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Space News From SpaceDaily.Com

Space News from SpaceDaily.Com brings the space industry professional daily news from the frontier, with contract, bid, launch and on-orbit satellite news as it happens. Comprehensive daily news resource on space science and industry. Includes updated overview of news from multiple sources.

How far to go for satellite cloud image forecasting into operation  

Beijing, China (SPX) May 17, 2018 Cloud is a tracer for a variety of significant weather changes. Cloud images obtained from satellite remote sensing are of great help to weather forecasters in understanding the past and present weather processes in a macroscopic way. Forecasts directly made out of satellite cloud images are what meteorologists and forecasters dream about. Recent studies have shown that it has become possible to

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2018-05-18 03:50:47

Russia May Help China Create International Cosmonauts Rehabilitation Center  

Moscow (Sputnik) May 18, 2018 Russian scientific organizations are ready to assist China and its partners in creating an international rehabilitation center for cosmonauts, as well as other infrastructure needed for developing space medicine and biology, a spokesman for the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Science told Sputnik. "The IMBP [Institute of Biomedical Problems] is ready along with t

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2018-05-18 03:41:49

Study confirms link between gamma rays, lightning strikes  

Washington DC (UPI) May 17, 2018 A new survey of downward terrestrial gamma ray flashes suggests the rare electromagnetic phenomena is linked with cloud-to-ground lightning. The Telescope Array is an observatory consisting of 507 scintillation surface detectors spread out across a massive expanse of the Utah desert. Between 2014 and 2016, the array detected 10 downward terrestrial gamma ray flashes, or TGFs. The

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2018-05-18 03:19:05

Scientists' discovery in Yellowstone 'extremely relevant' to origin of life  

Bozeman MT (SPX) May 17, 2018 Montana State University scientists have found a new lineage of microbes living in Yellowstone National Park's thermal features that sheds light on the origin of life, the evolution of archaeal life and the importance of iron in early life. Professor William Inskeep and his team of researchers published their findings May 14 in the scientific journal Nature Microbiology. "The discove

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2018-05-18 02:59:37

Small Packages to Test Big Space Technology Advances  

Washington DC (SPX) May 18, 2018 This weekend, when the next cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station lifts off from NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, it will be carrying among its supplies and experiments three cereal box-sized satellites that will be used to test and demonstrate the next generation of Earth-observing technology. NASA has been increasing its use of CubeSats - small satellites bas

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2018-05-18 02:51:37

Dutch Radio Antenna To Depart For The Moon On Chinese Mission  

Dwingeloo, Netherlands (SPX) May 18, 2018 On 21 May 2018, the Chinese space agency will launch the relay satellite Chang'e 4 to an orbit behind the Moon. On board will be a Dutch radio antenna, the Netherlands Chinese Low-Frequency Explorer (NCLE). The radio antenna is the first Dutch-made scientific instrument to be sent on a Chinese space mission, and it will open up a new chapter in radio astronomy. The is instrument developed

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2018-05-18 02:48:41

NASA's Curiosity Rover Aims to Get Its Rhythm Back  

Pasadena CA (JPL) May 18, 2018 NASA's Curiosity rover could soon be drilling rocks on Mars again. Engineers have been working for the past year to restore the rover's full drilling capabilities, which were hampered in 2016 due to a mechanical problem. Later this weekend, they'll be adding percussion to a new technique already in use on Mars. This new technique is called Feed Extended Drilling, or FED. It lets Curiosity

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2018-05-18 02:33:21

Astronomers Release Most Complete Ultraviolet-Light Survey of Nearby Galaxies  

Baltimore MD (SPX) May 18, 2018 Capitalizing on the unparalleled sharpness and spectral range of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, an international team of astronomers is releasing the most comprehensive, high-resolution ultraviolet-light survey of nearby star-forming galaxies. The researchers combined new Hubble observations with archival Hubble images for 50 star-forming spiral and dwarf galaxies in the local universe, of

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2018-05-18 02:32:18

Amateur astronomer's data helps scientists discover a new exoplanet  

Yekaterinburg, Russia (SPX) May 18, 2018 One of the candidates previously found by the Kourovka Planet Search (KPS) project turned out to be the so-called hot Jupiter. The exoplanet, known as KPS-1b, orbits a star similar to the Sun with a period of 40 hours. The mass and size of the exoplanet KPS-1b are close to the characteristics of Jupiter, but it is located very close to its parent star. Due to such proximity to the star, th

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2018-05-18 02:05:56

NOAA finds rising emissions of ozone-destroying chemical banned by Montreal Protocol  

Boulder CO (SPX) May 17, 2018 Emissions of one of the chemicals most responsible for the Antarctic ozone hole are on the rise, despite an international treaty that required an end to its production in 2010, a new NOAA study shows. Trichlorofluoromethane, or CFC-11, is the second-most abundant ozone-depleting gas in the atmosphere and a member of the family of chemicals most responsible for the giant hole in the ozone l

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2018-05-18 01:51:52

Privatize the International Space Station? Not so fast, Congress tells Trump  

Washington (AFP) May 17, 2018 US President Donald Trump's controversial plan to privatize the International Space Station beginning in 2025 has met with strong opposition from lawmakers, including from some in the Republican majority. The US administration announced in February it wanted to redirect the money it spends on the ISS toward other space exploration projects, like returning to the Moon and eventually sending p

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2018-05-18 01:44:35

UAE Astronaut to Fly to ISS Instead of US Businessman - Source  

Moscow (Sputnik) May 18, 2018 In April 2019, a professional cosmonaut from the United Arab Emirates may fly to the International Space Station (ISS) on board Russia's Soyuz spacecraft, instead of a US businessman who intended to become the next space tourist, a source from the space industry told Sputnik on Thursday. "A US businessman expressed his will to become the next space tourist. But, probably, he will not be ab

