion.

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2019-10-22 00:00:00

How to Survive in the Woods  

Getting lost in the woods can be a scary situation. Whether you've gotten lost on a hike, your car broke down on a wilderness road, or any other reason, surviving in the woods is difficult, but it can be done. You need to have water to drink, food to eat, shelter to sleep, and fire to cook and keep warm. If you can tend to your basic physical needs, you can survive in the woods then signal and wait for rescue.

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2019-10-21 16:00:00

How to Make Fake Jewelry Silver Again  

While jewelry that's made of pure silver or gold doesn't tarnish, cheaper alloys in fake jewelry will start to change colors and oxidize over time. If you have fake jewelry that's lost its original shine or color, there are easy ways that you can clean and polish it at home. You can either scrub fake silver jewelry w cleaners to remove tarnish or deep-clean it in a baking soda solution. When you're finished, your jewelry will shine like new!

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2019-10-21 08:00:00

How to Make Fresh Mango Juice  

If you're lucky enough to have access to fresh mangoes, create your own sweet mango juice! You can easily customize the flavor and texture of the juice. To make creamy mango juice, blend the fruit with a little milk and sugar. If you want the natural flavor of the fruit to really shine, blend mango chunks with water. For truly unique mango juice, blend in other fruits, spices, or juices. Try several and discover your favorite mango juice combinations!

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2019-10-21 00:00:00

How to Bake Sculpey Clay  

Sculpey clay is a type of polymer clay that can be molded into almost any shape and then hardened in your oven at home. It's a great material to use in jewelry making, sculpture building, and charm making. Baking Sculpey clay might seem intimidating, but if you mold your clay, bake it at the right temperature, and cool it slowly, you can have professional and glossy looking Sculpey figures in no time.

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2019-10-20 16:00:00

How to Make a Halloween Costume  

Some of the best costumes you will see on Halloween are made by the people wearing them. Making your own Halloween costume can seem like a lot of work, but if you select a costume idea that you really love, pick the right materials for the costume, and give yourself some time to make it, you can make a great costume, too.

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2019-10-20 08:00:00

How to Make a Leotard  

Leotards are essential for gymnastics and ballet, but they can be quite expensive! If you want to make your own leotards, you will save money and you may even find that they fit you better. Start by making a pattern using an existing leotard, and then use the pattern to cut out your fabric and sew the pieces together.

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2019-10-20 00:00:00

How to Get Air Quality Alerts from the EPA  

Exposure to polluted air can lead to heart disease, asthma, and other complications. With all of the issues that air pollution can cause, it certainly seems like a good idea to know when there is high air pollution. Luckily, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allows you to sign up for alerts so that you know whenever air pollution is high. This wikiHow will teach you how to sign up for air quality alerts from the EPA.

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2019-10-19 16:00:00

How to Make a Wrap Skirt to Fit Any Size  

Wrap skirts are great since you can make one that will be easily adjustable to a wide range of sizes. A wrap skirt is also one of the easiest kinds of skirts to make since it doesn't require special closures or elastic to keep it on. You can use any fabric you like to make your wrap skirt. You'll just need some basic sewing skills and a sewing machine.

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2019-10-19 08:00:00

How to Make a Ladybug Costume  

It's easy to make a no-sew ladybug costume for you or your little one using things you might already have on hand. Create red ladybug wings with black spots using fabric or cardboard and make a simple antennae headband. When you're ready to dress up, just wear the wings over a black shirt and add a few details, such as a ladybug mask or makeup spots. Pair the costume with the antennae headband and have fun!

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2019-10-19 00:00:00

How to Make Espresso Powder  

Espresso powder is most often used by bakers to enhance the flavor of brownies, cookies, and chocolate cakes. You can buy it from specialty stores, but you can also make a batch of your own espresso powder at home. All you need is espresso beans, a baking sheet, and a coffee grinder. Use your espresso powder to amp up baked goods, make a delicious steak rub, and even whip together a delicious hot beverage.

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2019-10-18 16:00:00

How to Style Clothes You Already Have  

Next time you're staring at your closet, thinking, "There's nothing to wear," resist your urge to blow a bunch of money on a shopping spree. Instead, re-style the clothes you already own. Mix and match outfits by layering in new ways and switching your shoes. Freshen up your plain shirts and pants with some rolling, cuffing, and tying and playing with accessories. You can also modify the clothes you own by distressing, cutting, tailoring, or dying. Soon you'll feel like you have a whole new ...

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2019-10-18 08:00:00

How to Peel a Pumpkin  

Pumpkins are famous for being turned into jack-o'-lanterns, but this type of squash plant can also be used for making many delicious dishes. In order to do so, however, the skin must be peeled off. Pumpkins used for cooking, unlike those used for carving, have thicker skins that cover the fleshy fruit. Peeling the skin off is not a hassle with a vegetable peeler or sharp knife and a little dedication.

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2019-10-18 00:00:00

How to Make Wine Bottle Wind Chime  

Wind chimes are a pretty way to decorate your porch. When the wind blows, they will make a gentle tinkling noise. While you can always buy one from the store, making your own wind chime is easy. All you need is a glass bottle, some ornaments and key rings, and a bit of chain or cording.

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2019-10-17 16:00:00

How to Wear a Gray Suit  

Gray suits are a great alternative to classic navy or black suits. Dark charcoal suits are common in formal occasions and office-settings, and lighter gray suits are great for spring and summer parties. You can pair a dark gray suit with a collared shirt and dress shoes, or match your light gray suit with a solid tee and sneakers. Whatever style you prefer, you'll be rocking your gray suit in no time!

