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How to Make Butter Cookies  

Butter cookies—also known as Dutch biscuits—are delicious, crispy cookies that are quick and easy to make. Even better, the recipe only uses pantry staples! Use a cookie press to turn the dough into beautiful shapes or roll the dough into a log and cut classic circles. Enjoy these yummy cookies yourself or gift them to a loved one.

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2019-01-22 01:22:22

How to Embroider  

The art of sewing fancy stitches in fabric to create designs and pictures is as varied and fun today as it has been for centuries. You too can get started on your own journey into the world of thread and needle. Gather some special tools and materials to embroider. Then, learn a few basic embroidery stitches and decide what you want to embroider onto your fabric. Try embroidering something for yourself, to sell online, or as a gift for someone special!

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2019-01-21 07:39:15

How to Get Newborns to Sleep  

Caring for a newborn is hard work, especially if you are having trouble getting your newborn to sleep and you are not getting enough sleep as a result. You may be wondering how to get your newborn to sleep in a more regular or predictable pattern. Fortunately, there are things you can do to ensure your baby's comfort, safety, and readiness for sleep.

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2019-01-21 04:31:49

How to Help Reduce Racism  

Racism is a touchy subject for many of us. Most people have experienced it, talked about it, or at least thought about it. However, people often feel powerless when it comes to reducing racism. Luckily,there are many things you can do to help reduce racism in your personal life and in your community.

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2019-01-21 02:05:35

How to Make a Rabbit Cage  

There are many different ways you can build your own rabbit cage, ranging from simple and cheap to complicated and expensive. If you're building your first ever rabbit cage, your best bet is a simple screened box with an open bottom for you to access the rabbits from. This cage design is easy to build using common hand tools and a few materials you can purchase from your local hardware store. You can use this cage inside your home or outdoors. If you choose to use it inside, you may want to la...

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2019-01-20 17:49:38

How to Buy a Used Car  

Purchasing a used car doesn't have to be like walking through a minefield. It can be challenging, but if you do your research and due diligence, you can feel confident that you're making a good purchase. In fact, getting a new-to-you car is exciting! It's important to have an expert look at the car before you buy it, and always read the fine print on your contract before signing it.

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2019-01-20 07:34:12

How to Save a Parking Spot on Google Maps on iPhone or iPad  

Do you always forget where you parked? Google Maps has you covered. The Google Maps app offers a way to remind yourself where you parked.

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2019-01-20 02:08:23

How to Clean a Daith Piercing  

A daith piercing passes through the ear's innermost cartilage fold, and is an interesting form of body art. Like other cartilage piercings, it's particularly prone to infection. However, taking good care of your new daith piercing can help ensure it heals properly. Clean it twice a day with saline solution, and don't touch the area except when you're cleaning it. Healing can take 6 months. During that time, leave the earring in place, and avoid exposing the area to sources of infection.

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2019-01-19 06:45:54

How to Wear a Buff  

The Buff is a super versatile, scarf-like piece of fabric, used most often by people who love outdoor activities, like biking, hiking, and camping. It wicks away sweat, protects your skin from the wind and sun, and keeps you warm. There are many different ways to wear the Buff, from a simple headband to a head-encompassing balaclava. And don't forget to check out the different types of Buffs that are available, like ones with extra UV protection or made with windproof materials.

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2019-01-19 04:11:31

How to Drink White Wine  

Drinking white wine is a rich, flavorful experience. The different types of white wines have widely divergent flavor profiles that are delicious on their own or paired with different foods. This all may sound a little intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of the different white wine types, how best to serve and taste them, and what foods go best with each type, drinking white wine will become a much more rewarding experience for you!

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2019-01-19 03:07:01

How to Drink Green Coffee  

You're probably aware that green tea has antioxidants, but did you know that green coffee does, too? Unroasted coffee beans that are still green contain antioxidants and chlorogenic acid that's been linked to weight loss. To try these benefits for yourself, steep your own green coffee extract or take a powdered green coffee supplement. Remember to talk with your doctor before adding green coffee to your diet, especially if you're on medication.

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2019-01-18 20:19:34

How to Forward Mail  

If you're moving, going away for a short amount of time, accidentally received the wrong mail, or want to share an email, forwarding will help everything get to the correct location. Forwarding mail from the post office is an easy process that only requires filling out a form. Email forwarding can be set up with just the click of a button. No matter what kind of mail you need to forward, you can easily make sure it gets to its proper destination!

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2019-01-18 06:37:37

How to Make High Ponytail with No Bumps  

High ponytails are popular, and for good reason: they are fun, flirty, and chic. You can wear them sleek and smooth or curly and voluminous. Unfortunately, when you pull your hair up so high, you may get some bumps on the top, sides, and back of your head. Luckily, there's a trick to getting rid of those bumps: creating a stacked ponytail.

