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wikiHow - The How-to Manual That You Can Edit

wikiHow is a wiki based collaboration to build the world’s largest, highest quality how to manual. Our multilingual how to manual has free step-by-step instructions on how to do all types of things. A collaborative writing project to build the world's largest how-to manual.

How to Register an Official WeChat Account  

This wikiHow teaches you how to create and register a WeChat official account for your business, using an internet browser.

2017-09-23 03:06:51

How to Find Silver Half Dollars  

Depending on when the coins were minted, silver half dollars can be a valuable investment. If you're a coin collector interested in finding the right half dollars, you may not know where to look and what coins are valuable. You can find silver half dollars at your local bank, in antique shops or flea markets, or via professional coin dealers. Recognizing the markers of silver half dollars and where you're likely to find them will help you find more rare coins when expanding your collection.

2017-09-23 02:53:13

How to Elevate Your Feet  

Taking a load off and elevating your feet feels great, particularly if they're swollen. Whether your feet are puffy due to pregnancy or too much walking, elevating them can make you more comfortable. By raising and resting your feet, reducing foot swelling, and maintaining good foot health, you can keep your feet ready for all your favorite activities.

2017-09-23 01:24:28

How to House a Canary  

Canaries are sweet little singers who need big homes to make sure that they get enough exercise. If you're getting a canary, make sure that their home is a good one by giving them a roomy cage filled with food, perches, and toys. Weekly cleaning and care will ensure that your canary loves their home as much as they love you.

2017-09-22 13:48:08

How to Dance Without Embarrassing Yourself  

If you're too embarrassed to dance in public, you are missing out on a lot of fun. It doesn't take much effort to learn some basic moves and sidle onto the dance floor, even if only briefly. Practicing at home, perfecting some basic moves, and building your confidence will allow you to dance in public without feeling embarrassed.

2017-09-22 02:44:20

How to Create a Portfolio for Acting  

If you'd like to work professionally as an actor, you'll need to make a portfolio. This portfolio functions as a document that you can distribute to casting director at or before auditions. A high-quality acting portfolio makes you appear professional and hirable, and should emphasize your acting experience and talents. You'll need to include a professional headshot, an acting resume, and a demo reel that shows the strengths and variety of your acting ability.

2017-09-22 01:13:24

How to Feed Lovebirds  

Lovebirds make great pets, as they are small, active, and have fun personalities. Feeding lovebirds properly will ensure they do well and thrive. Start by choosing feed that is suitable and healthy for lovebirds. You can then establish a feeding schedule to ensure the lovebirds get enough food and nutrients on a regular basis. Baby lovebirds do well if they are hand-fed, though this can be a time-consuming method.

2017-09-21 09:09:29

How to Consolidate Loans  

Loan consolidation can save you money if done right. You consolidate loans by rolling all your little loans into one bigger one. To come out ahead, you need to find a consolidation loan with a low interest rate and a reasonable term. You can consolidate using a personal loan or a balance transfer credit card. If you consolidate student loans, you have other options.

2017-09-21 05:37:26

How to Interpret Autistic Body Language  

"Autistic body language" is somewhat of a misnomer—every autistic person is unique, so it is difficult to make generalizations about autistic people as a whole. This article discusses common patterns and misconceptions. When applying this information, be sure to consider your autistic loved one as an individual, and remember that each step won't apply to each person.

2017-09-21 04:11:36

How to Communicate With Deaf People  

You have several great options for communicating with a deaf person. The most popular methods will be lip-reading and sign language, but you might also communicate using a pen and paper, interpreter, or CART device. Whatever method you choose, there are some general rules of etiquette to help guide you. The most important thing is to be polite and attentive.

2017-09-20 08:26:13

How to Clean an Oily Nose  

An oily nose can be an annoyance and also may lead to issues like acne. Luckily, there are many ways you can treat an oily nose at home. Commercial products can help reduce oil on or near your nose. Natural methods, like steam treatments, can also reduce oils. If you're worried about a reoccurrence, small adjustments to your diet and makeup routine may help.

2017-09-20 01:43:25

How to Change the Name of a Wireless Network  

This wikiHow teaches you how to change a wireless network's name. To do this, you'll need to access the router's Settings page in your browser.

2017-09-19 12:07:40

How to Choose a Cage for a Cockatoo  

Cockatoos are intelligent, inquisitive birds that need lots of living space. Choose a cockatoo cage that is at least three times as wide as your bird's wingspan and at least 4 feet or 120 centimeters tall. A rectangular cage made of stainless steel is a good pick. Make sure the cage's doors lock and its bars are horizontal, not vertical.

2017-09-19 09:41:07

How to Use Google News  

Do you like to stay up to date with the latest news? Google News is a great platform to keep you updated on what's happening around the world.

