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Group-edited weblog about technology start-ups, particularly the Web 2.0 sector.

Facebook prototypes tool to show how many minutes you spend on it  

Are you ready for some scary numbers? After months of Mark Zuckerberg talking about how "Protecting our community is more important than maximizing our profits,” Facebook is preparing to turn that commitment into a Time Well Spent product. Buried in Facebook’s Android app is an unreleased “Your Time on Facebook” feature. It shows the tally […]

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2018-06-22 12:25:29

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited finally lands on Apple's App Store  

Five and half years after it launched, one of the more popular apps for kids’ reading and entertainment has finally arrived on the iOS. Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, the e-commerce giant’s subscription service for children 3-12 that gives unlimited access to 10,000 books, movies and TV shows for $2.99 per month for up to four users […]

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2018-06-22 11:54:12

Supreme Court decision requires warrant to obtain cellphone records for tracking  

The United States Supreme court issued a decision this morning required police to obtain a warrant from a judge in order to track individuals through cellphone records. The 5-4 ruling is being regarded as a win for privacy advocates in the U.S. The decision derived from a 2011 case in which FBI agents used three […]

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2018-06-22 10:46:38

Security, privacy experts weigh in on the ICE doxxing  

In what appears to be the latest salvo in a new, wired form of protest, developer Sam Lavigne posted code that scrapes LinkedIn to find Immigration and Customs Enforcement employee accounts. His code, which basically a Python-based tool that scans LinkedIn for keywords, is gone from Github and Gitlab and Medium took down his original […]

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2018-06-22 10:31:23

Uber safety driver of fatal self-driving crash was watching Hulu, not the road  

A safety driver operating an Uber self-driving vehicle looked down at a phone that was streaming The Voice on Hulu 204 times during a 43-minute test drive that ended when pedestrian Elaine Herzberg was struck and killed in Tempe, Arizona, according to a 318-page police report reviewed by TechCrunch. The Tempe Police Department released late […]

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2018-06-22 10:04:15

MoviePass competitor Sinemia intros family plans starting at $9  

A day after MoviePass announced upcoming surge pricing, Sinemia is introducing a new deal group deal for families. The plans start at $9 a month for one movie for two people and goes up considerably from there, topping out at ten times that amount for three movie days a month for six people. Families can […]

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2018-06-22 09:47:01 is an instant sharing tool for programmers  

File sharing tools are a dime a dozen these days. There’s Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud. But what if you want to share something quickly and easily from the command line? That’s why programmer Remco Verhoef created The service has basically a file dump. You send a file to via curl and it […]

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2018-06-22 09:24:57

Bag Week 2018: Why I still love the Peak Design Everyday Backpack  

Welcome to Bag Week 2018. Every year your faithful friends at TechCrunch spend an entire week looking at bags. Why? Because bags — often ignored but full of our important electronics — are the outward representations of our techie styles, and we put far too little thought into where we keep our most prized possessions. […]

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2018-06-22 08:10:59

Twitter buys a startup to battle harassment, e-cigs are booming, and a meditation app is worth $250M  

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch's venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week TechCrunch’s Silicon Valley Editor Connie Loizos and I jammed out on a couple of topics as Alex Wilhelm was out managing his fake stock game spreadsheets or something. (The jury is out on whether this was […]

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2018-06-22 07:47:32

betaworks opens applications to LiveCamp  

Fresh on the heels of the launch of betaworks Studios, the startup factory is opening its doors once again as applications have opened for LiveCamp. LiveCamp is the fourth installment of betaworks’ accelerator program, following the progress of BotCamp, VoiceCamp and VisionCamp. LiveCamp is a bit less straightforward with its thesis. Inspired by Twitch streamers […]

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2018-06-22 06:47:48

Messenger Kids expands outside the U.S., rolls out 'kindness' features  

Facebook’s kid-friendly messaging app, Messenger Kids, is expanding to its first countries outside the U.S. today, with launches in Canada and Peru. It’s also introducing French and Spanish versions of its app, and rolling out a handful of new features focused on promoting respect and empathy, including a “Messenger Kids Pledge” and something called “Kindness Stickers,” […]

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2018-06-22 06:17:03

Tinder takes on Coffee Meets Bagel with test of Tinder Picks  

Tinder will begin testing a new feature aimed at helping people find more matches who fit their particular interests across areas like education, job type, hobbies and other details. “Tinder Picks,” as the new feature is being called, will be available only to those on Tinder Gold – the existing subscription offering that includes a number […]

