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The Inspired Room — Home Decorating Blog, DIY Home Decor, Interior Design Blog

Home decor blog full of simple DIY decorating ideas for beautiful rooms on a budget.

Around the House – 4th of July  

I was just uploading some phone photos from the 4th of July and thought I might was well share them on the blog for the memories, you know? This shot of Jack in the Dutch door was spontaneous, he used to be so hesitant to jump up on the door but he does it all […]

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2020-07-08 12:48:02

Inspired By: A Nantucket Style Home  

Hope you’re enjoying the holiday weekend (if you’re in the US!), friends! Find more images and details at New England Home Rowland, Milton Rowland & AssociatesInterior design: Suzanne KaslerBuilder: Lindsay Custom Builders

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2020-07-05 03:22:18

Happy 4th + Home Style Saturdays  

Happy 4th from my family to yours! Enjoy the inspiration in today’s Home Style Saturdays! The Inspired Room | How to Have a Happier Home Designthusiasm | Made in USA Modern Farmhouse Furniture: Shopping Guide On Sutton Place | Round Coffee Table Ideas Shabbyfufu | English Country Decor Home Tour Southern Hospitality | Sparkling Watermelon […]

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2020-07-04 07:19:01

How I Radically Improved My Health + Home  

Making simple changes in our home, one step at a time, is how I radically changed my life and my family’s life. I feel better than ever! Our family has seen so many health improvements over the years through changes we've made for a toxin-free home. I’m so glad that we kicked toxins out and […]

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2020-07-02 10:40:51

Life Lately + A Peek at Our Office  

With our “empty nest” being almost full again, I’ve been savoring the time we have with our kids here at home. I know it won’t last forever. You might recall that Courtney moved home a few months ago for a season, and then our college freshman Luke had to return from the dorms to finish […]

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2020-06-30 01:32:30

Meet Pearl (+ Home Style Saturdays)  

I‘ve been spending a lot of time outside enjoying my garden, but it still makes me happy to see my indoor plants thriving. My fiddle leaf Phil is still going strong, you've met him before …but I don’t think I’ve introduced you to this gal, yet? Meet Pearl…one of the newest members of our family. […]

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2020-06-27 02:40:51

Outdoor Rug Roundup  

Just like indoor rooms, outdoor spaces can be decorated with pretty rugs, too! An outdoor rug can revive a tired patio or deck and bring your whole space together. You can also use many outdoor rugs inside, they are durable options for high traffic areas such as entryways and kitchens. One of my most frequently […]

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2020-06-25 05:28:09

Home Style Saturdays  

Hi friends! I hope you enjoy the inspiration in this week’s Home Style Saturdays! On Sutton Place | Decorating With the Rule of Three Shabbyfufu | Hosting A Beautiful Affordable Wedding Reception At Home Southern Hospitality | Screen Porch & Patio Ideas StoneGable | Best Living Room Decorating Ideas The Inspired Room | Flower Foraging & […]

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2020-06-20 09:15:04

Best Gluten-Free Banana Bread Recipe (With Chocolate Chips + Walnuts)  

Anyone else baking more often these past few months? Maybe the baking will slow down around here now that summer is beginning. But we’ve actually enjoyed cooking and baking more than ever. Last week I shared The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies. Today I wanted to share my recipe for gluten-free banana bread! I’ve […]

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2020-06-17 07:36:17

Summer Decorating Inspiration  

With summer officially beginning in just a few days, I’m making the usual seasonal swaps around the house. I’m ready for lighter fabrics, a summery color palette, more flowers and natural seasonal elements. I’ve also been thinking about our family’s needs going forward. There are still so many unknowns. But staying home for the past […]

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2020-06-16 01:19:22

Home Style Saturdays  

Hi friends! I hope you enjoy the inspiration in this week’s Home Style Saturdays! Recent posts on The Inspired Room: My New Glass Lamp + Coastal Cottage Living Room Neighborhood Walk in Queen Anne, Seattle (Drive By) Shabbyfufu | The Art of Arranging Peonies Southern Hospitality | Craftsman Style Lake Home Tour StoneGable | How to […]

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2020-06-13 02:15:02

New Glass Lamp + Coastal Cottage Living Room  

Can you believe we are nearing the first day of summer? It’s time for our summer house :). A few weeks ago we got a pretty new seaglass-colored lamp for the living room! It was a gift to myself haha. It reminds me a little bit of the DIY lamp I made years ago. Anyone […]