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2019-10-17 08:00:00

How to Get Around Bali  

If you're planning to visit Bali, your best bet is to hire a professional driver and car to take you around the beautiful Indonesian island. You can also hop in a taxi or shuttle bus to make your way between destinations, or ride a bemo or ojek like a local. While renting a car or motorcycle can seem like an exciting way to embrace your adventurous spirit, be mindful of the unpredictable nature of local traffic before getting the keys to a local vehicle. Publicly and privately operated ferries...

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2019-10-17 00:00:00

How to Sit During Zen Meditation  

Zen meditation (or Zazen) is a great way to reduce stress, focus on the present moment, and connect more deeply with yourself and the world around you. The traditional position for Zen meditation involves sitting on a circular cushion (zafu) with your legs crossed in the Lotus position, your spine upright, your hands on your thighs, and your eyes pointed slightly downward. Depending on your needs and circumstances, though, you can use a chair, bench, or rolled cushion for Zen meditation, but do

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2019-10-16 16:00:00

How to Plan a Destination Wedding  

If you're dreaming of tying the knot in a faraway place, you may be concerned about the logistics of making that dream a reality. However, destination weddings are becoming more and more popular and easier to plan. In fact, more than 20 percent of couples now opt for a getaway wedding. With the right planning, you can tie the knot in the destination of your dreams!

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2019-10-16 08:00:00

How to Make Manga  

Manga are comics from Japan with their own unique aesthetic, such as large and expressive character eyes. If you want to make your own manga and maybe be a professional mangaka, the start can be a bit daunting. But don't be discouraged—with a bit of planning you can create your own unique storyline with all of your own cool characters!

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2019-10-16 00:00:00

How to Make a Fidget Spinner  

Fidget spinners are a fun and easy way to keep yourself busy while working, as well as being a great toy to play with and spin whenever. While they're pretty easy to come by, finding a fidget spinner that looks and spins exactly the way you want it to can be difficult. If you want a custom spinner, or just want to make one from things around your home, you can make one in no time at all!

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2019-10-15 16:00:00

How to Dress if You've Got an Hourglass Figure  

The hourglass body type, where your hips and bust are wider and your waist is well-defined, is often associated with curvy sirens like Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe. However, you can still be an hourglass figure if you carry a little extra weight around the middle, as long as the sides of your waist dip inward. To find clothing that suits your hourglass figure, look for styles that accentuate your waist without adding extra volume around your hips. Then, play around with different pieces to fi

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2019-10-15 08:00:00

How to Make Candy Corn  

Candy corn is somewhat time-consuming to make as opposed to buying the premade kind, but the taste of homemade candy corn is well worth the effort for someone who loves the sweet confection! To avoid wasting any candy, half of this candy corn will end up inversely colored, while the other half will have the standard coloring pattern.

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2019-10-15 00:00:00

How to Get Back Into the Gym  

When you're getting back into the gym after a break, the most important step is getting yourself to the gym. Once you've gotten yourself there, it can be tempting to just jump right back into long, difficult workouts, but you'll actually increase your risk of injury and burnout that way. Instead, start with short workouts and light weights, and gradually work your way up. Maintain your new gym routine by staying hydrated, eating well, getting enough sleep, and treating yourself well.

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2019-10-14 16:00:00

How to Dance  

Hate being the one in the corner of the room while everyone else is enjoying themselves on the dance floor? Have an event coming up that will require you to step out to the beat? If a little crisis of confidence or some uncertainty about how to move is keeping you from joining the fun, don't worry. If you take the time to master a few basic moves, you can learn to dance freestyle, do a romantic slow dance, or impress your fellow guests on the dance floor at the next family wedding.

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2019-10-14 08:00:00

How to Make Jewelry with Wire  

Wire is used to make chains and findings for many types of jewelry. The strength, flexibility, and natural beauty of wire also makes it perfect for creating beautiful embellishments on beaded jewelry or pendants. Some artfully wrapped or woven wire can also stand alone as an elegant piece. Master the basics of wire wrapping and wire weaving, and you'll soon be able to create an array of gorgeous wire jewelry.

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2019-10-14 00:00:00

How to Prepare for a Massage  

Getting a massage is a relaxing and enriching experience. However, if you've never had one, you'll want to know what you need to do. Don't worry; it's not very difficult to get ready for a massage, and even if you do something that's not quite right, your therapist will likely understand. The main rule is to relax and enjoy yourself!

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2019-10-13 16:00:00

How to Use Egg Yolks  

Many recipes call for egg whites, but they don't always tell you what you can do with your leftover yolks. If you don't want to throw your yolks away, you might be looking for easy recipes that only require the yolks of eggs, and not the whites. By making an egg wash, creating a custard, or mixing up some mayonnaise, you can get use out of your leftover egg yolks and create something delicious in the process.

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2019-10-13 08:00:00

How to Decorate a Wedding Car with Ribbon  

Decorating the getaway car for a wedding is a fun way to greet the newly-wedded couple after the ceremony. Traditionally, the best man and groomsmen decorate the car with ribbons, banners, and other decorations. However, bridesmaids, friends, family, and even the couple themselves can decorate the car. There's no one right way to outfit the car with ribbon, but it always helps to consider the colors and theme of the wedding when planning your decor. In some cases, the car rental company may e...

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2019-10-13 00:00:00

How to Manage Your Team Effectively  

When it comes to business management, stronger leadership skills are essential. Whether you're managing a large department in a corporation or supervising a few employees in a home-based startup, you'll need to know how to effectively manage and encourage your team. Effective management is grounded in open communication and allows you and your team to work well together.

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2019-10-12 16:00:00

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