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Museum of the Bible Traces Full Legacy of the Bible in Epic Short Film  

In honor of its November launch, the Museum of the Bible released a short film celebrating its source material. The video celebrates the legacy of the Bible, highlighting how it traveled from the early church fathers to America's Founding Fathers.

2017-09-19 19:00:00

Download a Chapter, See the Video and Listen to the First Media Interview for 'God and Donald Trump'  

God and Donald Trump releases seven weeks from today, Nov. 7. Already we are getting positive feedback on the book, including good placement among retailers and a number of great media interviews.My first interview was today (Tuesday, Sept. 19). It was on "Bill Martinez Live," a nationally syndicated conservative talk radio program covering politics, culture, faith and entertainment that airs Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to noon Eastern time.It is a full-hour podcast, but you can listen to my 24

2017-09-19 18:15:00

Could This Common Phrase Provide the Key to Your Perplexing Problems?  

A few years ago, we all piled into the van in our Sunday best and headed toward church. The normally empty Sunday-morning streets were full of vehicles. Trying to make it to church on time, my husband chose an alternate route. My then-4-year-old asked, "Did you make a wrong turn, Daddy?" Grace noticed we weren't going the way we normally traveled to church.I explained how Daddy chose a different way to avoid all the traffic. "Oooohhh," Grace nodded her head. "We don't like traffic, do we? We sho

2017-09-19 18:00:16

Read This Small Book of the Bible if the Enemy's Oppression Overwhelms You  

Sometimes the world can seem so out of control. We look at injustice or oppression and it feels wrong. We see systems and "kingdoms" doing evil, and we can feel powerless and overwhelmed. Why does it seem in certain situations that evil seems to be winning? Maybe there is hope and a strategy for us in God's Word.The other day, my wife and I were talking about the books of the Bible, and we observed that the book of Nahum doesn't get a lot of press time. When was the last time that you heard

2017-09-19 17:00:40

A Surefire Way to Kill Lust in Your Life  

When I speak at men's conferences all over the world, I talk to men about how to fight the battle of lust in the early stages. James 1:15 talks about the three stages of this battle: first lust, second sin, third death. The best way not to tolerate sexual immorality is to kill lust.Let me give you a few practical ways to kill the lust portion of the battle. Lust is a seed, so killing the seed is easier than killing a tree. Place a rubber band on your wrist. Every time you lust after a person, sn

2017-09-19 16:00:34

New York Times Best-Selling Author Jonathan Cahn Debuts His Astonishing New Book 'The Paradigm'  

New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Cahn is releasing his much-anticipated new book today titled, The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times ( The book may be his most astonishing yet by uncovering the hidden story and mystery behind the news of our times.Cahn, who caused a stir throughout America and the globe with the release of his instant New York Times best-seller The Harbinger, which sold over 2 million copies, foll

2017-09-19 15:30:00

Scriptural Promises to Pray Over Your Health Every Day  

I recently spent some time updating a list I have of scriptures related to health and wellness. It now includes over 66 verses that follow.PDF Version – This is a version of these Bible verses about wellness in a printable pdf format.Our Responsibility to Care for Our Body:"Don't you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with

2017-09-19 15:00:36

Jesus' Answer to Your Overwhelming To-Do List  

A few years ago, I was feeling the wrath of an unexpected storm. With both of my parents in the middle of health crises, I found myself hopping in and out of airplanes so I could rush to help. But because I dropped everything, my to-do list threatened to drown me. Besides caring for my parents, there were conferences, book deadlines and projects requiring my immediate attention.Late one night as I laid my head upon my pillow, my mind began to spin as I thought through all I had to accomplis

2017-09-19 14:00:56

Putting a Stop to Life-Destroying Emotional Bondage  

Many Christians wake up to their day facing significant trials and overwhelming responsibilities. In all honesty, there are moments when they do not feel like handling these challenges. The difference between spiritual excellence and mediocrity is what they do with these very real and natural emotions.Years ago, I read a story in the book The Disciplined Life by Richard Shelly Taylor. It told the account of a student who came to class without completing the assignment for the day. When

2017-09-19 13:00:04

When a Typical Worship Number Turns Into Spontaneous Spirit-Led Praise  

Jonathan Clarke's rendition of "He Is Yahweh" at Catch the Fire Church turned into a 20-minute-long spontaneous worship moment. Can you feel the Holy Spirit in this performance?

2017-09-19 12:00:00

Why I Never Drink Alcohol  

Forty-six years ago, in 1971, the Lord graciously saved me from a life from sinful destruction, which included very serious drug abuse and some heavy drinking as well. From that day until today, I have never abused drugs again or had a sip of alcohol, other than taking Communion with a taste of wine when that was the only option.Do I believe that the Scriptures require total abstinence for all believers? No, I do not.Do I believe that Jesus literally turned water into wine in John 2, even if the

2017-09-19 11:00:00

Prophecy: 'My Spiritual Snipers Are Coming Forth in This Season of War'  

Sniper: A skilled military shooter detailed to spot and pick off enemy soldiers from a concealed place.Does it seem like you are in a hidden place with darkness all around you? And is the enemy breathing down your neck? Be encouraged. You may have the makings of a spiritual sniper. Snipers are concealed by darkness in the time of war, close to enemy territory. If you can't see daylight, you may be right on schedule. Darkness brings out a sniper's full potential. "We Own the Night!" is their mott