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2020-06-11 07:57:12

Neighborhood Walk in Queen Anne, Seattle {Drive By}  

As promised, I’m finally back today to share photos from our walk a couple of weeks ago around the lovely Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle. It’s always refreshing to get outside on a pretty day, of course, but with our quarantined life (three months in now) we savor little outings like this more than ever. […]

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2020-06-09 05:04:11

Home Style Saturdays  

Hi friends! I hope you enjoy the inspiration in this week’s Home Style Saturdays! Southern Hospitality | Choosing Artwork for Your Home StoneGable | Pottery Barn Inspired Rope Wrapped Candleholder DIY The Inspired Room | New Outdoor Wall Lantern + Styling Ideas Designthusiasm | Cheerful Patio Ideas for Relaxing at Home On Sutton Place | Happy Father’s […]

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2020-06-06 07:19:52

The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies  

Gluten-free + vegan chocolate chunk cookies with walnuts One of our indulgences during this quarantine has been baking cookies. I’m gluten-free and have found that many of my old stand-by treats don’t quite taste the same. That’s good in that we don’t eat many treats, but sometimes you just want a little something really yummy, […]

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2020-06-05 02:46:27

Decorating + Entertaining Ideas: Home Style Saturdays  

Neighborhood strolls are good for the soul! My kids and I took the nicest little walk around a nearby neighborhood yesterday. I took tons of photos of the pretty houses and gardens we saw, so I’ll share more here this week. I hope you all have a great weekend! Recent Posts on The Inspired Room: […]

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2020-05-30 02:48:45

Simple Healthy Recipes to Make At Home (Vegan!)  

I‘m sure we are probably in the minority, but we’ve literally cooked every single meal at home for the entire three months we’ve been quarantined. Not even any take out! Actually, I take that back. We did order something to go once, in a moment of weakness when my husband wanted ice cream, lol! He […]

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2020-05-29 09:07:19

My New Outdoor Wall Lantern + Styling Ideas  

Who knew that having a little bunny holding a candle in a lantern by my front door could spark so much joy?! Oh, well, let’s be honest. I did. Simple joys are my favorite thing. Now more than ever, I think, I’m appreciating the little things I can do to amuse myself :). I got […]

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2020-05-27 10:03:55

15 Little Life Updates + Home Style Saturdays  

Hello, friends! Happy Saturday to you, I hope you’re well! A few happenings lately at our house: I spent lots of time curled up by the fireplace writing an upcoming book! Enjoyed sharing my daily coffee ritual on my Instagram stories Even though we haven’t been going anywhere, FaceTime, Marco Polo and Zoom have been […]

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2020-05-23 12:43:38

Make Your Home Your Favorite Summer Vacation Spot  

I‘m a homebody through and through but I still love to getaway from it all now and then! My ideal vacation is always a quaint hotel somewhere in a charming town. Add in a quiet cozy room with fluffy bedding, books piled high, good food and coastal air? I’m there. Of course you all know […]

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2020-05-20 01:47:44

Carefree Cottage: Summer Decorating Inspiration  

Our home is feeling more and more like a carefree summer cottage. That vibe makes me happy. But I love so many styles that I have always had a hard time narrowing down which is my favorite. Do you struggle with that, too? It’s fun to try different looks and combinations and watch your home […]

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2020-05-18 07:45:03

Home Style Saturdays  

It’s been a very full week around here (hence the lack of blog posts!). In case you missed it, yesterday afternoon I shared a new blog post, How to Choose Art for Your Home + Favorite Art Sources! I showed the new ship painting I hung in my kitchen and some other paintings I ordered […]

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2020-05-16 02:07:11

How to Choose Art for Your Home + Favorite Art Sources  

Art can speak to your heart and tell your family’s story! Find some of my favorite art sources in today’s post. I‘ve collected special pieces of art for my home for many years. I am very in tune with how I feel in my surroundings, so more often than not I prefer to have art […]

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2020-05-15 16:20:16

Sunny Weekend + Home Style Saturdays  

Hi friends, happy weekend! Our plans for this weekend are to spend as much time outside as possible! It has been warm and sunny in Seattle and it is glorious! I hope you’re doing well, I think of you all often and know this has been such a hard season for so many. I hope […]