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2018-05-18 01:13:54

Study co-authored by UCLA scientists shows evidence of water vapor plumes on Jupiter moon  

Los Angeles CA (SPX) May 18, 2018 Using new modeling techniques to analyze data gathered in 1997 by the NASA Galileo spacecraft, astronomers have discovered surprising new details about one of Jupiter's moons. A paper published in Nature Astronomy offers the clearest evidence to date that there are "plumes" - eruptions of water vapor - venting from the surface of on an icy moon called Europa. Two UCLA scientists are co-aut

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2018-05-18 01:07:45

Hubble shows the local universe in ultraviolet  

Munich, Germany (SPX) May 18, 2018 Using the unparalleled sharpness and ultraviolet observational capabilities of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, an international team of astronomers has created the most comprehensive high-resolution ultraviolet-light survey of star-forming galaxies in the local Universe. The catalogue contains about 8000 clusters and 39 million hot blue stars. Ultraviolet light is a major tracer of th

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2018-05-18 01:02:04

Chinese private firm launches first space rocket  

Beijing (AFP) May 17, 2018 A suborbital rocket was launched into space Thursday by a start-up in China's burgeoning commercial aeronautics industry, as private firms snap at the heels of their dominant American rivals. OneSpace, the Beijing-based company behind the launch, is one of dozens of Chinese rivals jostling for a slice of the global space industry, estimated to be worth about $339 billion by Bank of America M

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2018-05-17 04:35:02

US spacewalkers swap, check coolers 'Leaky' and 'Frosty'  

Tampa (AFP) May 16, 2018 A pair of American astronauts completed a successful spacewalk outside the International Space Station Wednesday to swap and check on two external cooling boxes, nicknamed "Leaky" and "Frosty," NASA said. The boxes, each about the size of a mini-refrigerator or window AC unit, are crucial to keeping the batteries cool aboard the orbiting lab. Since they operate using highly toxic ammonia

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2018-05-17 03:55:38

Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter set to soar high  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) May 17, 2018 As we develop more and more powerful tools to peer beyond our solar system, we learn more about the seemingly endless sea of faraway stars and their curious casts of orbiting planets. But there's only one star we can travel to directly and observe up close - and that's our own: the Sun. Two upcoming missions will soon take us closer to the Sun than we've ever been before, providing our bes

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2018-05-17 03:42:15

Space cloud discovery  

Cleveland OH (SPX) May 17, 2018 Astronomers have been keenly peering into M51, or the Whirlpool Galaxy, since the 1800s, its signature spiral structure informing the earliest debates over the nature of galaxies and the Cosmos at large. But no one - not with the naked eye or with increasingly powerful modern telescopes - has ever seen what Case Western Reserve University astronomers first observed using a refurbished 75-y

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2018-05-17 03:39:27

US indirectly confirms existence of Russia's hypersonic weapons  

Washington DC (Sputnik) May 17, 2018 Sources with direct knowledge of US intelligence reports say Russia is on the brink of developing a maneuverable, hypersonic nuclear-capable glider warhead that no US system can defeat. The sources, speaking to CNBC on condition of anonymity, reported that Russia tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic glide vehicle (presumably the Avangard) twice in 2016, and again in 2017. The 2017 test was

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2018-05-17 03:11:59

Vector marks 2 years working with DARPA  

Tucson AZ (SPX) May 17, 2018 Vector, a microsatellite launch company comprised of new-space and enterprise software industry veterans from SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, Sea Launch and VMware, reports it has surpassed two years of collaboration with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), part of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies

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2018-05-17 02:53:58

A laser from a space ant  

Manchester UK (SPX) May 17, 2018 An international team of astronomers have discovered an unusual laser emission that suggests the presence of a double star system hidden at the heart of the "spectacular" Ant Nebula. The extremely rare phenomenon is connected to the death of a star and was discovered in observations made by European Space Agency's (ESA) Herschel space observatory. When low- to middleweight stars like

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2018-05-17 02:49:30

Satellite study finds major shifts in global freshwater  

College Park MD (SPX) May 17, 2018 A new global, satellite-based study of Earth's freshwater distribution found that Earth's wet areas are getting wetter, while dry areas are getting drier. The data suggest that this pattern is due to a variety of factors, including human water management practices, human-caused climate change and natural climate cycles. The NASA-led research team, which included Hiroko Beaudoing, a faculty

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2018-05-17 02:22:31

Science Launching to Space Station Looks Forward and Back  

Houston TX (SPX) May 17, 2018 Some of the earliest human explorers used mechanical tools called sextants to navigate vast oceans and discover new lands. Today, high-tech tools navigate microscopic DNA to discover previously unidentified organisms. Scientists aboard the International Space Station soon will have both types of tools at their disposal. Orbital ATK's Cygnus spacecraft is scheduled to launch its ninth contr

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2018-05-17 02:20:17

Research shows how 'navigational hazards' in metro maps confuse travelers  

Kent UK (SPX) May 17, 2018 Peter B. Lloyd, a PhD student in the School of Computing, working alongside Dr Peter Rodgers in the same department, and Dr Maxwell J. Roberts, a cognitive psychologist at the University of Essex, is carrying out a series of studies on the New York City subway map. This is sometimes ranked as the most complex metro map in the world, but the results are expected to be applicable to other cities.