2017-09-19 10:00:09

The Stunningly Simple Answer to Your Spiritual Battles  

Along the journey of life, obstacles, struggles and weaknesses pop up that seem to threaten our progress. The devil wants us to grapple with these issues in our own efforts so that we eventually wear out, burn out or are taken out.Though God is not the giver of these difficulties, He sometimes asks us to endure them. Unlike Satan, it's not to see us struggle in our own strength, but God will use them to take us further and make us stronger.Take the apostle Paul as an example. To the Corinthians

2017-09-19 09:00:02

John Bevere Reveals the Modern Church's Kryptonite  

It may come as a surprise that my goal is to frustrate you. I'll tell you why.There is a sharp disconnect between what happened in the New Testament church and what is happening in the church today. It would be easy to blame this disconnect on fragmented institutions, ungodly leaders, the culture and so on, but let's use this opportunity to examine our own lives.The truth is, the first-century Christians were the superhumans of their day, and the world stood in awe of them. Here are just a few o

2017-09-19 08:00:00

David Platt: 'Accepting Jesus in Your Heart' Is Unbiblical  

Pastor David Platt believes the way we talk about Jesus is unbiblical. Specifically, he thinks we should retire the phrase "accepting Jesus in your heart." Why's that? He explains in this sermon clip.

2017-09-19 07:00:00

Jesus Culture Praises Christ's Miracle-Working Power in Viral Live Worship Video  

Jesus Culture performs "Miracles" in this live video from Outcry 2017. The lyrics focus on God's miraculous power: "The One who does impossible is reaching out to make me whole."

2017-09-18 19:00:00

Anne Graham Lotz: Is God Speaking Through the Storms?   

As Irma was hitting the Florida Keys, I received a request from to submit an article along the lines of what I would say to those after the storms passed. I agreed to do my best, but knew immediately that I didn't want to write what I wanted to say, but what God wanted to say. And so I began to earnestly seek Him. I knew I needed to be very careful not to put words in His mouth. Did He have something to say through the storms? The fol

2017-09-18 18:00:00

3 Spiritual Keys to Reach Your Prophetic Destiny  

It is an undeniable truth: What you hold on to is what will hold on to you. One of my life passages is Psalm 105:17-19, which reads, "He sent a man before them, Joseph, who was sold as a slave. They hurt his feet with fetters; his neck was put in an iron collar. Until the time that his word came to pass, the word of the Lord tested him." This passage speaks deeply to my soul. If anyone in history had valid reasons to carry pain with them throughout life, it was Joseph. Each of us who h

2017-09-18 17:00:00

The Big Problem With Marriage  

In the book Sacred Thirst, the author writes, "The bride and groom are standing in front of everyone, looking better than they are ever going to look again, getting so much attention and affirmation. Everybody even stands when they walk in so it's easy to think this marriage, at least, is about them. It's not. Just look at the worn-out parents sitting in the first pew—they understand this. The only reason these parents are still married is because long ago they learned how to handle t

2017-09-18 16:00:00

God's Healing Words for the Christian Struggling With Unforgiveness  

Revenge is a powerful, negative, emotional force that demands justice for a wrong that has been done to us. It is the antithesis of forgiveness. Every person living has most likely experienced this innate drive to "get even" with a person or organization by which they feel harmed, duped or otherwise humiliated. Yet medical science is recognizing the harm to your health—spirit, soul and body—revenge and similar negative emotions cause.When Jesus taught His disciples to pray, He includ

2017-09-18 15:00:47

What Type of Culture Are You Fertilizing Among Your Followers?  

Have you thought lately about the culture you are developing in the world around you? You might be too busy with deadlines, meetings, appointments, details and preparation to remember that you are a "culture builder." However, every single one of us is building some type of culture in the atmosphere around us whether we are aware of it or not.A culture is built on the foundation of our intrinsic value system, so the first question that must be addressed is, "What do I value?"The answer to that q

2017-09-18 14:00:00

Feeling Unappreciated? Try This Soul-Soothing Solution   

How demanding life can be! You know what I mean, right? We follow that same routine—trying to catch our breath as we rush through the day, meeting everyone's needs. Where is the reward?My answer came through my brother and his wife, Lois, who were our house guests for a few days.One evening, I knocked at the door of our guest room."Come in," Lois said.I walked in and felt the ironing board. "What are you ironing?""The table runners we bought.""You don't have to." I protested, "You did more

2017-09-18 13:00:00

Shawn Bolz: Pray This Radical Prayer and God Will Heal Your Faith  

Have you grown spiritually weary and tired? Shawn Bolz says one radical prayer could revitalize your faith. Watch this video and get your Christian walk back on track.

2017-09-18 12:00:00

Follow the Leader  

As we lead in the presence of the Holy Spirit, we love as we breathe.If love is not present in our daily interactions, surely we aren't walking in the presence of God.God is love. How can we lead without acting in love?  You are equipped to do this because when you accepted Jesus as Savior, you accepted Him as Lord, meaning you accepted Him as your leader. When you submit to His leadership, you receive grace, wisdom, mercy and everything else you need to accomplish what He has called you to

2017-09-18 11:00:00

The Antidote to the Deadly Poison That Kills Ministries  

Clearly, the prophetic anointing manifests in diverse ways. All arise from the same Holy Spirit, who gives as He wills. With this in mind, a warning is in order.There is a deadly poison that can kill our ministry and our ability to walk in our anointing: the poison of covetousness. Comparing ourselves to someone else and wanting what they have produces death. We should never judge or evaluate our anointing by someone else's anointing.It is vitally important to avoid jealousy and insecurity. God

2017-09-18 10:00:00

Did the Enemy Attempt to Thwart Jonathan Cahn's Effort to Spread God's Message?  