2017-09-19 04:11:56

How to Care for a Pug  

Pugs are a friendly and goofy dog breed that love attention almost as much as people love their folded-up faces. Those folds need special care, though, to keep your pug happy and healthy. Create a consistent routine of meals, play time, and quiet time for your pug, and make sure you provide them with regular fold cleanings, ear cleanings, nail trims, and baths. It can take a little extra work, but with some attention you can care for all of your pug's unique needs.

2017-09-18 09:24:41

How to Avoid Falling in Love  

Perhaps you think you might be falling in love with someone you know is off-limits or just not right for you. Or, maybe your life is just too hectic to fall in love with anyone right now. Well, don't panic! You can rein in your feelings by distancing yourself from a particular person, diverting your attention from love in general, and keeping a healthy state of mind as you're going through the process.

2017-09-18 06:51:56

How to Avoid Distractions While Studying  

You know you really want to get good grades. Your parents have put the pressure on, or you promised yourself you would do better. But you keep getting distracted! If you work to find a focused mindset, establish a study schedule, and choose the right place to study, you can cut out the distractions you have control over and minimize the ones you can't stop completely.

2017-09-18 04:51:24

How to Annotate a Book  

Annotating a book is a great way to make notes on the text. It also allows you to do a deep read of the book, where you jot down your thoughts or impressions of the text. You may need to annotate a book for a class or decide to try it to deepen your reading experience. Start by selecting your annotation tool. Then, annotate the book by focusing on keywords, phrases, ideas, and questions so your notes are clear and easy to review later.

2017-09-17 12:48:19

How to Treat Diarrhea in Cockatiels  

If your cockatiel is sick, it's important to spot the sickness right away. In the case of diarrhea, this can be hard to spot in birds. Their droppings are naturally runny, as they contain both feces and urine together, so gauging when it is unhealthy can be hard. However, by assessing their droppings on a regular basis, looking for other signs of illness, and getting them proper veterinary care, you can quickly and effectively treat diarrhea and its underlying causes in cockatiels.

2017-09-17 03:13:21

How to Increase Ferritin Levels  

Ferritin is a type of protein in your body that helps you store iron in your tissue. Your ferritin levels may drop if you have an iron deficiency or poor nutrition. In addition, there are a variety of medical conditions and chronic diseases that could cause low ferritin levels. While low ferritin levels can cause serious health problems, in most cases it should be relatively easy for you to increase them. By determining any outstanding health problems, taking supplements, and altering your diet,

2017-09-17 02:34:59

How to Shape Your Eyebrows with a Razor  

Using a razor to shape your eyebrows can give you the same look as waxing or tweezing, but without the pain. First, you will need to purchase an eyebrow razor with a small blade. Then you can shave your eyebrows into a shape that flatters your face.

2017-09-16 15:15:02

How to Dismantle a Recliner Sofa  

There's no need to worry if you need to move your bulky recliner sofa through a tight space. Most reclining sofas can be easily disassembled for stress-free transport. Many models have detachable seat backs, which are secured by locking levers. Lifting the back fabric panel or feeling in between the rear seams should enable you to release the levers and remove the seats. Some models also have removable bars bolted to the base that allow for further disassembly. To make things easier when it'...

2017-09-16 09:16:19

How to Get Discovered As an Actor  

There are many ways to get discovered as an actor. Gaining substantial training as an actor and networking with television, film, and/or theater professionals can help. Additionally, take on as many roles as possible, even if they are minor or seem unimportant. Finally, work hard to improve the quality of your acting with each project you take on.

2017-09-16 02:20:18

How to Study for a Math Exam  

Practice makes perfect when it comes to math - that's why your teacher assigns so many tedious homework problems! Many people try to study for math by simply memorizing formulas and equations the way they would memorize facts and dates. While knowing formulas and equations is important, the best way to learn them is by using them. Start studying early, do your homework, and ask your teacher for help if you run into any issues. Avoid cramming, try not to get stressed out, and make sure to get r...

2017-09-15 15:29:16

How to Pawn Jewelry  

Pawning jewelry for money is not typically an ideal situation since pawn shops offer high interest rates and price jewelry at a fraction of its true value. However, if you need a quick loan, pawning jewelry might be your only option. By taking the time to have your jewelry appraised, shopping around for the best loan deals, and getting your loan paid back on time, you can safely get the money you need and still get your jewelry back!

2017-09-15 11:10:17

How to Weatherproof a Door  

Doors are frequently a source of drafts in your home, which can end up costing you big bucks in heating and cooling bills. Even if you're not particularly handy, there are some quick and easy fixes you can do, like installing an adhesive weatherproofing strip or a draft fighting door sweeper. For a more permanent fix, you can install tension strips or an integral door sweep to improve insulation.

