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How to Make Good Business Decisions  

Bad business decisions can cost your company thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, they aren't always easy to spot before the damage has been done. Here are five questions you should ask to help yourself make good business decisions.

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2019-01-21 15:53:03

Four Tips for Modernizing Meetings in 2019  

Holding the same kind of meetings, where one person talks until everyone is bored out of their minds, is no longer acceptable. Instead, consider using these more effective meeting practices.

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2019-01-21 14:56:30

What's Hidden in Employee Expense Reports?  

Employees have been known to bill unusual (and sometimes questionable) items to their expense reports. Here's a look at common problems and abuses that AppZen uncovered in their research of expense reports from over one thousand companies.

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2019-01-21 12:50:13

5 Ways to Increase Transparency in the Workplace  

Transparency is important to today's employees and customers. Here are 5 ways you can increase transparency in your workplace.

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2019-01-21 12:34:49

Tax Deductible Startup Expenses  

What expenses are tax deductible when you start a business? Here's an explanation.

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2019-01-21 11:45:04

10 Things to Learn from a Business Failure  

Failing at a business isn't the end of the world. In fact, it could be the beginning of a successful new business. Here are ten things you can learn if you've had a business fail.

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2019-01-21 11:12:15

Work-from-Home Tips to Reduce Distractions and Get More Done  

Distractions keeping you from getting your work done? Here's how you can work more productively when you run a small business from home.

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2019-01-21 09:37:38

Insurance for Independent Contractors  

As an independent contractor, you'll need insurance for several areas of your business. Here's an overview of the types of coverage you'll need.

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2019-01-21 09:22:18

Tips for Buying a Home-Based Franchise  

Buying a home-based franchise could be your ticket to having a home business. But how do you know which ones are legitimate and how do you choose the right one?

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2019-01-21 09:20:17

The Secret to Reaching Your Goals  

Want your business to succeed? The first step is to decide what your business goals are and work from there. Here's why goals are so important.

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2019-01-21 09:09:14

Should You Purchase or Lease Business Equipment?  

Which is better, leasing or buying expensive equipment or machinery for your business? Here are the factors you need to consider to determine the best option for your company.

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2019-01-21 08:14:52

Israeli military tweets that a missile attack on Iranian elite forces in Syria is underway  

AP Photo/Hassan Ammar Israel's Defense Forces (IDF) have tweeted that they have begun striking Iranian targets inside Syria. Israel's powerful military tweeted that they are targeting elite units of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, known as The Quds. Normally reticent, the IDF has not provided any further information, but did warn Syria not to 'harm' any Israeli's or Israeli territory. The move is a calculated response by the IDF which said earlier on Sunday that it intercepted missiles l

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2019-01-21 05:57:59

Tom Brady reportedly sought out Patrick Mahomes in private after beating the Chiefs in a sign of respect to the young quarterback  

Patrick Smith/Getty Tom Brady sought out Patrick Mahomes in private after leading the New England Patriots over the Kansas City Chiefs. The meeting appeared to be a sign of respect from the 41-year-old legend to the 23-year-old rising star. Brady has ruled the AFC for two decades, and there's a chance Mahomes' reign could be coming after the two quarterbacks dueled on Sunday. Tom Brady made a classy gesture to Patrick Mahomes after leading the New England Patriots over the Kansas City Ch

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2019-01-21 05:53:33

Harry Connick Jr sent an open letter to the NFL threatening he won't watch the Super Bowl over blown call that went against the New Orleans Saints  

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP The Los Angeles Rams defeated the New Orleans Saints for a spot in Super Bowl LIII with the help of a blown call near the end of regulation. Noted Saints fan Harry Connick Jr. was not happy and posted an open letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Instagram. Connick says he won't be watching the Super Bowl and wants changes to the NFL's replay review system. The New Orleans Saints lost a shot at being in Super Bowl LII thanks to a controversial blown call,

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2019-01-21 05:42:04

By Beijing's stratospheric standards Chinese economic growth just fell in a hole  

REUTERS/Stringer China’s economy grew by 6.4% in the year to December, the weakest pace since early 2009. In 2018, GDP expanded by 6.6%, largely in line with the “around” 6.5% rate previously nominated by the government. The major surprise from today’s data came from industrial output that accelerated noticeably, and unexpectedly, in the year to December. Economists believe policymakers will continue to roll out targeted stimulus to help support the economy this yea

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2019-01-21 05:18:04

10 things in tech you need to know today  

Facebook Portal/Facebook Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Monday. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg gave an unconvincing speech to a conference in Munich about privacy, just at the point she needs to sound sincere for regulators.Sandberg talked about how Facebook needed to do better, and its commitment to stopping election interference and abuse, but audience members described her comments as rehearsed. Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei warned of job losses thanks to global fears

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2019-01-21 04:47:37

BALL DON'T LIE: Chiefs get massive fourth quarter score on an interception after a wild, controversial review over whether Julian Edelman's fingers grazed a punt  

via CBS/NFL A wild sequence of events saw the Chiefs take the lead over the Patriots in the AFC Championship. Julian Edelman mis-played the ball on a punt, and the Chiefs recovered it, running it in for a touchdown. The play was reviewed, and referees found that the ball missed grazing Edelman's thumb by a sliver, meaning the ball was dead and the touchdown was reversed. Two plays later, the Chiefs intercepted Tom Brady, then scored to take the lead, their first of the game. The AFC Cha

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2019-01-21 04:21:46

Chiefs lose AFC Championship after brutal offsides penalty overturns potential game-winning interception in final minute  