The Paradigm from New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Cahn is set to be released on Tuesday, Sept. 19, one week after the destructive effects of Hurricane Irma. Cahn's publisher Frontline, an imprint of Charisma House, has been out of office for a week after its building lost power and suffered damage after the hurricane.While many blame Hurricane Irma, CEO and founder of Charisma Media Steve Strang sees a bigger picture at hand. In his online column, "The Strang Report," Strang posts an

2017-09-18 09:00:23

Prophetic Word: The Lord Says, 'Declare My Sun Hi Over North Korea'  

It was on a calm May morning that the Lord spoke this word to me. I was sitting on my front porch, seeking the Lord in prayer, and I heard an unfamiliar word. It was the first time I ever heard a word from the Lord in another language known to man, but not known to me. I heard the word, "sun hi" well up in my spirit. It was one of those moments where you wonder, "Am I making this up, or is this the Holy Spirit?" To my amazement, I found out that this was a Korean word meaning, "goodness and joy.

2017-09-18 08:00:46

Jim Bakker Personally Brings Food to Starving Victims of This National Tragedy  

Hurricane Harvey has devastated millions and left many without basic essentials like food and water. Jim and Lori Bakker stepped in with food and service to some of the neediest communities. See how they're making a difference in this video.

2017-09-18 07:00:00

How Your Excruciating Labor Pains Are Bearing Incredible Spiritual Fruit  

My husband and I were walking by a large pond in our neighborhood. We live in the low country of South Carolina, and our ponds are full of alligators as well as other reptiles and amphibians. We also have blue herons, snowy egrets, cormorants, ospreys, red-tailed hawks, ibis and wood storks, all of which make our walks so incredibly delightful. That day, the gators were out in full force. We must have seen five or six on our short walk. For the first time ever, we heard an alligator growl. Our n

2017-09-17 22:00:42

Prophecy Briefing: How to Discern the Antichrist's Identity  

Dr. Dave Williams says a few key traits will identify the Antichrist—and some of them may surprise you. Prepare yourself for the end times with this Scripture-packed video.

2017-09-17 19:00:00

53 Clichés Every Christian Single Hears at Church  

Being single at church can be difficult. Christian comedian John Felts knows. He's put together this hilarious video of comments every single Christian has heard a million times. If you're thinking about saying any of these things to your single friend, think again.

2017-09-16 19:00:00

There Are No Power Outages in the Kingdom  

The apostle Paul employed the voice of a leader when he said, "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind" (Rom. 12:2). Transformational leaders are first change agents.This type of leader is an enemy to any status quo scenario. Business as usual is scrutinized. The fishbowl reveals true change.On the other end of the leadership spectrum transactional leaders impart direction "by the book." I'm never sure who wrote that book or under what rock it was disco

2017-09-16 12:00:00

Bill Johnson: Why Two Christians Can Have Different Rules and Standards—and They Both Heard From God  

One family says God told them not to have TV. Another family has five TVs. Clearly, one of these families heard God wrong... right? Not so fast. Bill Johnson explains this divine contradiction in a powerful sermon clip

2017-09-15 19:00:00

How Matthew 19:26 Gives You a Righteous Response for Hard Times  

During and after the effects of Harvey and Irma, people helped people and strangers became neighbors. Good people did good things. God's people did good things. Of course, this doesn't diminish the reality of definite heartache.In addition to noticing the good that people did during hard times, let's notice the good God did. Yes, there was a tragic loss of life and property. Yet, God is a miracle worker. He was there with people as they faced dire circumstances. He is still there.As a believer i

2017-09-15 18:00:00

How Hurricane Irma Fits Into the Biblical Blueprint of 'The Paradigm'  

We who lived through Hurricane Irma are glad the damage isn't worse, considering experts are calling it one of the biggest and strongest hurricanes in history. I lost power at my house for only 28 hours, and a huge pine fell but did no damage. At the office, our sign was blown over. We had to work remotely for four days until power could be restored to our building.Irma means "goddess of war"—and this storm brought destruction. It crashed into Florida and closed our offices the very week b

2017-09-15 17:52:00

The Divine Message Hidden Within These Hurricanes  

The story that follows, which I originally wrote after Hurricane Katrina bombarded New Orleans in 2005, seems appropriate to re-publish now.For the first time in recorded history, two Category 4 or higher hurricanes have struck the U.S. mainland in the same year. "That is extraordinary by itself," according to AccuWeather founder Dr. Joel N. Myers, but "also unprecedented is that this particular storm, Irma, has sustained intensity for the longest period of time of any hurricane or typhoon in an

2017-09-15 17:00:00

Affair-Proof Your Marriage With These 10 Relational Steps  

As a Christian counselor for more than 30 years, I have worked with countless couples that have been impacted by adultery and sexual addiction.Thankfully, I have seen many marriages restored, but I'd rather you be able to avoid this pain altogether if at all possible. Here are some ideas that can be put into action (James 1:22) to inoculate your marriage from an affair so that you can truly enjoy it to the fullest.1. PrayerI am amazed at how few Christian couples pray together. A Christian marri

2017-09-15 16:00:27

John Eckhardt: How to Pray the Benefits of Fasting Over Your Life  

The rewards of fasting far outweigh the obstacles of the enemy. Fasting has great rewards. Many believers are unaware of the great rewards that come through fasting. Understanding the great benefits of fasting will motivate more believers to make it a regular part of their lives.Matthew 6:17-18 says: "But you, when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, so that you will not appear to men to be fasting, but to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward yo

