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Gay News | The Advocate | The World's Leading Source for LGBT News and Entertainment

Gay News, The Advocate, The World's Leading Source for LGBT News and Entertainment The U.S.-based national gay and lesbian newsmagazine. Includes the GSK pride guide, forums, and links related to articles.

A Gay Bar Finally Apologizes for Its Hurtful Door Policy  

The Denver Wrangler, a popular bear bar, faced criticism for its "gender matching ID" policy. Now, management changed their controversial rules and teamed up with the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

2017-10-20 05:08:15

This Fall Out Boy Hit Is Actually About a Trans Pioneer  

At a Spirit Day event, songwriter Justin Tranter revealed that a mainstream song is in fact a queer ode.

2017-10-19 21:29:06

22 Inspirational #SpiritDay Postings  

2017-10-19 20:19:28

Red Hots Daily (Photos)  

2017-10-19 15:28:27

Reading the Far Right: Blaming the Sexual Revolution for Weinstein  

Many in the extreme right media seem to think sexual harassment and assault were rare before the 1960s.

2017-10-19 14:28:40

Love Among the Ruins in 12 Photos  

2017-10-19 13:06:58

'Freak Show' Is the Underdog Tale We've Been Waiting For  

James St. James's novel is hitting the big screen, and director Trudie Styler tells us why its messages on bullying are universal. 

2017-10-19 06:33:26

32 Photos Show Pride Persists in Kim Davis's Hometown   

2017-10-19 06:03:59

Coming Out and Faith: A Catholic Queer Woman Latches on to Hope  

In the first in a series on coming out within various faiths, graduate student Elizabeth Sextro talks about reconciling her Catholic and queer identities.

2017-10-19 05:46:06

To the Man Who Raped Me  

Christian A. Brown is not a victim, he's a survivor. 

2017-10-19 05:25:27

Starting a Gay Family — in the '70s  

In her new memoir, You Can't Buy Love, Carol Anderson writes of growing up gay — and fundamentalist — in the 1960s and trying to establish a queer family a decade later. Read an exclusive excerpt below.

2017-10-19 05:02:57

Claim by Log Cabin Repubs That Ending Iran Deal Will Aid LGBTs Is Bogus  

A gay Republican group says the deal could be renegotiated to include human rights protections, but others say this is unlikely.

2017-10-18 18:03:32

A Few Test Shots of Michael (Photos)  

2017-10-18 16:15:34

Lego Honors Sally Ride and Other 'Women of NASA'  

The toy company has made a figurine set depicting female astronauts and space pioneers.

2017-10-18 15:30:41

Votes for Marriage Equality Have Solid Lead in Australia  

Supporters of same-sex marriage have a clear edge.

2017-10-18 15:15:08

W.H. Denies Trump Joked About Killing Gays, But 'New Yorker' Stands by Story  

The publication says over 60 people can confirm Trump's comments.

2017-10-18 13:42:10

After Controversy, Caitlyn Jenner Award From Trans Film Fest  

The Republican transgender celebrity will no longer be receiving an award from St. John's Well Child & Family Center, after a petition called for the honor to be revoked.

2017-10-18 13:23:19

21 Gay Popes, Cardinals, and Assorted Catholic Leaders  

2017-10-18 06:26:18

Why Are We Giving Awards to Caitlyn Jenner?  

Transgender activist Ashlee Marie Preston says it's not only wrong to give an award to the Trump supporter — as St. John's Well Child & Family Center plans to do — it is downright insulting.

2017-10-18 06:12:36

A Highly Unorthodox Orthodox Calendar (Photos)  

2017-10-18 05:32:25

82 Plaid Orgy Photos at Beardlandia 2017  

2017-10-18 05:18:12

Comparing Harvey Weinstein to a Night at a Gay Bar Is Insane  

A commentary in USA Today claimed most gay bars are sweaty sex dens where nonconsensual groping is rampant, akin to Harvey Weinstein's hotel room. Which bars does this op-ed writer frequent? 

2017-10-18 05:07:59

12 LGBT Celebs Who Spoke Out About Harassment, Abuse  

Plenty of queer people are saying, "Me too."