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2018-06-22 05:43:32

Sphero acquires a music education startup  

It's hard to say precisely how Sphero's pivot to education is going in these early stages, but it recently got an infusion of funding and is already out acquiring new startups. The BB-8 maker announced this morning that it's picked up Specdrums​ — the fellow Boulder, Co-based startup is a Kickstarter success story that lets […]

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2018-06-22 04:36:19

Labstep wants to fix the way science experiments are recorded and reproduced  

Labstep, an app and online platform to help scientists record and reproduce experiments, has raised £1 million in new funding, including from existing investors. The company, whose team has a background in commercial R&D and academic research, including at Oxford University, is backed by Seedcamp and says it plans to use the new capital to […]

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2018-06-22 04:27:54

Citymapper lets you find Ofo, Mobike and scooters around you  

Urban transportation app Citymapper quietly rolled out an app update that lets you find many alternative mobility services in the app. You can now find the nearest dockless bike or electric scooter around you (not the Bird and Lime kind, the motorcycle kind). The integrations are already live in many cities. The company didn't add […]

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2018-06-22 03:22:22

Twitter 'smytes' customers  

Twitter today announced it was acquiring the “trust and safety as a service” startup Smyte to help it better address issues related to online abuse, harassment, spam, and security on its platform. But it also decided to immediately shut down access to Smyte’s API without warning, leaving Smyte’s existing customers no time to transition to a new […]

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2018-06-22 03:03:51

Facebook mistakenly leaked developer analytics reports to testers  

Set the “days without a Facebook’s privacy problem” counter to zero. This week, an alarmed developer contacted TechCrunch, informing us that their Facebook App Analytics weekly summary email had been delivered to someone outside their company. It contains sensitive business information including weekly average users, page views, and new users. After two days of Facebook […]

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2018-06-22 01:46:48

Lime scooters are live in Paris  

Lime is the hot new thing in San Francisco, but will it work in other countries? The company just launched its electric scooter service in Paris. This isn't the first European city as Lime is also operating in Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt and Zurich. But it's a significant launch as alternative mobility solutions have all been […]

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2018-06-22 01:32:41

Startup Battlefield is coming to the Middle East and North Africa, apply today  

TechCrunch is hosting its first startup competition for entrepreneurs across the Middle East and North Africa! We've wanted to bring TechCrunch to the region for a long time, and now thanks to our sponsor Facebook, TechCrunch is bringing the Startup Battlefield competition to Beirut on October 3 this year, hosted at the Beirut Digital District […]

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2018-06-22 01:32:25 parent company acquires Atavist  

Automattic, the company behind, WooCommerce, Longreads, Simplenote and a few other things, is acquiring Brooklyn-based startup Atavist. Atavist has been working on a content management system for independent bloggers and writers. With an Atavist website, you can easily write and publish stories with a ton of media. You might think that this isn't particularly […]

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2018-06-22 01:23:49

Announcing the agenda for The Europas Unconference, July 3, London  

There are only 10 more days until The Europas where the winners of this year's startup awards will be announced at our gala dinner, in association with TechCrunch! The Europas half-day "Unconference" will have a fantastic lineup of panels taking place in the afternoon before the awards. This year, we've done away with mainstage lectures, […]

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2018-06-22 01:01:37

PayPal to buy Simility, a specialist in AI-based fraud and risk management, for $120M  

Payment provider PayPal continues apace with its acquisitions streak to bring more modern tools into its platform to serve its 237 million customers. Today the company announced that it is buying Simility, a fraud prevention specialist, for $120 million in cash. PayPal had been an investor in Simility (it owns three percent of the company, […]

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2018-06-21 20:07:47

A huge spreadsheet naming ICE employees gets yanked from GitHub and Medium  

A massive database of current U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employees scraped from public LinkedIn profiles has been removed from the tech platforms hosting the data. The project was undertaken by Sam Lavigne, self-described artist, programmer and researcher in response to recent revelations around ICE’s detention practices at the southern U.S. border. Lavigne posted […]

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2018-06-21 19:43:59

Bag Week 2018: Mission Workshop's Radian rolltop starts simple but grows piece by piece  

I've always been wary of modular, rail-based bag systems. They've always struck me as rather military and imposing, which I suppose is kind of the point. Even Mission Workshop, whose other bags I have always enjoyed, put out one that seemed to me excessive. But they've tempered their style a bit and put out the Radian, a solid middle ground between their one-piece and modular systems.