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2019-01-18 03:11:21

How to Prune a Quince Tree  

While many people think of the quince fruit as old-fashioned, interest in this low-maintenance tree has been growing. The hardy quince grows well in nearly any temperate zone, including North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. While a quince tree requires a bit more attention in its first few years to train it into the right shape, once established, the tree requires relatively little attention and can live for 50 years or longer.

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2019-01-17 04:31:36

How to Grill Shrimp  

Shrimp are delicious when properly cooked on the grill. Before you cook shrimp, you should thoroughly clean them. Once they are clean, you can season them with spices or prepare a marinade to inject extra flavor. Finally, you can cook the shrimp on skewers or use tin foil to make the shrimp on your grill.

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2019-01-17 01:24:42

How to Reduce Gum Pockets Naturally  

Gum pockets are a dental problem that is serious but not the end of the world. If you have gum pockets, it simply means that you have gum disease, which is called periodontitis, that needs to be treated. In most cases, it can be treated in a variety of natural ways, including by practicing good oral hygiene, using home remedies, and making lifestyle changes. Using these techniques combined with professional dental care will reduce your gum pockets and improve your oral health in no time.

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2019-01-17 01:22:42

How to Become an NYPD Detective  

If you are an NYC resident with a passion for preventing and investigating crime, a career with the NYPD may be right for you. The NYPD takes pride in the highly trained and specialized members of its Detective Bureau. The decision to promote an officer to the rank of Detective is largely based on the officer's merit and experience, and the discretion of their commanding officers. You may be able to attain your goal of becoming an NYPD Detective if you meet the NYPD's requirements for becomi...

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2019-01-16 17:17:58

How to Motivate Yourself to Go to the Gym  

A gym membership is a great way to give yourself access to high-quality fitness equipment, classes, and trainers. However, many people who have gym memberships do not use them regularly. If you are trying to motivate yourself to go to the gym more often, there are several strategies you can try, such as rewarding yourself, connecting with people at your gym, and keeping your gym bag somewhere convenient.

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2019-01-16 08:37:20

How to Grow Duckweed  

Duckweed is an aquatic plant that is commonly found in lakes, forming what seems to be a green blanket over the water. Easily grown, it is a natural food for many animals and keeps mosquitoes from breeding on the water. If you would like to grow some for a science project, animal feed, or for fun, you can grow it indoors or outside in a pond.

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2019-01-16 02:33:38

How to Cut Curly Hair in Layers  

Adding layers to curly hair can make your hairdo springier and more vibrant. Cutting them yourself can save you a lot of money, but giving yourself a haircut can be intimidating. It's not that hard, though, if you start with the right tools. Remember to cut curly hair while it's dry so you can see the shape of your haircut as you go. Work slowly in sections to add layers that completely transform your look!

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2019-01-15 04:17:48

How to Become a Sports Analyst  

You've seen them on TV and heard them on the radio, providing color commentary, reciting dizzying statistics by memory, narrating the play-by-play of the big game. Sports analysts play a very important role in presenting and explaining sports to modern audiences. As specialized journalists, sportscasters concern themselves with providing factual information, covering press for sporting events and interpreting the action for viewers. Becoming a sports analyst isn't easy, but with the right ex...

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2019-01-15 04:05:33

How to Make an Origami Owl  

Making an origami owl is a fun paper craft that anyone can do, no matter your level of paper-folding skills. If you're a beginner, start with the simple origami owl that only requires a few basic folds. If you want something more advanced, try the more difficult owl that involves creating a bird base and then twisting the wings. Good luck!

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2019-01-15 03:30:26

How to Make a Chocolate Souffle  

A chocolate souffle is a delicious dessert perfect to make for the people you love. A Valentine's Day classic, the souffle has a reputation for being very difficult to make and very easy to mess up. However, by using high-quality chocolate, whipping a lot of air into your eggs, and cooking them properly, you can make a perfect chocolate souffle for any occasion.

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2019-01-14 06:12:37

How to Draw With Oil Pastels  

Drawing with oil pastels is a fun activity that combines the characteristics of wax crayons and pastels. And while the end result can be beautiful, oil pastels are a bit more difficult to use and blend than standard types. Of course, with the right materials, proper technique, and a bit of effort, you can learn how to create your own beautiful oil pastel paintings.

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2019-01-14 04:17:30

How to Clean a Bamboo Cutting Board  

A bamboo cutting board is stronger, more durable, and more hygienic than a wooden cutting board. They also look great and are a more sustainable material than wood. They do, however, require special care and maintenance in order to prevent them from being damaged. You will need to wash your bamboo cutting board quickly and carefully so that it does not warp or crack. If your bamboo cutting board gets stained or starts to smell, there are easy, natural ways to restore it. To keep your bamboo cutt

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2019-01-14 02:19:23

How to Make Root Beer  

A seasonal treat to keep you perky during all your autumnal activities, homemade root beer is easy to make with the right supplies. On a stove, you can make the drink base yourself with ingredients, and ferment it with yeast and molasses for flavor. Alternatively, you can use a store-bought root beer extract to mix with water and sugar, and allow it to cool down with dry ice.