2017-09-15 02:17:27

How to Look Good when Traveling  

Whenever you travel on an airplane or sit through a long car, bus, or train ride, it's easy to end up looking tired and messy. Jet lag, exhaustion, and being cramped into a small seating area can contribute to a rumpled look. However, you can be comfortable yet still stylish by choosing wrinkle-free fabrics, wearing layers, and keeping your skin moisturized. Choose simple but chic makeup and hair for traveling to look your best when you arrive. Take advantage of down time on the plane or in the

2017-09-14 03:40:58

How to Do a Cartwheel  

The cartwheel is a basic gymnastics skill that will strengthen your upper body and help you work your way up to more advanced moves. There are two basic types: the front-to-back and the side-to-side cartwheel. With the side-to-side cartwheel, you'll start and end in the same direction. Performing the front-to-back cartwheel will land you facing the opposite direction in which you began. The front-to-back is the most common type of cartwheel. To learn either type you'll need to find a safe env...

2017-09-14 03:05:44

How to Set Up an Art Exhibition  

Whether you're displaying your own work or that of other artists, holding an art exhibition is a uniquely enriching experience. However, it can be a real challenge to bring together so many different elements in a cohesive and meaningful way. That's why when you're staging an art exhibition of your own, it's essential to have a plan. Once you've chosen a theme for your exhibition, you can begin taking submissions from interested artists, select an appropriate venue for the event and bu...

2017-09-14 02:44:13

How to Do Puzzle Nail Art  

Do you love nail art and want to try a new and impactful design? These puzzle nails are simple to create and will add a creative touch to your look.

2017-09-13 09:44:21

How to Write a Newspaper Column  

Writing a newspaper column provides space for a columnist to share their opinions or analyze a chosen topic using their own voice. While a newspaper column does afford a lot of room for freedom, there are certain conventions that should be followed to write an effective column. By learning how to present your subject in an interesting way and how to present your writing in a straightforward manner, you can write a successful newspaper column that engages your audience.

2017-09-13 06:56:23

How to Clean a Bristled Hairbrush  

Routine hairbrush cleaning is an often-overlooked part of hygiene maintenance. From oil and grime build-up to dandruff and leftover hair product transferring between family members, roommates, or partners, routine cleaning of your hairbrush is important. An old hairbrush can be revitalized and its lifetime extended simply by removing collected hair, cleaning with an agent, and properly drying.

2017-09-13 02:07:36

How to Grow a Sandalwood Tree  

Sandalwood is highly valued for its aromatic scent, which is used in incense and perfume. Tropical Indian Sandalwood and temperate dryland Australian sandalwood are two varieties that are commonly grown. If you are hoping to bring some of the exotic scent of sandalwood into your backyard, you'll need to make sure there is a viable host species. Sandalwood doesn't grow without a host plant. Once established, sandalwood is a sensuous and potentially profitable tree to grow.

2017-09-12 12:01:04

How to Pay Attention in a Dull Class  

Dull or boring classes can be a challenge to endure, especially if you're trying to earn a top grade. Every student experiences a dull class once in awhile, but the good news is that there are easy ways to keep yourself engaged while avoiding distractions. Coming to class prepared, striving to participate, and removing distractions like your cell phone and snacks are all strategies you can use to make it easier to pay attention.

2017-09-12 04:35:03

How to Prevent Mold Growth on Bread  

Keeping bread fresh can be a challenging task for anyone, especially for smaller households and those living in hot, humid climates. Learning to store bread correctly is the easiest way to keep mold away, and to enjoy every loaf to its last crumb.

2017-09-12 01:38:04

How to Welcome the New Kid at School  

Coming into a new school can be very difficult for anyone. You're in a new environment with people you don't know instead of your old friends. If you want to help a new kid feel welcome, making a good first impression is crucial. From there, you'll want to help them get a handle on their new school and integrate themselves fully.

2017-09-11 12:44:44

How to Deodorize a Car  

Cars develop smell over time from food, pets, messes, and other sources. Luckily, a car is usually easy to deodorize in a few simple steps. Clean your car thoroughly and apply substances to remove odor. If you notice a potentially dangerous smell, like the smell of gas, seek professional assistance immediately. Most smells, however, can be dealt with without mechanics or professional cleaners.

2017-09-11 10:09:19

How to Diamond Paint  

Diamond painting is similar to painting by number, except that instead of using paint, you are using tiny, flat-backed rhinestones, crystals, or diamonds. You can purchase diamond painting kits online and in some well-stocked arts and crafts stores. The process can look intimidating, but it is actually quite simple. Once you know what to do, you can find the project both relaxing and rewarding.