CBS The Patriots defeated the Chiefs 37-31 in overtime in the AFC Championship, earning their third straight trip to the Super Bowl. For a moment, it looked as though the Chiefs had sealed the game with an interception late in the fourth quarter, but the play was called back after an offsides penalty. The Patriots took advantage, scoring a go-ahead touchdown and eventually winning the game in overtime. The New England Patriots are heading to the Super Bowl for the third straight year aft

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2019-01-21 03:52:54

Todd Gurley posted an eyebrow-raising Photoshopped photo that appeared to thank the refs for blown call in NFC title game  

Chris Graythen/Getty Images The Los Angeles Rams beat the New Orleans Saints, 26-23, on Sunday in the NFC Championship to punch their ticket to Super Bowl LIII. The deciding play of the game came on a shocking no-call on what looked like a blatant pass interference by the Rams, which allowed Los Angeles to tie the game late and eventually go on to win in overtime. After the game, Rams running back Todd Gurley posted a Photoshopped picture that appeared to thank the referees for their help i

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2019-01-21 03:45:16

The 10 most important things in the world right now  

Julian Finney/Getty Images Hello! Here's everything you need to know on Monday, January 21. 1.  US President Donald Trump has tweeted his anger at Nancy Pelosi.   It was another brisk morning tweetstorm at the White House after Democrats rejected Trump's most recent shutdown proposal.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: We compared Apple's $159 AirPods to Xiaomi's $30 AirDots and the winner was clearSee Also:Some American food-safety inspections aren't happening du

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2019-01-21 03:26:25

Set Goals You Can Achieve  

No matter the size of your dreams, you're more likely to realize them when you set goals. Here's how you can set goals more effectively.

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2019-01-21 02:10:35

Kentucky congressman says it's an 'honor to represent' Lincoln Memorial confrontation kids and that their parents should be 'proud' of their viral behavior  

Twitter The Kentucky congressman that represents the parents and mentors of the Covington Catholic High School boys involved in an incident in Washington that subsequently went viral on Saturday says the teachers and parents 'should be proud, not ashamed,' of their kids’ behavior. Kentucky Republican U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie said on Twitter that it was his 'honor to represent them,' adding that they had remained calm in the face of 'racist and homosexual slurs.' The US has been in a h

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2019-01-21 02:02:22

The NFL's overtime rules once again prevented the most exciting scenario in a classic title game  

Charlie Riedel/AP The NFL's overtime rules impacted another classic football game. The New England Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs, 37-31, in the AFC Championship after scoring on the first drive of overtime. Patrick Mahomes, the likely MVP and most exciting young player in the league, was left on the sidelines without a chance to try and tie the game. This also happened in the 2016 Super Bowl, when then-MVP Matt Ryan lost to the Patriots in overtime without touching the ball. The

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2019-01-21 01:52:01

Sean Payton and the Rams defender were given 2 different explanations for why pass interference wasn't called on controversial game-changing play  

Chris Graythen/Getty Referees in the NFC Championship didn't call what appeared to be blatant pass interference on the Los Angeles Rams late in the fourth quarter, causing the New Orleans Saints to settle for a field goal. They later lost in overtime. Rams defensive back Nickell Robey-Coleman, who appeared to commit the violation, said referees told him that it wasn't pass interference because the ball was tipped. Coleman said he thought it was pass interference. Saints head coach Sean Payt

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2019-01-21 01:41:08

Rudy Giuliani's Sunday night suggestion: 'so what' if Trump and Cohen discussed testimony to congress?  

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts The US president's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has told Sunday night television that he didn't know if President Donald Trump talked with his former lawyer, Michael Cohen about the latter's congressional testimony. Then Giuliani added, 'so what,' implying the matter was of little import and less legal significance. However, the question is a critical one this week following an earlier BuzzFeed News report suggesting Trump had instructed Cohen to lie to Congress. WASHING

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2019-01-21 01:28:15

He does it again: Tom Brady leads machine-like touchdown drive to send the Patriots to the Super Bowl  

Jeff Roberson/AP Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to the game-winning touchdown in overtime to beat the Kansas City Chiefs and make it back to the Super Bowl. In the first drive of overtime, Brady thrice threw for first downs on third-and-long, keeping the drive alive, eventually leading to a rushing touchdown by Rex Burkhead. The fourth quarter of the game saw some wild action, but the Patriots remained composed enough to pull off the win. Tom Brady did it again, and the New Engla

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2019-01-21 01:25:51

'Fortnite' and other free games raked in more than $87 billion last year, and the rest of the gaming industry is starting to take note  

Epic Games Free-to-play video games generated $87.7 billion in revenue during 2018, according to a new report from research firm SuperData. Asian players account for 62% of spending on free games, and seven of the top 10 grossing free-to-play games belong to Asian publishers. "Fortnite" was the top grossing game of 2018, free or otherwise, with an estimated $2.4 billion in revenue. Revenue generated by mobile games ($61.3 billion) exceeded the combined earnings of games on traditional vide

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2019-01-20 14:32:44

Trump went on a tear against Nancy Pelosi the morning after Democrats rejected his latest shutdown proposal  

Drew Angerer/Getty Images In multiple tweets, Trump tore into Nancy Pelosi after Democrats rejected his proposed government shutdown solution President Donald Trump also said Sunday he was "still thinking" about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's request to either postpone the State of the Union speech or submit it in writing. Pelosi cited security concerns and asked Trump to prioritize opening the government before he delivers the speech. The State of the Union is currently scheduled for Janu

