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Recipe: Classic Slow Cooker Margarita Fajitas — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Nothing beats a classic. In this recipe, I've used all the flavors of a margarita to kick up fajitas. Tequila, orange juice, and plenty of lime juice create juicy, tender steak — and when topped with avocado slices and a hefty sprinkle of salt, these fajitas become the perfect fiesta fare. READ MORE »

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2018-07-16 12:56:59

The Best Prime Day Deals on Cookware, Kitchen Tools, and Gadgets  

Amazon's annual Prime Day is here—and with it comes a dizzying amount of deals. Which is why we're here to help you sort, filter, and score some great discounts on our favorite kitchen essentials. Read More

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2018-07-16 12:20:05

Beyond Amazon Prime Day: The Best Shopping Deals You Don't Need a Membership For — Prime Time  

Amazon Prime Day has turned mid-July into a shopping holiday to rival Black Friday. So, naturally, other retailers have started creating their own sales in attempts to compete with Amazon. Of course, we don't mind because that just means more savings for us! Here are some of our favorite non-Amazon sales happening now across the internet. READ MORE »

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2018-07-16 10:36:55

New 'Stranger Things' Teaser Faithfully Recreates an '80s Mall Food Court  

The hit Netflix show just dropped a Season 3 teaser, complete with Scoops Ahoy and Orange Julius Netflix's smash hit Stranger Things just unleashed a Season 3 teaser, and the clip takes a decided turn away from the nostalgic sci-fi creep of the show's first two seasons: The clever promo reveals little about the show's central mystery but does announce that its fictional setting of Hawkins, Indiana, is "taking another step into the future" — with the opening of a spl...

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2018-07-16 10:24:27

The Frozen Foods Kitchn Editors Always Buy at Trader Joe's — Shopping  

We've already talked about how all of us are more likely to buy frozen groceries at Trader Joe's than most other supermarkets (it has to do with the fact that TJ's stores don't have doors blocking the freezer case!). We've also already acknowledged (again and again) that the amount of groceries at Trader Joe's can be overwhelming. So, if you're a freezer-section holdout — or you're just curious — here are the Trader Joe's frozen products Kitchn editors always have on hand. READ MOR...

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2018-07-16 09:35:57

Chick-fil-A's First Hawai'i Location Will Bring Pious Chicken Sandwiches to the Central Pacific  

Plus, Dunkin and Boston-based Harpoon Brewery are partnering on a coffee beer, and more food news In its continued quest to take over the world with fried chicken sandwiches and friendly service, Atlanta-based chain Chick-fil-A is headed to paradise. The company is planning its first Hawai'i location for the island of Oahu, per Hawai'i News Now. Details on a potential timeline for opening have not been released. Congratulations to Starbucks, the coffee mega-chain that ha...

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2018-07-16 09:12:02

Starbucks' New No-Straw Policy Isn't as Great as It Sounds — Food News  

Starbucks is trying to make going strawless as trendy as the PSL. And that's a good thing, especially for the environment. (If you haven't seen the video about the harm that plastic straws can cause to sea turtles yet, watch it, and I swear you will vow to never use one again. Also, look that up at your own risk.) But something's fishy about the ubiquitous coffee chain's proposed alternative: bulkier, plastic sippy lids. READ MORE »

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2018-07-16 08:15:31

10 Fresh & Flavorful Ways to Turn Beans into Dinner — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Beans are a year-round staple, in my book. I especially love them in the summer, though, when I can easily pop open a can and turn it into a simple, no-sweat dinner in no time at all. These 10 recipes are light and fresh, but definitely don't skip on flavor. They also help you use up those white beans, black beans, and chickpeas that are tucked away in your pantry. READ MORE »

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2018-07-16 07:57:15

Peruvian Causa Is the Ultimate Potluck Casserole  

Causa is one of Peru's most popular dishes, a cold casserole that's part mashed potatoes, part potato salad, and part mayonnaise-y salad with a meat like tuna or chicken. It'd be the perfect American potluck dish, if American knew what it was. Read More

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2018-07-16 07:45:37

This Is the Only Time One of Our Favorite Lunch Boxes Will Be on Sale — Prime Time  

While we're in the midst of all this Amazon Prime Day stuff, there's another big milestone to think about: back-to-school time! It's practically August now, which means you might as well start having your kid sleep in her first-day-of-school outfit. (Just so she's ready! We're only half kidding.) It also means you have to start thinking about packing lunches again. If last year's lunch box has seen better days or you're just looking to try something new, you might be excited

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2018-07-16 07:41:57

This Is the Only Way to Eat Corn This Summer — Delicious Links  

Kitchn's Delicious Links column highlights recipes we're excited about from the bloggers we love. Follow along every weekday as we post our favorites. One of my favorite summertime traditions is watching my aunt eat her corn off the cob kernel by kernel. (Do you know anyone that eats their corn one kernel at a time?) I always feel like I'm witnessing a sacred ritual in which she savors every last golden nugget. And who can blame her? READ MORE »

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2018-07-16 07:35:19

15 Wine Slushies You Need to Drink Outside This Summer — Recipe Roundup  

Frose (frozen rose) received a lot of attention the last couple years, but that's just the beginning of your frozen boozy adventure. It turns out that you slushy-fy any of your favorite wines. Throw some frozen fruit, your choice of wine, and maybe some ice cubes into a blender, and pour it into an icy glass. It doesn't get much easier than that. Here's a few of our favorites right now. READ MORE »

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2018-07-16 06:33:35

How the Freezer Aisle Can Help You Eat More Healthfully — Tips from The Kitchn  

If the only reason you go down the freezer aisle is to buy ice cream, I'm here to tell you that there's a whole lot of healthy goodness to be found in that chilly aisle. Stock up on it and you can instantly boost the wholesomeness of the meals you're churning out in your kitchen. Here are four ways the freezer aisle can help you eat better. READ MORE »

