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DOAX3 -Tonkinese- Misaki

DOAX3 -Tonkinese- Misaki

DOAX3 -Tonkinese- Misaki This is just a mod, because Misaki doesn’t has her own measure in DOAVV. There are only 3 measures, Kokoro, kasumi, Hitomi,Ayane, Nyo Tengu, Momiji and Helena only got an standart measure, Honoka and Luna share the same measure and Marie has her own body. I decided to take kasumi standart measure to make this model.DownloadMegaRequired:XNalara 11.8Rules.1: It's prohibited porting my version of the mod from XPS to SFM.2: Isn't allowed to use the parts of the model, and put it in a... read more


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