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When you're too cool for a traffic ticket.  

So super cool...

2017-08-19 18:48:25

A delightful way to make your kid go faster on their tricycle.  

Dad engineering at its finest.

2017-08-19 18:13:30

Americans of Chinese heritage with southern accents living in the Mississippi Delta.  

When you think of Mississippi, "Chinese" might not be the first word that comes to mind...

2017-08-19 12:50:32

Billy Crystal's screen test for "Toy Story".  

Disney wanted Billy Crystal to play Buzz Lightyear so bad that they made this demo.

2017-08-19 04:22:20

How no mirrors were involved in this hand dance makes absolutely no sense.  

These guys have more moves in their fingers than most people have in their entire bodies.

2017-08-19 03:06:02

NikkieTutorials Partners With Maybelline On YouTube Series, Instagram Contest  

Nikkie De Jager, who is known to her 7.4 million YouTube subscribers as NikkieTutorials, is bringing her massive following and keen beauty acumen to a new web series produced alongside leading drug store makeup brand Maybelline. Little is known about the show, which is titled I Make Up Like This and is said to be inspired by De Jager's massively viral The Power Of Makeup! video. The 10-episode series will launch this October on Maybelline's YouTube channel. In the meantime, however, Maybell...

2017-08-18 20:28:47

Watching a kilometer of pipe sliding into place all at once is insanely satisfying.  

All it takes is one push to lay a kilometer's worth of pipe.

2017-08-18 17:57:23

Insights: Breaking Up is Easy To Do—Netflix Rolls On After Disney Announcement  

The negative reaction to Netflix last week after Disney's announcement that it would pull back its films and series after 2018 was both swift and severe. Within hours, Netflix lost $3 billion in valuation, and plenty of hot takes opined that Disney's decision was the most momentous but hardly the only one by Hollywood studios now scared to license content to the big red N. Certainly, the Disney announcement includes lots of interlocking pieces that are well thought out and promise big shift...

2017-08-18 15:19:38

Amazon Doubles Down On Film Festival Stars Program, Offers Up To $200,000 Bonus To Toronto Selections  

In 2017, Amazon Video Direct has been very active at film festivals around the United States. The video platform, launched in May 2016, has linked up with up-and-coming filmmakers through its Film Festival Stars program, which offers upfront bonuses and royalties to rights holders who agree to upload their official festival selections to Amazon Video Direct. The next target for Film Festival Stars is the Toronto International Film Festival, which will begin on September 7th. In Toronto, Amazon

2017-08-18 12:12:29

Momma teaches her cub not to go near the water.  

This little lion cub may not understand now, but his momma is just looking out for him.

2017-08-18 11:44:06

Blackpills To Explore Seedy Underbelly Of A Suburban Town In Adaptive Studios' 'Simi Valley'  

Adaptive Studios and Blackpills are expanding their creative partnership. The former company is the producer behind Simi Valley, a suburban crime thriller that will be released through the latter company's burgeoning content platform. Simi Valley will follow a group of high schoolers who, struck by the inherent boredom of the titular suburban town in which they live, decide to immerse themselves in the local criminal underworld. That decision proves to have negative consequences, and the ringle

2017-08-18 09:56:59

Facebook Splits Its In-Stream, “Mid-Roll” Ads Into New Category For Brand Partners  

Fresh of the launch of its new Watch tab, which offers a selection of premium, long-form programs, Facebook is making sure its advertising opinions can match the evolving needs of its brand partners. Its "In-Stream" video ads, which are tied to long-form content, are now being sold as a standalone package, according to Variety. Variety's report cites Kate Orseth, the product marketing manager for media monetization at Facebook, who explained that breaking In-Stream ads into their own category w

2017-08-18 07:23:15

Jack Black attempts to sing Korean pop songs while Korean guys guess the song.  

No knowledge of Korean is required to find this clip hilarious.

2017-08-18 06:46:02

Rosanna Pansino's 'Ro' Cooking Range Now Available At Michael's, Amazon, More  

One of YouTube's foremost chefs has officially launched her inaugural baking line. Rosanna Pansino's Ro cooking range, created in partnership with Wilton -- a leading food and crafting company -- is now available at Michael's, Jo-Ann Fabric And Craft, Amazon, and It will roll out to more stores, including Party City, soon, Pansino says. Before the line ever went on sale, it was already drumming up significant buzz. Having been available for preorder on Amazon since Aug. 1, se...