2017-09-11 01:10:05

How to Razor Cut Your Own Hair  

Hair stylists typically razor cut thick hair to thin it out, or to create a textured, feathery look. If you have the proper tools and the right technique, then you can razor cut your hair at home. First divide your hair into three sections—a top, middle and bottom section. Starting with the bottom section, place the razor comb at a 45 degree angle relative to your hair. Then lightly run the razor from the middle of your hair to the ends. Repeat this technique for each section.

2017-09-10 07:56:44

How to Do the Dead Bug Exercise  

Watching a bug struggle to turn itself over from its back may seem gross to some people. But did you know that that bug requires a considerable amount of strength to turn itself back over? You can use a similar technique to a struggling bug to strengthen your abs and core muscles without putting pressure on your lower back. You can do the dead bug exercise by performing it in its traditional way or trying variations based on your strength.

2017-09-10 06:36:36

How to Drink Noni Juice  

Noni, also known as cheese fruit or morinda, has been used for thousands of years in the Pacific to treat health problems. Noni advocates claim that the juice treats problems ranging from low energy to cancer. Making juice at home is done simply by blending noni fruit and straining out the seeds. You can also buy it premade or as an extract. Since noni is an unproven herbal medicine, consult with your doctor before drinking and stop if you experience adverse health effects.

2017-09-10 03:26:19

How to Study for a Spelling Bee  

Spelling bees have a long history of fostering healthy competition and academic excellence. If you have ever dreamed of competing in a spelling bee, watched one on television, or simply wanted to become better at spelling and memorization, then it's probably time to start studying. Spelling bees are offered through school, regional, and national organizations—studying for them should be taken seriously because competition can be fierce!

2017-09-09 09:38:53

How to Distribute Leaflets Effectively  

Leaflet distribution requires more effort than it seems. Appealing to receptive customers takes a lot of planning. Keep leaflets small and brief. Hand them out where the target audience can be found, taking pains to always be polite and professional. Find creative ways to distribute your leaflets, including mailing them to homes or displaying them in friendly businesses.

2017-09-09 04:01:04

How to Lower DHEA  

Keeping your hormone levels in check can boost your quality of life in every way. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is one of the most important hormones in your body as it regulates the production of androgens and estrogens. To lower your DHEA levels, start by eating a healthy diet, exercising, and getting the right amount of sleep. Talk with your doctor and ask them to monitor your levels over time. Be careful about any medications that you take and over time you should start to see and feel the p

2017-09-09 01:49:31

How to Stain Teak Furniture  

Teak is a large deciduous tree that grows in tropical forests. It's often used for outdoor furniture, since it's more resistant to the elements than other types of wood. When untreated, it tends to fade to a greyish color, so it is often stained. Before being able to stain teak furniture, you'll need to sand and smooth the wood first.

2017-09-08 14:25:05

How to Gaff a Tuna  

In any fishing trip where you're catching large fish (such as grouper, marlin, tuna, or swordfish), gaffing is the final step which allows you to bring the fish on board. When gaffing a large fish, you'll impale the fish with a large stick tipped with a substantial hook (the gaff) and swing the fish onboard. Gaff placement is important: an improperly performed gaff job could result in the tuna escaping from the hook you've caught it with.

2017-09-08 09:06:16

How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter Using TweetDeck  

Scheduling Tweets on Twitter will help you to grow your account. This practice allows you to maintain an online presence on social media at times you're unavailable and cannot post Tweets in real time. Twitter's TweetDeck tool allows you to schedule Tweets for any time.

2017-09-08 03:44:40

How to Comfort Someone Who Is Crying  

You may want to help someone who's crying but not know where to start. The most important part is to show that you care. Extend any help that you can and support their needs. Ask a few questions to make sure they feel safe or assess if they need anything. Overall, be generous with your time and allow them to talk about what's on their mind.

2017-09-07 09:07:21

How to Realign Your Neck  

Having your neck out of alignment is a common issue, especially if you're sitting at a computer all day. A neck that is out of alignment can cause pain and discomfort. If you've been experiencing neck pain and tension, then you are likely looking for a solution. Fortunately, it's possible to realign your neck using neck stretches, lifestyle changes, or a chiropractor.

2017-09-07 03:01:32

How to Survive After a Shipwreck  

While most people won't ever be shipwrecked, it is a small possibility for people who do travel by water. In addition to the danger of dying when the ship sinks, there are many dangers after you've survived the initial sinking. Possible dangers include exposure, sharks, and more. However, by getting organized, cooperating with others, and taking steps to aid in your rescue, you'll have much better odds of surviving a shipwreck. With some hard work and luck, you'll survive this stressful ...