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2019-01-20 14:30:31

A private island an hour from NYC is for sale for $13 million, and it comes with 2 homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and a private helipad  

Douglas Elliman A private island in New York is for sale for $12.9 million. Called Petre Island or Petra Island, the property includes two homes designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The island, which sits in Lake Mahopac in Carmel, is only about an hour's drive from New York City. It includes a private helipad and boat dock.   You can now buy a private island an hour from New York City for $12.9 million. Known as Petre Island or Petra Island, the property boasts two ho

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2019-01-20 14:08:49

2020 Democrats rejected Trump's latest 'compromise' to end the shutdown — here's what they had to say  

AP Photo/Matthew Putney Democrats this weekend roundly rejected President Donald Trump's offer to extend protections for Dreamers in exchange for funding for his border wall. Potential presidential candidates including Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Bernie Sanders accused the president of using Dreamers as bargaining chips and urged him to end the government shutdown. Trump forced a government shutdown five weeks ago over funding for a border wall. President Tru

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2019-01-20 13:14:35

I know I am part of Apple's iPhone problem but even after doing all my research, I still don't feel the need to upgrade (AAPL)  

Nick Bastone / Business Insider At the beginning of January, Apple announced that its holiday quarter revenue would be 7% lower than expected due to weakening iPhone sales.  Not having upgraded my 7 Plus for over two years, I know I am part of Apple's iPhone problem.  So, I made a trip to my local Apple Store and did some research to see if I should finally upgrade to an iPhone XR or XS. Here's what I decided.  I am part of Apple's iPhone problem.  You see, I own a p

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2019-01-20 12:40:57

The top 7 shows on Netflix and other streaming services this week  

DC Universe Every week, Parrot Analytics provides Business Insider the most in-demand original TV shows on streaming services. This week includes new entry DC Universe's "Young Justice: Outsiders." DC Universe dominated streaming this week with its two original shows at the top of this week's list of the most in-deman streaming shows: "Titans" and its latest animated series, "Young Justice: Outsiders," a revival of Cartoon Network's "Young Justice." Every week, Parrot Analytics provides

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2019-01-20 12:13:37

The CEO of a startup aimed at harnessing the benefits of young blood shares his real plan to beat aging  

Getty Images/Joern Pollex For $8,000, a startup called Ambrosia plans to sell transfusions of young blood for anti-aging purposes. Another longevity company called Alkahest is also focused on blood. But it's taking a very different approach. Instead of opening up a clinic to perform transfusions of young blood, Alkahest researchers aim to develop drugs for age-related diseases which are inspired by their work with plasma.  Blood gets a bad rap. The idea of sharing blood with anothe

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2019-01-20 11:32:23

How Doug McMillon went from a high schooler working at Walmart for $6.50 an hour to a millionaire CEO running one of the world's most powerful companies (WMT)  

Danny Johnston / AP Images Walmart CEO Doug McMillon began working for the retailer in high school. McMillon experienced a meteoric ascent in the company, helming Sam's Club and Walmart International during his rise to the top. McMillon was appointed CEO of Walmart Inc. in 2014. Walmart has been a major part of Doug McMillon's life for years. Back in high school, the future CEO took on a job unloading trucks at the retail chain. While studying for his MBA years later, McMillon deci

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2019-01-20 11:08:28

The internet's 'father' says it was born with two big flaws (GOOGL)  

Troy Wolverton/Business Insider Vint Cerf, one of the creators of the internet, said the network had two big flaws when he launched it. The internet didn't have room for all the devices that would eventually be connected to it, said Cerf, now Google's chief internet evangelist. It also didn't have any built-in security protocols. Even though both shortcomings proved problematic, Cerf's not certain he would have fixed them if he had to do it all over again. The internet was born flawed.

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2019-01-20 10:40:11

Working from home might not be as good for your health as you might think  

Working from home has obvious perks: juggling kids' schedules, no traffic, and employers gain increased productivity, and lower turnover rates.  But there are less obvious downsides, including isolation and loneliness.  Research also shows working from home is far worse for team cohesion and innovation than working in the office. Another study of home workers from 15 countries found 42% of remote workers had trouble sleeping, compared to only 29% who always worked in

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2019-01-20 08:42:57

Merrill Lynch is creating a guide to help wealthy people choose how to spend their money, and there are only 4 options  

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Veuve Clicquot Wealth and freedom of choice go hand in hand: The more money you have, the more choices you have. But once you've reached a comfortable level of wealth, your spending should align with your end goal, and there are only four options, according to a forthcoming guide from Merrill Lynch. The guide asks people to decide what they want to do with their wealth: Do you want to spend your fortune, maintain the current level, preserve its buying p

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2019-01-20 08:41:48

Kate McKinnon's Elizabeth Warren takes on 'Donald Jackass Trump' on SNL's Weekend Update  

Saturday Night Live/YouTube Kate McKinnon appeared as Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Weekend Update on "Saturday Night Live." Warren announced on December 31 that she would form an exploratory committee for the presidency and has already traveled to Iowa to kick off her pursuit of the Democratic nomination.  "I haven't been this excited since I found out my package from L.L. Bean had shipped," McKinnon, as Warren, said. Warren has been a frequent target of the political right

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2019-01-20 07:24:38

Non Sequiturs: 01.20.19  

* Adam Feldman explores the possible effect on the Supreme Court of replacing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a staunch conservative -- e.g., Judge Amy Coney Barrett. [Empirical SCOTUS] * Speaking of SCOTUS, here's Ilya Somin's read of the tea leaves in Knick v. Township of Scott, an important Takings Clause case.  [Volokh Conspiracy / Reason] * Stephen Embry disagrees with Joe Patrice's suggestion that junior lawyers are going extinct, but Embry acknowledges the major effect that techn...