2017-08-18 06:18:47

Skateboarding could have gone in a much different direction.  

This version of skateboarding looks more like figure skating.

2017-08-18 06:07:40

Facebook Takes New Steps To Crack Down On Video Clickbait  

Given that the Facebook algorithm tilts to prioritize video, many spammers have attempted to game the system -- and drum up views -- by posting images with fake video 'play buttons' or videos of a static image, many of which contain ads. Now, Facebook is taking action to quell this behavior in order "to fight clickbait and improve the integrity of information on Facebook," engineers Baraa Hamodi, Zahir Bokhari, and Yun Zhang wrote in a company blog post. As a result, the social network says...

2017-08-18 03:06:52

Indie Spotlight: 'Runaway Moon' Steals The Show With Bold, Exciting Choices  

As I've made clear in this column, I'm a big fan of Australia's web series scene, and The Land Down Under just produced another great digital show. Hanna Gabriella is the creator, co-writer, and co-star of Runaway Moon, a crime thriller with a fresh sense of style. In the first scene of Runaway Moon, we meet a drifter named Moonie (Gabriella), who has made off with a briefcase full of cash. As she flees through Adelaide, her path crosses with those of Kitty (Dee Easton) and Travis (Rashidi Edwa

2017-08-18 02:57:35

Reddit Launches An In-House Video Player In Beta  

Reddit is making a move in the world of video hosting. The self-proclaimed "front page of the internet," which is divided into thousands of category-specific "subreddits," has launched a beta version of an in-house video player that lets users upload clips directly from their mobile devices. The new video player is connected to the Reddit app, but it can be used for any clip from a user's library, so long as that video is under fifteen minutes in length. Naturally, Reddit's take on video hostin

2017-08-18 02:41:40

Angela Merkel Discusses Gender, Emojis During Studio71-Produced YouTube Stream  

Ahead of Germany's election on Sept. 24, Chancellor Angela Merkel -- the only G-7 leader without a Twitter account -- participated in a YouTube live stream in order to reach social media-savvy voters. Produced by Studio71, the event featured four of Germany's biggest YouTube stars: social issues vlogger Mirko 'MrWissen2go' Drotschmann, lifestyle creator Ischtar Isik, tech vlogger Alexander 'AlexiBexi' Böhm, and journalist Lise 'ItsColeslaw' Sophie. During the stream, Merkel dis...

2017-08-18 02:34:32

YouTube Stars Alisha Marie, Matt Stonie Highlight MLB's Little League Classic Alongside Fullscreen  

On Sunday, August 20, Major League Baseball (MLB) is set for its first ever Little League Classic. At the Howard J. Lamade Stadium in Williamsport, PA, which is currently hosting the world's best 11 to 13 year old baseball players for the annual Little League World Series, the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates will meet for a game that will be attended by Little League families. How does the MLB plan to promote such a wholesome slice of Americana? For some help, it has turned to Fullsc

2017-08-18 02:29:16

YouTube TV Adds 14 New Markets To Reach 50% Of US Households  

Four months after it first launched, YouTube TV is making a big move into living rooms around the country. The so-called "skinny bundle," which includes access to close to 50 TV channels, a YouTube Red subscription, and unlimited cloud-based DVR for $35 per month, has entered 14 new markets, bringing its total coverage of the US population up to 50%. At launch, YouTube TV was available in just five metropolitan areas, but a July expansion brought the skinny bundle to ten more regions across the

2017-08-18 02:25:15

The World's Third Most Visited Porn Site Wants To Give Canceled Netflix Series 'Sense8' A New Home  

xHamster, as the world's third most visited pornography site, has the sort of user base big media companies covet. The Cyprus-based hub is the 75th most visited website in the entire world, according to Alexa, and it claims to have an audience that eclipses outlets like ESPN and The New York Times. What does xHamster want to do with the revenue it's generating from all those users? Like many other players in the world of web video, it wants to go into original programming. It has authored an op

2017-08-18 01:48:41

YouTube Music Chief Lyor Cohen: 'Promoting And Breaking New Artists Is A Top Priority'  

Almost one year after record industry veteran Lyor Cohen joined YouTube as global head of music, he is sharing some observations on the company blog about his time at the company amid continued grappling -- or, as Cohen puts, it, "a disconnect" -- between Google and the music industry at large. "I've spent my entire life helping artists achieve fame and fortune," writes Cohen, who began his career as a hip hop manager before serving at the helm of Def Jam and Warner Music Group. "I wo...