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2019-01-13 13:33:55

How to Dye Fabric with Beets  

There is a certain beauty to natural dyes that you just can't get with regular fabric dyes. Although the results aren't quite as color-fast as store-bought dyes, they are gorgeous in their own way. The process is simple, and once you know how to do it with beets, you can try using other natural products, such as red cabbage or turmeric.

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2019-01-13 05:19:22

How to Become an Extra in a Movie  

What do Clint Eastwood, Brad Pitt, and Marilyn Monroe all have in common, besides the fact that they're all super successful actors? They all started their acting careers as extras. If you hope to follow in their footsteps or if you simply think hanging out on a movie set while making a little money would be fun, consider becoming an extra. Put together a portfolio, search for local casting calls, then break a leg on the big screen!

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2019-01-13 03:35:43

How to Make a Flower Press  

Pressed flowers can be a beautiful addition to scrapbook pages or handmade cards. You can press flowers between the pages of a book, but stacks of books can be cumbersome and flowers are disturbed each time you add new ones. Instead, try making your own flower press out of wood, bolts, and cardboard to create beautiful pressed flowers you can enjoy for years to come.

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2019-01-12 15:09:30

How to Ride a Dirt Bike  

If you like the feeling of wind rushing by you at high speeds, dirt biking may be for you. Riding a dirt bike can be an amazing adrenaline rush once you suit up with the proper safety gear. You will need to learn the main parts of the bike and how to sit on it properly in order to control it. Once you know how to ride, you can tackle all sorts of tracks and trails safely.

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2019-01-12 12:20:46

How to Train Ducks  

It may come as a surprise, but ducks are actually quite trainable. With the right motivation and a little patience, you can teach your pet ducks to free range and return to their pens on their own, become comfortable being petted and held, and even respond to their names. The key is to get them used to certain conditioning techniques little by little until they begin adapting to them.

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2019-01-12 04:24:45

How to Find Cat Urine With a UV Light  

The smell of cat urine is strong and unpleasant, but the stains can sometimes be hard to find! Luckily, you don't have to rely on your nose alone to help you find the source of the odor. Instead, try using a UV light, also known as a black light. If you shine the light in a dark room, cat urine will glow yellow or green, making it easy to see exactly where you need to clean. Once you find the spot, neutralize the urine with an enzyme cleaner!

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2019-01-11 05:12:50

How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard  

If you don't clean it regularly, your laptop keyboard can get pretty grimy over time. Oils from your fingers can create a residue on the tops of the keys, and crumbs, dust, and pet hair can build up in the crevices on the keyboard. If you're concerned about the cleanliness of your keyboard, don't worry! It's easy to clean it out yourself. There are even steps you can take to minimize the damage if you spill a drink on your keyboard!

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2019-01-11 02:49:50

How to Grow Tulips in Pots  

Tulips make for a beautiful indoor or outdoor potted plant that can bloom yearly if planted and cared for correctly. To grow tulips in pots, you'll need the right pot, soil, and approach. Because tulips need to be dormant for 12-16 weeks before they can bloom, you'll need to expose them to cool temperatures to replicate the weather in the fall. If done properly, your tulips will bloom in the spring or summer and can make a beautiful addition to your decor.

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2019-01-11 02:12:07

How to Make Apple Juice  

If you have an abundance of apples and are looking for ways to use them up, make apple juice. Cut ripe apples and cook them with water on the stove until they're soft. Then strain this mixture through a sieve to remove the juice. To make a smaller batch, blend raw apples with a little water and then strain the puree to get fresh apple juice.

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2019-01-10 16:03:55

How to Build a Memory Palace  

One of the most useful memory aids was created thousands of years ago by the ancient Greeks. And the memory palace, a place in your mind where you can store information that you need to remember, is still relevant today. It's used not only by world record-holding memory champions but also by famous detective Sherlock Holmes. With a little planning and practice, you can build a memory palace, too.

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2019-01-10 12:53:40

How to Wear Wireless Earbuds  

Wireless earbuds boast a couple of advantages over traditional earbuds. Since the earbuds connect via Bluetooth, they don't have the long, cumbersome wires that typically end up getting tangled in your pocket. Wireless earbuds can also connect to a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices, including your smartphone and tablet. Try out a few different types of wireless earbuds until you find one that fits your ears well.

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2019-01-10 04:04:24

How to Glaze a Ham  

A glazed ham is an impressive main course for any festive occasion. It's easy to make, and a few tricks can guarantee moist, tender meat and a flavorful, gleaming glaze. Prepare the glaze while the ham's in the oven, and brush it on when the ham is nearly done. Continue to bake the ham for around 15 minutes, or until the glaze is crispy and caramelized. For best results, use a meat thermometer to track the internal temperature and cook your ham to perfection.