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2020-05-09 11:59:20

Flower Foraging + New Gardening Book  

Foraging for pretty flowers and greenery in my yard one of my favorite seasonal activities! What’s not to love? Foraging is free, it’s therapeutic and flowers add beauty to a home, without clutter. I just ordered this gardening book for myself for Mother’s day (anyone else buy presents for themselves? Ha!). I’m feeling inspired to […]

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2020-05-06 16:04:53

3 Ways to Create a Happy Garden  

Fun fact…I have never lived in a home longer than 6 years. I don’t know what the future holds, but the more personal touches we’ve added to this house (inside and outside!) the more I can see us staying here for a long time! I love continuing to build upon the projects we’ve already worked […]

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2020-05-05 10:29:01

Favorite Mugs + Coffee Accessories (TIR Coffee Shop)  

Happy Monday! Were you around in the early days of blogging when everyone would start their morning with their favorite blogs and a cup of coffee in hand? I loved those days. Maybe people still do that, I don’t know. Do you? Anyway, one of my most FAQ through the years (and particularly on Instagram […]

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2020-05-04 10:23:31

Spring At Home + Home Style Saturdays  

We may be staying home, but we have been putting the time to good use around the house! We are busy bees here moving furniture from room to room, standing on ladders switching out curtains for spring, trading out artwork, decluttering and organizing all our linens, painting walls, etc. Seattle just extended its stay at […]

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2020-05-02 12:05:29

My All Time Favorite Home Decorating Book + Other Favorites!  

It’s rare for me to find a home style book that I love and resonate with every photo, but I have found one that I drool over literally every single page. Trust me, if you like the same style of homes I do, you’ll want this book! Let me give you a peek inside! Of […]

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2020-04-30 10:39:54

Life Lately + My Favorite Pottery Barn Decor Pieces + Sale  

Hey friends! Ever since the start of the year I’ve been rearranging furniture. Anyone else? Ha! I was just talking about bringing a piece of furniture to my dining room the other day. (I will share more views of that room as soon as I can snap photos). The urge to spruce up the house […]

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2020-04-27 13:30:36

Spring Inspiration: Home Style Saturdays  

Happy weekend, friends! Here are a few posts you may have missed recently: Happy Plant Spray for Your Home and Garden Rearranging Furniture and Hanging Plates in My Dining Room My Deck & Patio Refresh and Outdoor Decor Favorites Happier Home: Adding Color to a Neutral Space Enjoy this week’s Home Style Saturdays! Southern Hospitality […]

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2020-04-25 09:07:31

Happy Plant Spray for Your Home + Garden  

Calling all plant ladies! Or…plant killers? Lol! Which one are you? I used to think of myself as a plant killer, but these days I feel like I can call myself much more of a true plant lady. Not that I don’t have the occasional plant casualty, I do, but I definitely have more successes […]

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2020-04-24 04:19:50

Rearranging Furniture + Hanging Plates in My Dining Room  

You know when you should really be setting the table for dinner but suddenly you think about what it would look like to rearrange the furniture in your house? Same. That happened the other day. I’ve hung many plate walls over the years…and it’s usually on a whim when inspiration strikes. We’ve been doing lots […]

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2020-04-22 03:02:35

Happier Home: Adding Color to a Neutral Space  

Spring is the perfect time to bring a fresh happy mood with the decor in your home! The flowers are starting to bloom outside, the sunshine is finally streaming through the trees, it’s all such a delightful season (especially here in the NW, the weather has been ridiculously nice! But even if it isn’t spring […]

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2020-04-21 07:44:56

Home Style Saturdays  

Hi friends! Day 7304 (?) of the stay at home life. Lily has a beard now. Jack's hair is almost longer than mine. I've been saying this for weeks, but I'm juuust about ready to cut the dogs' hair myself. Working up the courage. Wish us luck! We may be looking a bit disheveled, but […]

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2020-04-18 06:12:39

A Love of Organic Gardening  

Every day around plants is a good day. Plants are uplifting to the soul! My grandma and my mom always had such beautiful flower gardens and indoor plants when I was growing up (my mom still does!). Maybe that’s why I decided I needed to become a plant lady, even though I’ve never felt like […]