2017-08-18 01:08:32

Local biology teacher's final walk of fame after giving her last class.  

Teachers have one of the most important jobs in the world, so they deserve to go out with a bang.

2017-08-18 01:08:31

Racist soap dispenser.  

Before you make an automatic soap dispenser, you might want to make sure it works for everyone.

2017-08-17 20:57:55

How to anchor a mega-ship.  

Did you know that the anchor's weight isn't actually what holds a ship in place?

2017-08-17 15:55:23

YouTube Millionaires: The Sorry Girls Craft DIY Projects That “Stand The Test Of Time”  

Welcome to YouTube Millionaires, where we profile channels that have recently crossed the one million subscriber mark. There are channels crossing this threshold every week,... Visit Tubefilter for more great stories.

2017-08-17 15:43:49

Dad turns son's drawings into anime characters.  

We would totally watch an anime with all of these awesome characters.

2017-08-17 15:21:36

Facebook, NASA To Host 4K, 360-Degree Live Stream Of Total Solar Eclipse  

In honor of the first total solar eclipse visible within the United States in 99 years, Facebook and NASA will host several streams for viewers who wish to experience the event from the comfort of their computers, smartphones, or smart TV sets. NASA will broadcast the eclipse on its Facebook page from unique vantage points coast-to-coast on Monday, with coverage beginning at noon ET. The eclipse itself is expected to begin at 1:15 pm ET and at roughly 4:15 pm -- with the totality, in which the

2017-08-17 14:05:40

Mister Rogers says "I'm sorry".  

Everyone gets angry and makes mistakes... even Mister Rogers.

2017-08-17 04:38:43

YouTube Adds 2 Execs To Originals Team In Development, Marketing  

YouTube is beefing up its original content team with two new hires. Joining the company in coming months are Jon Wax, who will lead drama, scripted, and current programming development for premium subscription service YouTube Red, and Angela Courtin, who will serve as global head of YouTube TV and originals marketing. Both are newly created positions. Wax will report to YouTube's global head of original content, Susanne Daniels, while Courtin was hired by YouTube CMO Danielle Tiedt and will r...

2017-08-17 03:39:52

A Corgi and chicken square off in the least brutal fight you'll ever see.  

This is the cutest fight we've ever seen.

2017-08-17 01:14:06

Mobile App Episode Brings Back Iconic 90s Film 'Clueless' As Interactive Series  

Did you think that Clueless was only valuable to the generation of 90s kids who grew up on it? As if! The 1995 film, which starred Alicia Silverstone as a popular, superficial teenager and launched a trend of colorful, patterned fashion choices, has returned thanks to the latest project from Episode, an app that creates interactive series for its young, mobile users. Episode's contribution to the Clueless universe is titled Clueless: School's Out. It gives players the ability to interact with

2017-08-16 20:58:20

Judge Judy lets dog loose in court to find its real owner.  

If only every court case could be decided in such an adorable manner...

2017-08-16 20:44:41

Tiffany Alvord, Teala Dunn, Kian Lawley To Star In Interactive Drama Series 'Guilty Party'  

AT&T and Fullscreen have announced the latest addendum to their collective Hello Lab initiative, in which both companies are creating interactive series (and other projects) alongside top digital stars. Titled Guilty Party, the upcoming series is a high school murder mystery in which a bullying victim takes revenge on the clique that casts her out. The twist is that viewers will ultimately play the role of detective. The ensemble cast comprises a who's-who of bold-faced influencers -- wi...

2017-08-16 18:49:49

Fund This: A Comedian Vies To Become A Serious 'Thespian'  

Project Name: Thespian Asking For: $16,000 through Indiegogo Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $2,450 Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 43 Description: A production team from Maryland are looking to tell the story of a man with a long history in entertainment but many goals still left to fulfill. Husband-and-wife tandem Marc Unger and Maria Unger are the creators and stars of Thespian, which is currently raising the funds it needs to put together a full season. In Thespi

2017-08-16 17:20:29

Abrams Artists Agency Forms Gaming Division To Rep Jovenshire, Jesse Cox, More (Exclusive)  

Leading talent firm Abrams Artists Agency -- which reps a slew of top YouTube creators, including LustreLux, MysticGotJokes, Matthew Espinosa, and Furious Pete -- is doubling down on its digital operations with the launch of a gaming division. The division will live within Abrams' larger digital department, and will rep 15 top-tier gaming influencers from both YouTube and Twitch at launch -- all of whom were signed under the direction of the agency's senior vice president, Alec Shankman. Ab...