2017-09-15 15:00:00

5 Indispensable Keys to Receive Your Divine Healing  

We all need to receive healing from God. (And if you believe you're the exception, you need an extra-special kind of healing!) I believe healing is perhaps the deepest meaning of redemption. Something has happened to us on the inside that has left us seriously broken. And even forgiveness, as wonderful as it is, provides only a partial answer. Those steps to healing have some common characteristics for each of us.The need for healing comes in many varieties;The child abused or neglected during h

2017-09-15 14:00:21

Inspiring Ideas to Help You Grandparent With Grace  

Inspiration to be a good grandparent is simple—as long as we have love, we have what it takes."C'mon, sweet baby," I called to my 2-year-old granddaughter.With quick steps, she came. And as she stood with her back toward me, I carefully pinned the bells to her blouse, which she told me was pink.The sound of those bells helped me keep track of her. She might not have understood her Nana was blind. Or maybe she did. What's important is she knew that we don't need eyes to love, to guide and t

2017-09-15 13:00:46

Best-Selling Christian Song of All Time Becomes Hollywood Movie  

MercyMe's "I Can Only Imagine" is the only Christian single to be certified Double Platinum by RIAA. The song's reached millions of people around the world. Now the makers of Mom's Night Out and Woodlawn are turning singer Bart Millard's life story into a powerful movie. Check out the official trailer here.

2017-09-15 12:00:00

The Paradigm  

Is it possible that there exists a master blueprint that lies behind the events of the modern world? Is it possible that this blueprint originated in ancient times and yet tells of events in the 21st century?Could this blueprint foretell the rise and fall of modern leaders and governments? Could events that took place nearly 3,000 years ago now be determining the course of our world and, with it, the course of our lives?Could this mystery reveal not only the events of the modern world, but the t

2017-09-15 11:13:08

RT Kendall Reveals the Secret to Experiencing the Presence of Jesus  

To experience the presence of God, you must do one thing, prolific author and scholar R.T. Kendall says on The Jim Bakker Show.The answer is found is Psalm 16:8: "I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand, I will not be moved."Kendall says he does this each and every morning.Watch the video to see more.

2017-09-15 11:00:00

Scientists Are Making Progress—But Is It in the Wrong Direction?  

My first car was a Ford Consul, which cost me about $35 in 1970. Purchasing that car was a great moment in my life, and with its column gear change and bench seat, I had great fun driving it. I recall that it had 120,000 miles on the clock at the date of purchase, and it was stolen outside my night school, then recovered three days later, fully serviced. It had been used in a bank robbery, according to the police. It died a natural death at 153,000 miles.Twenty years ago this day next month, a 1

2017-09-15 10:25:00

Joyce Meyer Reveals the Secret to True Sabbath Rest That Never Ends  

God wants us to enjoy our everyday lives. John 10:10 (AMP) says that Jesus died for us so we "may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows]." But it seems so many people who say they believe in Jesus are not really enjoying their lives. It's tragic to think that Jesus paid the price for our sins, that He suffered to make that sacrifice, and yet there are Christians who are struggling just to get by and make it through each day.The key to having abundant life

2017-09-15 10:00:23

How Holy Spirit Brought Karen Wheaton's Prodigal Daughter Back Home  

This is one of the most powerful miracle testimonies I've ever followed. It's especially powerful to me because I know many of the key parties involved—namely, Karen Wheaton, the mother of the author, Lindsey Wheaton-Doss.I share this on my blog because I believe Lindsey's story carries an impartation for hope and supernatural breakthrough. Read her words carefully. I encourage you to pick up her new book, The Way Home.  I believe there's a powerful anointing on her story. She doesn't

2017-09-15 09:00:57

One of the Most Common Ways to Block Your Answer to Prayer  

The easiest way to get a messed-up journal entry, and an improper answer back from the Lord in your journaling, is to pray with an idol in your heart (Ezek. 14:4).Praying with an idol in your heart is defined as having my eyes fixed on something other than the Lord as I pray. The Bible tells me to fix my eyes on Jesus, which allows me to do what I see Him doing (Heb. 12:1-2). King David did this (Acts 2:25). David said, "I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand,

2017-09-15 08:00:25

What Happened When Todd White Visited Mount Carmel  

When Todd White took a team to Israel, he decided to visit Mount Carmel. Along the way, many miracles and healings took place. Hear the incredible stories for yourself in this short video.

2017-09-15 07:00:00

Christian Musicians Call Out False Prophets of the Prosperity Gospel  

Christian rap duo Beautiful Eulogy bring much-needed biblical truth in the music video "Symbols and Signs." Along with Propaganda, the duo calls out the prosperity gospel, false prophets, emotionalism in the church and much more. Does this music video convict you?

2017-09-14 19:00:00

When You Need a Miracle, Here's Help   

Do you need a miracle? Then it's of utmost importance to seek out and surround yourself with people of faith. Why? In 1 Corinthians 15:33, we are warned about the people we keep company with. It clearly states, "Do not be deceived: "Bad company corrupts good morals."This word "corrupts" in Greek is phtheirō and it means to "defile, destroy, deprave." This draws a pretty clear picture of what happens to our habits of faith when we do not align ourselves correctly with others of st...

2017-09-14 18:00:33

Is This Ancient Star the One That Guided the Wise Men to Jesus?  