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2018-06-21 19:27:38

Google StreetView cars to help map pollution in London  

From next month two Google StreetView cars will be driving around London’s streets fitted with sensors that take air quality readings every 30 meters to map and monitor air quality in the UK capital. There will also be 100 fixed sensors fitted to lampposts and buildings in pollution blackspots and sensitive locations in the city […]

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2018-06-21 18:57:16

Bag Week 2018: Chrome's Yalta 2.0 is a roomy rolltop that keeps up  

At first, I didn’t know where the Yalta fit in. With a 30L capacity, the Yalta 2.0 (Chrome Industries, $96) is not a small bag but it’s not massive either. It’s a little bulkier on the bottom than the top, an inversion of most bike-friendly bags that usually crunch most of your carry weight high […]

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2018-06-21 17:53:03

Happn takes on Tinder Places with an interactive map of missed connections  

Dating app Happn, whose “missed connections” type of dating experience connects people who have crossed paths in real life, is fighting back at Tinder. Seemingly inspired by Happn’s location-based features, Tinder recently began piloting something called Tinder Places – a feature that tracks your location to match you with those people who visit your same […]

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2018-06-21 17:52:06

Hinge sells 51 percent of shares to Match Group  

Match Group, parent company of dating apps Tinder, OkCupid and Match, announced yesterday that it has acquired a 51 percent stake in Hinge. With this new acquisition, Match Group has the right to acquire all remaining shares of Hinge within a 12-month period. Match Group says its interest in Hinge began in 2017 after a […]

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2018-06-21 17:08:17

YouTube introduces channel memberships, merchandise and premieres  

YouTube creators are gaining a number of new tools to generate revenue from their videos outside of traditional advertising, as well as those that will help them better engage their fans, according to news the video streaming site announced today at the VidCon conference in Anaheim, California. This includes the rollout of channel memberships, merchandising, […]

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2018-06-21 17:07:11

MoviePass introduces surge pricing for the summer  

Starting in July, you might have to pay a little extra to see the newest blockbusters when using MoviePass . The movie subscription service has plans to instate surge pricing for non-annual subscribers starting at $2 for movies and times the app deems “very popular,” Business Insider reports. This comes one day after AMC announced its […]

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2018-06-21 16:25:49

Google adds a search feature to account settings to ease use  

Google has announced a refresh of the Google Accounts user interface. The changes are intended to make it easier for users to navigate settings and review data the company has associated with an account — including information relating to devices, payment methods, purchases, subscriptions, reservations, contacts and other personal info. The update also makes security and […]

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2018-06-21 13:57:51

Plexus gloves bring VR sensations to your fingertips  

Bringing a user’s hands into VR has been a pretty logical move for ambitious companies in the space. The mouse and keyboard just don’t make sense, and while more conventional physical controllers make sense for games like first-person shooters, gloves bring a lot to use cases that require a bit more finesse. We’ve seen glimpses […]

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2018-06-21 13:39:28

Microsoft backpedals on VR promise  

If you were still waiting patiently for the virtual reality features that Microsoft promised in 2016, then I have some bad news for you. During E3 last week, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer for gaming, Mike that the company had no plans to fulfill that promise. “We don’t have any plans specific to Xbox consoles in […]

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2018-06-21 13:32:58

Facebook expands fact-checking program, adopts new technology for fighting fake news  

Facebook this morning announced an expansion of its fact-checking program and other actions it’s taking to combat the scourge of fake news on its social network. The company, which was found to be compromised by Russian trolls whose disinformation campaigns around the November 2016 presidential election reached 150 million Americans, has been increasing its efforts […]

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2018-06-21 13:02:16

Urban Airship raises another $25M  

Urban Airship has raised $25 million in Series F funding. The company started out as a platform supporting push notifications, but has since expanded to include other marketing channels like email, SMS, mobile wallets and voice assistants. The goal is to be the platform managing messaging and unifying customer data across all these channels. Altogether, […]

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2018-06-21 12:48:26

The future of AI relies on a code of ethics  

As the AI revolution continues to accelerate, new technology is being developed to solve key problems faced by consumers, businesses and the world at large. Our reliance on AI will deepen, inevitably causing many ethical issues to arise as humans turn over to algorithms their cars, homes and businesses.

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2018-06-21 12:41:46

SpaceX nabs $130 million to launch an Air Force satellite with Falcon Heavy  

SpaceX beat out one other competitor to land a $130 million launch contract with the U.S. Air Force using its Falcon Heavy rocket. The award is an important validation of the Falcon Heavy, one of the most powerful rockets ever made. Under the contract, the Hawthorne, Calif.-based rocket company founded by Elon Musk will launch the […]

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2018-06-21 12:08:03

Taste test: Burger robot startup Creator opens first restaurant  

Creator’s transparent burger robot doesn’t grind your brisket and chuck steak into a gourmet patty until you order it. That’s just one way this startup, formerly known as Momentum Machines, wants to serve the world’s freshest cheeseburger for just $6. On June 27th, after eight years in development, Creator unveils its first robot restaurant before opening […]