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2020-04-17 04:34:02

Deck + Patio Refresh + Outdoor Favorites  

For as long as I can remember I’ve talked about the value of creating “destinations” in our home for our family to enjoy. Now more than ever we need places to escape, relax and create memories all within the boundaries of our home. All winter I look forward to when the weather allows us to […]

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2020-04-16 09:45:44

3 Little Ways to Make Yourself at Home Right Now  

We’re still here living our best homebody life! I truly can’t imagine being bored at home, even though I do miss the freedom to come and go and the opportunity to move forward with certain plans. Our weather has been glorious here in Seattle, though, so it inspired us to get outside and prepare our […]

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2020-04-15 07:15:33

Easter Pie Making in the Kitchen  

Hi friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We sure did! We started the morning with brunch and streamed a church service, then went on a little neighborhood “drive-by” since it was such a lovely day. Later we gathered some of our family in Portland for a Zoom call and the kids and […]

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2020-04-13 05:44:37

Happy Easter + Home Style Saturdays  

Our Easter celebration will feel a little different than usual this year with the quarantine, but I'm trying to make it special anyway! I'm so grateful my husband, our daughter Courtney and son Luke will be here (since we all live in the same house), but we're hoping to gather the rest of the family […]

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2020-04-11 03:32:06

Trends I Love: Dreaming of Windows + Doors  

This post is in partnership with Milgard Windows & Doors I love the trend of full walls of windows or doors. Don’t you? Natural light is so good for the soul! A beautifully unobstructed view of the outside transforms an ordinary room into an indoor/outdoor oasis. Staying home 24/7 has made me especially grateful for […]

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2020-04-09 18:17:48

Calming Stress + Spring Diffuser Blends  

Hello friends! Our spring weather has been fantastic around here lately. The sun has totally been lifting my spirits! But every now and then I still have a more “down day,” which I think is totally normal for most of us. These days we are likely to be especially prone to some emotional ups and […]

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2020-04-08 08:05:30

Spring Decorating + Home Style Saturdays  

Hey friend! How are you? We’re doing well here. Seattle just extended their stay-at-home order through at least May 4th, so we are just going to get used to our “new normal” and make the most of it! I ordered some lettuce plants for our little garden barrels, so we'll be planting this weekend! Ordering […]

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2020-04-04 05:22:45

Self Care: Garden Puttering  

This weekend I puttered around in my garden. I have been committed to using my Dwelling Well journal to keep myself focused on what fills my soul. It’s been helpful to form new little self-care wellness rituals, make lists of positive things I can do, ponder and think about. Hopeful things. That’s what fills me […]

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2020-04-01 12:01:14

Simple Spring Centerpiece: Get Creative  

I think a little spring decorating would lift our spirits this week, don’t you? I know spring feels different this year. I always keep seasonal decorating so simple, though. I find simplicity always works. A bouquet of grocery store tulips on the table is enough to make me happy. But this week I am not […]

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2020-03-31 07:53:44

How to Bring Tranquility to Your Home  

As difficult as this pandemic is in so many ways, I’m trying to find more silver linings. I’m grateful for the opportunity to embrace a more mindful, quieter, simpler way of life. There’s still a bit of a chill in the air most mornings, but the sun has been shining, too. That’s one of the […]

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2020-03-30 11:27:32

Home Sweet Home: Home Style Saturdays  

Happy Saturday, friends! Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ve barely known what day it is all week long…ha! How is everyone doing? We are well here (but honestly feeling a bit like Jack and Lily in the above photo, stuck inside with the stay-at-home order here in Seattle!). Luckily, I do enjoy being […]

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2020-03-28 12:56:54

Inspired By: Garden Sheds  

One thing I’m excited to do this spring is create a pathway leading from our deck to the garden shed. And hey, since we might be hanging out at home for awhile, maybe we can get started on it while my college-aged son is home. :) I’m picturing a curved pea gravel pathway. Wouldn’t that […]

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2020-03-25 01:49:54

Daily Dose of Joy: Happy Cinnamon Latte Art  

While this season is bringing its share of stress for all of us, the quarantine life is also providing the space and opportunity to find more delight in simple pleasures. Want a creative way to bring a little more fun to your mornings at home? Sprinkle some cinnamon in happy shapes to your morning latte! […]