Tonight at about 10:00 p.m., the Northern Cross will be at the zenith point. So will the Star of Bethlehem.The Northern Cross is a very distinctive cross which is contained in the constellation Cygnus (the swan). Cygnus is a picture of a swan that represents the first and Second Coming of Christ. The bright star Deneb, at the top of the cross, means "the Lord comes". Other stars, Azel, "who goes and returns quickly" and Sadar, "who returns in a circle" show the coming and returning of Christ.The

2017-09-14 17:00:30

What Your Daughter Desperately Wants to Tell You  

I wish you could sit in my counseling office, even for part of a day, because you'd hear what I consistently hear from teenage girls and 20-something women.You'd hear how often they doubt themselves, how often they fear a future without a boyfriend to love them back, how often they don't know how to express what's really going on inside so tears flow freely without words. You'd hear how often they can't get their feet on the ground when their primary relat

2017-09-14 16:00:28

Weight-Loss Secrets: 3 Subtle Influences That Dictate Your Health Journey's Success  

Here is a true story: I gained 100 pounds after high school.I didn't just wake up one morning with an extra 100 pounds on me.It happened slowly, subtly.I once did the math. It took me 20 years to gain 100 pounds. That works out to just five pounds a year!When people start a weight-loss program, they typically focus on just a diet or exercise. But our lives are so much more than that.Permanent weight loss occurs within the context of our lives, which can be unpredictable at times.The reason peopl

2017-09-14 15:00:49

Teaching Kids Kindness in a Cold, Cruel World   

I was recently in a waiting room with three of my four children, and after I requested a "Yes ma'am" from them, another parent in the room thanked me. He thanked me for requesting respect and kindness from my children. I was taken aback as it was a blatant reminder that these things are no longer commonplace, and as parents, we are tasked with the daily struggle of teaching kindness in an unkind world.This realization hit me full force when I first sent my innocent, precious babies off to school

2017-09-14 14:00:36

For Love or Money: Premarital Financial Advice  

"Bye, bye!"  I smiled and waved from the front porch, Bob by my side, "Nice to meet you!"Speaking like a ventriloquist, I continued to wave at my son and his girlfriend."I give It less than one week," I told my husband, "Two weeks tops."Bob smiled, giving his very poor ventriloquist rendition, "I don't know, she was, ah, very conversational.""Yeah," we turned to walk back in, "and her favorite topic was herself!"We had just entertained one of our sons and a girl he brought home to meet us.

2017-09-14 13:00:27

Why Every Teaching You've Heard About the 'Mark of Cain' Is Wrong  

What is the "mark of Cain" from Genesis 4:15? Lots of preachers claim to know, but they simply don't understand the context. Dr. Michael Brown sets the record straight.

2017-09-14 12:00:00

What the Bible Says About Today's Self-Appointed Apostles and Prophets  

We see today the rather absurd phenomenon of people claiming to have spiritual authority and anointing, primarily by giving themselves titles and publishing advertisements about themselves in social media.The Hebrew concept in the Law, Prophets and New Covenant is much different. Authority and anointing comes from God, and it is passed on to people together with the personal affirmation of those involved.In Numbers 27:18-19 we see Moses hearing instruction from God to lay hands on Josh

2017-09-14 11:00:05

A Prophetic Prayer That Overcomes Satanic Attacks  

Many people in the body of Christ are under massive spiritual attack right now, from financial hits to relational failures to health issues.It's time to fight back. In this Mornings With the Holy Spirit prayer call, we sent the wicked one wandering off with his tail between his legs.Touch and agree and make the devil flee!

2017-09-14 10:00:00

After the Dove, Beware of the Snake: 6 Times the Devil Loves to Attack You  

When Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River, the heavens opened and the Holy Spirit descended as a dove upon Him. Then God the Father spoke audibly, "This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased" (Matt. 3:17). What a divine endorsement and spectacular display of the supernatural! Notice what happened next: The snake showed up. Jesus was led into the wilderness to endure 40 days of intense temptation by the devil.When God moves, you can count on it, the devil moves too. H

2017-09-14 09:00:24

Cindy Jacobs: Rise Up as Angels War on Your Behalf  

As I was meditating on what to give for the Word of the Lord, it's very interesting what the Lord spoke to me, and he said, "Angels." And I have just done a teaching on angels, but this is what the Lord showed me—that there is a lot of angelic activity right now, especially around you, and with, there's so much violence in the heavens. There's so much going on that you need to believe God for Hebrews 1:14, that the angels are ministering spirits sent to the heirs of salvation. And some of

2017-09-14 08:00:02

Hillsong Brings Revival to Memphis Prison  

For their Wonder in the Wild tour, Hillsong United took their worship to an unlikely place: the West Tennessee State Penitentiary. But once they got there, the band members saw God do incredible things. Watch what happened yourself in this video.

2017-09-14 07:00:00

If You're at Your Lowest, You Need These Words of Victory Spoken Over You  

Our world is broken, and that means every day people are left feeling broken and despondent. Matthew West has a two-word reply: "Grace Wins." His powerful music video for the hit single will remind you that, no matter what you're facing, God can deliver you.

2017-09-13 20:00:00

Modern Parable Reveals Whether You Are Living in Offense  

Are living in offense? Most people would quickly answer no. But maybe you need to think more carefully about it. This short sketch starts off funny but soon becomes a modern parable about how offense can hold you back from the people you love.