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2018-06-21 11:47:30

China's VIPKID, which links English tutors with online learners, raises $500M at $3B+ valuation  

The online language school market is continuing to heat up, and a startup that connects English teachers with an audience of students spanning China and 35 other countries for live language tutorials, is helping fan those flames. VIPKID, based out of Beijing, today announced that it has raised $500 million in funding — a Series […]

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2018-06-21 11:23:31

More tickets available to the TechCrunch Summer Party at August Capital  

We hope you've saved the date for the TechCrunch Summer Party at August Capital on July 27, because we're releasing our second batch of tickets today. Jump on this opportunity, folks, because our first group of tickets sold out in a flash — and these babies, available on a first-come, first-served basis, won't last long, either. […]

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2018-06-21 10:28:56

AT&T launches a low-cost live TV streaming service, WatchTV  

AT&T this morning announced the launch of a second TV streaming service, called WatchTV, days after its merger with Time Warner. The lower-cost alternative to AT&T’s DirecTV Now will offer anyone the ability to join WatchTV for only $15 per month, but the service will also be bundled into AT&T wireless plans. This $15 per […]

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2018-06-21 10:15:07

Priscilla Chan to discuss Chan Zuckerberg Initiative at Disrupt SF  

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is one of the biggest philanthropic organizations in the world, and the most technology-forward foundations in history. By integrating technology, CZI believes it can affect social change at a much more rapid pace than by simply infusing initiatives with cash. With that said, we’re absolutely thrilled to have Priscilla Chan join us […]

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2018-06-21 09:41:09

Win cash and prizes from Visa and HERE Mobility at the Disrupt SF 2018 Virtual Hackathon  

Calling all hackers, programmers and tech heads from around the world: The Hackathon at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018 is a virtual reality. We wanted something truly special to celebrate the biggest, most ambitious Disrupt event in history, so we launched the Virtual Hackathon. Thousands of the most highly skilled developers and coders will go head-to-head. But you only […]

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2018-06-21 09:25:45

Uber drivers made more than $600 million in tips in one year  

Since finally launching in-app tipping for drivers last year, Uber has facilitated more than $600 million worth of payments in tips to its drivers. In August, Uber hit $50 million in tips. Since introducing mid-trip ratings and tips in May, there has been a 30 percent increase in tipping, Uber product manager Dhruv Tyagi wrote […]

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2018-06-21 09:01:08

Disrupting the paycheck, Gusto's Flexible Pay allows employees to pick when they get paid  

People should get paid for work they have done. It's a pretty simple principle of capitalism, but a principle that seems increasingly violated in the modern economy. With semi-monthly paychecks, the work an employee does on the first day of the month won't be paid until the end of the third week — a delay […]

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2018-06-21 08:51:17

Twitter acquires anti-abuse technology provider Smyte  

Twitter this morning announced it has agreed to buy San Francisco-based technology company Smyte, which describes itself as “trust and safety as a service.” Founded in 2014 by former Google and Instagram engineers, Smyte offers tools to stop online abuse, harassment, and spam, and protect user accounts. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but this […]

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2018-06-21 08:31:52

Lydia now supports Samsung Pay  

While French banks are just catching up to Apple Pay, French startup Lydia is adding support for Samsung Pay. If you have a recent Samsung phone, you can now add a virtual card to Samsung Pay and pay using your phone in your favorite stores. Lydia started as a peer-to-peer payment app. It works more […]

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2018-06-21 06:38:53

Google Assistant's 'Continued Conversation' feature is now live  

Google I/O was awash with Assistant news, but Duplex mystery aside, Continued Conversation was easily one of the most compelling announcements of the bunch. The feature is an attempt to bring more naturalized conversation to the AI — a kind of holy grail with these sorts of smart assistants. Continued Conversation is rolling out to […]

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2018-06-21 06:32:20

Bag Week 2018: The Nomadic NF-02 keeps everything in its right place  

Nomadic, a Japanese brand sold by JetPens in the US, makes some of my favorite bags and backpacks . The Wise Walker Toto was an amazing little bag and I’ve always enjoyed the size, materials, and design. The $89 Nomadic NF-02 is no different. The best thing about this 15×7 inch backpack is the compact […]

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2018-06-21 06:31:19

Species-identifying AI gets a boost from images snapped by citizen naturalists  

Someday we'll have an app that you can point at a weird bug or unfamiliar fern and have it spit out the genus and species. But right now computer vision systems just aren't up to the task. To help things along, researchers have assembled hundreds of thousands of images taken by regular folks of critters in real life situations — and by studying these, our AI helpers may be able to get a handle on biodiversity.