2017-09-07 02:11:31

How to Dress Fashionably When You're Pregnant  

Pregnancy is no longer considered a time in a woman's life when she has to wear baggy clothes. Many celebrities have made it fashionable to proudly show their growing stomachs, and the general public is following suit. The number of clothing outlets selling maternity clothes is another growing trend, as many popular retailers have launched maternity clothing lines. So head to your favorite retailers that carry maternity clothes, and you might find it's easy to put together some fashionable o...

2017-09-06 12:08:43

How to Entertain a Conure  

Conures may be one of the smaller varieties of parrots, but they have big personalities. To keep them entertained, conures need a variety of toys that they can shake, jangle, chew, and tear apart as well as plenty of time outside of their cage. While conures love to socialize, you can avoid boring them while you're out of the house with some noise and interesting sights. Who knows? In the end, the conure may be the one entertaining you!

2017-09-06 10:47:28

How to Circle a Number on Microsoft Word  

This wikiHow teaches you how to add a circled number (also known as an "enclosed alphanumeric") to your Microsoft Word document.

2017-09-06 01:28:04

How to Buy on eBay Without PayPal  

If you don't have a PayPal account, or prefer not to use yours, navigating eBay can be frustrating. Luckily, however, there are other means to pay on PayPal. You can use a credit card, debit card, or gift card to quickly pay for your items. When you're done, confirm your purchase and check out.

2017-09-05 09:45:39

How to Kettle Sour Beer  

Kettle souring is a process that allows beer brewers to consistently whip up batch after batch with the perfect level of tartness. Unlike traditional souring methods, which can take months or even years, kettle souring can be pulled off in as little as 24 hours. Starting with a basic wort, add a strain of pure lactobacillus and give the bacteria enough time to start breaking down the sugars in the liquid. Once it reaches your preferred pH level, you'll be left with a brew that's light, crisp...

2017-09-05 05:38:27

How to Get Your Child to Stop Playing Video Games  

Most children love video games. While video games can teach certain skills or be educational, many children spend too many hours with a controller in their hand. Video games have been linked to childhood obesity and cognitive problems. You don't have to cut video games out of your child's life completely, but setting boundaries and helping your child find other activities can limit the amount of time they play video games.

2017-09-05 01:33:20

How to Get Marilyn Monroe Curls  

Retro Marilyn Monroe curls are a gorgeous style for many hair lengths. To get this classic look you only need styling products, curlers or a curling iron, and bobby pins or clips. Begin by making medium sized curls to frame your face, pinning them to set, and then styling your curls. You can also add pretty accessories. Depending on the look you want, you can also brush out your curls for old Hollywood style waves.

2017-09-04 04:05:25

How to Deal With a Bad Grade  

If you receive a bad grade, don't let it get you too down. Everyone receives a lower grade than they had hoped at some point in their lives. What's most important is that you deal with it effectively. If you take the right steps, you can actually make that bad grade beneficial in the long run. By coming to terms with your bad grade, figuring out what went wrong, and planning effectively for the future, you can turn your bad grade into a positive learning experience.

2017-09-04 03:39:33

How to Grow Lentils  

Lentils are a super food that can give you a huge protein boost. Luckily for potential gardeners, they are also easy to plant and maintain. Start with quality seeds or dried lentils. Plant them in a container or garden location that gets plenty of sunlight and ample water. With any luck they should be ready to harvest in around 100 days. If you are interested in just the sprouts, you may want to consider growing them in a glass jar for a quick turnaround.

2017-09-04 02:44:23

How to Make Maroon  

Maroon is a deep, burgundy colour many people enjoy for paints or dyes. Maroon is made, like many other colours, with a combination of red, blue, and yellow. There is no exact ratio to make maroon, as the final product is often determined by the exact shades of red, blue, and yellow you're using. With a little experimentation, however, you should be able to create maroon.

2017-09-03 15:33:36

How to Make Fruit Sushi  

Sushi certainly is delicious, but what about giving it a non-conventional twist? Change it up by using fruit to make a sweet dessert version of sushi.

2017-09-03 06:03:52

How to Keep Wasps Away  

Nothing ruins a picnic or day outside quicker than wasps buzzing around. Using natural or store-bought wasp repellent, making sure you secure areas where wasps can get in, and getting rid of food that can attract wasps can help keep them away. Using a water and soap solution, setting traps, or calling a pest expert can help you get rid of wasps if you already have them.

2017-09-03 02:53:25

How to Wear Finger Picks  

Finger picks are typically used for playing a bluegrass style of banjo music, but they can also be used by guitar and autoharp players—along with other types of instruments. Picks usually come in metal or plastic and in different thicknesses. The type of finger pick you choose largely depends on your experience level and style of music. To use a finger pick, choose the right one for you, put it on, and adjust it to your liking so that you can start creating awesome music for everyone to enjoy.