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2020-03-24 05:44:39

31 Day Love Your Home Challenge  

Let’s bring back the 31 Day Love Your Home Challenge! I’ve always enjoyed doing the simple, everyday things I can do to feel cozier, more content and comfortable in my home. In this unsettling season as “quarantined homebodies”, I think we all long to bring more peace to our home. We can’t do everything we […]

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2020-03-23 02:34:19

Home Style Saturdays: Get Inspired  

Hi, friends! Here are some recent posts on The Inspired Room you may have missed, followed by the round up of Home Style Saturday posts. xoxo How to Be Cozy At Home + Uplifting Music Playlists You’re Invited to the HomeBody Gathering Place (free community for you!) How to Look for Loveliness in Difficult Times […]

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2020-03-21 07:15:42

How to Look for Loveliness in Difficult Times  

When I announced that this would be A Year of Dwelling Well, I had no idea what this year would bring our way. But it is still exactly how I want to live. Dwelling Well isn’t about living life under perfect circumstances. It’s about doing the best we can with the circumstances we find ourselves […]

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2020-03-20 08:44:42

Don't Worry, Be Happy! Smiling Sponges + Soap Dispensers  

Don’t worry, be happy! I ordered this happy little sponge in my delivery of groceries this week. Now I find myself singing that Don’t Worry song or listening to it as I’m doing dishes and cleaning the sink. Maybe it’s because it makes me happy to have a smiling sponge looking up at me, but […]

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2020-03-19 05:05:14

Daily Dose of Joy: White Bunny Pitcher  

Sometimes in uncertain times, you just need to focus on finding daily doses of joy. This bunny pitcher definitely made me smile this week, especially because when I impulse bought him online I definitely thought I was buying a small creamer! He turned out to be much larger in stature than I anticipated, but that […]

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2020-03-18 11:55:51

How to Be Cozy at Home + Uplifting Music Playlists  

How are you doing, friends? We are doing well here, making the most of this situation! It will take some time to find a new rhythm, that’s for sure. I’ve been an online entrepreneur working from home forever, so being home every day is a fairly normal way of life for me. But these circumstances […]

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2020-03-17 07:35:25

You're Invited to The HomeBody Gathering Place  

You are invited to The HomeBody Gathering Place. Keep reading to learn more! How often have we all said we wish we had the opportunity to just slow down to be more present in our life, to have more time with our family or to focus on our home? This unprecedented moment in time is […]

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2020-03-16 10:10:25

Staying In + Home Style Saturdays  

Hi sweet friends, from me and smiling Jack! How are you? So much can change in a week, yes? As I wrote in Dwelling, “staying in is the new going out.” I had no idea how true that statement would become this year! Here we are, hunkered down here in our home trying to stay […]

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2020-03-14 07:46:11

How to Get Your Family On Board with Housekeeping  

The other day on my cleaning post a reader shared her frustration over her husband and family members not pitching in to keep the house clean! I know how hard that can be, and in fact, it’s one of the most common questions I receive! In my book "Make Room for What You Love" (and […]

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2020-03-11 11:55:54

Spring Gardening in My Yard  

One of my all time favorite destinations is Butchart Gardens in Victoria (I did a post on one of our visits to Butchart Gardens here). Have you been there? It makes me happy to be among the plants and flowers. This past January my husband and I were in Hawaii and we visited the most […]

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2020-03-10 11:07:52

Creative + Clean + Home Style Saturdays  

“My house is my sanctuary. I know you feel the same way about yours. A home isn’t supposed to be designed to be a show place for the world, it’s a place that first and foremost should nurture your family.” (Fireplace Details / Sofa Details / Room Sources) We have been such busy bees around […]

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2020-03-07 03:12:21

Early Spring Decorating {Gather}  

Hello! Courtney (Melissa’s daughter) here! I was chatting with my mom this week about how extra excited we are about spring this year. We are starting to see glimpses of spring around Seattle and we’re so looking forward to more blue skies, warmer weather, spending time out on our side patio, and doing some spring […]

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2020-03-06 01:12:58

Decluttering the Dining Room  

Hey friends! The week is flying by, how did it get to be Wednesday already? Guess time flies when you are having fun, right? In Saturday’s post I had mentioned that we were doing some tidying around my house. I tried to show you the time lapse video we had made on Instagram of my […]

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2020-03-04 08:36:05

Spring Tidying and Home Style Saturdays  

My daughters and I did some spring tidying yesterday. The sun came out and we got inspired. When Courtney moved into our lower level a couple of weeks ago, we had to shift some rooms around. But we’ve been using this transition as an opportunity to pare down and get better organized! I’ve been emptying […]

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2020-02-29 02:56:19

Detoxing Your Home + Daily Routines (+ Thyroid Update!)  