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2018-05-17 02:16:59

The first wireless flying robotic insect takes off  

Seattle WA (SPX) May 16, 2018 Insect-sized flying robots could help with time-consuming tasks like surveying crop growth on large farms or sniffing out gas leaks. These robots soar by fluttering tiny wings because they are too small to use propellers, like those seen on their larger drone cousins. Small size is advantageous: These robots are cheap to make and can easily slip into tight places that are inaccessible to big dro

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2018-05-17 02:13:49

ALMA finds most-distant oxygen in the universe  

Charlottesville VA (SPX) May 17, 2018 Not long after the Big Bang, the first generations of stars began altering the chemical make-up of primitive galaxies, slowly enriching the interstellar medium with basic elements such as oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen. Finding the earliest traces of these common elements would shed important light on the chemical evolution of galaxies, including our own. New observations with the Atacama La

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2018-05-17 02:06:57

A new map for a birthplace of stars  

New Haven CT (SPX) May 17, 2018 A Yale-led research group has created the most detailed maps yet of a vast seedbed of stars similar to Earth's Sun. The maps provide unprecedented detail of the structure of the Orion A molecular cloud, the closest star-forming region of high-mass stars. Orion A hosts a variety of star-forming environments, including dense star clusters similar to the one where Earth's Sun is believed to h

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2018-05-17 01:56:16

NASA Invites Media to SLS Industry Day  

Huntsville AL (SPX) May 17, 2018 NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, will host an industry day on Tuesday, May 22. Officials will share information about the latest NASA contract opportunities with representatives of large and small businesses as well as prime contractors and subcontractors for the agency's deep-space rocket, the Space Launch System. Media are invited to attend the free event at th

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2018-05-17 01:49:53

NATS invests in Aireon to boost global aviation surveillance technology  

McLean, VA (SPX) May 17, 2018 The UK air traffic management service provider, NATS, has announced it has invested in Aireon, the company pioneering a space-based air traffic surveillance service set to revolutionise the aviation industry. Through a network of 66 low earth orbiting Iridium NEXT satellites, Aireon will monitor the location of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) equipped aircraft flying any

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2018-05-17 01:08:02

Chinese volunteers emerge from virtual moon base  

Beijing (AFP) May 15, 2018 A group of Chinese volunteers has emerged from 110 days of isolation in a virtual "lunar lab", state media reported Tuesday, as the country pursues its ambition to put people on the moon. The official Xinhua news service streamed images on its website of the would-be astronauts emerging from their temporary home, a self-contained environment simulating conditions which future explorers will

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2018-05-16 11:49:08

Robot teaches itself how to dress people  

Atlanta GA (SPX) May 15, 2018 More than 1 million Americans require daily physical assistance to get dressed because of injury, disease and advanced age. Robots could potentially help, but cloth and the human body are complex. To help address this need, a robot at the Georgia Institute of Technology is successfully sliding hospital gowns on people's arms. The machine doesn't use its eyes as it pulls the cloth. Instead,

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2018-05-16 10:49:35

Ice stream draining Greenland Ice Sheet sensitive to changes over past 45,000 years  

Corvallis OR (SPX) May 15, 2018 A ribbon of ice more than 600 kilometers long that drains about 12 percent of the gigantic Greenland Ice Sheet has been smaller than it is today about half of the time over the past 45,000 years, a new study suggests. Interestingly, the loss of ice from the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream (NEGIS) took place not only during the warm Holocene period, but also during a period thought to be ver

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2018-05-16 09:07:10

Space technologies to protect Shaolin heritage  

Beijing (XNA) May 16, 2018 It was a strange sight: a group of monks from the Shaolin Temple, the cradle of Chinese kung fu, walking through the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (ALVT), producer of China's Long March carrier rockets. Shaolin abbot Shi Yongxin, in a brown robe, led the delegation to explore the use of rocket technologies to protect the ancient books in the temple, which has a history of abou

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2018-05-16 09:03:50

Dorset as model to help find traces of life on Mars  

London, UK (SPX) May 16, 2018 Imperial College London scientists have found traces of fatty acids - key building blocks of biological cells - in Dorset's acidic streams. They say that because of the similarity of acidic streams in Dorset and on Mars, their findings hint that life might once have existed on Mars. By applying their findings to the Red Planet, they concluded that there could be nearly 12,000 Olympic sized

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2018-05-16 06:58:23

Tiny Satellite's First Global Map of Ice Clouds  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) May 16, 2018 Looking at Earth from the International Space Station, astronauts see big, white clouds spreading across the planet. They cannot distinguish a gray rain cloud from a puffy white cloud. While satellites can see through many clouds and estimate the liquid precipitation they hold, they can't see the smaller ice particles that create enormous rain clouds. An experimental small satellite has fi

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2018-05-16 06:39:48

Isotopic evidence for more fossil fuel sources of aerosol ammonium in city air  

Beijing, China (SPX) May 15, 2018 Identifying the sources of aerosol ammonium is essential because ammonium can impact the Earth's radiative balance, as well as human health and biological diversity. The sources of ambient ammonia concentrations can be quantified based on the stable isotopic composition of ammonia for various endmembers. However, isotopic source apportionment of aerosol ammonium is challenging in the urban

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2018-05-16 06:06:52

Chinese rewrite record, live 370 days in self-contained moon lab  

Beijing (XNA) May 16, 2018 Chinese volunteers have completed a one-year test living in a simulated space lab in Beijing, setting a new record for the longest stay in a self-contained cabin. Four students, two males and two females, emerged from the Yuegong-1, or Lunar Palace 1, at Beihang University to the applause of academicians, researchers and fellow students Tuesday. The total length of the test, which st

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2018-05-16 05:53:17

Scientists crack how primordial life on Earth might have replicated itself  

London, UK (SPX) May 16, 2018 Scientists have created a new type of genetic replication system which demonstrates how the first life on Earth - in the form of RNA - could have replicated itself. The scientists from the Medical Research Council (MRC) Laboratory of Molecular Biology say the new RNA utilises a system of genetic replication unlike any known to naturally occur on Earth today. A popular theory for the earlie