2017-10-17 20:30:37

Amazon Exec Resigns After Lesbian Producer Accuses Him of Harassment  

Roy Price was suspended after producer Isa Hackett gave an interview about the incident last week, and now he's resigned.

2017-10-17 19:51:58

No, Roger Stone and Donald Trump Are Not LGBT Allies  

Chris Barron (pictured in inset) contended that conspiracy theorist Stone and Donald Trump are both allies, but the record shows otherwise.

2017-10-17 18:01:50

Millions of Australians Already Voted In Marriage Equality Survey  

As the Australian Bureau of Statistics tabulates votes on the marriage equality vote, turnout is higher than expected.

2017-10-17 17:53:31

Survivor of Gay Concentration Camp in Chechnya Comes Forward  

Maxim Lapunov is the first to formally alert Russian authorities of the region's queer persecution.

2017-10-17 16:15:45

How Taking a 'Walk on the Wild Side' Advanced LGBT Visibility in Hollywood  

When a major star played an unapologetically lesbian role with a glamorous young actress as the object of her affection, it was a boon to representation, writes Spencer Jones. 

2017-10-17 06:33:33

Thank You, Rose   

Rose McGowan has helped take a big chunk out of the patriarchy, which imprisons us all.

2017-10-17 06:15:20

Florida's Out Latino Lawmaker Is Not Giving Up on Gun Control  

After Pulse and now Las Vegas, Carlos Guillermo Smith is more determined than ever to get guns away from maniacs.

2017-10-17 06:08:36

102 Photos to Trigger Your Underwear Fetish  

2017-10-17 05:33:07

Out 13 Reasons Why Star Tommy Dorfman Responds to Brazilian Homophobia  

The actor collaborated on a T-shirt line that calls attention to the legalization of "conversion therapy" in the South American nation.  

2017-10-17 05:02:42

Is Hollywood's Rape Culture Like a Gay Bar?  

As reports of Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual abuses come out, a USA Today contributor draws a queer comparison.

2017-10-16 16:54:59

'Star Trek' Introduces Its First Gay Couple to the Universe  

With matching pajamas and a declaration of love, CBS quietly made history.

2017-10-16 15:29:13

Still Think He's an Ally? Trump Joked About Gays Being Hanged From Nooses  

While claiming to protect the LGBT community, the president mocked the murder of its members and admitted his then-running mate would be happy if gays were all dead.

2017-10-16 14:07:21

Will the #Rosearmy Change Our Rape Culture?  

Actress Rose McGowan is helping demonstrate that women (and men) don't capriciously make up stories of abuse and harassment. But will Harvey Weinstein's crimes be soon forgotten like those alleged of our president?

2017-10-16 13:43:06

61 Photos of Gay Days at the Happiest Place on Earth  

2017-10-16 13:15:18

Jeff Sessions Aiding Trans Victims? It's a Publicity Stunt, Says Lambda Legal  

The attorney general dispatches a top lawyer to prosecute the murder of a gender-nonconforming teen. But his policies encourage violence against LGBT people, according to Lambda Legal.

2017-10-16 11:02:32

The U.N. Wants American Businesses to End Anti-LGBT Discrimination  

In lieu of our government banning workplace discrimination, the United Nations recently offered some suggestions for companies to take the lead.

2017-10-16 05:45:11

13 Works of Art Beyond the Binary  

2017-10-16 05:22:47

Gay Actor Jonathan Groff Praised for Straight Role on Netflix's   

Groff successfully segues from a young gay man coming of age on HBO's Looking to a straight FBI agent chasing serial killers on Netflix's Mindhunter.

2017-10-15 17:44:45

SNL: Kellyanne Conway Morphs Into Pennywise to Terrorize Anderson Cooper  

The sketch show's take on the increasingly irrelevant presidential counselor was its most savage yet.

2017-10-15 12:45:11

U.N. Officials Condemn Mass Gay, Trans Arrests in Egypt, Azerbaijan, and Indonesia  

The arrests and torture of LGBT people in these nations violate international law.