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2019-01-09 18:48:22

How to Improve Student Behavior in the Classroom  

Oftentimes, students will misbehave when they are not engaged or not motivated. By using positive reinforcements, you can redirect students' misbehavior. Try praising positive behavior, teaching politeness, offering rewards, and encouraging your students. Another way to improve student behavior is restructuring the way you teach. Do this by rearranging your classroom, giving hands-on assignments, showing a daily agenda, and giving students breaks.

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2019-01-09 06:08:18

How to Treat Shoulder Tendonitis  

Shoulder tendonitis is painful, frustrating, and interferes with basic daily activities. Fortunately, there ways to manage it. Since it's caused by repetitive motions, try to keep your shoulder still. To relieve pain and inflammation, apply ice and take over-the-counter medication. Stretching can help improve mobility, but you should consult your doctor first to prevent further injury. If your pain persists or worsens, ask your doctor about seeing a physical therapist, getting a cortisone shot,

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2019-01-09 01:36:52

How to Knit Socks  

Knitting socks can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be! You can knit socks on a loom even if you have never knit before. If you are a little more experienced, then you can try knitting socks on a pair of straight needles. Or, if you have even more experience and want to create socks in the round, then use a pair of circular knitting needles!

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2019-01-08 13:10:01

How to Cook a Top Round Roast  

A top round roast is a relatively lean section of meat taken from the inside of a cow's hind leg. Despite being an inexpensive slice of meat, it is lean and very flavorful. Like its name suggests, roasting is the most common way to cook a top round roast, although it can be incorporated into stews. Once the meat reaches the desired temperature, it can be eaten right away or even used as deli-style roast beef.

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2019-01-08 04:47:04

How to Create a Career Portfolio  

Your resume may have gotten you an interview, but once in the interview, you want to make sure you really stand out. A career portfolio provides you an opportunity to showcase your achievements and samples of your work product to give potential employers a better idea of what you bring to the table. While it may take you a little time and effort to prepare your portfolio, that work could pay off if your portfolio helps you land the job of your dreams.

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2019-01-08 02:57:04

How to Learn Basic Ballet Moves  

Ballet is an art that helps you express yourself through movement. It's also a technical form of dance that builds on the basics. If you're interested in ballet, start by learning the 5 basic foot and arm positions. After those, you can progress onto moves like plie and releve. Take a beginner's class to make sure you're learning good form and technique, and practice at home so that you can master the basics.

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2019-01-07 09:04:56

How to Read Between the Lines  

Reading between the lines, or interpreting the hidden meanings of what people say, is a skill that you can learn. While you may not always be able to figure out exactly what someone might have meant, you can get a good idea. Make sure to look at the big picture when reading between the lines. Pay attention to their words, their body language, and the situation.

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2019-01-07 04:38:34

How to Hide Your Diary  

A diary is where you keep all of your deepest, darkest secrets so it needs to be hidden where no one else can find it. If you're keeping your diary at home, hide it in creative spots where no one would think to look. If you plan to take it to school, try disguising it as a book. You can also keep a diary on your computer if you want to protect it with a password. Just remember to play it cool if someone sees your diary so you don't make them suspicious. It's for your eyes only, after all.

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2019-01-07 01:22:37

How to Make Candied Ginger  

Candied or crystallized ginger is a delicious treat that is very easy to make at home. Peel and slice the ginger root before cooking it until it's tender. Then crystallize the ginger in sugar in a saucepan and coat each piece in more sugar. You can store the candied ginger for up to 3 months in an airtight container, which means that you will always have a sweet snack at hand!

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2019-01-07 01:19:20

How to Drink Whiskey  

Whiskey is a type of alcoholic beverage distilled from grain mash or malt and aged in wooden barrels. Whiskey drinkers appreciate whiskey for its variety of flavors, which can range from light and fruity to rich and smoky. If you've never tried whiskey before, experiment with different styles, ages, and proofs to discover your favorite. Whether you want to savor your whiskey straight or mix it into a flavorful cocktail, ordering your next whiskey won't be a challenge after you've learned about...

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2019-01-06 12:15:28

How to Clean a Fuel Pump  

Most modern vehicles use sealed, filter-less pumps with screens at the pickup and a filter along the fuel line. These pumps are designed not to need maintenance and will need to be replaced if they fail. If your vehicle has an electric fuel pump, you can use a fuel system cleaner to clear any sediment buildup or blockage. If you have a manual one (usually found in older model vehicles), you can actually open the pump to clear debris out of its internal filter, though that isn't an option in mo...

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2019-01-06 08:53:31

How to Repair Damaged Hair  

Is your hair dry and dull? Do you have split ends and frizz? Hair is damaged easily, and it takes time to repair it. The good news is, there are several easy techniques you can use to restore the health of your hair and keep it looking great.

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2019-01-06 03:26:19

How to Roast Vegetables  

There are several easy steps you can take to make your veggies perfectly roasted. Cut your vegetables into equal sizes and coat them in a thin layer of oil and seasoning to bring out their best taste. When you go to roast them in the oven, it's important to note that harder vegetables such as potatoes and carrots will take longer to cook than softer veggies like broccoli and cauliflower. When your vegetables have browned edges and soft centers, they're ready to be eaten!