2017-09-13 19:00:00

The Gift Everyone Can Give in the Wake of Harvey and Irma  

As I think of Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida and the impact of Hurricane Harvey on Houston, I believe it's a wonderful time to practice offering empathy. Simply put, empathy is the ability to walk in another's shoes.The writer of Hebrews wrote, "For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but One who was in every sense tempted like we are, yet without sin" (Heb. 4:15). The Greek word used in this passage for the word empathize is sumpatheo.&

2017-09-13 18:00:42

The Church's Alarm Clock Is Shrieking—It's Time to Wake Up!  

Is the alarm clock your enemy or your friend? If I am honest, for most of my life, it seemed more like an enemy than a friend. What about you? Maybe you're a morning person? I'm not! At least, not a natural born one. I often need to set my alarms [yes, plural] an hour in advance of when I need to get up. And for some crazy reason, sleep seems sweeter after you are supposed to be up. Crazy! Whoever invented the snooze button is my friend for life!Once I am finally up physically, it still takes me

2017-09-13 17:00:28

Shake Off the Shackles of Lust With This Simple Weapon  

The phrase "not possible" is by far the most paralyzing lie lust has in its arsenal. The lie, "it's not possible to be lust-free" is quite simple, but its impact can have decades of results.When you believe this lie at your core, your ability and motivation to fight lust decreases. The decrease is so drastic, you are almost positioned to be a casualty of this war. You become like the baby elephant chained to a peg in the ground. Over time, your ability to break the chain increases, but your moti

2017-09-13 16:00:25

From Out of Control to Under God's Control—How One Woman Conquered Her Addiction to Food  

It was a heartfelt cry for help. She shared her story. It was a similar story to those I've heard throughout the years. As a matter of fact, her story was so similar to mine. She lost 100 pounds, but now finds herself in "a terrible place and very out of control."Out of control and yet trying to hide that angst was the story of my life until I began to realize my issue was just the opposite. I was trying, trying, trying to be in control, and it was exhausting.I'd go on a diet and greatly restric

2017-09-13 15:00:24

Winning the War: The Secret Mark 12 Weapon to Crush Temptation  

Pure bliss filled my heart. I was in love. Not like I'd ever been before—not like with Romeo, not like with music, not like with my dreams. This time I was in love with Love Himself. I had finally been found by the only One who could fulfill me, understand me, and keep me safe and on the right path throughout my life. I had hope again. I had joy. I'd been redeemed, and my sins were washed away forever.Then, shortly after, the real test began. As if out of nowhere, I began receiving phone c

2017-09-13 14:00:51

Consider These 6 Truths Before Signing Divorce Papers  

Jesus died to redeem mankind. Therefore, whenever we apply the Scriptures in a way that is unredemptive, creates hopelessness, or reduces a person's destiny to their history, we have missed the point of the gospel. This can pose a few challenges when the church has the responsibility to love people in messy situations, without championing choices that God is not in favor of. (Might I add that when God tells us not to do something it's because He loves and wants to protect us.)The challenge with

2017-09-13 13:00:41

The Countless Hidden Lives 'Sexual Freedom' Has Destroyed in America  

Today's heated debate about immigration for children serves as an ironic reminder of the millions of aborted children whose loss makes immigration a necessity for the U.S.Infanticide and abortion have always been with us, and it was not until the 1870s that the American Medical Association led the fight to outlaw abortion in the U.S. However, abortion advocates fought back, with Planned Parenthood organizers wanting to abort black children for racial reasons and others wanting to abort babies fo

2017-09-13 11:00:37

Calm Down! The World Isn't Ending on Sept. 23  

We are drowning in bad news these days. We've experienced a divisive presidential election, a wave of racial violence, a solar eclipse and two devastating hurricanes. If that's not bad enough, North Korea's dictator is threatening to fry the United States with his nuclear missiles.So I'm not surprised that another doomsday prophet has predicted the end of the world.This time it's a "researcher" named David Meade, author of a book called Planet X—The 2017 Arrival. He has marked his calendar

2017-09-13 10:00:39

Frustrated With Your Life's Direction? This Might Be Why  

Pace of life is one of the great challenges of our day and age. We are made to feel like we are not quite where we are supposed to be in life. Here are some thoughts to help you on your way.

2017-09-13 09:00:45

Are These Hurricanes God's Judgment on America?  

Hurricane Irma barreled through the Florida Keys and hit the city of Tampa. Just a few weeks prior, Hurricane Harvey devastated the city of Houston, Texas—then called perhaps the greatest natural disaster in our nation's history—with billions of dollars in damage and hundreds of thousands of destroyed homes and displaced people.Some are even calling Irma a much bigger storm than Harvey, and over 6 million people have been evacuated from Florida and Georgia (a scale comparative in siz

2017-09-13 08:00:41

Lou Engle: 'We Are on the Verge of a Great Shift'  

Lou Engle believes America is on the verge of a great shift, but believers need to mobilize. What has him so fired up? Watch this video and find out.

2017-09-13 07:00:00

How to Win Your Battle Against the Spirit of Inadequacy  

Joyce Meyer explains how believers in Jesus can stop feeling inadequate. Start living beyond your feelings today with this inspirational message.

2017-09-12 19:00:51

What to Do When Ministry Has Worn You Down  

If you are under 50 years old, you don't need to read this article. However, if you have been sucking in oxygen for the better part of five decades, read on, my friend, read on.Are you weary?  Do you wonder if your life has made any difference at all?  Are you tired of the rut of day after day after day of slogging along through the mundane of ministry?What do you do when purpose is playing hide and seek with you and the hopes of your youth have been dashed upon some middle-aged shore?