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2019-01-20 05:44:07

Student debt has prevented hundreds of thousands of millennials from buying homes, Fed says  

REUTERS/Andrew Burton Student debt has risen to $1.5 trillion, surpassing loans for cars and credit cards. That has led to fewer young Americans buying homes, according to a new Federal Reserve report. Loans have reduced recipients' ability to afford down payments and to secure mortgages. Mounting student debt has weighed on homeownership among young Americans, Federal Reserve economists said in a new report. Homeownership among those ages 24 to 32 fell to 36% in 2014 from 45% in 2005

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2019-01-20 05:36:07

4 smart things to do with an extra $50, according to financial planners  

Gleb Leeonov/Strelka Institute/Flickr You have $50 to spare — what should you do with it? Some people may think $50 is pocket change, but it can turn into a lot more if you put it to smart use. You should put it in an emergency fund, deduct it from your paycheck, spend it on investment apps, or invest it in personal-finance resources, such as books, according to the experts. Some money is better than no money. If you can afford to spare $50, don't treat it like loose change. While

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2019-01-20 04:10:59

Check out our exclusive list of the top lawyers working on the biggest deals in the booming marijuana industry that's set to skyrocket to $194 billion globally  

Infinite Global; Dorsey & Whitney; Davies; Duane Morris; Shayanne Gal/Business Insider Business Insider compiled a list of the top lawyers who've worked on the biggest M&A transactions in the marijuana industry to date. Check out our exclusive, subscribers-only list here.  With the rapid spread of marijuana legalization in the US, lawyers are discovering that the tangled web of regulations guiding the rapidly growing industry is a boon for business. After last year's midterm ele

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2019-01-20 03:19:57

The Jeff Bezos Divorce: Why I'm Selling Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) Stock  

Divorce, it turns out, can spark serious emotional trauma, enough so to throw off even the world's most powerful CEOs.

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2019-01-20 03:06:05

Meet Sean McVay, the Los Angeles Rams' 32-year-old offensive mastermind who has taken the NFL by storm  

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Sean McVay may be the most exciting coach in the NFL. Since being named head coach of the Los Angeles Rams at just 30 years old, McVay has transformed the team from a perennial bottom-dweller to a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Check out McVay's background and how he found his way to the top of the league below: Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay has captured the attention of the NFL world with his stunning memory and his brilliant offensive mind. A Marietta

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2019-01-20 02:13:37

Aaron Sorkin says it's time for a sequel to 'The Social Network' after Facebook's nightmare year  

Writer Aaron Sorkin thinks there should be a sequel to the Facebook origins film he wrote, "The Social Network." He said "a lot of very interesting, dramatic stuff" has happened since the movie came out in 2010. The film's producer has also floated the idea of revisiting the subject.  There should a sequel to "The Social Network," the 2010 film on the origins of Facebook. That's the view of the man who wrote it, Aaron Sorkin, who said there is plenty of new material for another mo

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2019-01-19 20:07:43

The 7 biggest things to expect from Nintendo in 2019  

Nintendo In 2019, Nintendo plans to release the first-ever "core" Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is also reportedly working on a new version of the Nintendo Switch, which could arrive in the coming year. Before the end of March 2019, Nintendo is expected to launch its first "Mario Kart" game for smartphones. Nintendo is a notoriously secretive company, and much of the coming year for the Japanese gaming giant is a mystery.  That said, we have a pretty good id

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2019-01-19 18:50:45

The reclusive founder of Huawei broke years of silence after his daughter's arrest in Canada to say he misses her 'very much'  

Dmitry Lovetsky Huawei's founder, Ren Zhengfei, breaking years of silence, has denied charges that his company spies on behalf of China. Huawei is the second-biggest smartphone maker after Samsung and also provides core telecommunications kit to countries around the world. Ren's daughter Meng Wanzhou is Huawei's chief financial officer, who was arrested in Canada at the behest of US authorities in December. The press-shy founder said he missed his daughter and said justice would prevail.

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2019-01-19 17:35:33

Peter King explains why Tom Brady wants it to be 'stupidly, ridiculously, awfully cold' when the Patriots take on the Chiefs on Sunday  

Adam Glanzman/Getty Images The New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs will meet in the AFC Championship on Sunday in Kansas City, with temperatures expected in the single-digits at kickoff. On a recent appearance on "ProFootballTalk Live with Mike Florio," NBC's Peter King explained why Tom Brady is likely hoping for it to be "stupidly, ridiculously, awfully cold" on Sunday. King argues that because Brady has seemingly won in every possible NFL scenario, any straining situation is more

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2019-01-19 14:08:42

Astronauts can attend Amazon's new cutting-edge tech conference for free (AMZN)  

Mark Wilson / Getty Images Amazon is introducing a new event called re:MARS, which focuses on machine learning, automation, robotics, and space technology. re:MARS is inspired by MARS, a private invite-only event hosted by Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, focused on artificial intelligence and space. The first event will take place this year from June 4-7, and registration will open in March. Pricing information isn't available yet, but astronauts can attend for free. Amazon announced

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2019-01-19 13:51:29

Leaked screenshots reveal Verizon is already testing a video-game streaming service to compete with Microsoft, Google, and Amazon  