2017-09-02 19:53:41

How to Cope With Friends Who Turn Against You  

One of the downsides of friendships is the potential for a friend to backstab or betray you. When a friend turns against you, it may feel like the end of the world, especially if this person is who you would normally turn to during times of need. Coping with friends who turn against you requires compassionate attention to your own emotions as well as closely considering the status of the current relationship and moving forward accordingly. Learn how to care for your hurt feelings and handle a di

2017-09-02 02:50:13

How to Prepare For a School Picture  

It's normal to feel a little nervous about taking your school picture. You might feel pressure to look perfect or you may have had a bad previous experience that you don't want to repeat. Fortunately, if you spruce up your appearance, work on being photogenic, and practice good hygiene, you'll be prepared to take a great school picture.

2017-09-02 02:11:29

How to Make Hot Chocolate Pancakes  

Sweet, chocolatey, warm, and flavorful, hot chocolate pancakes are ideal for chilly mornings in the cold season. Topped off with a creamy chocolate sauce and mini marshmallows, or perhaps something more elaborate, these pancakes may become your new favorite breakfast meal. Makes: 12 pancakes

2017-09-01 18:09:06

How to Care for a Skunk Sprayed Dog  

Few things are as aromatically repugnant as a dog sprayed by a skunk. That smelly odor has a bad habit of lingering and spreading as well. Usually, the smell is the biggest problem. However, skunk spray can occasionally cause some minor (or even serious) health issues in the sprayed dog. You can help avoid all of this by knowing how to care for a skunk-sprayed dog.

2017-09-01 04:12:06

How to Clean a Metal Backsplash  

Metal backsplashes are appealing because they are so resistant to damage. Still, regular cleaning is useful to prevent ugly stains from setting. The first step is always to blot up the stain and wipe it off with plain water. Tougher stains can be treated with soapy water, baking soda, or vinegar. When you are finished, rinse and dry the backsplash to make it look as good as new.

2017-09-01 01:13:44

How to Ask a Professor for a Paper Extension  

Maybe you just broke up with your significant other, have become suddenly ill, or are just completely swamped with other homework. There are a myriad of honest reasons you probably won't have your paper in on time. It can seem intimidating or even embarrassing to ask for an extension, but most professors are willing to hear you out. Asking politely and promptly just might attract your professor's compassion.

2017-08-31 11:49:33

How to Use Text Effects on WhatsApp on Android  

This wikiHow teaches you how to make your message text appear in bold, italics, or strikethrough in a WhatsApp chat conversation, using Android.

2017-08-31 07:15:40

How to Get a Job  

Maybe your current job just isn't working out, or maybe you just graduated and are trying to get employed for the first time. The job market can be hard to crack in either case, no matter your age or experience. You'll start by networking and searching online for job openings, giving your resume and cover letter an overhaul, and then sending in stand-out applications. The process may seem daunting, but going in with determination and a plan will carry you through until you find the perfect o...

2017-08-31 03:22:02

How to Memorize an Essay  

Memorizing an essay is a great way to ace tests, rock presentations, and increase your overall knowledge. If you want to memorize an essay word for word, take things slowly by studying short parts one at a time. Memorization techniques such as visualization and physical cues can help you recall this information on demand. Of course, sometimes you don't need to memorize things exactly. You may find it more useful to memorize the main ideas or important quotes instead.

2017-08-30 06:14:15

How to Avoid Distractions While Driving  

Every year, thousands of people lose their lives due to distracted driving. You can limit the danger of distractions by deciding on your route ahead of time, placing your phone on silent, and waiting until your car is parked to eat. Additionally, knowing how to drive with passengers is another great way to prevent distractions while driving.

2017-08-30 04:15:28

How to Stop Feeling Tired After Eating Sugar  

If you feel tired after eating sugar, changing how and when you eat sweets can help your body better process sugar. You can try eating sweets that contain fat and/or protein, or eating sweets directly after a meal. Making an effort to cut back on your sugar consumption can also help you stop feeling tired after eating pie, cake, or cookies.

2017-08-30 02:16:10

How to Delete a Discord Channel on Android  

This wikiHow teaches you how to delete a text or voice chat channel on a Discord server and remove all of its contents, using Android.

2017-08-29 08:29:34

How to Plant Bermuda Grass  

Bermuda grass is a lush, green grass that's popular in hotter climates. If you're looking to fill your yard with a traffic tolerant type of grass, Bermuda is a great option. If you prepare the area properly and follow the correct techniques, you can plant Bermuda grass seeds or sod that will thrive in your yard.