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2019-01-05 10:25:37

How to Swing a Driver  

A good tee shot is often the lead-in to a good golf score. Being able to swing a driver properly leads to tee shots that land with distance and accuracy on the fairway. Mastering the swing depends on both stance and swing mechanics. Practice your swing as often as possible, then adjust your swing to fix any issues you notice so you can be an ace on the golf course.

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2019-01-05 08:53:40

How to Grow Basil Indoors  

Basil is a popular, fragrant herb with a variety of culinary uses. There are actually over 100 varieties of basil that all have slightly different tastes, from Italian sweet basil to Thai spicy basil. Most basil plants grow easily in outdoor gardens, and with a few minor alterations, you can grow basil indoors without much hassle, as well. Sufficient amounts of sun and water are the key ingredients in getting your basil to thrive no matter where you plant it.

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2019-01-05 01:08:32

How to Improve Your Game in Soccer  

When you play soccer, mental, physical, and technical skills all come into play. If you want to improve your game, it isn't enough to focus on just one of these aspects. The best ball-handling skills won't matter if you're poorly conditioned and get winded just 10 minutes into the game. Likewise, a skillful and well-conditioned player still won't succeed without the right strategy and focus. Create a training program that works on technical skills, soccer strategy, overall fitness, and mental fo

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2019-01-04 16:49:46

How to Use Sugar Scrub  

Dry, flaky, or oily skin is a major bummer. And while you can find a rejuvenating treatment at the spa, you can also score smooth skin in the shower with a sugar scrub. Applying one properly (and frequently) can help exfoliate your body and remove dead skin cells, leaving skin silky soft.

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2019-01-04 06:43:19

How to Identify Original Tiger's Eye Stone  

Tiger's eye is a golden-brown stone renowned for its optical effects under light. When light shines on the stone, it may seem like the bands and colors are moving in a cat-eye effect. This effect, known as chatoyancy, happens because the stone is made up of long fibers, or columns, of quartz interspersed with crocidolite fibers. When trying to identify this stone, look for the physical properties, such as color and luster. Then, hold the rock under a light to check for chatoyancy.

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2019-01-04 01:16:21

How to Spot a Fake Prada Purse  

The devil might wear Prada... but is it real? Despite how popular counterfeiting has become, it doesn't take a professional to determine what's real and what's fake when it comes to purses. Whether you're buying a used Prada tote or simply want to know if your favorite blogger's bag is genuine, look at the logo, hardware, fabric, and other accessories.

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2019-01-03 10:09:21

How to Plant Forget Me Not Seeds  

Both beautiful and easy to care for, forget-me-nots are a popular flower choice for amateur gardeners. The seeds can be planted either in outdoors in your garden or in indoor pots. Properly cared for forget-me-not seeds will mature into stunning blue, pink, or white flowers.

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2019-01-03 05:56:58

How to Make Rice Flour  

Whether you're looking for a gluten-free alternative to regular flour or just want to save money, making your own rice flour at home is a simple solution. Use household appliances that you already own, like a blender for bulk grinding or a coffee grinder for making smaller amounts. If you want to make flour more frequently, consider investing in a grain mill, which is specifically for grinding grains. Now that's flour power!

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2019-01-03 04:08:48

How to Get Rid of Gnats  

Few insects are quite as pesky as gnats. Fortunately, dealing with them is relatively easy. If gnats have been buzzing around your sinks and drains, scrub away grimy deposits in the pipes where they lay their eggs. Traps can cut down the number of adult flies and help you monitor the infestation's severity. Cutting off gnats' food supply is crucial, so store food in sealed containers, wipe up spills, and keep your trash bins covered and clean. With a little diligence, you can turn your home into

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2019-01-02 10:10:22

How to Keep Red Hair Color from Fading  

If you love the way you look as a redhead but you hate how quickly the color fades, you're not alone. Red hair coloring is notoriously the hardest to maintain. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to keep sporting your crimson locks a little longer between touch-ups.

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2019-01-02 07:57:53

How to Work With a Team  

Being a good team player is an essential skill, especially at work and school. When you're working with a team, make sure every voice is heard and work together toward common goals. Additionally, create compromise to resolve conflicts that arise. Don't worry if you struggle with teamwork. You can improve your skills as a team player. It's also possible to prove you can work independently while working on a team.

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2019-01-02 01:42:57

How to Play Jeopardy with Alexa  

This wikiHow teaches you how to play Jeopardy! on an Alexa-enabled device such as the Echo or Echo Dot. If you hope to make it on the show yourself one day, putting yourself on-the-spot to answer questions within the short time limit isn't a bad way to practice! Simply enable the Alexa skill and you can answer regularly updated Jeopardy! questions each weekday. There are also versions for Teen and Sports Jeopardy which are fun if you want more specialized topics.