2017-10-14 16:30:42

Mississippi Schools Pull 'To Kill a Mockingbird' Because It 'Makes People Uncomfortable'  

The celebrated classic novel, which tells the deadly consequences of racism, has been scrapped from a Southern school district.

2017-10-14 15:13:54

Dolly Parton Backs Marriage Equality in Australia: 'Love Is Love'  

The country legend gave a perfect reason why gay and bisexual folks should have the right to wed Down Under.

2017-10-14 13:12:14

96 Photos of Men Posing for a Hot Daddy  

2017-10-14 05:00:09

7 Ways to Resist This Week  

2017-10-13 19:37:06

At Values Voter Summit, Trump Boasts of Homophobic, Sexist Victories  

He touts all of his divisive policies, ignoring the harm they're doing.

2017-10-13 16:25:06

This Zombie Ballet Stars Two Gay Leads  

A pre-Halloween treat — this unusual ballet company merges the eternal work of Shakespeare with the undead.

2017-10-13 14:21:54

Women Like Me Have Always Been Part of the Boy Scouts  

It's sad that we still see so many different programs in terms of the gender binary. Thankfully, BSA is getting with the times.

2017-10-13 13:50:40

Fashion Friday: Halloween Inspirations From Slick It Up  

2017-10-13 06:44:40

USC Should Have Taken Harvey Weinstein's Money  

Aspiring female filmmakers shouldn't just get his $5 million donation, they should get every cent he has.

2017-10-13 06:32:46

Why a Straight White Man Made a Comedy About Homophobia  

The Elijah's Ashes filmmaker recounts a disturbing event that sparked a calling to be an ally.

2017-10-13 06:09:02

'Professor Marston and the Wonder Women' Is the Kinky Queer Film We Need  

The tale of Wonder Woman's creator, his wife, and their lover is a refreshing homage to sexual freedom. 

2017-10-13 05:43:13

Amazon Studios Head Suspended After Sexual Harassment Accuser Goes Public  

Roy Price was put on leave of absence after Isa Hackett, executive producer of The Man in the High Castle, gave an interview detailing her allegations.

2017-10-12 21:10:26

James Van Der Beek Says He Was Sexually Harassed by 'Older, Powerful Men'  

"I understand the unwarranted shame, powerlessness & inability to blow the whistle," he tweeted.

2017-10-12 18:22:19

Conspiracy Lawsuit Against Philly Gay Basher Kathryn Knott Can Proceed  

A woman posted negative comments about Kathryn Knott, who bashed a gay couple in 2014. Then Knott's police chief father conspired with a district attorney to get the commenter fired, according to a lawsuit.

2017-10-12 16:55:40

Trump Will Be First President to Address Anti-LGBT Values Voter Summit  

Trump, who addressed the gathering as a candidate the past two years, joins far-right luminaries such as Roy Moore, Phil Robertson, and Michele Bachmann.

2017-10-12 16:13:52

Getting Ellen DeGeneres to Talk Was No Easy Feat in 1997  

In her new memoir, Judy Wieder — The Advocate's first female editor in chief — recounts the drama involving Ellen's big coming-out announcement. Read an exclusive excerpt from Wieder's book, Random Events Tend to Cluster, below.

2017-10-12 06:42:08

What I Learned From Dating Older Gay Men  

The director of Call Your Father says his attraction to older guys exposed a rarely discussed universal truth about gay men.

2017-10-12 06:28:49

He Comes in Colors (Art & Photos)  

2017-10-12 06:07:57

The Creepy Clowns of the 45th Administration (Photos)  

2017-10-12 05:06:36

Did National Park Service Disrespect the Rainbow Flag?  

Organizers of a flag dedication ceremony near the Stonewall Inn denounce the Park Service's withdrawal, while the Park Service apologizes for sending mixed signals.

2017-10-11 21:07:26

Cara Delevingne Recounts How Weinstein Used Homophobia to Prey on Her  

The out actress recalled how the mogul warned her against coming out — then later tried to force her into a threesome with another woman.