2017-08-29 08:08:25

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Naturally  

Smooth skin can be a sign of health, vitality, and youth. Many people try different ways to keep their skin wrinkle-free as they age. Wrinkles can develop on your skin due to age, exposure to ultraviolet light, smoking, and repeated facial gestures such as smiling or squinting. Although there are many anti-wrinkle creams, serums, and supplements available, you may prefer natural ways to get rid of your wrinkles. You can do this by keeping your skin moist, encouraging firmer skin with lifestyle c

2017-08-29 02:58:30

How to Schmooze  

Schmoozing is an excellent way to get people to like you and to grow your professional and social network. Contrary to popular belief, schmoozing isn't all about complimenting a person. To schmooze effectively, you'll need to come across as genuine and likable. If you present yourself well, concentrate on positive small talk, and then build rapport with people, you can schmooze your way to the top.

2017-08-28 16:05:05

How to Do a Behind the Neck Press  

A behind the neck press is a shoulder exercise that engages several muscle groups. Start by doing a seated behind the neck press, preferably with someone to spot you. Once you are comfortable with the seated press, try the standing version, which will engage lower-body muscle groups in addition to your shoulders. It is advisable to have a trainer or experienced weight lifter demonstrate the exercise to you in person to ensure that you are doing it correctly.

2017-08-28 11:46:10

How to Lacto‐Ferment  

Lacto-fermenting is an ancient process used primarily to preserve food. Before getting started, equip yourself with a good knife (or knives), a glass canning jar, some weights for the vessel, and any other tools you think you might need. Select the vegetables you want to ferment and prepare them to your liking. When you're ready, simply pack the food into the glass canning jar with some brining liquid and let the lacto-fermentation process take over.

2017-08-28 02:09:34

How to Stop Crying when Someone Yells at You  

Crying in front of someone who's yelling at you is a downright miserable experience. It's embarrassing, and it could hurt your reputation at work or school. Of course, crying is a normal part of being human, but in some situations, you've just got to hold your tears in - so what can you do? If you cry easily, there are a few tricks you can use to keep your emotions (and your tears) in check. It's also a good idea to learn to compose yourself after a good cry. You can cut down on the pr...

2017-08-27 06:14:48

How to Log Out of Discord on a PC or Mac  

This wikiHow teaches you how to sign out of your Discord account when you're on a computer.

2017-08-27 04:39:53

How to Drive in the Mud  

Driving the mud can be challenging, but there are a number of ways that you can make the journey safer for you and your vehicle. Start by getting the right tires and keeping them properly inflated. Check out the depth of any mud before you drive into it and keep your speed slow and steady. If you begin to skid, regain control by steering in the same direction as your front tires. Don't forget to call for emergency assistance if you need it.

2017-08-27 03:59:40

How to Begin Mixed Martial Arts  

Mixed martial arts, or MMA, is an exciting fighting sport that showcases a variety of martial arts disciplines from around the world. Contemporary MMA fighters must become proficient in striking skills, grappling, and wrestling. To start training in MMA, you'll need to sign up for classes and hone your newly learned skills with consistent practice. With the right level of dedication and skill, you can to train and compete at a high level.

2017-08-26 16:04:57

How to Review a Journal Article  

Whether you're publishing a journal article review or completing one for a class, your critique should be fair, thorough, and constructive. Skim the article to get a feel for its organization, read it multiple times, and jot down notes and comments during the process. Evaluate the text section by section, and assess how well each component fulfills its purpose. Come up with a thesis that concisely summarizes your evaluation, compose your review, and include specific examples that back up your ...

2017-08-26 05:37:05

How to Wear a Pocket Square  

The pocket square has been a staple of men's fashion for hundreds of years. Wearing a pocket square correctly can make your business or formal attire more stylish and sophisticated—wearing one incorrectly can cheapen your whole look. Pulling off a pocket square is all about learning how to fold and style the accessory in a way that complements your outfit without becoming a chintzy distraction.

2017-08-26 02:29:15

How to Cope With Being Pregnant at Work  

Most women continue to work during pregnancy, but you should not need to suffer to do so. By making some reasonable accommodations, easing morning sickness, managing fatigue, and handling workplace relations, you can successfully cope with pregnancy at your place of employment. With a few simple changes, you can remain safe and comfortable at work.

2017-08-25 07:54:58

How to Get Rid of Bumps After Waxing  

Getting rid of the small, red bumps that appear after waxing can be quick and painless. You can eliminate these post-wax bumps through exfoliation and keeping the freshly waxed area clean. You can also prevent the bumps from showing up with a cold compress post-wax and by making sure you don't apply lotion or oil to freshly waxed skin.

2017-08-25 06:41:32

How to Introduce Your Guinea Pig to Floor Time  

Floor time is an excellent method that should be introduced to your guinea pigs to promote a healthy lifestyle with mental stimulation and exercise. They should have floor time at least once a week to reduce boredom. If you've never given your guinea pig floor time then now is a great time to start!