Daily self-care is so important. If you are just joining in this little mini-series, start with the intro on home + body self care, followed by the importance of deciding how you want to feel (+ my detox bath recipe). Today I’ll be talking about detoxing our daily routines. One of the things we can do […]

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2020-02-27 03:10:16

Create a Spa Bathroom Atmosphere + Detox Bath Recipe  

I’m a firm believer in designing a home that reflects who you are and the life you want to live. But I think it is even more important to design a life that is in line with and supports how you want to feel. When it comes to our emotional and physical health, intentionally designing […]

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2020-02-26 12:15:17

Daily Self-Care Rituals for the Homebody  

Being a homebody can change your life and impact the lives of those around you in so many healthy ways. As a part of My Year of Dwelling Well, today I am beginning another three part mini-series on daily self-care rituals for the homebody. If you missed my last series, How to Find Joy at […]

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2020-02-25 08:53:25

Courtney's Move Update: The Before & The Plan  

Hello, it’s Courtney here! Well, I have officially moved out of my apartment and into my parents’ lower level! I’m here today to share more details on how we’re laying out the new space and a bit of what our plans are! But first, let me just say…can we talk about how moving is always […]

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2020-02-24 03:58:20

Home Tour, Makeovers + Home Style Saturdays  

Happy Saturday, friend! My, oh, my this week flew by so fast. Next week is going to be an exciting one because we’ll finally post an update on Courtney’s move into my lower level! Moving always takes so much more time and energy than I remember, but we’re getting her all settled in and making […]

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2020-02-22 11:29:54

Spring Doormats That Will Greet You With A Smile  

Hey friends, who is ready for spring? RAISES HAND SO HIGH! The sun was out in Seattle today and it felt so good. I couldn’t help but feel a little more inspired for spring :). I’m looking forward to a quick makeover of our front porch this year (I am thinking of painting the tired […]

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2020-02-20 03:06:55

Posts You Might Have Missed + Home Style Saturday  

Hey friends! I wanted to share four fun new posts you might have missed! I just discovered there was another technical difficulty in my emailed posts. GAH! If you are an email subscriber you may have received several emails in a row with a repeatedly incorrect subject line (Organizing + Home Style Saturdays!). It is […]

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2020-02-17 03:43:39

8 Ways to Create a Romantic Home  

Lonny 8 Ways to Create a Romantic Home: 1. Bring home flowers Stop in a grocery store or florist for some pretty flowers to create a few small bouquets in the bedroom and bathroom. I find affordable flowers at Costco and Trader Joes! 2. Tidy up the bedroom & bathroom If the laundry piled up on the bed […]

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2020-02-14 02:09:19

How to Start Organizing Your Home  

When we feel overwhelmed by disorder in our home, we often think we need to get better organized. Where do we start? Add drawer dividers? Buy a new cabinet? Get some bins? Stuff things in baskets? I ran across a post I had written years ago that offered a simple answer to this question. It’s still […]

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2020-02-12 06:01:40

Organizing + Styling: Home Style Saturdays  

Hello, friend! What a week! We got Courtney’s furniture all moved in this morning. YAY! We were so focused on moving that I totally forgot to put this Home Style Saturdays post out! Whoops! Moving is always an ordeal but all things considered, it went really smoothly. She still has some small things to move […]

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2020-02-08 20:44:45

Six Simple Secrets for a Less Cluttered Home  

Greetings! Who needs to declutter? {raises hand}. I wish I could say that I decluttered once, years ago, and that was the end of the “excess stuff” in our home. But alas…. it’s an ongoing process for me. We decluttered a lot before we moved here four years ago but we still ended up with […]

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2020-02-07 03:25:24

Cozy & Inviting Coastal Living Room: Get the Look  

Cozy and Inviting (Get the Look!) is a fun periodic "mini-series" on The Inspired Room! To get that "cozy and inviting" mood many of us crave for our home, I will share a variety of inspiration rooms that feel cozy and inviting to me (for a variety of reasons!). Then I'll quickly brainstorm a list […]