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2018-07-16 05:56:42

If Cauliflower and Broccolini Had a Baby, This Would Be It — Food News  

"Caulilini" is my new favorite word. I love the way it rolls around on the tongue, and I'm half convinced it would make a cute baby name. Caulilini also happens to be my new favorite vegetable. It's a type of cauliflower that looks like edible baby's breath, or like cauliflower and Broccolini had a baby. It has long, light green stems and sweet blonde open florets on top. It's so pretty you could put it in a vase, and the whole thing is edible, stems and all. READ MORE »

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2018-07-16 04:40:31

We Tried the $16 "Sponge" That's Dividing the Internet — Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn  

I've been known to make some kitchen splurges, but if I'm going to spend more than $1 on something to clean my dishes, it better be worth it. This is my way of saying that I was intrigued when I came across The Laundress' Copper Cleaning Cloth — for $16 (!!!). I love the brand's laundry products and, frankly, I found this to be the prettiest sponge I've ever seen. Could it be beautiful and totally functional? If the answer is yes, I'd be happy to spend a little more money. That'...

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2018-07-16 02:56:18

Beyond the Instant Pot: Amazon Prime Day Includes 30 Percent Off Groceries and Household Essentials — Prime Time  

By now you know that Amazon Prime Day is a good day to get things like vacuum cleaners, small appliances (hopefully the Instant Pot!), and Alexa-enabled devices. This year, the sale also includes a decent amount of groceries and household supplies — especially from Amazon's in-house brands. In fact, for a limited time (while supplies last), you can save 30 percent on coffee, household essentials, snacks, and more across Amazon's top brands. Here's what we suggest you s...

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2018-07-16 02:35:34

Sam's Club, Master of Shade, Adds Polish Dog to Café Menu — Grocery News  

If you like Polish hot dogs and delicious drama, you're going to love what Sam's Club has on the menu. Last week Costco announced that it would be discontinuing its Polish dogs to make room for things like a vegan al pastor salad and an açai bowl. Costco assured everyone that the regular hot dog deal would not be going anywhere, and that only the Polish dog was being eliminated, but still people were furious. Fans started petitions to save the Polish dog and took to Twitter to ve...

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2018-07-16 01:19:28

This Is the Most Popular Whole30 Recipe on Pinterest — Popular on Pinterest  

The whole idea behind the Whole30 program is that a person can reset their eating habits by eliminating potential "trigger foods" for 30 days, then gradually reintroducing them after the month is over and seeing how each affects them. It's a pretty big change for a lot of people, but it's become extremely popular in the last couple of years. The idea of changing one's life by eating whole foods is appealing — and even if it's hard, it's just for 30 days. READ MORE »

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2018-07-15 09:12:13

10 Ways to Save Money on Amazon — Prime Time  

We all love shopping on Amazon. It's convenient and it has literally everything you could ever want, from Fiestaware to formal wear. And the lightning-quick speed in which they deliver is obviously a huge bonus. But if you're not careful, the convenient nature of Amazon can make you a little trigger happy (that one-click shopping feature is dangerous), and you could end up spending a ton of money without even realizing it. So how do you capitalize on Amazon's convenience and

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2018-07-15 07:34:33

Recipe: Bacon Avocado Salad Bowls — Recipes from The Kitchn  

Why are the salads we make ourselves so disappointing? How are they too crisp and too soggy at the same time? It's a mystery, y'all. We live in a world of crunchy vegetables on top of crunchy lettuce with a dressing that makes our lips pucker and think that this is all there is. Let's do better. What you need, my friend, is a Tim Riggins salad. READ MORE »

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2018-07-15 06:08:36

50+ Quick Dinners for Hot Summer Nights — Recipes from The Kitchn  

When the temperatures climb into the triple digits, cooking is the last thing on my mind. But since one can't subsist on watermelon and Popsicles alone, I've armed myself with a roster of quick and easy dinners I know I can pull off — even on the hottest of summer nights. From farmers market salads and grain bowls from the grill, to satisfying sandwiches and shrimp skewers, here are over 50 quick dinners that will save you. READ MORE »

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2018-07-15 03:41:53

These Are the 5 Must-Haves from IKEA's Travel Collection — Shopping  

Swedish mega-store IKEA is more than a great place to snag cheap wine glasses and cube-shaped shelving — the stores also have an ever-changing travel section with some incredible deals on lightweight knapsacks, versatile shoulder bags, and sturdy luggage, to name a few. Most of the prices are steals, and they're even cheaper if you're an IKEA family member. (It's free to join the program, so take advantage if you can.) Here are five of the best items we've seen, ...

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2018-07-15 01:33:36

This Shopping Tip Will Help You Save Money in the Freezer Aisle — Shopping  

I love having frozen veggies on hand. It's an easy way to go an extra day or two before I need to hit the grocery store or turn my leftover lunch into a more substantive meal. Recently, though, I was perusing the frozen veggie aisle at my Harris Teeter, and I noticed something: They have eight kinds of frozen broccoli, and some cost more than twice as much as others. What gives? READ MORE »

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2018-07-14 11:45:17

Chicken Ratatouille Stew  

Easiest ever veggie-packed, slow cooked chicken dish! Throw eggplant, tomato, and zucchini along with chicken and pasta sauce in the crockpot and sit back while it does all the work.

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2018-07-14 10:42:13

Cajun Shrimp Balls  

These Cajun bites are terrific as a fun, fried alternative to cocktail shrimp. They're nice and flavorful and great for dipping in horseradish-spiked cocktail sauce or spicy mayo.