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2018-05-16 03:42:47

Football field-sized asteroid to shave by Earth  

Tampa (AFP) May 15, 2018 An asteroid around the size of a football field is expected to zoom by Earth on Tuesday, but at a safe distance, the US space agency said. The space rock was discovered in 2010, but only recently did astronomers determine it would not collide with our planet, instead passing at a distance about halfway between the Earth and Moon. Asteroid 2010 WC9 will make a "close approach" to Earth at

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2018-05-16 03:33:11

Lead pollution in Greenland ice shows rise and fall of ancient European civilizations  

Reno NV (SPX) May 15, 2018 To learn about the rise and fall of ancient European civilizations, researchers sometimes find clues in unlikely places: deep inside of the Greenland ice sheet, for example. Thousands of years ago, during the height of the ancient Greek and Roman empires, lead emissions from sources such as the mining and smelting of lead-silver ores in Europe drifted with the winds over the ocean to Green

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2018-05-16 02:52:05

Army taps Lockheed for ballistic radar system support  

Washington (UPI) May 14, 2018 Lockheed Martin has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Army for ballistic radar tracking systems. The deal, announced Friday by the Department of Defense, is valued at more than $91.5 million under the terms of a modified contract to a previous Pentagon award. The contract from U.S. Army Contracting Command enables Lockheed Martin to provide "Phased Array Tracking on Radar to In

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2018-05-16 02:32:17

Kenya Steps Into Space with First Satellite Launch  

Nairobi, Kenya (VOA) May 16, 2018 Kenya has taken its first step into space with the launch Friday of a nano-satellite made at the University of Nairobi. Engineers involved in creating the cube-shaped space capsule described it as Kenya's joining the space club, although much remains to be done to get the Kenya space program off the ground. Kenyans cheered as a live stream broadcast Friday at the University of Nairobi show

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2018-05-16 01:58:40

Navy awards contract to ViaSat for aircraft communication systems  

Washington (UPI) May 14, 2018 ViaSat Inc. was awarded a contract from the U.S. Navy for advanced aircraft communication systems. The deal, announced Friday by the Department of Defense, is a modified contract worth $85.5 million. The contract modifies a previous Pentagon award under the terms of an indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity multiple award contract. The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Com

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2018-05-16 01:55:23

NASA's emerging microgap cooling to be tested aboard New Shepard  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) May 16, 2018 An emerging technology for removing excessive, potentially damaging heat from small, tightly packed instrument electronics and other spaceflight gear will be demonstrated for the first time during an upcoming suborbital flight aboard a reusable launch vehicle. Thermal engineer Franklin Robinson, who works at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, is scheduled to fly his

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2018-05-16 01:21:31

Space Traffic Control  

Bethesda, MD (SPX) May 15, 2018 Space traffic control is coming. The Department of Commerce has accepted the challenge to create an appropriate policy portfolio that will ultimately lead to regulations on how to fly your satellite in the Earth's vicinity. This challenge is daunting. Unlike air traffic control which requires aircraft to respond to ATC commands is simple 3-dimensional space over the Earth's surface, betwee

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2018-05-15 03:54:49

Old Data Reveal New Evidence of Europa Plumes  

Pasadena CA (JPL) May 15, 2018 Scientists re-examining data from an old mission bring new insights to the tantalizing question of whether Jupiter's moon Europa has the ingredients to support life. The data provide independent evidence that the moon's subsurface liquid water reservoir may be venting plumes of water vapor above its icy shell. Data collected by NASA's Galileo spacecraft in 1997 were put through new and adv

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2018-05-15 03:30:11

Astronomers find fastest-growing black hole known in the universe  

Canberra, Australia (SPX) May 15, 2018 Astronomers at the Australian National University (ANU) have found the fastest-growing black hole known in the universe, describing it as a monster that devours a mass equivalent to our Sun every two days. The astronomers have looked back more than 12 billion years to the early dark ages of the universe, when this supermassive black hole was estimated to be the size of about 20 billion Sun

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2018-05-15 03:28:22

The photoexcited graphene puzzle solved  

Madrid, Spain (SPX) May 15, 2018 Light detection and control lies at the heart of many modern device applications, such as the camera you have in your phone. Using graphene as a light-sensitive material for light detectors can offer significant improvements with respect to materials being used nowadays. For example, graphene can detect light of almost any colour, and it gives an extremely fast electronic response within o

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2018-05-15 03:23:28

Frequency-stable laser systems for space  

Berlin, Germany (SPX) May 15, 2018 For the first time a frequency reference based on molecular iodine was successfully demonstrated in space! What sounds a bit like science fiction is an important step towards laser interferometric distance measurements between satellites as well as for future global navigation satellite systems based on optical technologies. The frequency reference tests were carried out on 13 May on board

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2018-05-15 03:18:11

Telescope bionic ear hears more of the universe  

Sydney, Australia (SPX) May 15, 2018 New technology installed on CSIRO's 64-m Parkes radio telescope in eastern Australia today will let astronomers 'hear' a wider range of radio waves from objects in space, opening the way to new science. The new equipment is a receiver, a 'bionic ear' for the cosmos that catches radio waves and turns them into electrical signals for astronomers to analyse. The A$2.5 million [USD $1.9

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2018-05-15 03:05:07

Swift improves position accuracy and availability for precision agriculture and marine customers  