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2019-01-01 20:29:36

How to Get Fit in the Gym  

Going to the gym is a great way to get in shape, but it can be intimidating if you're just starting out. Even if you're a regular at the gym, you might feel like your routine isn't producing results. Fortunately, getting fit in the gym is more than possible, regardless of your personal fitness goals. The key is to develop effective, safe workout habits and to arrive at the gym prepared and ready to succeed.

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2019-01-01 08:53:38

How to Acquire New Skills  

A large part of achieving both personal and professional success is learning new skills. All skills take time to learn, but you can simplify the process by setting goals and breaking the skill up into smaller steps. Practice every day and hold yourself accountable so you'll be able to add that new skill to your repertoire in no time.

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2018-12-31 16:00:00

How to Start the New Year Fresh  

After you celebrate New Years Eve, it's time to get to work on those New Year's resolutions! If you are looking for a way to start the new year fresh, consider changing your look, tidying up your life, and setting goals and intentions. You can do things like get a haircut, donate unworn clothing, start a workout routine, or perform more random acts of kindness. Whatever approach you prefer, it's great to start the new year feeling refreshed and focused, so you are ready to take on the year ...

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2018-12-31 09:47:42

How to Say Happy New Year  

People all over the world ring in the New Year with gusto and a hope for a fresh start. To commemorate the occasion, it is important to spread the joy and positive vibes by wishing people "Happy New Year." Sometimes, this phrase is said so reflexively that you may not notice just how much the expression can positively affect someone. While there is no fixed way to wish someone well in the coming year, there are different ways you can bring emotion and meaning back into the commonplace greeti...

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2018-12-31 08:00:00

How to Make Mochi Ice Cream  

Mochi ice cream is the perfect, compact dessert to grab and eat on a hot summer day. The traditional Japanese treat involves wrapping your favorite flavor of ice cream with mochi, which is a sweet rice flour dough. You do not have to go all the way to Japan to experience this glorious round dessert. Instead, make it yourself. Grab an ice cream flavor of your choice, rice flour, and a cupcake tin to get started.

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2018-12-31 00:00:00

How to Keep Your Pancreas Healthy  

While it's often overlooked, the pancreas is an important, hardworking organ. It makes enzymes that help digest food and regulate blood sugar levels. The most important steps to keeping your pancreas healthy are to eat healthy, cut alcohol consumption, and avoid tobacco. If you're managing a pancreatic disorder, such as pancreatitis, follow your doctor's dietary guidelines, and take any medication as directed.

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2018-12-30 16:00:00

How to Open a Champagne Bottle  

Opening a champagne bottle is a powerful celebration ritual. The effect is grand, but the act of opening the bottle can be tricky if you haven't done it before. You'll need to twist the bottle, hold the cork, and gently push the cork out of the bottle. Make sure to keep a firm grip on the cork unless you want a champagne shower! Aim for a "sigh," not a "pop."

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2018-12-30 08:00:00

How to Exercise Without Joining a Gym  

For some people, the gym is expensive or inconvenient. Others don't like working out in front of a crowd. No matter your reason for not wanting to go to the gym, there are plenty of exercises you can do at home. Walk, jog, dance, or play sports to get your heart rate up for cardio, and use bodyweight exercises for strength training. Even someone with a busy schedule can find room for exercise without heading to the gym.

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2018-12-30 00:00:00

How to Kiss Someone Who Has Never Been Kissed  

A first kiss between two people is always a big deal. You may feel even more pressure to get it right if it's your partner's first kiss ever. Luckily, there are things you can do to make the situation less intimidating for both of you. By doing your best to put your partner at ease, approaching the kiss slowly, and treating your partner with respect after the kiss, you can help create a great first kiss experience for both of you.

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2018-12-29 16:00:00

How to Make Fruit Salad  

Fruit salad is a classic potluck contribution for a reason. It's easy to mix together a variety of fruits that will make a refreshing, flavorful side or dessert. For a fast fruit salad, mix strawberries, peaches, and berries with a little lemon juice, honey, and vinegar. If you'd like more of a syrupy salad, combine tropical fruits with an easy citrus-honey dressing. To make a creamy fruit salad that makes a light dessert, beat cream cheese with mayonnaise, sugar, and Greek yogurt. Then coat pie

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2018-12-29 08:00:00

How to Help Fidgety Kids Sit Still  

A bit of fidgeting is normal, especially in kids and teenagers. If your child fidgets a lot, you may be wondering how to help them sit calmly and focus. If you notice a certain child fidgeting a lot, here is how to handle it.

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2018-12-29 00:00:00

How to Keep Goggles from Fogging Up  

It can be frustrating to deal with constantly foggy goggles when you're trying to work or swim. Luckily, though, there are some simple ways to get rid of the fog quickly. If you have swim goggles, you can try using saliva as a quick fix or buy an anti-fog spray to get rid of the problem completely. If you have scuba gear, consider burning away the film to keep your goggles from fogging up, and for other protective eyewear, try to select a breathable, anti-fogging design.