Verizon Verizon is the latest company known to be planning a cloud gaming service. Verizon Gaming will let users stream video games directly to their smartphones and other devices. The Verge reported that the Verizon Gaming app is being tested on the Nvidia Shield, a home-theater streaming device, and will be headed to Android devices next. Other companies pursuing cloud gaming services include Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Sony, and Electronic Arts. Verizon is planning a new streaming serv

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2019-01-19 13:30:45

No worries, you can still get a passport during the government shutdown  

Flickr/sean hobson The government shutdown is ongoing, with no end in sight. The State Department does not have funding during the shutdown. But despite the lapse in funding, the State Department's passport functions are still operational. Americans can still apply for and renew passports during the shutdown. The timeframe for receiving a new passport will also remain the same. While the government shutdown is ongoing and the State Department does not currently have funding, Americans

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2019-01-19 12:23:18

Apple is putting the brakes on hiring for certain groups because of slowing iPhone sales (AAPL)  

AP Apple plans to reduce hiring in certain groups, according to a Bloomberg report. CEO Tim Cook informed employees about the hiring changes during an internal meeting earlier this month, but said it was not decided which groups would be affected. Cook stressed that Apple was not implementing a broad-based hiring freeze, and noted that some groups, like its artificial intelligence team, would not be affected.  Apple will cut back on hiring for certain divisions as the company re-adj

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2019-01-19 10:53:04

Trump offered Democrats a limited immigration 'compromise' to end the shutdown. Democrats say it's a 'hostage taking.'  

Associated Press/Alex Brandon President Donald Trump offered protection for so-called Dreamers, who are undocumented immigrants brought to the United States when they were children, as well as other groups of immigrants, in exchange for funding for his border wall in a televised address from the White House on Saturday. Top Democrats have already shot down Trump's proposal, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling the deal "unacceptable." Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer noted in a state

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2019-01-19 09:56:29

The 25 best ski resorts in America according to skiers and snowboarders  

Facebook/Telluride Ski Resort has ranked the 25 best ski resorts in the United States. The ranking is based on data from Facebook, Google, and other top review sites. Beaver Mountain Ski Area in Garden City, Utah was rated as the top ski resort in the country. After skiers and snowboarders pull on many layers of clothing, strap up their boots, and make their way to the slopes, they know that the quality of a resort can make or break their experience. — a star

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2019-01-19 08:29:22

CEO Satya Nadella didn't think it was worth celebrating when Microsoft became the world's most valuable company: 'That's just not stable' (MSFT)  

Scott Olson/Getty Images 2018 was a fantastic year for Microsoft shareholders. But Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told journalists Monday that the price of Microsoft's shares, or its stint as the world's most valuable company, wasn't the kind of metrics that thrill him. Instead, Nadella says that it's more instructive to measure the impact that Microsoft has on the economies in which in participates.    2018 was a standout year for Microsoft shareholders. But that success wasn't

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2019-01-19 08:19:29

The organizers of the Google Walkout are calling on the tech industry to end forced arbitration employment agreements completely (GOOG, GOOGL, FB)  

Troy Wolverton/Business Insider Organizers of last year's Google Walkout, where thousands of employees left their desks to protest the company's handling of executive sexual misconduct cases, are launching a social media campaign called "End Forced Arbitration."  Forced arbitration is an employment practice whereby workers are required to settle any disputes with management out of court, privately.  The campaign will debut Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 9 am EST, and will feature interviews

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2019-01-19 07:12:05

Someone in Silicon Valley is renting a studio apartment for $1,500 a month just for his two cats  

Getty A Silicon Valley landlord is renting his San Jose studio apartment to a pair of cats, whose owner couldn't keep them in his own apartment, according to a San Jose Mercury News report on Sunday.  Rent for the cats is $1,500 per month.  “Basically I’ve got two renters that don’t have opposable thumbs,” the landlord said.  Rental prices in Silicon Valley have skyrocketed to some of the highest in the country, as troves of tech workers have made t

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2019-01-19 06:15:21

The best new technology we saw at CES 2019  

Business InsiderKia Business Insider scoured the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to find the very best cutting-edge tech. The best new technology we saw at the show came from Kia, with its "Real-Time Emotion Adaptive Driving" tech, or READ. READ scans passengers in the car, detecting their heart rate and facial expressions, to provide a more customizable driving experience tailored around how you're feeling.  Cars are soon going to be able to drive themselves &

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2019-01-19 06:04:31

'Blink if you're running for president': Kamala Harris stays mum on her potential 2020 plans  

Getty Images/Alex Wong Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris of California dropped more hints about her rumored 2020 presidential bid during an interview with KTTV newsman Elex Michaelson on Friday. "I know that we've said that you cannot say anything about it ... but they didn't say anything about body language, so blink if you're running for president," Michaelson said with a grin. He added: "I think I saw a blink." Harris laughed it off: "I'm going to ... just keep my eyes open and not even bl

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2019-01-19 04:45:34

People in Malaysia are being threatened with prison for tweeting mean things about their royal family  

AP Photo/Yam G-Jun, File People in Malaysia are being warned that criticizing their monarchy could land them in jail. Three people were arrested this month under the colonial-era Sedition Act for allegedly tweeting that the country should get rid of the royal family. The government pledged to abolish the Sedition Act last year, before changing course and deciding they would apply it more harshly instead. It said it needed to "protect" the country's rulers from insults. Human rights activi

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2019-01-19 04:16:11

Bipartisan group in Congress wants to extend temporary protected status to Venezuelans fleeing unrest  