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2018-06-21 06:24:13

Microsoft and Nintendo release Minecraft trailer focused on cross-play  

In the world of gaming, cross-compatibility between platforms has always bene a bit of a white whale. While most players hope for it, console makers and game publishers haven’t always been so willing. Until recently. Microsoft, Nintendo and PC game makers have started making games more cross-compatible. Most notably, the companies have made Fortnite Battle […]

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2018-06-21 04:44:53

Fb Messenger auto-translation chips at US/Mexico language wall  

Facebook’s been criticized for tearing America apart, but now it will try to help us forge bonds with our neighbors to the south. Facebook Messenger will now offer optional auto-translation of English to Spanish and vice-versa for all users in the United States and Mexico. The feature could facilitate cross-border and cross-language friendships, business, and […]

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2018-06-21 04:36:13

Inside Atari's rise and fall  

By the first few months of 1982, it had become more common to see electronics stores, toy stores, and discount variety stops selling 2600 games. This was before Electronics Boutique, Software Etc., and later, GameStop. Mostly you bought games at stores that sold other electronic products, like Sears or Consumer Distributors. Toys 'R' Us was a big seller of 2600 games. To buy one, you had to get a piece of paper from the Atari aisle, bring it to the cashier, pay for it, and then wait at a pic...

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2018-06-21 04:34:01

Silexica, which optimises how disparate applications work together on autonomous cars, raises $18M  

As we inch closer to building increasingly autonomous cars, the complexities that these vehicles will present as programmable hardware are increasing, with some 250 applications ranging from cameras to navigation controls to weather sensors running on a typical high performance system today. Now, a startup that is building a system to help optimise that and […]

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2018-06-21 03:50:45

States will be able to charge sales tax on online purchases thanks to the Supreme Court  

In a five-to-four decision issued today, the Supreme Court ruled that states can make online businesses collect sales taxes — even if they don’t have a physical presence in that state. Today’s ruling overturns a decision from the Court in 1992 that paved the way for the explosion of online retail in the United States. […]

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2018-06-21 03:19:59

CivTech Scotland wants to procure what no one knows exists  

Here's a tale of two organizations. When it comes to banking, I can walk up to an ATM anywhere in the world, slide in a card, hit a couple of buttons, and walk away with cash, often in less than 20-30 seconds. It's magical, but so quotidian that we easily forget the vast technical infrastructure […]

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2018-06-21 02:53:46

Indian food delivery startup Swiggy raises $210M at a $1.3B valuation  

India’s food delivery race is hotting up after Swiggy, one of the startups vying for pole position, landed $210 million in new capital for expansion and joined the billion-dollar startup unicorn club. The investment is led by existing backer Naspers, the media conglomerate famous for an early bet on Tencent in China, and new investor DST […]

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2018-06-21 02:42:54

Singapore-based game studio Mighty Bear raises $2.5M ahead of debut release  

Mighty Bear, a game studio startup that grew out of’s former office in Singapore, has landed new funding as it readies its debut title for smartphones. The startup was founded by four former staffers — Simon Davis, Fadzuli Said, Benjamin Chevalier and Saurabh Shukul — after the gaming giant closed its Singapore office — inherited […]

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2018-06-21 02:16:09

Intel's CEO resigns as information about a 'past consensual relationship' surfaces  

In a press release touting "another record year," Intel dropped a bombshell, announcing that CEO Brian Krzanich is resigning, amid revelations of a "past consensual relationship" with an employee. "Intel was recently informed that Mr. Krzanich had a past consensual relationship with an Intel employee," the company notes in the release. "An ongoing investigation by […]

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2018-06-21 02:01:44

A Tesla telenovela  

Tesla’s lawsuit against a former employee was filed just 24 hours ago and it’s already ripe fodder for Hollywood. As CEO Elon Musk has noted in the past, Tesla is a real drama magnet. Get ready, it’s exhausting. Tesla filed the lawsuit against former employee Martin Tripp for $1 million, alleging the man, who worked […]

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2018-06-21 01:16:15

Bag Week 2018: WP Standard's Rucksack goes the distance  

WP Standard – formerly called Whipping Post Leather – makes rugged leather bags, totes, and briefcases and their Rucksack is one of my favorites. Designed to look like something a Pony Express rider would slip on for a visit to town, this $275 satchel is sturdy, handsome, and ages surprisingly well. There are some trade-offs, […]

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2018-06-21 01:13:54

Zume adds a robotic arm to its automated pizza kitchen  

Earlier this year, Zume made it pretty clear that it was exploring life beyond pizza. Coffee, steamed buns and frozen yogurt have all been floated as possibilities for the newly formed Zume Inc. Of course, for its subsidiary Zume Pizza, the titular foodstuff is very much its bread and butter. In fact, the company's increasing […]

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2018-06-21 01:07:33

Official near-earth object plan will look into nuking asteroids and other 'planetary defense missions'  

Space is a big place, and mostly empty — but there's no shortage of objects which, should they float our direction, could end life as we know it. A new national plan for detecting and handling such objects was proposed today, and it includes the possibility of nuclear strikes on the incoming asteroids and other "planetary defense missions."