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2018-12-28 16:00:00

How to Display Medals  

Whether you've earned a collection of sports, contest, or military medals, you may be interested in sharing your accomplishments with your friends and acquaintances. After all, your medals likely symbolize many hours of hard work and sacrifice and they deserve to have a special place in your home or office! If you have some medals you'd like to display, there are several creative options for showing off your prizes with style.

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2018-12-28 08:00:00

How to Do a Wheelie  

Popping a wheelie is a great way to impress your friends or look cool on a bicycle or motorbike. Although it's one of the easiest tricks to learn, if you don't have your balance right it can be a difficult one to master. By accelerating quickly, pulling up on your handlebars and knowing how to position your weight for balance, you can learn to pull off a wheelie on almost anything with two wheels.

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2018-12-28 00:00:00

How to Drink Earl Grey Tea  

Earl Grey is a type of tea that is enjoyed by tea lovers across the globe. Derived from the Bergamot orange, Earl Grey has light citrus notes that add a unique flavor to the drink. To prepare and drink your own cup of Earl Grey, you'll have to steep the tea leaves in hot water for 3-5 minutes. From there, you can add different things like lemon or sugar to the tea to enhance its flavor. For a special treat, you can steam milk and add vanilla to create an Earl Grey latte.

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2018-12-27 16:00:00

How to Add a Skill to Alexa  

This wikiHow teaches you how to add Alexa skills to an Amazon Echo device using voice commands, the Alexa app, or the website. Alexa skills are like voice apps that add more features to Alexa's voice commands. Whenever you add a skill, it will be available on all of your Alexa devices, not just the one you enabled it on.

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2018-12-27 08:00:00

How to Replace a Bicycle Tire  

Having a flat bicycle tire can leave you stranded, but it's simple to replace the tire yourself. Usually, this just means replacing the tube inside the tire. However, you may need a new tire if it's very damaged or worn. Before you replace the tire, you'll need to take it off. Then, replace the tube and tire, if necessary. Finally, put the tire back onto the wheel.

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2018-12-27 00:00:00

How to Boost Microphone Volume on iPhone or iPad  

This wikiHow teaches you what to do when one of your iPhone or iPad's microphones isn't working properly. Though there's no way to directly raise the microphone's volume, issues of quiet or muffled phones calls and recordings can usually be resolved with a few quick troubleshooting steps. If you're having trouble hearing audio, phone calls, or alert tones, see How to Increase the Volume on your iPhone.

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2018-12-26 16:00:00

How to Set Up a Guitar  

Sometimes a new guitar needs to be set up to achieve a smooth sound. If you notice that your strings are difficult to hold down or buzz while you play, you'll need to change the action and intonation of the guitar. To do this, you can adjust different parts of the guitar like the truss rod, bridge, and pickups to alter string height, length, and how much the neck bows. This should eliminate any unwanted buzzing or feedback and make the guitar easier to play.

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2018-12-26 00:00:00

How to Use Airpods As Hearing Aids  

This wikiHow teaches you how to use your Apple AirPods as a hearing assistant by enabling Live Listening. Live Listening removes the extra background noise from the sounds closest to your iPhone or iPad's microphone, delivering only the speaker's voice through to your AirPods. You'll need iOS 12 or later to use Live Listening.

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2018-12-25 08:00:00

How to Track Santa's Flight Path  

Santa Claus is a busy man on Christmas Eve since he needs to deliver presents to the whole world! If you're wondering where he is or when he's going to deliver presents to you, you can track Santa online! Whether you use Google or NORAD's Santa Tracker, you'll be able to find out when he's going to leave presents under your tree!

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2018-12-25 00:00:00

How to Play What Are the Odds  

What Are the Odds, or Odds Are, is a simple game where you dare another player to do a ridiculous task. One player asks another how likely they are to complete a dare, and then the second player picks a number between 2 and 100 as a limit for a number range. Both players then choose a number within the range. If you say the same number, the person who was dared must follow through with it! Have a fun night playing the game with friends, but don't do anything that will get you hurt.

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2018-12-24 16:00:00

How to Draw With Charcoal  

Drawing with charcoal is a popular medium that can create amazing works of art that are dimensional and versatile. Whether you are new to the world of art or exploring other mediums, drawing with charcoal can take some time to get the hang of, but can end up helping you master other art forms. It's as easy as selecting your materials, learning how to hold the charcoal, and creating your drawing.

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2018-12-24 08:00:00

How to Prepare a Baby Nursery for a Newborn Baby's Arrival  

If you're expecting a baby, setting up the nursery is a fun way to help you prepare your home for your new arrival. To get your nursery ready, you'll need to clean the room thoroughly, set up your furniture, then decorate and organize the room. Whether you opt for a classic, cozy feel or you'd prefer an on-trend theme for the nursery, with a little planning, you can create a safe, welcoming space for your family's new addition!