A bipartisan group of congress members want to extend Temporary protected status to include Venezuelan migrants fleeing violence and poverty in the South American country. Temporary protected status applies to nationals of certain countries deemed unsafe to return to, or where the country's government is unable to adequately handle the return of its own nationals. Currently, TPS is available for some migrants who arrived to the US from 10 countries, including El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras,

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2019-01-19 03:41:57

Former President George W. Bush delivers pizza to his Secret Service detail as they work without pay during the government shutdown  

Instagram/George W. Bush Former President George W. Bush is calling for an end to the partial government shutdown, which is about to hit the one-month mark and is currently the longest shutdown in US history. In an appeal made on Instagram, the 43rd president asked "leaders on both sides to put politics aside, come together, and end this shutdown." The caption was posted with an image of him and former First Lady Laura Bush giving pizza to their Secret Service detail. "@LauraWBush and I ar

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2019-01-19 03:19:19

7 great movies to watch on Netflix this weekend  

Netflix Each week, INSIDER rounds up a list of seven great movies to watch on Netflix over the weekend. In addition to Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary, the streaming service has a few other original movies you may want to check out, including "IO" starring Anthony Mackie.  There's so much content constantly added to and removed from Netflix that it can become difficult to find a movie to watch. We're here to help. Each week, INSIDER selects new and old flicks you may n

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2019-01-19 03:02:38

What Mueller's extraordinarily unprecedented move to dispute BuzzFeed's story on the record tells us  

Ann Heisenfelt/Getty Images Experts are flummoxed by a statement the special counsel Robert Mueller put out disputing a BuzzFeed News report that indicated President Donald Trump told Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the proposed Trump Tower Moscow deal. The statement is an unprecedented move from Mueller's office, which is investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded with Moscow to tip the 2016 US election in Trump's favor. "BuzzFeed’s description of specific statements to

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2019-01-19 02:53:23

Who's Going Public? Cannabis IPOs in 2019 Part 4  

This week, we continue with Wealth Daily editor Jason Williams' series on cannabis IPOs in 2019. This week, he's got a company you've known for years and one you might have never heard of. Plus his top cannabis pick for 2019...

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2019-01-19 02:45:53

MoviePass executives are making one more last-ditch effort to save the stock from getting delisted (HMNY)  

MoviePass/Reuters MoviePass parent Helios and Matheson on Friday said it would seek — again — to get shareholder authorization to reverse split its stock. The company is in imminent danger of having its stock delisted from the Nasdaq; the market is hearing the company's appeal of its delisting decision later this month. The proposal is basically the same one that the company withdrew in November in the face of widespread investor opposition. Just as with that plan, the new prop

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2019-01-19 02:12:20

White cop who gunned down Laquan McDonald gets nearly 7 years in prison  

  (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune via AP, Pool) The white Chicago police officer who gunned down a black teenager in 2014 was sentenced Friday to nearly seven years in prison, bringing an end to a historic case that centered on a shocking dashcam video and fueled the national debate over race and law enforcement. Jason Van Dyke was convicted last year of second-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery — one for each bullet he fired. Moments before learning the sentence,

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2019-01-19 01:45:21

US names 3 of the Americans killed in Syria blast claimed by Islamic State  

U.S. Navy/Handout via Reuters The Pentagon released the names of three Americans killed in a bombing attack this week in Manbj, Syria. A US Navy servicewoman and a former Navy SEAL are among the four Americans killed in a suicide bombing this week in northern Syria that the United States believes was likely carried out by Islamic State, US officials said on Friday. The Pentagon did not identify the fourth person killed, a contractor working for a private company. (Reuters) - A

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2019-01-19 01:28:56

Mueller's office disputes bombshell report on Trump's alleged involvement with Michael Cohen's testimony to Congress  

Thomson Reuters The special counsel Robert Mueller's office disputed a BuzzFeed News report that said Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's longtime attorney, was instructed by Trump to lie to Congress about the Trump Tower Moscow deal. "BuzzFeed's description of specific statements to the Special Counsel's Office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen's Congressional testimony are not accurate," spokesman Peter Carr said in a stat

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2019-01-19 01:26:53

Donald Trump's Presidency Is Legally Over, Pending Mitch McConnell's Acknowledgement Of His Constitutional Duties  

Trump now serves at the pleasure of McConnell and Senate Republicans, whether they know it or not.

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2019-01-18 22:34:58

Steve King is fundraising by accusing 'the rabid leftist media' and 'NeverTrumpers' of trying to 'destroy' him over his own racist comments  

Joshua Roberts/Reuters Embattled Rep. Steve King of Iowa is raising money by accusing "Never Trump Republicans" and the "rabid leftist media" of trying to "destroy" him following racist comments he made in an interview.  King was stripped of his committee assignments after wondering how terms like "white nationalist" and "white supremacist" became offensive in a New York Times interview. "Like the Founding Fathers, I am indeed a champion of Western Civilization and American culture &nd

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2019-01-18 21:31:38

7 common regrets you might have after a breakup  

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Breakups are a big life event and when you're dealing with a big change, it can be natural to reflect back on the relationship or even the breakup itself. If you find that you're dealing with some regrets, you're not alone. There are a number of common regrets that you might have after a breakup, ranging from not putting in enough time or effort to not establishing boundaries. Whether a breakup changed your daily interactions, your living situation, or what you though

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2019-01-18 21:01:05

Law School Students Still Waiting On Grades, But They've Got An Idea  

This could solve a lot of problems.