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2018-06-20 20:11:12

Truepic raises $8M to expose Deepfakes, verify photos for Reddit  

How can you be sure an image wasn’t Photoshopped? Make sure it was shot with Truepic. This startup makes a camera feature that shoots photos and adds a watermark URL leading to a copy of the image it saves, so viewers can compare them to ensure the version they’re seeing hasn’t been altered. Now Truepic’s […]

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2018-06-20 20:08:48

Drip Capital helps exporters access working capital  

Drip Capital is raising a $20 million funding round from Accel, Wing VC and Sequoia India. The company is helping small exporters in emerging markets access working capital in order to finance big orders. The startup also participated in Y Combinator back in 2015. Many small companies in emerging markets have to turn down orders […]

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2018-06-20 19:41:47

Instagram hits 1 billion monthly users, up from 800M in September  

Instagram’s meteoric rise continues, dwarfing the stagnant growth rates of Snapchat and Facebook. Today Instagram announced that it has reached 1 billion monthly active users, after passing 800 million in September 2017 with 500 million daily users. That massive audience could be a powerful draw for IGTV, the longer-form video hub it’s launching for creators […]

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2018-06-20 19:35:20

Sesame Workshop will produce children's shows for Apple  

Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind beloved public television series Sesame Street, will be creating children’s TV programs for Apple . The partnership will involve multiple shows, including live action and animated series, as well as a show with puppets. The deal does not include Sesame Street. I’m guessing that many (most? all?) of you […]

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2018-06-20 19:27:37

In a push into Europe, WeWork competitor Knotel acquires Ahoy!Berlin  

Coworking and flexible office space has become a hot business in the last few years, as attested by the rise and rise of WeWork. Startups and entrepreneurs needed flexible working space that could flex up and down as their companies changed. The days of signing a 5-year lease were very, very over. But others have […]

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2018-06-20 19:20:57

StreetCred is building a blockchain-based marketplace for location data  

While applications like Google Maps and Yelp seem to provide an inexhaustible source of information about local restaurants, stores and other points of interest, they also can come up short — moments when you arrive somewhere only to discover that the hours you had were wrong, or the store is closed for a holiday, or […]

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2018-06-20 18:58:25

Google Play now makes it easier to manage your subscriptions  

Mobile app subscriptions are a big business, but consumers sometimes hesitate to sign up because pausing and cancelling existing subscriptions hasn’t been as easy as opting in. Google is now addressing those concerns with the official launch of its subscription center for Android users. The new feature centralizes all your Google Play subscriptions, and offers […]

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2018-06-20 17:08:15

Instagram launches IGTV app for creators, 1-hour video uploads  

Instagram is ready to compete head-on with YouTube. Today at a flashy event in San Francisco, the company announced it will begin allowing users to upload videos up to one hour in length, up from the previous one-minute limit. And to house the new longer-form videos from content creators and the general public, Instagram is […]

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2018-06-20 15:38:05

Bag Week 2018: Waxed canvas bags from Filson, Ona, Croots and more  

If you’re looking for a good jacket or bag, you have your choice of materials: leather, heavy nylon, waterproof synthetic weaves like Gore-Tex… but for my money (and not a little of it either) the king of them all is waxed canvas. Pliant yet protective, wind and water-resistant but breathable, handsome to start but grows […]

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2018-06-20 14:47:03

Microsoft is buying AI startup, Bonsai  

If all of the big tech co's agree on one thing at the moment, it's that artificial intelligence and machine learning point the way forward for their businesses. As a matter of fact, Microsoft is about to acquire Bonsai, a small Berkeley-based startup it hopes to make the centerpiece of its AI efforts. The company […]

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2018-06-20 14:43:44

California legislators stealthily 'eviscerate' state's net neutrality bill  

A group of legislators in California have sneakily but comprehensively "eviscerated" the state's imminent net neutrality bill, removing a huge amount of protections in a set of last-minute amendments. State Senator Scott Wiener called the hostile rework of the bill "outrageous."