San Francisco CA (SPX) May 15, 2018 Swift Navigation, a San Francisco-based tech firm that is building centimeter-accurate GPS technology to power a world of autonomous vehicles, has announced the latest firmware upgrade to its flagship product Piksi Multi GNSS Module. This marks the fifth major point release to Piksi Multi and is available free of charge to Swift customers. The firmware release also enhances Duro, the rugge

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2018-05-15 03:04:32

Uber to Help NASA Streamline Air Traffic for Planes, Delivery Drones, Air Taxis  

Washington DC (Sputnik) May 09, 2018 Ride-sharing company Uber announced on Tuesday it signed an agreement with NASA to provide data support for the space agency's Urban Air Mobility (UAM) program, which would help to create an air transportation system in the future. NASA stated that under the agreement, Uber would fork over data addressing traffic scenarios, collision mitigation and air space management. "Using data f

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2018-05-15 02:43:13

Orbital variations can trigger 'snowball states' on exoplanets  

Seattle WA (SPX) May 15, 2018 Aspects of an otherwise Earthlike planet's tilt and orbital dynamics can severely affect its potential habitability - even triggering abrupt "snowball states" where oceans freeze and surface life is impossible, according to new research from astronomers at the University of Washington. The research indicates that locating a planet in its host star's "habitable zone" - that swath of space j

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2018-05-15 02:30:18

GRACE-FO Will Help Monitor Droughts  

Pasadena CA (JPL) May 15, 2018 You may not notice water in the ground under your feet, but it plays an important role in keeping you alive. Plants draw water from soil into their roots and use it to grow. If there's not enough, the resulting drought may have impacts that spread across local water supplies, regional agriculture and even international food prices. NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) mis

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2018-05-15 02:30:15

NASA completes survey flights to map Arctic springtime ice  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) May 14, 2018 Operation IceBridge, NASA's longest-running airborne mission to monitor polar ice change, concluded this year's springtime survey of Arctic sea and land ice on May 2. The flights, which began on March 22, covered the western basin of the Arctic Ocean and Greenland's fastest-changing glaciers. "This campaign achieved most of our primary objectives in surveying the state of Arctic ice," said

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2018-05-15 02:04:59

What Happens After Launch: Two NASA Educational CubeSats  

By Audrey Haar for GSFC News Greenbelt MD (SPX) May 15, 2018 A small group of students recently got to experience a rare, spaceflight thrill: seeing if the tiny satellite, called a CubeSat, they designed and built not only survived a rocket launch to space but also successfully gathered and transmitted data once on orbit. The educational CubeSat missions were selected through the CubeSat Launch Initiative as part of

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2018-05-15 01:50:28

Low-cost Operations Help Drive the Small-satellites Launch Market towards $62 Billion by 2030  

London, UK (SPX) May 15, 2018 The evolution of small satellites from technology demonstrators to providers of low-cost operational services across distributed industry segments is attracting launch demand from organisations all over the world. By 2030, there will be an estimated 11,631 launch demands for new constellation installations and replacement missions, which could take the market past the $62 billion mark. As

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2018-05-15 01:13:31

Sierra Nevada Corporation Hardware on NASA's Mars InSight Mission  

Sparks NV (SPX) May 15, 2018 Sierra Nevada Corporation's (SNC) hardware is once again on its way to Mars, this time aboard NASA's InSight Mars lander. SNC's actuators are a critical component on the robotic arm of the vehicle that launched for Mars on May 5 from Vandenberg Air Force Base on the California coast. "We are proud to provide another critical hardware component for a Martian mission. Our actuators on the de

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2018-05-15 01:11:52

Goonhilly lands 24m pounds investment enabling global expansion  

Cornwall, UK (SPX) May 15, 2018 Following its recent 8.4 million pounds contract win from the European Space Agency, Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd announces today that it has secured its second phase investment of 24 million pounds. Joining the growing club of billionaires such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Greg Wyler who have demonstrated their passion for the high-growth space sector, UK businessman Peter

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2018-05-15 01:09:50

Hughes to prototype Multi-Modem Adaptor for Wideband SATCOM use  

Germantown MD (SPX) May 14, 2018 Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES), the global leader in broadband satellite networks and services, announced it has been awarded a follow-on contract to continue the second phase of a pilot study program to assess the feasibility of interoperability across multiple satellite communication (SATCOM) systems for the Department of Defense (DoD). Under this award, Hughes will be responsible

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2018-05-14 12:40:23

NICER finds X-ray pulsar in a record-fast orbit  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) May 11, 2018 Scientists analyzing the first data from the Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER) mission have found two stars that revolve around each other every 38 minutes - about the time it takes to stream a TV drama. One of the stars in the system, called IGR J17062-6143 (J17062 for short), is a rapidly spinning, superdense star called a pulsar. The discovery bestows the stellar pair with th

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2018-05-14 12:37:12

Sunrise for China's commercial space industry?  

Beijing (XNA) May 14, 2018 Launching rockets and satellites has long been the preserve of China's state-owned aerospace companies, but private space firms are now popping up hoping to find gold in the space dust. A report by Beijing-based investment institution FutureAerospace says more than 60 private Chinese firms have entered the commercial space industry over the past three years, focusing on the production and

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2018-05-14 11:44:13

Opportunity team continues studies on origin of 'Perseverance Valley'  

Pasadena CA (JPL) May 14, 2018 Opportunity is only halfway down in "Perseverance Valley" on the west rim of Endeavour crater, pursuing several scientific hypotheses as to the origin of the valley including both water and wind erosion. The next objective is to investigate some tabular rocks up close that are of interest to the science team. On Sol 5074 (May 3, 2018), Opportunity backed up about 6.07 feet (1.85 meters) to