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2020-02-03 10:35:33

Decluttering + Home Style Saturdays  

Happy Saturday! While our letterboard suggests we “sit back and relax”, this next week is going to be quite an eventful one at our house! Courtney officially moves into our lower level next weekend (catch up here if you missed that announcement!), so we are spending this week preparing (mostly doing lots of decluttering to […]

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2020-02-01 08:18:36

How to Design a Relaxing Wind-Down Ritual  

Welcome to this three part mini-series (part of My Year of Dwelling Well!) called How to Find Joy at Home (a simple guide)! “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” – Annie Dillard Do you make the small things in your life count? Do you design your routines with […]

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2020-01-31 12:39:24

Three Daily Intentions for a Joyful Mindset  

Welcome to this three part mini-series (part of My Year of Dwelling Well!) called How to Find Joy at Home (a simple guide)! Today is part two: Three Daily Intentions for a Joyful Mindset. To read part one, start here with Create a Happy Morning Routine. There are so many practical and inspiring things we […]

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2020-01-30 08:29:29

How to Create a Happy Morning Routine  

Who doesn’t want to feel more joyful at home? Maybe you are experiencing the winter doldrums or just feel like you wish spring would hurry up and get here already! Winter can be hard for many of us! It’s dark. It’s chilly. Spring is still many weeks away. There are so many practical and inspiring […]

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2020-01-29 04:15:27

How to Love Your Home, Even When You Don't Like It (+ 5 Things I Love About Mine)  

Whether you fully love your home or not, I think focusing on gratitude for what you have (and can do!) is a helpful practice. What are five things you love about your home? Scroll down for ideas if you are struggling to answer this question! NOTE: we are sharing answers this week in our new […]

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2020-01-28 02:23:37

Home Style Saturdays  

You know what makes me reeeeally happy? A big bouquet of pink tulips! My husband gave these to me and they are the cheeriest sight in my living room! Also…they make me super excited for spring, except it’s only January and still pretty chilly. Ha! But as long as I can stay cozy inside, gaze […]

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2020-01-25 04:45:58

Returning Home + Let's Text!  

Getting away with my husband to Hawaii was really good for the soul. Good for MY soul especially. This trip was so peaceful. We spent a lot of time in nature, walking through botanical gardens, by the ocean, and stayed at two bed and breakfasts that were literally in the most serene rainforest settings you […]

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2020-01-23 12:19:47

Double Duty Home Offices + Multifunctional Rooms  

New year, new projects! While relaxing on the beach in Hawaii might be my new favorite way to start a new year, I was pretty excited to get home and dive into making progress on our house. Since my daughter Courtney is moving in to our lower level next month, we have been in the […]

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2020-01-22 10:49:47

Home Sweet Home + Home Style Saturdays  

Hey there sweet friend! Hello! My husband and I just returned from Hawaii! We had an amazing time, it was wonderful to get away and relax for ten days.  Although as a tried and true homebody, I have to admit it feels so good to be home again, too. :) Anyone else love getting home […]

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2020-01-18 05:08:32

Inspired By: Toile  

If you’ve been around the blog for awhile, you might remember this red toile chair in the kitchen of the Tudor I lived when I started The Inspired Room back in 2007! Come take a tour of my Portland home here! Shop My House, My Dash & Albert Rug Designs, My Books, and Latest Decor […]

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2020-01-16 12:06:33

3 Ways I'm Simplifying My Home This Year (+ Huge Furniture Sale!)  

This post is in partnership with World Market Y‘all know how I always say that the creation of a home is a slow process? We’ve lived in our home in Seattle for a little over 4 years now, and even though decor TV shows make us think entire houses are fully decorated in the span […]

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2020-01-13 11:27:33

Hello from Hawaii {and Home Style Saturdays}  

Helloooo from beautiful Hawaii! My husband and I have so been grateful for this time of rest and adventure. We keep pinching ourselves that we were invited on such an incredible trip. I’m pretty sure laying on the beach in Hawaii is one of the most refreshing ways we could start 2020… :) I’ve been […]

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2020-01-11 01:40:16

Life Update: Courtney is Moving!  