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2018-07-14 09:45:40

12 Restaurants That Nearly Made the Essential California 38  

Seafood tacos, rabbit green curry, porchetta melts, grilled whole snook, and more This post originally appeared in Bill Addison's newsletter "Notes From a Roving Critic," a twice-monthly dispatch from Bill's travels across the country. Browse the archives and subscribe now. This week, Eater published a colossal project: The Essential Guide to Eating California, shepherded by travel editor Lesley Suter. If you've read any of these recent newsletters, you know I spen...

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2018-07-14 09:12:02

Next Week's Meal Plan: 5 No-Cook Dinners for When It's Too Hot to Cook — Next Week's Meal Plan  

Mid-July can only mean one thing: It's hot, hot, hot almost everywhere. We've seen about 100-degree temperatures at home and are headed to a family vacation in sticky-hot Georgia. As you can imagine, this week's meal plan is all about keeping cool in the kitchen. Dinners will be all about assembly rather than cooking, and we will be eating cold oats, yogurt, and smoothies for breakfasts and lunch. Here's a week of no-sweat dinners when it is honestly just too damn hot to cook.

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2018-07-14 07:37:39

Help! How Do I Stop Letting My Toddler Dictate My Self Esteem Through Food? — You're a Parent Now  

"What did you make for dinner?" "Whole-wheat spaghetti with chicken meatballs and Parm." "Did he eat?" "Yeah, three bites of frozen waffle and one strawberry. How about yours?" "Gagged her way through one yogurt pouch then threw the homemade mac and cheese on the floor." READ MORE »

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2018-07-14 06:09:27

Recipe: Spinach and Blue Cheese Burger — Recipes from The Kitchn  

When we hear the word "cheeseburger," a juicy beef patty with melty American or Cheddar cheese typically comes to mind. But with the incredible variety of cheeses available at the supermarket, why limit ourselves to the classics? This smart recipe takes advantage of Roquefort, a sheep's milk cheese from the south of France — and the results are mouthwatering. READ MORE »

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2018-07-14 02:52:54

I Quit Being a Vegetarian for a Trip to France — Bastille Day  

It started with a tweet. Kate Hill, who ran Kitchen at Camont in Gascony, was taking applicants for a culinary writing residency at her 300-year-old farmhouse retreat in rural southwest France. She wanted someone to come stay in a little blue room, join in Camp Confit, and write their heart out. Sitting in my dim, windowless office where I worked on websites all day, something clicked in my mind. I had to do this. The only problem was that I was a vegetarian. I'd slashed m

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2018-07-13 18:58:23

10 Tex-Mex Breakfast Recipes That You Will Love — Recipes from The Kitchn  

The next time you're in a breakfast rut, I've got the most delicious way to pull you out. It starts with tortillas and involves giving your morning meal some Tex-Mex flair. Breakfast burritos and tacos are always a good place to start (and my personal favorite!), but that's just the beginning. Get inspired with these 10 hearty and comforting Tex-Mex breakfast favorites. READ MORE »

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2018-07-13 17:40:01

Match the Instant Pot Recipe with the "Jurassic World" Dinosaur That Would Eat It — Summer Blockbusters  

Things aren't going so great for the heroes of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Not only have terrifying new breeds of dinosaurs taken over Isla Nublar, but all of the creatures must be removed from the island, thanks to a massive volcano that's about to erupt. Add to this some bad guys threatening the entire planet, and Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) have their work cut out for them. (And, hopefully, workers' comp.) READ MORE »

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2018-07-13 15:43:33

Take a Culinary Journey Through the Heart of America on 'No Passport Required'  

Plus, a travel show, a cooking competition, and more TV recommendations for the weekend This post originally appeared on July 13, 2018, in "Eat, Drink, Watch" — the weekly newsletter for people who want to order takeout and watch TV. Browse the archives and subscribe now. Welcome back to Friday. It's time to start thinking about what you're going to watch this weekend, and thankfully, there's a lot of good stuff out there, including a new culinary travel show tha...

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2018-07-13 15:40:43

McDonald's Pulls Salads From 3,000 Locations After Midwest Food Poisoning Outbreak  

Cases involving an intestinal parasite emerged in Illinois and Iowa Dozens of people appear to have contracted an intestinal parasite after eating McDonald's salads in the Midwest in recent weeks, prompting the chain to pull salads from 3,000 locations. According to USA Today, since mid-May, 20 people became ill after eating salads in Illinois, alongside another 15 who ate salads in late June or early July in Iowa. Other outlets are reporting as many as 90 cases in Illinois...

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2018-07-13 14:29:41

How IKEA's Plastic Bags Stand Up to Name-Brand Ones — Shopping  

Is there anything IKEA doesn't make? From sleek kitchen utensils to bakeware, the furniture superstore has so much more than, well, furniture. I've known this for years and never get too surprised when I see new stuff from IKEA. (Excited, yes, but never shocked. It's more like: Oh, of course IKEA makes whole-grain rice packets!) And yet I was surprised last year, when I realized that IKEA offers plastic sandwich and freezer bags. What's next? Olive oil and aluminum foil? But we

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2018-07-13 14:27:24

Recipe: Strawberries & Cream French Toast Casserole — Recipes from The Kitchn  

This casserole is filled with everything you love about the classic, custard-soaked French toast from the stovetop, but goes big to feed a crowd and comes with a sweet, summery twist. It gets a double dose of berries, with bursts of warm strawberry jam in the center and glossy macerated berries on top, and melty nuggets of cream cheese scattered throughout. It's sweet and well-balanced, standing firmly in breakfast territory, but should you want to top it with fresh whipped

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2018-07-13 13:50:21

Turn Pineapple Cores Into a Fresh, Fruity, No-Cook Syrup  

Turn pineapple cores and pips into a fresh and flavorful no-cook syrup, perfect for summer cocktails, pineapple-spiked limeade, or a tropical drizzle over your next batch of banana-stuffed French toast. Read More