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2019-01-18 20:45:06

When Presenting To A Finder Of Fact, Avoid The Scenic Route  

It can be easy to confuse a juror when you go into extraneous detail.

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2019-01-18 20:12:15

Here's why Google Fi is set to gain US subscriptions  

This story was delivered to Business Insider Intelligence Apps and Platforms Briefing subscribers hours before appearing on Business Insider. To be the first to know, please click here. Google lifted the lid on two new updates to its mobile service, Google Fi, in a concerted effort to grow its subscriber base: It plans to enable richer messaging via RCS and faster 4G LTE coverage abroad in 33 countries. Business Insider IntelligenceSee the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:How

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2019-01-18 18:47:28

The Man Who Broke The Liberty Bell  

A funeral to remember.

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2019-01-18 17:35:44

'From the Inside Out' With Lee Drucker Of Lake Whillans [Sponsored]  

We discuss the basics of litigation finance and uncover insider insights for lawyers looking to engage more with the burgeoning field.

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2019-01-18 16:41:22

Police are investigating a second assault accusation at the Arizona care facility where a woman gave birth while in a vegetative state  

Ross D. Franklin/AP Photo The Phoenix, Arizona care facility where a patient gave birth last month, despite having been in a vegetative state for more than a decade, has been hit with a new assault allegation, according to Fox 10. A source told the outlet that a patient at Hacienda Skilled Nursing Facility recently told a social worker that two staff members had struck her in the face and arms multiple times in the past few months. Phoenix police confirmed to Fox 10 that they are investigat

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2019-01-18 15:44:38

It's Moving Day — See Also  

WELL, IT IS FOR SOME AT CAHILL: Stealth layoffs at Cahill. TRUMP SUBORNED PERJURY, PROBABLY: But we'll need Mitch McConnell's approval to move him out. DO YOU HAVE... THE SOCIAL SKILLS? In person, not just on Facebook. SERIOUSLY, THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO STILL DON'T HAVE THEIR GRADES? Come on, professors. Just have your cat grade them papers already. WHO BROKE THE LIBERTY BELL? Please be Gritty, please be Gritty. Elie Mystal is the Executive Editor of Above the Law and the Leg

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2019-01-18 15:06:26

Two computer models predict who will win the NFL conference championship games  

Jim Rogash/Getty Elo and Cortana have made their picks for the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. Cortana correctly picked 65% of the games this season and Elo was not far behind at 62%. Both models went 4-0 in the divisional round of the playoffs. The computers are backing the home teams this weekend. The NFL's conference championship games are here, and Cortana is back to make picks in a head-to-head showdown with Elo. We looked at two popular systems used to pick NFL games: Corta

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2019-01-18 13:37:23

Trump's Pentagon has expanded its secretive war on terror to 80 countries — here's what we know  

Petty Officer 1st Class Scott Bigley/US Navy Like its predecessor, the Trump administration is sending US troops on missions around the globe to combat violent extremists. But Trump's Defense Department has become much more secretive about where it's putting troops in harm's way, a move that obscures the many battles US forces are fighting under the broad authority of the 2001 military force authorization. The comprehensive Costs of War report shows the sheer scope of the counter-terror fig

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2019-01-18 13:10:01

Netflix says its hit British series, 'Bodyguard,' was watched by 23 million households in its first month  

Netflix "Bodyguard," a hit British TV series Netflix is streaming outside of the UK, was viewed by 23 million households in its first four weeks.  The show stars "Game of Thrones" actor Richard Madden and has a 94% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. Netflix regularly works with international production companies to nab global distribution rights, and has acquired a number of other British shows, including "The End of the F---ing World."   Netflix added to its impressive catalog

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2019-01-18 11:33:13

7 foods you should avoid on the Mediterranean diet  

Cabeca de Marmore/Shutterstock The Mediterranean diet has been proven to help with weight loss and heart health. The diet emphasizes eating foods like vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Unlike some other diets, there are few foods people following the Mediterranean diet aren't "allowed" to eat. Foods to avoid on the Mediterranean diet include red meat, added sugar, and refined grains. Many diets are characterized by the foods you can't eat, but this isn't exactly the case with the M

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2019-01-18 10:46:34

Spotify released playlists for every zodiac sign and they change each month to reflect your horoscope  

Spotify Spotify has released custom playlists for each zodiac sign. The playlists are curated by astrologer Chani Nicholas and include a personalized horoscope. Each playlist will be updated as the stars shift and reveal new insights. Astrology is the ancient practice of finding meaning in the movements of the stars and planets. It's been enjoying a surge in popularity lately, which means that asking someone about their sign isn't unheard of. Everything from exercise to grocery shoppin

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2019-01-18 09:22:37

Apple's top manufacturer, Foxconn, is reportedly cutting 50,000 seasonal jobs earlier than usual amid slowing iPhone demand  

YouTube/sakitech Top iPhone manufacturer Foxconn has let go 50,000 seasonal workers since October at its factory in China, according to a new report. Although these are temporary employees Foxconn hires under contract each year, these job cuts were made much earlier than usual, sources told the Nikkei Asian Review. These cutbacks follow news Apple would reduce its iPhone production by about 10% in response to slowing sales. Apple's production slowdown has not only affected Foxconn, but has

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2019-01-18 09:19:23

The 10 cancers US women are most likely to face  

Eric Gaillard/Reuters More than 890,000 new cases of cancer are estimated to be diagnosed in US women this year.  The most common cancers among US women are breast, lung, colorectal, uterine, thyroid, melanoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, pancreas, kidney, and ovary.  This year, more than 1.7 million new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed in the US, according to the American Cancer Society. An estimated 890,000 of those cases will occur in women. While some cancer type

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2019-01-18 08:58:52

Trump is spreading a dubious rumor about border ranchers finding 'prayer rugs' on their properties  

President Donald Trump on Friday tweeted out the headline of an article quoting a border rancher who said she has found prayer rugs on her property. The rancher had offered no evidence of the rugs, but said Americans don't realize the findings pose a "terrorist threat." Prayer rugs do not indicate that a person is a terrorist or terror suspect — Muslims use them to pray. Trump noted that people crossed the border from "many countries, some of which would be a big surprise." Govern

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2019-01-18 07:43:45

On The Road Again  

The best interactions with employers often comes from face to face contact.