2017-08-16 14:30:48

Apple To Spend $1 Billion On Original Shows Over Next Year (Report)  

In recent months, Apple has debuted an initial smattering of its original programming initiatives, including Planet Of The Apps and Carpool Karaoke to lukewarm critical response. But now, the hardware giant is setting aside a $1 billion budget to license and produce original content over the next year, according to The Wall Street Journal. That budget could fund roughly 10 television series that will live either on Apple Music -- as Apple's current series do -- or on a new video platform alto...

2017-08-16 13:33:19

46% Of Influencers Say They Would Give Up Snapchat If They Were To Abandon One Platform  

Tracking the flow of influencers across social media platforms is a good way to ascertain which services are gaining importance and which ones are losing their luster. In 2014, for example, some creators who had previously gotten big on Vine, such as Jerome Jarre, opted to spend more of their time and resources on Snapchat. Two years later, Vine was on its way out, and Snapchat was headed for Wall Street. Snapchat's post-IPO struggles have been well-documented (here's some of our latest coverag

2017-08-16 12:30:05

Dancer drawn on paper: Experiment with multi-perspective animation.  

You can feel the love and effort that went into every frame of this unique animation.

2017-08-16 10:44:21

Ted Sarandos: Netflix's Content Budget Will Ascend To $7 Billion In 2018  

Netflix will spend $7 billion on content in 2018 -- up from the $6 billion that the streaming giant has pledged to spend this year on licensing and producing TV series and films. In 2015, Netflix spent $5 billion on content. However, "The vast majority [of our spend] is still licensed content," Netflix's chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, told Variety. "We're still a couple years from seeing it go 50-50." And a lot of these funds will be allocated toward driving international grow...

2017-08-16 10:34:38

Goalkeeper somehow makes three saves in two seconds.  

Sometimes, goalies go for minutes at a time without any action. Moments like this make up for it.

2017-08-16 10:22:26

Man suffering from horrible leg cramp.  

Somebody get this guy a banana, stat.

2017-08-16 10:15:45

Streaming Platform Encourages Users To Literally Squash Hate With Anti-Bullying Campaign is doing its part to combat cyberbullying. The streaming platform has launched a campaign called #SquashTheHate, in which it invites its users to literally squash objects emblazoned with examples of abusive speech. In each #SquashTheHate video, creators write the sort of hateful words that typically appear in internet comments on physical objects. In some cases, the object bearing the abusive speech is an actual squash vegetable, which takes the campaign to a new level of meta. No matte

2017-08-16 09:30:44

The Inaugural 'Purpose Awards' To Honor Hannah Hart, Jérôme Jarre, And Lilly Singh  

Digital luminaries Hannah Hart, Jerôme Jarre, and Lilly Singh will be honored at the first annual Purpose Awards, which recognizes influencers, brands, and nonprofits that have made a positive impact within their respective communities and across the globe. The Purpose Awards were created by social marketing agency Force Multiply and Tubefilter -- which also produces the Streamy Awards alongside Dick Clark Productions. The Purpose Awards represents an expansion of the Streamys' two-year-old...

2017-08-16 05:08:50

The greatest speech ever made.  

Charlie Chaplin's speech from the 1940 film "The Great Dictator" never fails to inspire.

2017-08-16 05:02:31

The Young Turks To Head To The 'True North' To Study Climate Change In Go90 Series  

The Young Turks is bringing its viewers along on a trip to the Arctic. The progressive news and commentary outlet, known for its sizable audience across platforms like YouTube and Facebook, is behind True North, a docuseries about climate change that will be distributed through Verizon's Go90 platform. True North, which will consist of 16 11-minute episodes, will be led by John Iadarola, who co-hosts The Young Turks' ThinkTank channel. Alongside a retinue of scientists, cartographers, and other

2017-08-16 04:29:45

Top 50 Broadcaster Rankings • Week Of 8/14/2017  

It's our 32nd installment of our weekly Tubefilter Chart of the Top 50 Broadcasters. For anyone new to the Top Broadcaster Rankings, check out our brief explanation of how this chart came to be (Spoiler Alert: It has a lot do with the booming soon-to-be $70 billion industry that is live video) and the methodology behind the rankings in our first post of this new series right here. And for those unfamiliar with, below is a quick intro to the live broadcasting platform tha

2017-08-16 01:37:50

NYTVF Announces A Diverse Selection For Its 2017 Pilot Slate  

Each year, the New York Television Festival (NYTVF) selects a crop of independent pilots to present to creators, executives, and other entertainment industry types. Ultimately, several of these projects will receive development deals thanks to the exposure they will receive at NYTVF's annual gathering, which this year will occur between October 23-28. Ahead of that five-day event, the contenders for the annual Independent Pilot Competition have been announced. As in previous years, the NYTVF ha

2017-08-15 22:05:32

How to make a blockbuster movie trailer.  