Hello! It’s Courtney here (Melissa’s daughter!). While my mom is off on a much deserved Hawaiian vacation with my dad, I thought I’d pop in here today to share an exciting home and life update of my own! If you follow me on Instagram or if you’ve been around The Inspired Room for awhile, you […]

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2020-01-08 08:23:58

Small Steps and Daily Rituals  

The best things come from small changes and the daily rituals we practice over and over again. How do you want to feel in your home this year? How do you want to feel in your body, your mind, your soul? How do I want to feel? It’s a powerful question. What goals do you […]

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2020-01-07 07:05:42

Charming Inexpensive Decorating: Non-Electric Wall Lights with Battery Candles  

Make your house cozier with inexpensive non-electric wall lights and battery-operated candles! I absolutely love simple, quick, affordable updates that add character and warmth to a home! In my fireplace reveal post I told you I’d come back and share more details about my new sconces, so here I am! This was such a quick […]

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2020-01-06 10:29:07

Winter Home Organization Ideas: Home Style Saturdays  

Hi friends, I hope you’re having a wonderful first few days of 2020! In case you’ve missed anything while getting into the swing of the New Year, here is the latest on The Inspired Room this week: A Year of Dwelling Well {An Invitation for 2020 + My New Book} State of the House: 2020 […]

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2020-01-04 06:31:08

10 Minute Household Tasks To Organize Your Life  

Raise your hand if getting organized is one of your goals for 2020! If your home is feeling totally out of control right now, you probably feel frustrated every day. You might be extra stressed out because you don’t even have time to get organized! That's why 10 minute organizing can change your life. Organizing […]

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2020-01-02 10:44:13

State of the House: 2020 Plans + Projects  

We’ve been in this house just over four years. I remember it was around years 4-6 in my previous house (and most of our homes) when I really started to feel like I was fully “at home.” Not that I didn’t feel at home or enjoy living there prior to that, of course, but it […]

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2019-12-31 23:50:00

A Year of Dwelling Well (an invitation for 2020!)  

This is the time of year for reflection as we take look back at a year coming to a close (and this year is the end of a decade!) plus a time to be intentional with all that is ahead. It’s a lot to think about! What is it we really want to experience in […]

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2019-12-30 11:00:00

New Year Organizing Ideas: Home Style Saturdays  

Hi friends! I hope you had a great holiday, we sure did! I don’t know about you, but I am so looking forward to putting Christmas away and getting things simplified and organized. I hope you enjoy all the inspiration to do just that in this week’s Home Style Saturdays! Shabbyfufu | Free Printable Life […]

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2019-12-28 21:11:52

How to Be Happy with Your Home (2019 in review)  

As we are still savoring these last few days of the holidays with our family, I thought it would be fun to round up some of my favorite blog posts and home projects from 2019! 2020 will be an extra creative and productive year around our home! I’m SO excited! We’ve been slowly transforming this […]

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2019-12-27 07:39:34

Home Style Saturdays  

I hope you enjoy the inspiration in this week's Home Style Saturdays! Southern Hospitality | Crockpot Chocolate Candy StoneGable | Silver and Gold Christmas Table The Inspired Room | Our Gluten-Free Vegan Apple Pie Recipe Designthusiasm | FREE Printable 2020 Calendar On Sutton Place | Olive Oil Granola Recipe Shabbyfufu | Things To Do In Waco […]

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2019-12-21 16:53:02

Tis the Season + Dwelling Well Journal  

Tis’ the season for slowing down to savor what this season is all about. Just before Thanksgiving I found out my thyroid had gone haywire again. Suddenly all of my festive holiday plans nearly came to a halt. If you read my book Dwelling or have followed my wellness journey for awhile, you might remember […]

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2019-12-19 11:00:00

New Blog Design + Home Style Saturdays  

Have you noticed that The Inspired Room blog got a new look? So excited! I couldn’t be happier! We are not only so pleased with the fresh new look, but also with just how much easier it is to navigate. You can endlessly through past posts, we have a newly refreshed shop, a fun new […]

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2019-12-14 11:00:00

The Magic of Christmas + Gingerbread Houses  

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This is the first time in several years that I haven’t had a big book deadline over the holidays. I’m really enjoying slowing down a bit and having time to do more of the things that make this season feel extra magical. One thing that’s happening? A […]

what do you think?

2019-12-12 11:00:00

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