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2018-05-14 10:25:39

Heat and sound wave interactions in solids could run engines, refrigerators  

West Lafayette, IN (SPX) May 11, 2018 A solid can serve as a medium for heat and sound wave interactions just like a fluid does for thermoacoustic engines and refrigerators - resulting in leak-free machines that can stay operating longer. Leaky systems have limited how engineers design thermoacoustic devices that rely on the interplay between temperature oscillations and sound waves. Researchers at Purdue and the University of

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2018-05-14 09:03:05

Tiny fossils unlock clues to Earth's climate half a billion years ago  

Leicester UK (SPX) May 10, 2018 An international collaboration of scientists, led by the University of Leicester, has investigated Earth's climate over half a billion years ago by combining climate models and chemical analyses of fossil shells about 1mm long. The research, published in Science Advances, suggests that early animals diversified within a climate similar to that in which the dinosaurs lived. This inter

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2018-05-14 08:13:11

NASA plans to send mini-helicopter to Mars  

Tampa (AFP) May 11, 2018 The US space agency said Friday it plans to launch the first-ever helicopter to Mars in 2020, a miniature, unmanned drone-like chopper that could boost our understanding of the Red Planet. Known simply as "The Mars Helicopter," the device weighs less than four pounds (1.8 kilograms), and its main body section, or fuselage, is about the size of a softball. It will be attached to the belly

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2018-05-14 08:05:32

Boeing, Airbus, GE among biggest losers from US Iran shift  

New York (AFP) May 8, 2018 US President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear pact threatens new business for several big companies, including Boeing, Airbus and General Electric. The two aerospace giants were among the companies to receive US Treasury licenses to begin conducting business in Iran under strict oversight after sanctions were lifted in the 2015 accord. Even amid this easing, Wash

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2018-05-14 03:51:38

Reconnection tames the turbulent magnetic fields around Earth  

Berkeley CA (SPX) May 14, 2018 When the solar wind - which is really a driving rain of charged particles from the sun - strikes Earth's protective magnetic field, the shock generates roiling, turbulent magnetic fields that enshroud the planet and stretch for hundreds of thousands of miles. One of NASA's space weather missions, called Magnetospheric Multiscale or MMS, has discovered one surprising way this turbulent ener

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2018-05-14 03:43:50

Gremlins on Track for Demonstration Flights in 2019  

Washington DC (SPX) May 11, 2018 DARPA is progressing toward its plan to demonstrate airborne launch and recovery of multiple unmanned aerial systems (UASs), targeted for late 2019. Now in its third and final phase, the goal for the Gremlins program is to develop a full-scale technology demonstration featuring the air recovery of multiple low-cost, reusable UASs, or "gremlins." Safety, reliability, and affordability are t

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2018-05-14 02:58:32

Geoscientists suggest 'snowball Earth' resulted from plate tectonics  

Dallas TX (SPX) May 10, 2018 About 700 million years ago, the Earth experienced unusual episodes of global cooling that geologists refer to as "Snowball Earth." Several theories have been proposed to explain what triggered this dramatic cool down, which occurred during a geological era called the Neoproterozoic. Now two geologists at The University of Texas at Dallas and UT Austin suggest that those major climate changes ca

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2018-05-14 01:39:10

Could a multiverse be hospitable to life?  

Durham UK (SPX) May 14, 2018 A Multiverse - where our Universe is only one of many - might not be as inhospitable to life as previously thought, according to new research. Questions about whether other universes might exist as part of a larger Multiverse, and if they could harbour life, are burning issues in modern cosmology. Now new research led by Durham University, UK, and Australia's University of Sydney, We

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2018-05-14 01:10:42

RL10 engine to power ULA's new Vulcan Centaur Upper Stage  

Sacramento CA (SPX) May 14, 2018 United Launch Alliance (ULA) has selected Aerojet Rocketdyne's RL10 rocket engine to power the upper stage that will fly atop ULA's new Vulcan Centaur launch vehicle. The selection came as part of a long-term agreement between the two companies that calls for Aerojet Rocketdyne to provide RL10 upper-stage rocket engines to support ULA's current and future launch vehicles. "Having the RL10

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2018-05-14 01:07:27

Mars Helicopter to Fly on NASA's Next Red Planet Rover Mission  

Pasadena CA (JPL) May 11, 2018 NASA is sending a helicopter to Mars. The Mars Helicopter, a small, autonomous rotorcraft, will travel with the agency's Mars 2020 rover mission, currently scheduled to launch in July 2020, to demonstrate the viability and potential of heavier-than-air vehicles on the Red Planet. "NASA has a proud history of firsts," said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. "The idea of a helicopter flying

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2018-05-11 11:44:05

Hanoi demands Beijing withdraw missiles from disputed islands  

Hanoi (AFP) May 9, 2018 Hanoi has demanded Beijing remove military equipment from contested islands in the South China Sea, saying reported missile installations are a "serious violation" of Vietnam's sovereignty. The warning follows a report from US network CNBC last week that China had installed anti-ship and air-to-air defences on the Spratly Islands, which are also claimed by Vietnam. China did not confirm

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2018-05-11 10:59:34

Bursting pulsar found to 'hiccup' during crucial stage of its lifecycle  

Southampton UK (SPX) May 10, 2018 Researchers at the University of Southampton have discovered that the unique 'Bursting Pulsar' - a neutron star which steals matter from a low-mass stellar neighbour - may also be the slowest known 'transitional pulsar' in existence. Transitional pulsars are a rare class of neutron stars, which alternate between showing X-ray and radio pulsations over timescales of years. Jamie Court