This is the most spot-on parody we've seen in a while. Also, we would totally watch this movie.

2017-08-15 18:01:22

Larry the Cable Guy reveals the truth about his southern accent.  

Some might be surprised to learn that Larry the Cable Guy is a man of many voices.

2017-08-15 17:47:30

Newscaster has no time for surfing dogs.  

All aspiring journalists dream of the day when they can finally report on something this important.

2017-08-15 17:16:48

Voyager 2 left Earth 40 years ago and it's mind-bogglingly far away from us now.  

Good luck, Voyager 2. You've gone a long way and still have quite a long way to go.

2017-08-15 16:47:38

Verizon Returns Its Ads To YouTube After A Five-Month Freeze  

One of the last remaining holdouts from this year's YouTube advertising boycott has resumed its partnership with the world's top video site. Verizon, which was one of several brands to pull its ads from YouTube after learning that those spots could be running next to hate speech and terrorist videos, has decided to resume its pre-roll campaigns on the platform. Verizon's boycott began back in March, when it and AT&T pulled content from YouTube, citing brand safety concerns. After several o

2017-08-15 15:57:52

German YouTubers To Stream Interviews With Angela Merkel Ahead Of Next Month's Election  

Ahead of Germany's election next month, four high-profile YouTube stars are set to interview Chancellor Angela Merkel at the YouTube Space Berlin in a bid to engage their younger audiences in the political process. The online event is part of a campaign called #DeineWahl (which translates to 'Your Choice') -- and viewers are invited to submit questions for Chancellor Merkel on social media using that hashtag. German-headquartered multi-channel network Studio71 will produce and stream the ...

2017-08-15 15:21:55

Nielsen To Incorporate Views On YouTube, Facebook, And Hulu Into Digital Ratings  

Nielsen announced today that it will give media publishers credit for content distributed on YouTube, Facebook, and Hulu. The analytics firm will measure viewership on these platforms in accordance with its Digital Content Ratings system -- a measurement scheme for desktop and mobile devices unveiled last fall. Nielsen already provided ratings for viewership occurring on publishers' self-owned and operated properties. In a release, Nielsen said that TV and digital publishers will now be able ...

2017-08-15 12:19:07

Instagram Will Organize Comments Into Threads To Make Them Easier To Follow  

If Instagram comments currently read like something of an unintelligible mess, the photo and video-sharing platform is taking steps to make the commentary that appears underneath posts slightly easier to follow. In the same way that comments function on parent company Facebook, Instagram will now be turning comments into threads -- meaning that when users reply to a comment, the response will be indented and grouped underneath into a separate conversation. Right now, all comments -- including r

2017-08-15 11:43:14

Fullscreen's Fall Slate To Feature Originals From Jay Versace, Scotty Sire, Alyx Weiss, More  

Fullscreen's just-announced fall slate comprises five original series starring a slew of YouTube notables, including Jay Versace, Scotty Sire, Elton Castee, Jaclyn Glenn, and Alyx Weiss. The new shows -- which Fullscreen's SVP of programming, Scott Reich, said showcase "strong personalities, unique storytelling, and boundary-pushing creativity" -- will seek to entice more subscribers to the company's eponymous streaming service, which launched last April and is priced at $5.99 per mon...

2017-08-15 11:38:51

After Getting Its Website Banned, Neo-Nazi Site Daily Stormer Gets Kicked Off YouTube, Too  

In the wake of this past weekend's violence at a Neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, many people have called for white nationalist publication The Daily Stormer to face consequences for its role in the rally and the hateful article it published afterward. After GoDaddy took the lead on that initiative by booting The Daily Stormer's website off its platform, several other tech companies -- including Google, YouTube, and Twitter -- took their own measures toward eradicating the publicatio

2017-08-15 11:10:25

Life Noggin's Mental Health Web Series Takes Off On YouTube, With Help From Mayim Bialik  

Led by its through, educational lectures and the crisp animations that accompany them, Life Noggin has built up a sizable following that includes more than 1.5 million YouTube subscribers. With that audience in tow, the three-year-old channel has embarked on one of its most ambitious projects so far. It is six episodes into The Brain And You, a web series about mental health that is commanding sizable viewership. The first episode of The Brain And You arrived back in April, and since then, Life

2017-08-15 09:14:02

Huge glacier calving.  