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2018-07-13 13:00:50

For Better Frozen Vegetables, Skip the Directions on the Package and Do This Instead — Tips from The Kitchn  

We know you've got that bag of frozen peas or cauliflower languishing in the freezer because we do too. Want to make more room for ice cream in your freezer by using up those frozen vegetables regularly? Same! Our very best advice for using up the frozen vegetables is to skip the lengthy directions on the back of the box or bag and try these few shortcuts instead. You'll get the same tasty, nutritious vegetables in less time from the freezer. READ MORE »

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2018-07-13 11:49:36

How To Make the Best Lemon Bars — Baking Lessons from The Kitchn  

Let's just get this out of the way — I really love lemon bars. Sure, I love chocolate chip cookies and a very good brownie as much as the next person, but lemon bars light me up like a little kid; their eye-catching brightness and promise of a sweet pucker always reel me in. This lemon bar is what I consider the ideal, with a buttery shortbread crust that is sturdy but tender enough to bite through and a thick and luscious filling with a balance of sweetness and tangy lemon brightness....

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2018-07-13 11:43:05

'Queer Eye' Season 3 Will Take the Fab Five to Kansas City  

The breakout Netflix hit is giving itself a Midwest makeover Queer Eye is coming back for a third season, Netflix just announced. The streaming platform's feel-good makeover show, a reboot of the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy that aired on Bravo in the mid-aughts, will see the Fab Five relocate from Atlanta to Kansas City, Missouri. The new season will span eight episodes, reports TV Line, and production is scheduled to begin this Monday, July 16. There's no wor...

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2018-07-13 11:02:51

Eggslut Chef Alvin Cailan Opens His First NYC Restaurant  

The Usual serves American comfort food with a twist Alvin Cailan will finally put down restaurant roots in New York City when the Usual opens tonight. The chef, who rose to restaurant world fame with Instagram-worthy egg sandwiches at LA's Eggslut, has been cooking in New York for more than a year now at various pop-ups, but the Usual will be his first permanent restaurant in the city he now calls home. "I don't want to open an LA restaurant in New York. It just doesn...

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2018-07-13 10:44:13

Jen Agg's Newest Restaurant Will Take Over Shuttered Toronto Icon Swan  

Le Swan will serve French and diner classics starting this September Months after announcing an end to her groundbreaking Toronto restaurant the Black Hoof, restaurateur Jen Agg has a new project in the works: She's taking over shuttered Toronto icon Swan. In an Instagram post, Agg calls it a "literal dream space" and declares a "firm September opening." Swan opened in Toronto's Trinity-Bellwoods neighborhood in 1997. It was best known for eggs Benedict brunches s...

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2018-07-13 10:35:21

People Aren't Handling Costco's Decision to Remove the Polish Hot Dog Well — Grocery News  

"I'm never gonna let you close to me/Even though you mean the most to me," Sam Smith sang in his ever-vulnerable tenor. "Cause every time I open up it hurts/So I'm never gonna get too close to you." That song — Too Good at Goodbyes — explains why he tries to maintain some emotional distance in relationships. It also explains how I'll be handling Costco's food court menu from now on, because if they'll pull the venerable Polish Hot Dog from the lineup, then absolutely nothing i...

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2018-07-13 10:31:10

5 Reasons This Kitchen Cabinet Color Will Be Trendy for a Long Time — Paint Project  

Our sister site, Apartment Therapy, has written before about kitchens with green cabinets, and blue cabinets, and black cabinets — and those are all lovely, but this post is dedicated to a particular favorite of mine: gray cabinets. Whether you're looking for a pearl gray or a seal gray or a dark almost-charcoal gray, this color has a timeless allure, and suits practically any space. Here are five reasons why this hue is here to stay. READ MORE »

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2018-07-13 10:25:42

Seven Fast-Food Chains Are Ditching Their 'No-Poach' Employment Contracts  

Plus, Platinum Prince Guy Fieri has a new Food Network show premiering tonight, and more food news to head into the weekend With attorneys general in 11 states looking into fast-food chains' practice of holding workers down with "no-poach" contracts, seven chains have volunteered to do away with this policy, reports CNN Money. The "no-poach" rules prevent workers from moving to different restaurants that are part of the same company, thus keeping wages low by elimin...

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2018-07-13 10:00:05

This Disinfecting Kitchen Light Sounds Too Good to Be True! (But It Isn't!) — Prime Time  

We are big fans of under-cabinet lighting. Because, no matter how good your overhead lights are, you are almost always going to have shadows on your counters. You know, where you're using sharp knives and actually need to see what you're doing! While you can easily add simple lighting for $35 or less, we just came across another super-cool option. It'll cost you a little more (at least it's currently on sale for Amazon Prime Day!), but it will do one thing other lights don't: d

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2018-07-13 08:09:40

Special Sauce: Rodney Scott on Bourdain and Letting the Barbecue Speak for Itself  

Part 2 of Ed Levine's conversation with pitmaster Rodney Scott. Read More

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2018-07-13 07:45:19

7 Things I Never Do When Making Burgers at Home — Tips from The Kitchn  

Burgers are quintessential summer fare and, as is true for most idealized foods, people make up a lot of rules about what you can and can't do to burgers at home. As a home cook who prefers my own burgers to anything takeout, I can tell you some of those rules are helpful and some are just rumors. Here are the seven things I never do when making burgers at home. READ MORE »

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2018-07-13 07:19:44

An Imagined Menu for Julia Child on Bastille Day — Bastille Day  

Julia Child was many things — an author, an educator, a television personality, an excellent cook, and a missionary for good food for all. She was more than just television's The French Chef — she was the most significant emissary for French cooking of the 20th century. Her extensive knowledge (she had studied at the finest professional culinary school under strict chefs in Paris after World War II) and her naturally expansive and encouraging personality made her the perfect person ...