2017-08-25 01:54:57

How to Get Rid of Phone Anxiety  

For a gadget that is loved by the world and found in just about every purse, pocket, and hand you'd be surprised by how many people fear making phone calls. If you are overcome with anxiety by the thought of talking on the phone, you can learn to manage this anxiety and hold successful phone conversations. First, work to understand your fear of talking on the phone. Then, use practical strategies like role-playing and deep breathing to alleviate your distress when making phone calls.

2017-08-24 20:48:07

How to Use Pomade for Your Beard  

Beards have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many men sporting different styles of facial hair. While it's a welcome respite from the razor for many, beards still require some level of care. A whole range of products are made specifically for this. Among them is pomade, or balm, a product that both promotes healthy facial hair and helps sculpt it. You'll need to choose the right product, then make sure you get your beard ready for it before applying.

2017-08-24 10:20:21

How to Absorb What You Read  

With the constant distractions around you, it can be hard to absorb what you read in a meaningful way. You may struggle with absorbing a text for a class or reading a book for pleasure. To absorb what you read, start by creating a quiet reading environment. Then, make an effort to read the text slowly and carefully. You can also take notes on the text to help you absorb the content and better understand it.

2017-08-24 03:28:22

How to Make Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash  

There are lots of reasons why someone might want to use mouthwash made from hydrogen peroxide. Some people use it because a dentist instructed them to do so, while others simply want to use products made with natural ingredients. Straight hydrogen peroxide is very harsh, however, so it is important to dilute it with water. The simplest recipe uses just water and hydrogen peroxide, but if you can't stand the taste, you can make a flavored one instead.

2017-08-23 06:20:45

How to Work Your Inner Thighs at Home  

Sculpted, slim legs may seem hard to get, but fear not! There are great exercises you can try to target the inner thigh muscles and get the legs you've been dreaming of...all from the convenience of your home. Incorporating and sticking to an exercise plan that targets your inner thighs and eating healthy can help keep your legs in shape.

2017-08-23 04:29:29

How to Deal With the Desire to Cheat on Your Partner  

Are you dealing with an office crush or feelings for a friend? This can be a big problem if you're in a committed relationship. Relationships are tough, but can be even trickier when outside temptations creep in. Even if you love your partner, someone new may have caused you to reconsider your commitment. To stay faithful, work to avoid this temptation, manage your desires, and focus on improving your bond with your partner.

2017-08-23 03:26:12

How to Get Started in Standup Comedy  

Standup comedy can be a tough world to break into, but it's also a fun and potentially rewarding hobby or career. If you'd like to become a standup comic—whether amateur or professional—you'll need to begin by crafting a short set list: at least 5 minutes of jokes. Work on your delivery, comic timing, and onstage persona. You can start out by performing at weekly open-mics, which generally provide a friendly audience. If you'd like to move up in the comedy world from there, you'll ...

2017-08-22 10:15:55

How to Care for a Seahorse  

Seahorses are magical animals that have captured the attention of people for hundreds of years. There are about 36 different species of seahorses with striking colors and distinct personalities throughout the world's oceans. Although seahorses are different from fish, they require the same basic care in home aquariums. You can care for your seahorse by setting up a clean and comfy tank, maintaining their daily needs, and cleaning the aquarium weekly.

2017-08-22 02:38:03

How to Find a Home After Divorce with Limited Finances  

Divorce is an emotionally draining experience, and on top of everything else you need to find somewhere to stay. There are fewer options for people with limited finances. Since you probably can't buy a home, you should find a cheap rental in a good location. If necessary, you can crash with friends or family or even try to stay at home with your ex-spouse until you save up enough money.

2017-08-22 02:25:49

How to Prepare Soil for Fruit Trees  

There's nothing better than the delicious, refreshing taste of fruit plucked from your very own backyard orchard. Once your fruit trees are established, they'll be relatively easy to care for and maintain. But first things first! Before you get to planting, you'll need to improve soil consistency, drainage, nutrient composition, and pH balance. It's less work than it sounds, and proper soil preparation will give your fruit trees the best chance of producing a delicious crop.

2017-08-21 14:25:07

How to Bedazzle Shoes  

If you need a little more bling in your life, consider bedazzling a pair of shoes. You can always buy them from the store, but can get very expensive, and it is often cheaper to just bedazzle them yourself. High heels and wedges are the most popular candidates for bedazzling, but you can also add some glitz and glam to more casual shoes, such as canvas sneakers or flip flops. The project can get a little time consuming, but the results are glamorous and totally worth it.

2017-08-21 03:30:56

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