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2019-01-18 07:42:41

From The Career Files: New Year's Resolutions For Lawyers  

If we were honest with ourselves, we would admit that New Year's Resolutions are rarely successful

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2019-01-18 07:28:24

Understanding How Judges Write, Reason And Rule [Sponsored]  

Legal Analytics Turns its Focus to the Language of Case Law.

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2019-01-18 06:51:34

We watched both Netflix and Hulu's docs about the doomed Fyre Festival, and one gives you a better look inside the fiasco  

Hulu/Netflix2017's Fyre Festival became a viral sensation when hundreds of people expecting to party with celebrities on an island in the Bahamas showed up to an event in complete disarray. Now two documentaries, Netflix's "Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened" and Hulu's "Fyre Fraud," are out that recount the experience of being there and shed light on the person behind it who is now in prison for fraud. After seeing both movies, here's what we think the movies' strengths are and whic

what do you think?

2019-01-18 06:48:13

Kylie Jenner is treating baby Stormi to a lavish beach vacation to celebrate her 1st birthday  

Kylie Jenner/Instagram Kylie Jenner took her daughter, Stormi Webster, on a luxurious beach vacation in celebration of her upcoming 1st birthday on February 1. Jenner shared photos of the unknown tropical beach destination on Instagram.  The photos show Jenner and Webster lounging in a resort with a huge pool and lounge area. Stormi Webster is only 11 months old, but she's already living an incredibly glamorous life. In celebration of her upcoming 1st birthday on February 1, Kylie J

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2019-01-18 05:45:09

How Senior Partners Can Help Associates Market  

It's never too early to start marketing yourself.

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2019-01-18 04:52:54

Any Rubik's Cube can be solved in 20 moves, but it took over 30 years for anyone to figure that out  

REUTERS/Stephane Mahe The Rubik's Cube is an iconic puzzle toy. But it is mathematically complicated — there are 43 quintillion possible configurations of the Cube. Over 30 years after the Cube was invented, a group of mathematicians showed, using a bank of supercomputers at Google, that any cube could be solved in at most 20 moves. The Rubik's Cube is a classic puzzle toy invented in 1974 by Hungarian architecture and design professor Erno Rubik. The toy consists of a cube made u

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2019-01-18 03:19:15

Meet the McDonald's of Cannabis  

As familiar as McDonald's is to us, many people don't realize that it isn't primarily a restaurant company; it's a real estate company that just happens to specialize in properties involved in food sales. And I've found a cannabis company that follows a similar business model...

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2019-01-18 02:52:57

On the day Jayme Closs escaped the man accused of kidnapping her applied to a job, calling himself an 'honest guy'  

Barron County Sheriff's Department via AP, Barron County Sheriff's Department/Facebook The Wisconsin man suspected Jayme Closs and killing her parents apparently applied for a job the day that Jayme escaped. Jake Patterson wrote that he was an "honest guy" even though his resume contains inaccuracies about his work experience. According to the application, Patterson was trying to land a night position in a company's warehouse. Company officials said

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2019-01-18 01:58:50

Banksy's latest creation, which depicts a kid licking ash out of the air, just sold for more than $129,000 — but that wasn't the highest offer  

Celebrated street artist Banksy's latest work, called "Season's Greetings," was painted on the side of a garage in Port Talbot, Wales days before Christmas. The garage owner just sold the art for more than 100,000 pounds ($129,000). He didn't sell to the highest bidder though; instead he sold to a buyer who promised to leave the work in the town for at least two years.  From one side of the building, the image appears to show a child licking snowflakes out of the air. But turn the c

what do you think?

2019-01-18 01:14:07

I sleep on an adjustable bed frame that has a massage function and a zero gravity setting — and yes, it's a game changer  

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Nectar 180 degrees isn't always the ideal angle for you to get your best night's sleep. Luckily, with the Nectar adjustable bed frame, you don't have to lie entirely horizontally when you lie down to go to bed. This new bed frame allows you to decide for yourself what angle works best for your nightly repose, whether th

what do you think?

2019-01-17 20:45:01

In-House Counsel: Tell Us About Your Outside Law Firms (Again!)  

GCs and corporate counsel: which law firms are at the top of your lists?

what do you think?

2019-01-17 20:01:19

Tulsi Gabbard apologizes to LGBTQ community over past rhetoric, stances: 'I said and believed things that were wrong'  

YouTube Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, who is running for president in 2020, released a video on Thursday in which she apologized for past statements and actions regarding the LGBTQ community.  Gabbard said she'd evolved and that she was "deeply sorry."  Gabbard worked for her father's anti-gay organization in the early 2000s and opposed a bill legalizing same-sex civil unions as a state legislator in Hawaii in 2004.  Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is already faci

what do you think?

2019-01-17 19:22:19

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