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2018-06-20 14:29:31

Facebook tests 'subscription Groups' that charge for exclusive content  

Facebook is starting to let Group admins charge $4.99 to $29.99 per month for access to special sub-Groups full of exclusive posts. A hand-picked array of parenting, cooking and “organize my home” Groups will be the first to get the chance to spawn a subscription Group open to their members. During the test, Facebook won’t be […]

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2018-06-20 13:30:35

New system connects your mind to a machine to help stop mistakes  

How do you tell your robot not do something that could be catastrophic? You could give it a verbal or programmatic command or you could have it watch your brain for signs of distress and have it stop itself. That’s what researchers at MIT’s robotics research lab have done with a system that is wired […]

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2018-06-20 13:28:28

Trump signs an executive order to detain families together at the border indefinitely  

President Trump has signed an executive order to reverse a practice recently enacted by his own administration that resulted in the separation of children from their families at the border. The language of the executive order, titled “Affording Congress an Opportunity to Address Family Separation,” points blame at Congress, echoing Trump’s previous statements demanding that […]

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2018-06-20 13:15:28

The best home Wi-Fi and networking gear  

Makula Dunbar Contributor Makula Dunbar is a writer with Wirecutter. More posts by this contributor Worthwhile gadget upgrades for the tech-obsessed Durable speakers you can buy without overspending Editor's note: This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, Wirecutter and TechCrunch earn affiliate commissions. It's safe […]

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2018-06-20 13:10:49

Tiller raises $13.9 million for its modern cash register  

French startup Tiller has raised a $13.9 million Series B round (€12 million) from Ring Capital. Omnes Capital and existing investors 360 Capital Partners also participated in today's funding round. The company has been working on a cash register that works better than your clunky touchscreen from ten years ago. Tiller is working on a […]

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2018-06-20 12:52:42

Amazon Prime Wardrobe officially launches to all U.S. Prime members  

Prime Wardrobe, Amazon’s "try before you buy" shopping service first announced last summer, is officially out of beta and open to all Prime members in the U.S. as of today. The service has been gradually opening up to more customers over the course of the year, so many Prime members may have already had access before […]

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2018-06-20 12:15:35

Bose gets into the business of sleep  

You know you've got a problem sleeping when someone tells you that 35-percent of US adults aren't get seven hours of sleep a night, and the number sounds remarkably low. I'm not a good sleeper. I never have been, and I'm a sucker for any gadget that comes along promising to make things better. Sleep […]

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2018-06-20 11:23:25

Oracle could be feeling cloud transition growing pains  

Oracle is learning that it’s hard for enterprise companies born in the data center to make the transition to the cloud, an entirely new way of doing business. Yesterday it reported its earnings and it was a mixed bag, made harder by changing the way the company counts cloud revenue. In its earnings press release […]

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2018-06-20 11:13:38

Taiwan-based media startup The News Lens raises Series C for its international growth plans  

The News Lens launched in 2013 as an independent news site for Taiwanese readers disenchanted with the country's tabloid-ridden media. Now it has 9 million monthly unique readers, offices in Taipei and Hong Kong and just announced it has raised a Series C. The Taipei-based startup did not disclose the exact amount of the round, […]

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2018-06-20 11:12:34

Tesla sues former employee for $1 million over trade secret theft  

Tesla is suing a former employee for $1 million, alleging the man hacked the company's confidential and trade secret information and transferred that information to third parties, according to court documents. The lawsuit also claims the employee leaked false information to the media. The lawsuit against the former process technician Martin Tripp was filed Wednesday […]

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2018-06-20 11:10:23

Lyft makes it easier to track business travel expenses  

Lyft announced today that taking a business trip and then actually turning in your travel receipts just got a whole lot easier. A new feature for business profiles will allow employers to create a direct connection between employee trips and travel managers in charge of their reimbursement. While this integrated functionality is not new for the […]

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2018-06-20 10:34:32

Grove just raised $8 million to make traditional financial planning affordable to pretty much everyone  

Financial advisors aren’t cheap to use. They aren’t always seen as trustworthy, either, with many advisors receiving — or perceived as receiving — incentives for recommending certain products over others. Grove, a two-year-old, San Francisco-based startup, is taking on both of these issues through software that makes it easier for its own financial advisors — […]

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2018-06-20 10:15:58

AMC's MoviePass competitor arrives June 26  

It was just a matter of time before AMC went head to head with MoviePass. After all, the two companies have been at odds for some time. Back in January, MoviePass dropped out of 10 of the theater chain's highest traffic theaters in what was seen as a negotiating tactic. But AMC had no interest in […]

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2018-06-20 09:54:17

You aren't alone; US adults broadly think around 40 percent of the news is misinformation  

A new survey underscores what you already know. People don’t trust traditional media as they once did. They trust social media even less. And certain groups in particular, including Republicans and people with a high school education or less, are the most suspicious that what they read isn’t accurate. The Gallup/Knight Foundation breaks it down […]