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2018-05-11 10:06:01

Black Hole Bounty Captured in the Milky Way Center  

Huntsville AL (SPX) May 10, 2018 Astronomers have discovered evidence for thousands of black holes located near the center of our Milky Way galaxy using data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. This black hole bounty consists of stellar-mass black holes, which typically weigh between five to 30 times the mass of the Sun. These newly identified black holes were found within three light years - a relatively short distanc

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2018-05-11 09:47:55

Testing maintenance-free engines that power science in deep space  

Cleveland OH (SPX) May 10, 2018 There are no gas stations or mechanics in deep space. So, if you want the power to perform science in the deep, dark frontiers of our solar system, you must have an engine that is reliable for the long haul. At NASA Glenn Research Center, engineers have recently set a record of operating a free-piston Stirling engine at full power, for over 110,000 hours of cumulative operation. That's ove

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2018-05-11 07:52:48

New views of Jupiter" showcases swirling clouds on giant planet  

London, UK (SPX) May 11, 2018 Members of NASA's Juno mission team, some of the world's leading observers of Jupiter, and citizen scientists from across the globe will attend a workshop 'New Views of Jupiter: Pro-Am Collaborations during and beyond the NASA Juno Mission' at the Royal Astronomical Society in London on 10-11 May. JunoCam images presented at the meeting by citizen scientists Gerald Eichstadt and Sean Doran

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2018-05-11 07:38:35

US accelerating hypersonic weapons development to catch up with China, Russia  

Washington (Sputnik) May 11, 2018 The US Air Force has launched an ambitious campaign to expedite development of a hypersonic weapon amid concerns expressed by US officials that China and Russia are leaving the US in the dust in this category of weapons development. "I am working with the team on acceleration and I am very confident that a significant acceleration is possible," Will Roper, assistant secretary of the Air Fo

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2018-05-11 06:46:31

Asteroid Institute Announces Program with York Space Systems to Explore Low-Cost Space-Based Asteroid Tracking System  

Silicon Valley, CA (SPX) May 11, 2018 The Asteroid Institute, a program of the B612 Foundation, has announced a new collaboration with York Space Systems to explore a data-gathering constellation of satellites for a new asteroid tracking system. In addition, the Institute will join York's innovative program with Metropolitan State University (MSU) of Denver, by engaging students to work on the project, providing both motivation and

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2018-05-11 04:44:53

US lawmakers turn down amendment to slow Trump's space force program  

Washington (Sputnik) May 11, 2018 President Donald Trump is proposing a new branch of the military called the "Space Force" to defend the US in the event of a space war. The House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday voted down a move to slow the groundwork for the "Space Force" program, The Hill wrote. The amendment was proposed by Ohio Republican Mike Turner during the panel's markup of the National Defense Author

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2018-05-11 04:44:51

SpaceX launches most powerful Falcon 9 yet  

Tampa (AFP) May 11, 2018 SpaceX on Friday blasted off its most powerful Falcon 9 rocket, which is certified to carry humans to space later this year. "Three, two one, zero, ignition, liftoff," a SpaceX commentator said as the rocket launched at 4:14 pm (2014 GMT) from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The Block 5 Falcon 9 rocket's main goal for its maiden mission is to propel the first high-orbit communications satellite

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2018-05-11 04:40:48

SpaceX postpones next-gen rocket launch  

Tampa (AFP) May 10, 2018 With less than a minute before launch Thursday, SpaceX aborted the liftoff of its new Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket, which the California-based company promises to be more powerful and easier to re-use. The next launch opportunity at Cape Canaveral, Florida opens Friday, with a slightly more than two-hour window starting at opening at 4:14 pm (2014 GMT) and ending at 6:21 pm. "The vehicle and

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2018-05-11 04:11:55

Musk sets goal for two flights in 24 hours with same Falcon 9 rocket  

Washington (UPI) May 10, 2018 Block 5 will be the last version of the Falcon 9 rocket, according to SpaceX CEO and founder Elon Musk. But before it's retired, Musk hopes Block 5 will significantly alter the economics of rocketry. In a phone conference with reporters ahead of Thursday's Block 5 launch, Musk said Block 5 will undergo "minor adjustments" here and there, but that the newest version marks the last

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2018-05-11 03:45:04

Sloan Digital Sky Survey marks 20 years of observations  

Baltimore MD (SPX) May 11, 2018 This week marks the twentieth anniversary of "first light" for the telescope behind the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), which has gone on to create by far the largest three-dimensional map of the Universe ever made. Early in the morning of May 10th, 1998, the observers and engineers pointed the Sloan Foundation Telescope to the celestial equator and light went through to the survey's exquisitel

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2018-05-11 03:29:39

China to launch first rocket developed by private company  

Chongqing, China (XNA) May 10, 2018 China will launch the first commercial rocket developed by a private enterprise in mid-May, the company said Tuesday. Shu Chang, CEO of One Space said its rocket OS-X was now at a testing ground in northwest China preparing for the first launch. Established in August 2015, One Space is China's first private company which has a license to develop carrier rockets. The company so far ha

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2018-05-11 02:44:21

NASA eyes highly versatile carbon-nanotube technology for different spaceflight applications  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) May 11, 2018 An ultra-dark coating comprised of nearly invisible shag rug-like strands made of pure carbon is proving to be highly versatile for all types of spaceflight applications. In the most recent application of the carbon-nanotube coating, optical engineer John Hagopian, a contractor at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, and Goddard scientist Lucy Lim are growing an array

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2018-05-11 01:35:48

ANU study sheds new light on how our solar system formed  

Canberra, Australia (SPX) May 11, 2018 A study led by The Australian National University (ANU) and the University of Crete in Greece has shed new light on the mystery of how our solar system formed in a cloud of gas and dust in space billions of years ago. Lead researcher Dr Aris Tritsis from ANU said the study visualised the 3D shape of a star-forming cloud called Musca, which appears as a needle in the southern sky. Mus