2017-09-12 18:00:00

The Spiritual Mystery of the Shofar—And Why So Many Christians Misuse It  

In a few days, we will be celebrating the Feast of Trumpets, and Jews—along with a growing number of Christians—will gathered together to observe this biblical holy day. There will be special services and time devoted to repentance and introspection, but the focal point of the day will be when the shofar is sounded. This simple trumpet made from an animal's horn produces a sound that connects eternity to eternity. The traditional blasting of the shofar 100 times is both exciting and

2017-09-12 17:00:34

Breaking Down the Restricting Walls of Your Bento-Box Life  

There are these super adorable little lunch revolution products called Bento Boxes. They keep your food in perfectly neat compartments, like a dream. Your own healthy stainless steel lunchable that can be reused over and over again, and filled with creative and culinary delights. (For unattainable ideas, visit Pinterest.) I personally don't have a Bento Box. They are rather expensive for a person who misplaces things, and to be honest I could never dream of having that organized of a lunch. I'm

2017-09-12 14:00:41

Are You Too Busy for Jesus?  

Here in Russia, summer is soon to be gone, and in about a month most of the leaves will be gone from the trees. Snow will begin to fall sometime in the next few weeks, and as I return from my 120th trip to the former Soviet Union, I will be returning to an always-full schedule.In my life, fall always seems to be one of the busiest times of the year. The momentum and movement of ministry from September to Christmas is packed full of high energy, intense ministry meetings and moments with never en

2017-09-12 13:00:00

Worship Band: 'I Glory in My Sins Forgiven!'  

Kings Kaleidoscope is one of Christian music's most innovative worship bands. In this music video for "Felix Culpa," the beautiful lyrics tell a testimony every Christian can relate to—and the music is amazing, too.

2017-09-12 12:00:00

Grammy Winner Mandisa Shares Christian Prayer App That Helped Her Conquer Depression  

Grammy Award winner Mandisa, who has proven to be one of American Idol's most successful alums, has partnered with Abide, the Christian meditation and prayer app, to create "Meditate with Mandisa." The three-part audio meditation series offers users of the app encouragement and prayer, as the gospel singer openly shares about her battle with depression."I discovered the Abide app in April and quickly became obsessed with it," said Mandisa. "I listen to it every day, multiple times a da

2017-09-12 11:00:00

Prophecy: Hurricanes Baptize Texas and Florida With Resurrection Life  

This morning while witnessing a water baptism at our church, I saw another one take place. I sensed the Lord saying, "I have used the hurricanes to baptize the states of Texas and Florida and to cleanse their land. Their cries have come up before Me. They will rise from their waters with resurrection life.""As power outages are worked on, many will discover the power of My light turning their houses into homes and their cities into sanctuaries of My presence. I have seen their precious alabaster

2017-09-12 10:00:00

Why We Must Pray Proverbs 21:1 Over Our Nation Right Now  

Last Friday, Sept. 1, President Donald Trump proclaimed Sept. 3, 2017, as a National Day of Prayer for the Victims of Hurricane Harvey and for our National Response and Recovery Efforts. This was a historic call to the entire nation to pray for the great needs in Texas and Louisiana.Millions of Americans pray for our president, vice president and the leaders of our nation on a regular basis. Those of us who do, know the truthfulness of Proverbs 21:1, "The king's heart is in the hand of

2017-09-12 09:00:41

3 Things to Consider Before You Watch People Take Off Their Clothes  

"I will set no wicked thing before my eyes. I hate the work of those who turn aside; It shall not have part of me" (Ps. 101:3).There are a growing number of professing Christians today who believe nudity is more of an art than pornography. They see nothing wrong with watching it. They are "Corinthian" believers who've allowed the promiscuity of their culture to influence their lives and weaken their morality and spiritual witness. This is the reason there's been so much controversy among Christi

2017-09-12 08:00:00

Matt Chandler: All Christians Must Be Intercessors  

Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village Church, explains intercessory prayer in this quick video. Though some people see it as a gift, Matt Chandler views it as a command for all Christians—though not everyone will be equally good at it. Watch to learn why.

2017-09-12 07:00:00

Can Men and Women Be Just Friends?  

Boundaries and the Billy Graham Rule have been hotly discussed in Christian circles over the last year. Millennial vlogger Joseph Solomon weighs in on this controversial question with his take on Scripture. Do you agree?

2017-09-11 19:00:00

Evangelist Alveda King: Remembering the Pain of Abortion and the Loss of Our Children in the Wake of 9/11 Memorial  

As the 9/11 anniversary looms, let us not forget the loss of our unborn. Sept. 9 is National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children. As we solemnly observe this anniversary, we must remember and repent (see 2 Chron. 7:14).Every day over 3,000 children are aborted in America. This staggering number takes a toll on our whole nation; spirit, soul and body. In the African-American community, the numbers are disproportionately high due to the mission of genocide and eugenics agenda of Plan

2017-09-11 18:00:00

Jonathan Cahn Reveals in His New Book an Ancient Blueprint Pointed to the Exact Date of 9/11  

Sixteen years ago today, the landscape of America was changed forever—both literally and figuratively—as two towers fell, a bastion of security was shaken, men became heroes in a Pennsylvania field and nearly 3,000 lives were lost.But long before 9/11 was burned into the world's consciousness, a blueprint from ancient times foretold the calamity—down to the exact day it would take place.This stunning revelation is brought to light in the new book by New York Times best-selling

2017-09-11 17:30:00

How Does a True Leader Act in the Face of National Tragedy?  