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2018-07-13 06:54:42

Make Skillet Chicken Thighs with Creamy Tomato Sauce Tonight — Delicious Links  

Kitchn's Delicious Links column highlights recipes we're excited about from the bloggers we love. Follow along every weekday as we post our favorites. Boneless skinless chicken thighs are infinitely better than boneless skinless chicken breasts. They're much juicier, harder to overcook, and full of flavor — all things the most basic cut of chicken is not. We've talked about our love for chicken thighs a lot on Kitchn, including here, and here, and here. Pinterest also lo...

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2018-07-13 06:21:52

This Whole Foods Ice Cream Sale Will Save Your Weekend — Shopping  

You're gonna need a spoon (or some cones), if you plan on hitting Whole Foods this weekend. The grocery chain is having a great sale on ice cream: Starting today, July 13, and running through Sunday, July 15, you can get two pints of either Talenti or Ben & Jerry's for just $6 — and that includes their expanding line of dairy-free options. (Amazon Prime members get an additional 10 percent off the sale price!) READ MORE »

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2018-07-13 06:06:40

What to Eat Based on Your Favorite Character of Friday Night Lights — Food TV  

Friday Night Lights fans can all agree that it's not just a show about football. The NBC series, which first aired over a decade ago, gives a glimpse into a small, football-obsessed Texas town and the lives of the people who call it home. If the teeniest part of you hasn't been the same since the series ended, let this serve as a friendly reminder that you can currently stream all 76 episodes on Hulu, Amazon, or Since the show's twists and turns take place

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2018-07-13 02:33:37

The Best Trader Joe's Snacks to Sneak into the Movies — Shopping  

Even before I learned that the "butter" in movie theater popcorn isn't actually butter (sorry to be the bearer of bad news), I've been stashing my own snacks in the depths of my tote bag for movie munching. (I know this is technically frowned upon, so please don't @ me!) My go-to store for stocking up: Trader Joe's, of course. See, TJ's is the king of irresistibly quirky snacks for every occasion — and that includes catching a flick and cooling off in an air conditioned movie theater. ...

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2018-07-13 02:22:33

7 Surprising Things to Do with Frozen Fruit Beyond Making Smoothies — Tips from The Kitchn  

The freezer is such a treasure chest of kitchen delights. I reach into my own for frozen vegetables to get dinner done in a pinch, ice for cold brew and boo-boos alike, and frozen fruit like berries, cherries, and peaches (yes, even in the height of summer!). And yet, I'm not making smoothies every day. No, I'm using frozen fruit for everything from dessert to dinner in a few surprising ways that makes these frozen gems worth their weight in gold. Here are seven clever ways to us

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2018-07-13 02:15:05

The 5 Best Fruity Ice Pops at the Grocery Store — Shopping  

We eat ice cream year-round, but ice pops? Ice pops seem to be tailor-made for summer. They're fruity, icy refreshments on a stick. Like lemonade or juice, but in solid form! With ice pop season upon us (fun fact: We're not calling them Popsicles because that's a brand name like Kleenex and Xerox!), we figured it's high time to find out which brands make the best ones. READ MORE »

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2018-07-13 01:57:44

Nigella Lawson's Secret for Making Symmetrical Deviled Eggs — Pop Culture  

I've been on a major deviled egg kick lately. Making a big plate of deviled eggs is one of the easiest and, frankly, most cost-effective ways to give a large group of people something nice and a bit substantial to snack on with cocktails. READ MORE »

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2018-07-12 20:24:11

How To Build a Floating Cooler for Less than $10 — How To  

The party problem: You and your friends are in the pool and you want a drink, but no one feels like getting out to grab seltzers for everyone. (It's a tough life, we know.) The party trick: Use pool noodles and a plastic storage container to build a floating cooler that can bob around with you in the water. READ MORE »

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2018-07-12 15:53:27

Get $30 Off Your First AmazonFresh Order, Now Through Prime Day  

From now through Prime Day, you can save $30 on your first AmazonFresh order of $100 or more. That's $30 toward groceries, whether you need cream for Stella's silky-smooth no-churn ice cream or ears of corn to grill and smother in mayo, chili powder, and cheese for Kenji's epic elotes. Read More

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2018-07-12 15:45:11

This Is the Best Grocery Store in Texas — Have You Been? — Grocery Stores Across America  

We're suckers for a good origin story. And the best supermarket in Texas has an interesting one: It starts with a strong-willed woman named Florence Butt, who moved her family, including three sons, to Texas in the early 1900s. She was in search of better medical treatments for her husband, who suffered from tuberculosis. After taking orders and delivering groceries door-to-door for A&P Tea Company, Florence borrowed $60 to open Mrs. C.C. Butt's Staple and Fancy Grocery on the ground f

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2018-07-12 15:06:31

Recipe: Teriyaki Beef Burger — Recipes from The Kitchn  

It only takes a few ingredients to give a classic burger a flavorful makeover, and this recipe proves just that. It relies on a simple slaw, store-bought teriyaki sauce, and thinly sliced jalapeño for a tangy twist on the all-American hamburger. READ MORE »

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2018-07-12 14:36:22

What's the Difference Between Barbecuing and Grilling? — Word of Mouth  

Many of us use the terms "barbecuing" and "grilling" interchangeably. For example, you've likely invited friends and family over for a backyard barbecue, where you're serving up grilled burgers and dogs. If we're getting technical (and we are), that's not actually a barbecue. Here's why. READ MORE »

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2018-07-12 14:17:40

Watch: Korean Fried Chicken So Spicy, You'll Cry  

Home of Hot Taste serves some of the hottest fried bird in Toronto Korean fried chicken is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways that people try Korean flavors and ingredients for the very first time. Up in Toronto, fried chicken is a huge part of the budding Korean community, and Home of Hot Taste serves some of the most notable fried bird in town. We're starting with the basics of Korean fried chicken: beer, daikon radish pickles, and of course, lots of napkins. W...