That's one lucky group of people who got to witness this impressive glacier calving.

2017-08-15 03:11:29

Top Sling TV Executive Roger Lynch Joins Pandora As President And CEO  

Roger Lynch, founding CEO of the Dish-owned skinny bundle service Sling TV, has been appointed president and CEO of digital radio and music streaming platform Pandora. Lynch officially joins the company on Sept. 18, and will also become a member of Pandora's board of directors -- alongside Snap Inc. chairman Michael Lynton. Interim CEO Naveen Chopra, who has served at the helm of Pandora since June 2017, will resume his role as CFO. "With a massive, diverse, and highly engaged audience, a ...

2017-08-14 21:50:33

Just one of those days.  

Mondays, in a nutshell...

2017-08-14 18:05:48

Snapchat's New Feature Stitches Together Concert Videos From Multiple Stories  

This week brought a bunch of bad news for Snapchat, but while the messaging app continues to struggle on the stock market, it has at least rolled out a cool new feature. It has launched Crowd Surf, which stitches together multiple Stories in order to create a continuous video of a performance. Crowd Surf gathers multiple Stories from major concert events, all of which show the on-stage action from their own angles. Once the footage has been collected, an AI syncs up Stories to the songs they ar

2017-08-14 18:03:54

After 20 years, this is still one of the most mind-boggling visual effects from the movie "Contact".  

The visual effects in the 1997 sci-fi film "Contact" look better than most of today's blockbusters.

2017-08-14 17:36:35

YouTube Is Piloting A Feature That Displays Concurrent Views In Real-Time  

YouTube is currently piloting a new feature that will showcase how many people are watching the same video at the same time. The company is testing live view counts in its Android app, Android Police reports, which will display how many viewers are watching any given video concurrently. A handful of users reported seeing a 'watching now' figure below video titles -- and right above the 'thumbs up' button (see below). Android Police notes that while several third-party websites provide l...

2017-08-14 16:42:30

Logan And Jake Paul Took Home 2 Teen Choice Awards Apiece Last Night  

The Paul brothers cleaned up big at last night's Teen Choice Awards on Fox, during which Logan, 22, and Jake, 20, took home two surfboards apiece. The Teen Choice Awards, which annually recognizes accomplishments in the worlds of music, film, television, fashion, and digital entertainment, tabulates fan votes on Twitter in order to determine winners in a slew of different categories. Logan, a Vine star-turned-YouTuber and actor, took home honors for both Choice Male Web Star and Choice Comedy...

2017-08-14 12:21:30

Disney XD Posts Full Episode Of Its 'DuckTales' Reboot On YouTube  

TV channels have occasionally posted full episodes of new shows and seasons to platforms like YouTube and Twitch, and the latest broadcast to adopt that strategy is Disney XD. The cable hub has shared the first episode of its reboot of the classic 80s cartoon DuckTales on YouTube two days after the show's TV premiere. DuckTales, which won hearts in the 80s thanks to its colorful characters and its earworm of a theme song, left a significant cultural impact on the generation that grew up with it

2017-08-14 10:20:26

This archery trick shot is unbelievable.  

How many tries do you think it took before he nailed this awesome shot?

2017-08-14 09:51:56

Smosh Announces Slate Of Seven Shows For Rebranded Smosh Pit Channel (Exclusive)  

An update to the Smosh brand that has been rumored for months is set to become official. The comedy network owned and operated by Defy Media has announced that it will rebrand one of its YouTube channels as The Smosh Pit. As part of that move, it has launched a slate of seven shows, all of which will be hosted by Smosh's growing cast of funnypeople. The channel that will turn into The Smosh Pit began as a home for vlogs hosted by Smosh co-founders Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. In 2011, that hu

2017-08-14 09:06:48

'Scandal,' 'Grey's Anatomy' Producer Shonda Rhimes Teams With Netflix On Multi-Year Deal  

Netflix has scored a major coup in its ongoing efforts to woo viewers away from terrestrial TV. The SVOD platform has announced a multi-year deal with Shonda Rhimes, the powerful producer whose dramas have formed the backbone of ABC's primetime lineup. Through her Shondaland studio, Rhimes has created several hit shows. Of the five longest-running dramas currently airing on ABC, three -- Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder -- feature Rhimes as an executive producer. She is