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2018-05-11 01:19:31

The challenge of space gardening: One giant 'leaf' for mankind  

Miami (AFP) May 11, 2018 It's not easy having a green thumb in space. Without gravity, seeds can float away. Water doesn't pour, but globs up and may drown the roots. And artificial lights and fans must be rigged just right to replicate the sun and wind. But NASA has decided that gardening in space will be crucial for the next generation of explorers, who need to feed themselves on missions to the Moon or Mars

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2018-05-11 01:01:54

NASA Spacecraft Discovers New Magnetic Process in Turbulent Space  

Greenbelt MD (SPX) May 10, 2018 Though close to home, the space immediately around Earth is full of hidden secrets and invisible processes. In a new discovery reported in the journal Nature, scientists working with NASA's Magnetospheric Multiscale spacecraft - MMS - have uncovered a new type of magnetic event in our near-Earth environment by using an innovative technique to squeeze extra information out of the data. Magn

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2018-05-10 11:57:48

BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missiles to Feature Indian Quad Launchers  

New Delhi (Sputnik) May 08, 2018 Furthering its quest to localize the production of the world's deadliest missile, India has successfully designed and built a rototype of the 'Quadruple Canisterized Inclined Launcher' or Quad Launcher for BrahMos missiles. The Quad Launcher, built by the Indian private defense firm L and T Defense (the defense arm of Larsen and Toubro, or L and T), is suitable for warships which have spac

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2018-05-10 11:42:39

Spring brings phytoplankton blooms to North Sea  

Washington (UPI) May 8, 2018 Spring has arrived in the North Sea, as revealed by new images of phytoplankton blooms. As winter gives way to spring, and more of the sun reaches the waters closer to the poles, warmth and solar energy fuel the growth of phytoplankton colonies. Phytoplankton blooms feature billions of the microscopic organisms, which turn sunlight and CO2 into sugars and oxygen. They anchor rich

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2018-05-10 11:18:36

Atmospheric seasons could signal alien life  

Riverside CA (SPX) May 10, 2018 Dozens of potentially habitable planets have been discovered outside our solar system, and many more are awaiting detection. Is anybody - or anything - there? The hunt for life in these places, which are impossible to visit in person, will begin with a search for biological products in their atmospheres. These atmospheric fingerprints of life, called biosignatures, will be detected using n

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2018-05-10 10:25:32

Copernicus Sentinel-3B delivers first images  

Paris (ESA) May 10, 2018 Less than two weeks after it was launched, the Copernicus Sentinel-3B satellite has delivered its first images of Earth. Exceeding expectations, this first set of images include the sunset over Antarctica, sea ice in the Arctic and a view of northern Europe. The very first image, captured on 7 May at 10:33 GMT (12:33 CEST), shows the transition between day and night over the Weddell Sea in

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2018-05-10 10:25:31

Harvesting clean hydrogen fuel through artificial photosynthesis  

Ann Arbor MI (SPX) May 04, 2018 A new, stable artificial photosynthesis device doubles the efficiency of harnessing sunlight to break apart both fresh and salt water, generating hydrogen that can then be used in fuel cells. The device could also be reconfigured to turn carbon dioxide back into fuel. Hydrogen is the cleanest-burning fuel, with water as its only emission. But hydrogen production is not always environ

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2018-05-10 08:30:30

China launches new Earth observation satellite for environmental monitoring  

Taiyuan, China (XNA) May 10, 2018 China on Wednesday launched Gaofen-5, a hyperspectral imaging satellite, as part of the country's high-resolution Earth observation project. The Gaofen-5 satellite was launched off the back of a Long March 4C rocket at 2:28 a.m. Beijing Time from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in northern Shanxi Province. It was the 274th flight mission by a Long March carrier rocket. The satell

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2018-05-10 06:20:17

Spinning science: multi-use variable-g platform arrives at the Space Station  

Houston TX (SPX) May 10, 2018 Delivered to the International Space Station aboard SpaceX CRS-14, the Multi-use Variable-g Platform (MVP) is a new commercial testbed for centrifuge-based science aboard the orbiting laboratory. Because gravity determines so much of a live organism's behavior and growth, centrifuge-based experiments have long been a part of biological investigations in space. While the pull of Earth's gra

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2018-05-10 05:47:40

AF plans to accelerate defendable space with Next-Gen OPIR  

Washington (AFNS) May 07, 2018 The Air Force announced its intention to award two sole-source contracts for the Next-Generation Overhead Persistent Infrared program. In order to maintain space superiority over its adversaries, the Air Force is implementing rapid procurement authorities and is targeting the first Next-Gen OPIR launch in 2023. This establishes an aggressive goal of cutting four years off the current procu

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2018-05-10 05:35:36

Iran's ballistic missiles: bone of contention with West  

Tehran (AFP) May 8, 2018 Iran's ballistic missile programme has poisoned relations between Tehran and Western powers for years but for the Islamic republic the issue is staunchly non-negotiable. A recent report by London's International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) says Iran is developing a dozen ballistic missiles that can fly up to 2,000 kilometres (1,200 miles) and deliver a 450-1,200 kilo (990-2,640 po

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2018-05-10 05:11:42

Taking Air Travel to the Streets, or Just Above Them  

Washington DC (SPX) May 08, 2018 There was a time when people and goods were moved through the crowded city on the ground, restricted to the busy street surfaces by necessity and gravity. So, inspired visionaries considered new ways to get about town and dreamt of innovative flying machines that could safely transport passengers and ship cargo within the urban jungle by rising above the congestion below. No, we're n

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2018-05-10 04:04:20

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