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2018-07-12 14:10:39

NYC's Fancy $180 Wagyu Sandwich Place Is Total Bull  

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2018-07-12 13:27:14

10 Breakfast Sandwich Recipes to McMake at Home  

here's no shortage of ways to combine bread, meat, cheese, and eggs. I'm sure you could come up with lots of great versions on your own, but if you need a little help getting started we've rou Read More

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2018-07-12 13:00:03

In FX's 'Pose,' Food Represents Love, Dignity, and the Power of Family  

The show reveals how culinary tradition, as improvisational care, is passed down by generations of queer and trans people of color Growing up, my grandmother never served me a plate of food without reminding me that it was "made with love." This concept of food as an affirmation of belonging doesn't necessarily need to be said to be understood on a basic level. But it's a message we often take for granted, and one that hit close to home last week as I tuned in to my new...

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2018-07-12 12:47:38

Anthony Bourdain's 'Parts Unknown' Earns 6 Emmy Nominations [Updated]  

The host gets a posthumous nod in the Outstanding Informational Series or Special category Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain, who died on June 8, has a posthumous Emmy Award nomination for his hit CNN series, per the Hollywood Reporter. Nominations were announced Thursday morning; Parts Unknown received six nominations in total, while content produced for the site Explore Parts Unknown also garnered a nomination for Outstanding Short-Form Nonfiction or Reality Series.

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2018-07-12 11:22:56

The First Standalone Location of Starbucks's Fancy Princi Bakery Is Slated for Seattle  

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2018-07-12 11:09:27

Why the World Is Hating on Plastic Straws Right Now  

Everything you need to know about the now-ubiquitous movement to #StopSucking If we're to believe the many, many headlines, this might just be the year that the world kicks its plastic straw habit. In recent months, seemingly every major company, several American cities, and smug Instagrammers (not to mention vegan quarterback Tom Brady) have pledged to ditch their plastic straws, leading to considerable media coverage. The effort first saw huge spikes in interest early this ...

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2018-07-12 10:54:26

Recipe: Easy Green Olive Pasta — Recipes from The Kitchn  

When you saute green olives and garlic in butter, the results are magical. The olives warm and soften, and the garlic infuses the fat with its rich fragrance, creating an easy, flavorful pasta sauce that rivals any restaurant dish. A splash of lemon juice adds acidity for balance, and each portion is finished with freshly ground pepper and generous shavings of Parmesan. It's the kind of dinner that feels like a treat to eat, and yet it pretty much came straight from your pantry. Tha...

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2018-07-12 10:40:31

These Maple Dijon Grilled Brussels Sprouts Are the Perfect Side — Delicious Links  

Kitchn's Delicious Links column highlights recipes we're excited about from the bloggers we love. Follow along every weekday as we post our favorites. I consider myself lucky to have witnessed, during my lifetime, the complete 180 of Brussels sprouts' identity as a vegetable. It seems like in the blink of an eye, these mini cabbages went from being steamed, stinky, and kinda uncool to roasted, charred, and downright sexy. The world has finally stopped sleeping on Brussel

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2018-07-12 10:32:48

No Ice Cream Machine? Meet Our Silky-Smooth No-Churn Ice Cream  

Take a break from recipes based on evaporated or sweetened condensed milk, with a no-churn vanilla ice cream based on the simplicity of whipped eggs, vanilla, sugar, and cream. Read More

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2018-07-12 10:30:49

Baskin-Robbins Is Ripping Off Instagram-Bait Milkshakes  

Plus, Dunkin is turning to immigrant workers to combat a labor shortage, and more food news Thirty-one-flavor purveyor Baskin-Robbins appears to be ripping off New York City-based chain Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, which is famous for its decadent milkshakes. BR is now serving "freak shakes," with toppings such as whole doughnuts, cotton candy, and Oreos. Charlie Ayers, Google's first executive chef, details the tech company's bad old days in a new book. "I ...

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2018-07-12 09:54:52

Papa John's Founder Resigns After Racist Rant Leaks  

Amid calls for a boycott, the pizza chain's stock is tanking The man who founded Papa John's in 1984, John Schnatter, resigned as chairman late Wednesday. His exit comes a day after a recording of him using a racial slur on a conference call leaked to Forbes. As previously reported, Schnatter described acts of violence against African-Americans and used the N-word on a call with his public relations agency, allegedly in an effort to "convey his antipathy to racism." T...

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2018-07-12 09:47:41

5 Professional Organizers Share Their Best Tips for Messy People — Organizing Tips from The Kitchn  

Getting your sh*t together is one thing. And then staying organized is another — especially when you're a self-proclaimed "messy" person. Luckily, we know some amazing professional organizers to call upon for help. We hit up five of our favorite pro-organizers for the number-one piece of advice they'd give "messy people" looking to get their homes — and lives — in order, and here's what they had to share. READ MORE »

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2018-07-12 09:39:41

This New Dairy-Free Yogurt Made with Pili Nuts Is as Creamy as the Real Thing — Food Trends  

Every new plant-based yogurt is cause for excitement. There are a lot of people in the world who don't eat dairy but still want to add some richness and tang to their smoothies, or have something to top with berries and granola for breakfast. One of the newest and most interesting vegan yogurts on the market is Lavva, which is made with pili nuts, and it's rich and creamy and contains no added sugars. READ MORE »

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2018-07-12 09:03:36

Pitcher Drink Recipe: 4-Ingredient Sparkling White Peach Sangria — The 10-Minute Happy Hour  