2017-08-14 07:41:38

Meg DeAngelis Brings Popular YouTube Series To Facebook 'Watch'  

Facebook launched a major YouTube competitor last week in the form of Watch, a new video ecosystem that the social network says is designed to help creators of episodic shows amass audiences and monetize their work via ad breaks. And now, homegrown YouTube star Meg DeAngelis announced that she's one of the first creators to migrate to Watch with It's A Girl Thing -- a popular series that launched on her YouTube channel last year, and which arrived on Facebook on Aug. 10. In It's A Girl Th...

2017-08-14 07:37:50

YouTube Star Hannah Hart Premieres Food Network Show  

Hannah Hart, food puns and all, has arrived on TV. The 30-year-old creator, whose boozy web series My Drunk Kitchen has made her a YouTube star, is the host of the new Food Network show I Hart Food. In her new show, which was announced last year, Hart will travel around the country and same local cuisine wherever she goes. Luckily, one of the most important parts of My Drunk Kitchen's appeal -- Hart's tendency to drop food puns as often as possible -- has successfully made the transition to TV.

2017-08-14 04:28:51

50 people dress up as Best Buy employees and get kicked out of Best Buy.  

Apparently, Best Buy thought it was all an elaborate scheme to rob the store...

2017-08-14 04:03:39

Meet the men who rescue cats from super tall trees.  

It's a thankless job, but someone's gotta do it.

2017-08-14 03:49:47

Tyler Oakley Joins Lineup Of U.K. YouTuber Event HelloWorld  

American vlogging star Tyler Oakley has joined the lineup of HelloWorld -- a two-day gathering for YouTube fans that will take place in Birmingham, England in October. Comprising performances, skits, and engagements, HelloWorld is being headlined by some of the U.K.'s biggest digital stars, including Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg, Louise Pentland, KSI, and Zoella. According to its website, HelloWorld will see a fictional town constructed in the middle of Birmingham's Genting Arena, with a performance ...

2017-08-14 02:29:14

Elk swings by neighbor's yard to run around with his doggy friends.  

It looks like this elk made some canine friends while passing through someone's backyard.

2017-08-13 19:46:04

Cowboy thwarts bike thief.  

It may not be the wild west, but this cowboy isn't going to let thieves get away on his watch.

2017-08-13 17:26:39

Fighter fixes opponent's dislocated shoulder.  

"Here, let me fix your shoulder so we can resume punching each other mercilessly..."

2017-08-13 16:21:26

This DIY coin sorting machine made from cardboard is mesmerizing.  

We want to build one of these ASAP.

2017-08-13 10:09:15

Swedish filmmakers paid 67 people $30 to jump from 10 meters for the very first time.  

Ten meters doesn't sound very high... until you're all the way up there.

2017-08-13 04:27:46

This over-the-shoulder, into-the-wall catch is just incredible.  

Most players would miss that catch. Not Billy Hamilton.

2017-08-12 16:57:30

Hungry caterpillar doesn't let appetite get in the way of good table manners.  

Who knew caterpillars were such meticulous eaters?

2017-08-12 13:41:33

When you're stuck in traffic and Deadpool says "Hi".  

Don't you hate it when you're on your way to save the world but traffic is just awful?

2017-08-12 13:36:06

"Selling is Service, Service is Selling".  

As awkward as this training video is, we're sure they had a blast making it.

2017-08-12 12:21:55

Nuclear explosions to scale.  

This video from Tech Insider puts the escalation of nuclear weapons into (terrifying) perspective.

2017-08-12 12:13:17

Indie Spotlight: Local Weed Scene Gets To 'Grow Op' In Comedy About Legalization  

We receive a ton of tips every day from independent creators, unaffiliated with any major motion picture studios, television networks, new media studios, or other... Visit Tubefilter for more great stories.

2017-08-11 23:21:51

We've found the next great NBA player, and he's only two years old.  

We don't know what's more impressive: the difficulty of the shots, or how consistent this kid is.

2017-08-11 18:43:02

Netflix, Disney In “Active Discussions” About Streaming Rights To Future Marvel, 'Star Wars' Films  

Disney revealed on Tuesday that it will pull all of its films -- as well as Pixar's -- from Netflix as of 2019 in order to launch a proprietary streaming service. However, there is a chance that forthcoming releases from Disney's Marvel and Lucasfilm properties could remain on Netflix. Reuters, citing Netflix's chief content officer Ted Sarandos, reports that the streaming giant is in "active discussions" with Disney about keeping future Marvel releases like Iron Man, Thor, and Captain ...