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2018-06-20 09:50:22

Atul Gawande, the doctor and writer, named CEO of Amazon's employee healthcare JV  

Amazon, BerkshireHathaway and JPMorgan Chase have not been especially public about their plans for how they plan to take on employee healthcare in the US with their new joint venture, but now they have announced a big move that could see all of that change. The trio have announced that Dr Atul Gawande, the noted […]

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2018-06-20 09:48:04

Beamery closes $28M Series B to stoke support for its 'talent CRM'  

Beamery, a London-based startup that offers self-styled “talent CRM”– aka ‘candidate relationship management’ — and recruitment marketing software targeted at fast-growing companies, has closed a $28M Series B funding round, led by EQT Ventures. Also participating in the round are M12, Microsoft's venture fund, and existing investors Index Ventures, Edenred Capital Partners and Angelpad Fund. Beamery last […]

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2018-06-20 08:56:56

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative hires to donate tech, not just money  

A cell atlas. AI that reads science papers. Personalized learning software. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s $45 billion philanthropy organization wants to build technology that can do good at scale rather than just trying to drown problems in cash. Now 2.5 years after its launch, CZI has finally filled out its tech leadership team. Today CZI […]

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2018-06-20 08:23:11

Mobile website creator Universe nabs $4 million Series A  

The small team behind Universe, an iOS app which allows users to build modular, simplistic websites in a minute or two, has scored some new funding as it looks to grow its operations and its ambitions. The startup has closed a $4 million Series A investment from Javelin Venture Partners, General Catalyst, Y Combinator, Box […]

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2018-06-20 07:29:01

YouTube woos brands with its new Creative Suite of ad tools  

YouTube hopes a new set of creative tools will help it win back advertisers who may have grown disenchanted with the video network due to its ongoing content scandals. The company announced this morning a suite of tools that will allow brands and agencies to test ads, target specific audiences with customized versions of the […]

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2018-06-20 06:12:50

Hired raises $30M to build an easy subscription pipeline for company hiring  

Recruiting is one of the latest industries to get a data science makeover through companies like Hired and Triplebyte, but the former hopes to turn it into a subscription business just like other enterprise software companies — and has raised a new pile of funding to do that. Hired looks to serve as a one-stop […]

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2018-06-20 05:27:17

Korean crypto exchange Bithumb says it lost over $30M following a hack  

Just weeks after Korean crypto exchange Coinrail lost $40 million through an alleged hack, another in the crypto-mad country — Bithumb — has claimed hackers made off with over $30 million in cryptocurrency. Coinrail may be one of Korea’s smaller exchanges, but Bithumb is far larger. The exchange is one of the world’s top ten […]

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2018-06-20 05:10:58

Feed raises $17.4 million for its Soylent-like food products  

French startup Feed is raising a $17.4 million funding round (€15 million) from Alven and Otium Brands. Feed has been selling meal replacement products in Europe and now plans to expand to other countries. There are multiple variations of Feed. The company started with a powder-based product that represents the equivalent of one meal. You […]

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2018-06-20 04:59:45

Porsche just took a 10% stake in electric car maker Rimac Automobili  

Porsche AG is taking a 10% stake in Rimac Automobili, the Croatian hypercar and electric vehicle components company behind the world’s fastest electric car.  This isn’t just a kind of story. Rimac has street cred and not just because of its latest electric hypercar, the C Two, which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show […]

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2018-06-20 04:34:32

Automakers are burning through billions in EV, AV race  

The race to develop autonomous and electric vehicles could be a race to the bottom for the automotive industry — at least in the near-term. A new global study by consulting firm AlixPartners paints an ominous forecast for automakers in the next few years, a toxic cocktail of big spending and lots of competition mixed […]

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2018-06-20 04:17:53

Bag Week 2018: Chrome's MXD Pace Tote is the perfect little hybrid backpack  

I admit I was a little reluctant to try this pack out, but in the end it was my favorite of the Chrome bags I tested for TechCrunch Bag Week 2018, perhaps not coincidentally, one of the least Chrome-like. If you’re familiar with Chrome’s bike messenger bag roots, the Pace feels like an abrupt departure, […]

what do you think?

2018-06-20 03:52:45

Blockchain browser Brave starts opt-in testing of on-device ad targeting  

Brave, an ad-blocking web browser with a blockchain-based twist, has started trials of ads that reward viewers for watching them — the next step in its ambitious push towards a consent-based, pro-privacy overhaul of online advertising. Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) is the underlying micropayments mechanism it’s using to fuel the model. The startup was founded in […]

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2018-06-20 03:50:32

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