All right, people — we're in the thick of summer, so it's time to belly up to the bar for some ice-cold sangria with ripe summer fruit. Please don't go to that bad place in your mind of sickly sweet concoctions and hangovers so horrible that you'll swear off the stuff. Great sangria can be refreshing, and it's perfect for a summer party. READ MORE »

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2018-07-12 08:20:14

How to Cut Watermelon  

Some tips to help you pick a ripe watermelon, and how to cut it when you have one. Read More

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2018-07-12 07:45:05

The Top-Selling Snack Brand on Amazon Might Surprise You — Food Trends  

If you'd asked me what the best-selling snack brand on Amazon was, I would have guessed it was something rare or hard to find — maybe some small-batch product that was only available on the internet, or an international import like all those cool Kit Kat flavors you can only get in Japan. But according to CSP Daily News, the top-selling snack brand on Amazon is also one of the most familiar ones in the grocery store: Planters. READ MORE »

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2018-07-12 06:56:38

What Is Lillet? — Ingredient Intelligence  

The moment summer hits, my routine tends to involve rose and icy gin and tonics. There's just something about the sunny weather that makes me crave happy hour drinks a whole lot more often. While those have long been my go-tos, this year there's a new bottle that's been getting equal, if not more, playtime: Lillet. For some, Lillet isn't anything new, as it's been around for a good long while. Yet, I'd only tried it a handful of times out at bars and never bothered to add it to my c...

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2018-07-12 06:49:05

I Visited the Rosé Mansion and Literally Swung from a Chandelier — Pop Culture  

More than I care to admit, I've consumed a lot of things for the sake of the Insta. I've dangled over balconies to capture the perfect #drinksintheair pic at sunset, scouted out elaborate street art as a backdrop for a rapidly melting ice cream cone, asked strangers if they'd switch seats with me in a restaurant for better natural lighting, and I once ate a buffalo wing coated in 24-karat edible gold dust. This is probably why I felt so at home at the launch of The Rose Mansi...

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2018-07-12 06:31:33

10 Ways to Make a Meal Out of Frozen Peas — Tips from The Kitchn  

Peas are the OG frozen vegetables. Whether you like them or not, it's highly likely you have a bag in your freezer, if only to be used as an ice pack to soothe a bump or a bruise. But they're worth so much more than that! You see, since frozen peas defrost and warm up almost instantly when cooked, they're a rockstar ingredient for fast main dishes. Here are 10 ways we love to use them. READ MORE »

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2018-07-12 06:03:05

How To Make Oven-Fried Pickles — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

Fried pickles are a menu staple in the South. These salty, crispy, tangy pickles are just as delicious as french fries, but pack a bigger flavor punch. But who wants to relegate something so tasty to dining out only? That's why we're happy to share that we've totally nailed the oven-fried pickle! It's equally as tasty and crispy as its fried restaurant friend, without the hassle of heating up oil and frying in the heat of summer. Here's how you can make restaurant-worthy oven

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2018-07-12 05:59:05

We Tried IKEA's Cookware Lines. Here's What We Thought. — Shopping  

When you think of IKEA, one thing comes to mind: furniture! Of course, you know you can also load up your cart with pillows, lamps, cutting boards, and more. You've probably also seen IKEA's big selection of cookware and wondered how well it performs. (Will it last longer than those inexpensive sofas?) With prices ranging from $3.50 for a small pan up to $130 for a full set, IKEA pots and pans are definitely bargain-priced. But can they take the heat as well as the better-known

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2018-07-12 03:17:52

The 3 Things from the Target Freezer Section Everyone Should Try at Least Once — Shopping  

I never used to go to Target to buy ice cream, but I do now. As I walked by the freezer case one day, one of the company's Market Pantry ice creams stopped me in my tracks. Unicorn Magic? What the heck kind of flavor is that? The label described it as "fruity." Next to it was another curiosity: Birthday Cake, made with frosting-flavored ice cream. Both were only $2.99 for 1.5 quarts. The price was as low as my expectations, but my curiosity was definitely piqued. I had to try th

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2018-07-12 02:57:23

These 15 Recipes Turn Chicken Breast into Dinner — Recipes from The Kitchn  

It's pretty much a given that you'll find chicken breast in regular rotation in my meal plans and at least one or two packs stashed in my freezer at all times. When it comes to versatility, lean, mild-mannered chicken breast deserves an award. It's willing and able to meet your dinnertime needs on the stovetop or grill, and in the oven, slow cooker, or Instant Pot. It can also be partnered with just about anything you have hanging out in the fridge or pantry. Most of the time, it j

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2018-07-12 02:14:56

Here's the Health Food Restaurant Oprah Liked Enough to Invest In — Pop Culture  

Oprah Winfrey just found a new Favorite Thing, but this one is quite a bit bigger than a box of scones or a hot sauce sampler. Oprah had lunch at a small health food chain restaurant, and she liked it so much that she's added the company to her investment portfolio and taken a seat on its board of directors. That's very good news for the restaurant chain known as True Food Kitchen, because Oprah's investment prowess is legendary. It seems like she can turn anything into a best-se

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2018-07-11 19:26:33

Eater Is Hiring a Social Media Manager  

Come work with us! Eater is looking for a creative, organized, and ambitious social media manager with a focus on data and analytics to join our engagement team and help expand our social efforts and newsletters across the network. The ideal candidate should have a strong analytical background, with experience pulling numbers for different platforms and writing data reports for relevant stakeholders. They should also know how to write great headlines and tweets. We're loo...

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2018-07-11 17:59:52

Instant Pot Is Coming Out with a New Way to Save Dinner — Shopping  

As if the Instant Pot didn't already make it super easy (and fun!) to get dinner on the table, there's something new coming out that will make it all even easier. Williams Sonoma has created the first-ever line of food designed exclusively with Instant Pot. The line? An assortment of bottles — featuring dried spices and other ingredients — that can be used as starters when you cook. They include almost everything you need to make the dish. In most cases, you just add liquid ...