Nearly 16 years ago, the nation was shaken to its core by the events of 9/11. Americans perhaps never looked at the world the same again, and relied on the country's leaders for strength, wisdom and guidance.How would today's president handle a similar national tragedy? Stephen E. book, "God and Donald Trump," provides a glimpse into the Donald Trump presidency that will surprise readers and show the world Trump's strong decision-making skills and

2017-09-11 17:00:00

Greg Laurie Invokes Powerful Prayer Over America  

On Sunday night of the SoCal Harvest, I had the opportunity to pray for America with thousands in Angel Stadium and around the world. Then Brennley Brown sang "God Bless America." It was a moving moment. Here's a clip of is the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, an author of more than 70 books, and an evangelist leading Harvest America, a live nationwide event streamed to thousands of host locations. Read more at

2017-09-11 16:00:00

When God Calls You—But Your Spouse Disagrees  

One of the most important and shortest talks I ever had with Bob Buford—later to be my boss—was in 2008. I'd come to his organization, Halftime, to find clarity about whether to leave my career in finance for a nonprofit. But first I found myself in a chair next to him. "Lisa's not where I am on this," I said referring to my wife. "I'm ready to go, and she's not there."Bob never blinked. "Stop, then," he said. "Do nothing until you can agree."Really? I thought. When I'm sure God's ca

2017-09-11 15:00:00

9 Signs You're Not Operating in God's Power  

It's one of Satan's most subtle strategies. He's so sly that we don't even recognize it's happening. That strategy? To entice us to do ministry, whether as a pastor or a layperson, in our own power. He simply is not alarmed when we go through the motions and activities of church, but without the power of God on us.Here are nine signs you might be operating in your own power:You act first, and pray second. If your tendency is to do ministry and then pray about it only when you have to—

2017-09-11 14:00:00

What the Holy Spirit Spoke to One Chaplain Ministering to Victims on 9/11  

Getting on the plane was a battle. As we all may remember, after 9/11, all air travel was suspended. When they began to fly again, I received orders to proceed to New York City as a part of the Chaplains' Emergency Response Team comprised of chaplains serving with the Coast Guard.I arrived at night, secured a rental car and drove to Manhattan. At Battery Park, there were armed soldiers. Later, I would learn that there were Coast Guard boats armed with 50 caliber machine guns patro

2017-09-11 13:00:10

Dive Deep Into Daniel With This Comic Book-Style Video That Explains Every Vision  

Don't let the book of Daniel's bewildering visions scare you away. In this video, the Bible Project explains exactly what's happening in Daniel and what Christians today should learn from it.

2017-09-11 12:00:00

Major Charismatic Leaders Call for National Prophetic Repentance on 9/11  

Major charismatic leaders are launching a spiritual counterattack after darkness entered the land on Sept. 11, 2001."What the enemy did with offensive in the 2001 9/11 attack, we're going turn it around make offensive for the Spirit on Sept. 11, 2017,"  Don Black, president and CEO of Cornerstone Television Network, tells Charisma News. "This is a counterattack. The day has laid there in vain for last 16 years. What we've asked [President Donald] Trump to do is to make it a nation

2017-09-11 11:00:00

James Goll: It's Time You Walk as a Living Example of Isaiah 60  

Throughout centuries of the Church, people in each generation have looked for signs that theirs would be the one in which Christ would return. Some have taken to the prayer room, crying out with passion for revival and the fire of God to fall upon their neighborhoods, cities and nations. Others have used this belief to fuel missions movements and global evangelism, determined to win every soul possible prior to Christ's return.Toward whichever of these you are more naturally inclined, every Bibl

2017-09-11 10:00:00

Prophetic Word: Glory Storms Are Fast Approaching!  

5778 (2018) is going to be a year of apostolic authority, sending and supernatural moves of glory! There is a convergence of glory and the apostolic happening in the realm of the Spirit, bringing the glory of God together with governing authority and a rising apostolic paradigm. It is a year of the apostolos; a year of the sent and the sending! The gates and walls of authority are being re-established in the earth. There will be an increased emphasis on the apostolic office and anointing. It is

2017-09-11 09:00:17

Hearing God's Voice in the Midst of the Storm  

As I write these words from the safety of my home, with the weather outside beautiful and calm, people in other parts of America (and the Caribbean) are suffering terrible upheaval. Lives have been lost. Families have been torn apart. Houses have been destroyed. Whole islands have been devastated.So, I do not write this lightly. In fact, I think of the famous dictum of Rabbi Irving Greenberg when talking about the Holocaust. "No statement," he said, "theological or otherwise, should be made that

2017-09-11 08:00:00

Hillsong's Millennial Worship Band Writes Love Song for God  

Hillsong Young & Free's single, "Where You Are," is an electronic love song for Jesus. The video's already caught on, introducing over 6 million people to "a new kind of love." Watch it here.

2017-09-11 07:00:00

Are We There Yet? Why Waiting on God Is Always Worth the Pain  

Waiting is so hard! But in one way or another, we are all waiting. Whether we seem to have it all or have the weight of the world on our shoulders, we're all waiting for something—waiting for change, waiting for answers, waiting for healing, waiting for things to get better. No matter how good life gets, every living human being—rich or poor—will always need something.The troubling thing about having a need is not just wondering if the need will be met: it's not knowing when th

2017-09-10 22:00:21

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