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2018-12-24 00:00:00

How to Fix Deep Scratches in Wood  

If your wood furniture has a deep scratch or an unsightly gouge, repair it by filling it in. Wax filler sticks are the most inexpensive option and work best on narrow scratches. Wax filler putty is a better option for covering and blending wider gouges. Another option to try is wax-based paint, which is a creative way to mask scratches in inconspicuous spots. After blending the filler material and sanding it down, you may even forget where the wood had a scratch.

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2018-12-23 16:00:00

How to Play Dodgeball  

Dodgeball is a fun, fast-paced game that is popular among kids and adults! You just need players, a ball, and a court to play on, so it is easy to get a game going. Try playing dodgeball following the standard rules if you want to play on a rectangular court. Or, play dodgeball on a circular court for a fun variation on the game. For a chaotic twist, try playing survivor dodgeball with a large group of people and see who will be the last player standing!

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2018-12-23 08:00:00

How to Clean Contact Lenses  

Contact lenses are a convenient way to correct your vision without having to wear glasses. When you wear contact lenses, it's easy to forget that they're medical devices that must be treated with care. It's important that you clean your lenses after each wear, as well as any time they fall out or become dirty. Whether you're wearing disposable or rigid contacts, you'll need to remove, rub, and store your contacts properly, as well as follow precautions to keep them clean.

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2018-12-23 00:00:00

How to Become a Justice of the Peace  

A justice of the peace is a low-level judicial officer who is endowed with the authority to perform a variety of minor legal tasks. In most places, becoming a justice of the peace is a surprisingly simple process. To qualify for the position, show proof that you're a resident of the state or territory you plan to work in and gain at least a basic knowledge of civil law. Once that's done, submit a formal application for the position and wait to be approved by a committee.

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2018-12-22 16:00:00

How to Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder  

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) occurs when a person experiences depressive symptoms during specific times of the year, usually in the winter months. Symptoms typically begin in the fall when daylight decreases, and subsides in the spring with the return of longer days. People with SAD experience depressive symptoms, including difficulty sleeping, sadness, low energy levels, irritability, and an inability to concentrate. Because SAD is associated with low light levels that occur during the win

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2018-12-22 08:00:00

How to Get Rid of Deer  

Bambi isn't so cute when he's munching on the plants in your garden. Deer are notorious for damaging trees, shrubs, and other plants, and they especially love the well-fertilized and lush growth of gardens and landscaping beds in most developed areas. By using a combination of strategies, including loud noises and smelly scents, you can get rid of those cute but pesky whitetails and even prevent them from coming back.

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2018-12-22 00:00:00

How to Care for Your Pool While It Snows  

Freezing water could spell danger to your home swimming pool in more ways than one. Closing your pool properly during the winter can save you a lot of work when the time comes to open the swimming pool for the summer.

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2018-12-21 16:00:00

How to Make a Santa Hat  

Making your own Santa hat is easy and it'll be a lot nicer in quality than the ones sold by the dollar store. The most traditional hat is made out of velvet or faux fur, but you can make simpler ones out of paper. You can even make a mini Santa hat headband!

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2018-12-21 08:00:00

How to Train Chickens to Return to Their Coop  

Training your chickens to return to their coop is a great way to protect your chickens from predators. Chickens that have established the coop as their home will return to it naturally each evening. You can also train your chickens to return to the coop when you call them in case you spot a daytime predator or need to clean their area of the yard. Chickens do not learn as quickly or as easily as dogs do, but with a little patience you will find that training chickens to return to their coop i

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2018-12-21 00:00:00

How to Accept Your Partner's Past  

While it's not always easy, accepting your partner's past is part of any relationship. Whether you're hung up on their past relationships or concerned about mistakes they've made, try to remain objective. Remember that everyone has baggage, and you can't erase the past. Aside from major red flags, like cheating on all of their exes or a history of violence, give them the benefit of the doubt. Focus on how your partner treats you in the present, and work on developing a trusting relatio...

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2018-12-20 16:00:00

How to Treat the Flu  

Influenza, more commonly known as the flu, is a viral infection that mainly attacks the respiratory system (your nose, sinuses, throat, and lungs). Although in most people the illness may last only a week or two, the flu can be very dangerous, especially for children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems or chronic medical conditions. Getting a flu vaccine every year is the best way to prevent getting the flu, but if you are sick, you will learn how to treat your symptoms.

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2018-12-20 08:00:00

How to Organize a Kitchen  

A disorganized kitchen can be a big headache! Being able to quickly and easily find the items you need can save you time and unnecessary stress. Before you start organizing your kitchen, sort your belongings according to use. Next, arrange your countertops and organize your cabinets and drawers. Finally, you can create extra storage space if you need it.

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2018-12-20 00:00:00

How to Lower High Blood Pressure Without Using Medication  

High blood pressure is a common medical condition. Depending on the level of your blood pressure, you may need to take medication to get it under control. Once high blood pressure (HBP) is under control with medication, you can try using lifestyle techniques to lower your blood pressure and reduce your need for the medication. Using techniques like changes to your diet and lifestyle in combination with medication will help you manage your condition and stay healthy.

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2018-12-19 16:00:00

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