2017-08-11 13:58:14

YouTube Kids Arrives On Android TV As Company Touts Living Room Growth  

YouTube's family-friendly YouTube Kids app has finally launched on Android TV. The service, which debuted in 2015, became available on LG, Samsung, and Sony smart TVs earlier this year, and is now available on Google's own Android TV, 9 To 5 Google reports. The YouTube Kids Android TV app filters content for children, offers extensive parental control options, and features a timer to limit usage. Visit Tubefilter for more great stories.

2017-08-11 13:44:08

Jim Carrey opens up about his love of painting.  

Jim Carrey is known for making us laugh, but his thoughts on art and color are quite profound.

2017-08-11 13:11:58

Sexual dimorphism in angler fish is extreme. How they mate is even more extreme.  

What's hiding in the dark depths of the ocean? Some weird mating habits, that's what.

2017-08-11 11:15:38

UPS orientation.  

Ever wondered how UPS transforms their employees into peak package deliverers?

2017-08-11 10:20:20

Insights: Dancing On In The Era Of Peak OTT/TV  

One of the more entertaining pastimes in today's online-entertainment business is watching veteranos from the early 2010s adjusting to a much bigger and crazier industry with far more high-end competition and giant audiences. Some of those early Multi-Channel Networks, or MCNs, are now a footnote in some big company's quarterly earnings, if that. But others keep rolling, evolving to survive and thrive in a rapidly transforming and far more diverse industry that considers the term MCN ancien...

2017-08-11 10:02:11

Parents Behind DaddyOFive Charged With 2 Counts Of Child Neglect  

Mike and Heather Martin, the vlogger parents behind the infamous DaddyOFive YouTube channel, who courted controversy earlier this year for prank videos that many felt verged on child abuse -- and who lost custody of two of their five children in the wake of an ensuing media storm -- are now facing criminal charges of child neglect. YouTube news host Philip DeFranco, who helped bring the issue to light on his channel -- and whom the Martins initially blamed for their spate of bad press and legal

2017-08-11 09:46:11

From Bedroom Closet to Recording Booth: The Meteoric Rise Of Rooster Teeth Animation  

At first glance, the nondescript stucco structure in front of me could have been any other office building in Austin, Texas. But if the millions of Rooster Teeth fans around the world knew where this unmarked and (mostly) undisclosed establishment was, it would be their ultimate mecca. Why? Because hidden behind its doors are the staff, projects, and secrets of the digital production company's entire animation department. As I approach the building and see Rooster Teeth's public relations m...

2017-08-11 09:26:23

Firemen get unexpected help from a four-legged friend.  

Somebody needs to make this pooch an honorary firefighter.

2017-08-11 08:55:32

Go90's Latest Longform Docu-Series Goes Inside Niche American Subcultures  

Much of the original programming available through Verizon's Go90 is bite-sized in nature, but the platform's latest offering takes time to delve into the subjects at hand. The show is called American Down Low, and it is an examination of the many niche subcultures that can be found all across America. Each episode of American Down Low finds a new community and profiles the major figures who are part of it. The first episode, for example, travels to a secret North Carolina farm where MMA fighte

2017-08-11 06:35:16

Whistle Sports Hires An AwesomenessTV Exec As Its First Chief Revenue Officer  

Whistle Sports has added a new C-level executive to its team. The sports video network has made Paul Kelly, the former chief partnerships officer at AwesomenessTV, its first ever Chief Revenue Officer. In his new role, Kelly will seek out new partners for three-year-old Whistle. As part of his responsibilities, he'll look to recruit agencies and brands to contribute to the growing library of sponsored content Whistle has created so far. Among other projects, the sports-themed digital network ...

2017-08-11 06:25:25

It Doesn't Look Like Spectacles Will Be Able To Save Snapchat  

When Snapchat announced its first wearable product, Spectacles, back in September 2016, it made a bold attempt to right the wrongs of Google's nerdy, uncool Glass product by rolling out a hip and cool sunglasses accessory that could take pictures for your Snap story. A limited rollout began two months later, with each pair of camera-equipped Spectacles retailing for $130. Less than a year later, Spectacles don't seem as if they'll become the must-have gadget Snapchat hoped they would be. In its

2017-08-11 04:24:21

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