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2018-07-11 16:54:16

One of the Best Places to Eat in Tokyo Is at 7-Eleven — Pop Culture  

Several years ago I was preparing for a study-abroad trip to Japan when one of the program directors told the group of assembled students that we should write our names in our clothes, pledge not to speak English outside the classroom, and plan on buying all our lunches from the convenience store across the street. I was shocked. Was he seriously suggesting that we eat gas-station hot dogs and potato chips for three months straight? But that was just because I'd never actually s

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2018-07-11 14:58:57

How To Grill Even Better Asparagus — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn  

Asparagus is a vegetable that is transformed by hot-and-fast cooking. It's why we love roasted and stir-fried asparagus, and why we fall in love each spring with grilled asparagus. Grilling makes asparagus tender while imparting a delightful char and smoky flavor — but to be honest, grilling asparagus can be tricky. Most asparagus is just wide enough to slip between the grill grates and fall into the fire. Last summer, I learned the super-simple solution for grilling asp...

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2018-07-11 13:56:45

Treat Yourself to Garlic Butter Steak Bites Tonight — Delicious Links  

Kitchn's Delicious Links column highlights recipes we're excited about from the bloggers we love. Follow along every weekday as we post our favorites. If you're a meat-and-potatoes kind of family, consider making these garlic butter steak bites from Dinner at the Zoo tonight. These seared bites require only a few minutes of cooking and can hold their own as an appetizer or as a main course. READ MORE »

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2018-07-11 13:51:33

'No Passport Required'  

Hosted by Marcus Samuelsson, the new show from Eater and PBS airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c No Passport Required, a new show from Eater and PBS, premieres on Tuesday, July 10, at 9 p.m. (8 p.m. Central) and celebrates the wide-ranging diversity of immigrant traditions and cuisine woven into American food and culture. In each of the six episodes, chef and host Marcus Samuelsson heads to a different American city to learn more about how a particular community has influenced the area it

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2018-07-11 13:38:01

7 Frozen Breakfast Items Kitchn Staffers Always Have in Their Freezers — Shopping  

One recent morning, I asked my Amazon Echo to "snooze" so many times, Alexa started to give me a news brief instead. Once I finally got out of bed, there was no way I was whipping together a gourmet breakfast. Feeling curious and oh-so-sleepy, I decided to ask my coworkers to share their favorite frozen breakfast items for when they just can't in the morning. I've also included a freezer favorite of my own for when I have a bit more spunk. (Confession: When I said "one recent m

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2018-07-11 13:23:08

10 Smart Slow Cooker Dinners for Lazy Cooks — Recipes from The Kitchn  

During summer I rely on my slow cooker more than ever. It's a staple during my weekend meal prep sessions, a must for cookouts and BBQs, and, most of all, it's my secret to the easiest no-prep dinners on the table. To make that happen, it's all about having the right recipes on your side, like the kind that don't require tons of chopping or upfront cooking. From sausage and peppers to burrito bowls to BBQ chicken, here are 10 low-effort slow cooker dinners to keep on regular rotation

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2018-07-11 13:11:09

I Got My Hands on the New Instant Pot That's Not Even Out Yet – Here's What I Thought — Instant Pot  

In the three years since I bought my first Instant Pot (the classic 6-Quart Duo), the company has launched several upgraded models including a bluetooth model, a smaller 3-quart version, and the Ultra. But none tempted me to replace my trusty Duo. That was, until this spring, when I heard the announcement for the upcoming Instant Pot Max. Related: Exclusive Scoop: Here's a First Look at the Brand New Instant Pot The not-yet-released Instant Pot model offers some ke

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2018-07-11 12:27:32

Can a Dish Ever Taste as Good as It Does in Our Memory?  

After eight years and hundreds of miles, why a cherished dish remains elusive Special thanks to: Dad Wan

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2018-07-11 12:22:09

What the Critics Are Saying About Frenchette   

From "ethereal" dishes to hour-long waits at New York City's hottest new bistro ~*Everyone*~ is talking about Frenchette. More specifically, New York's critics are flocking to the bistro helmed by Balthazar-alums Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson. The restaurant embraces a few of-the-moment trends: It's French! There's natural wine! And since it opened in April, primetime reservations have been hard to come by, leading to a stacked walk-in line. Nasr and Hanson also worked...

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2018-07-11 12:01:00

There's No Place Like Little Saigon  

I went back to Little Saigon for the first time in a decade to see it through the eyes of my 91-year-old grandfather Orange County's Little Saigon is not the Vietnamese equivalent of Chinatown, Koreatown, or Little Tokyo. These pockets within the Southern California landscape all share commonalities; each, of course, is a collection of like-people and like-things. But what sets Little Saigon apart is its significance to the first generation of Vietnamese refugees: When Sa...

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2018-07-11 12:00:07

The Essential Guide to Eating California  

The Golden State is hands down the best place to eat in America In the American imagination, California has always been viewed through a haze of fantasy. Early on, it was dreams of fist-sized gold nuggets lying in wait. Then a generation of Okies schlepped West, to eventually populate the pages of Steinbeck and the photos of Dorothea Lange, looking for a utopian land of plenty. More recently, it's reveries of glamour and fame. Of in-ground pools. Of cheap avocados and convert...

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2018-07-11 12:00:04

Sorry New York, California Is the Best Place to Eat Now   

Synonymous with abundance and turbo-charged with chef creativity, the Golden State is setting the pace for how we eat across the country California is now the most influential force in American dining. That's right, it isn't New York. Not any longer. Sure, the great city will always produce blockbusters and occasional, wonderful novelties; Queens is an undervalued wonderland of cuisines. But NYC, as an engine of influence, is stagnant. This is a time in Manhattan to fall ba...

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2018-07-11 12:00:03

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