2017-10-11 16:53:08

Boy Scouts Will Allow Girls to Join  

Girls will be admitted to the Cub Scouts, while a program for older girls will soon be developed.

2017-10-11 16:50:18

Kim Davis Is Trying to Ban Marriage Equality in Romania  

The Kentucky clerk is busy spreading her homophobia in eastern Europe — on the dime of the anti-LGBT Liberty Counsel.

2017-10-11 15:37:41

Editor Lists All the Women That Said President Trump Sexually Assaulted Them  

Trump was put on blast by an editor.

2017-10-11 14:31:03

Randy Rainbow's Version of 'Desperate Cheeto'  

Let's laugh at flailing Donald Trump instead of crying.

2017-10-11 13:31:56

A Message to my Barbie-Loving Childhood Self  

If only he knew what I know now.

2017-10-11 11:24:29

50 Photos of Guys Who Obviously Work Out  

2017-10-11 10:58:53

You Never Stop Coming Out When You're Bi  

"Do I tell him on the first date? Do I disclose to her after our first kiss?" The answers are never simple, writes Ariel Sobel.

2017-10-11 10:52:20

32 Photos of Cleonette's Queer Vision  

2017-10-11 06:12:41

29 People Who Came Out This Year  

2017-10-11 00:47:43

Alex Jones: Spreading HIV Is Part of Gay Culture  

No, it's not, but that doesn't keep Jones from spreading his toxic theories.

2017-10-10 20:48:41

Nathan Lane Accuses Weinstein of Physical Assault at Hillary's Birthday Party  

Allegations of violence join the accusations of sexual harassment.

2017-10-10 19:59:58

Steve Bannon Approved Inviting Mike Pence to 'Big Gay Party'  

Bannon OK'd Milo Yiannopoulos's effort to troll the anti-LGBT politician when Pence became Donald Trump's running mate.

2017-10-10 18:16:53

Twitter Blocks Marsha Blackburn's Inflammatory Senate Campaign Ad  

Twitter objected to Blackburn's over-the-top anti-abortion rhetoric, but she's found a way around the block.

2017-10-10 16:31:28

102 Photos of Daddies and Their Boys  

2017-10-10 14:19:51

We Can't Let Sessions Drive Trans People Back to Sex Work  

Thanks to discrimination, Columbia graduate Diana Feliz Oliva had to rely on prostitution to survive. She won't allow that to happen to her brothers and sisters.

2017-10-10 06:10:18

White Women, Black Gay Men: Different Victims, Different Response  

Would America be up in arms if Harvey Weinstein abused black sex workers? The case of Gemmel Moore — who died of an overdose at the home of a different Democratic donor — suggests not.

2017-10-10 05:45:16

We Survived the Las Vegas Massacre: Lesbian Moms Share Their Escape  

Allison Gardner and Jacqulyn Lopez found themselves in the worst situation imaginable.

2017-10-10 05:15:35

Trump Kills Proposed Rule That Would Have Protected LGBT Seniors  

The administration withdraws a proposed rule on equal treatment of same-sex spouses in long-term care, saying it's not needed.

2017-10-09 19:14:11

With Columbus Day Announcement, Trump Shows Off His Bigotry (Again)  

The president says Europeans like Christopher Columbus made this country "great," but makes no mention of the slaughter or disease he brought to the Americas.

2017-10-09 17:09:53

Gay Man's Takedown of Anti-Marriage Equality Australian Senator Goes Viral  

As the debate over same-sex couples' right to marry in heats up Down Under, one man raises his voice.

2017-10-09 15:40:16

Indonesia's Antigay Crackdown: 51 Arrests at Sauna  

It's part of a string of actions by police against LGBT Indonesians.

2017-10-09 15:37:31

Lopez, Estefan, Moreno Join Lin-Manuel Miranda in Song for Puerto Rico  

Dozens of artists join in on Miranda's song to help raise money for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.

2017-10-09 15:25:58

The Advocate Launches Video Platform  

Check out video exclusives on Facebook and YouTube.

2017-10-09 15:12:56

Trump Is Trying to Trans People  

This administration is trying to make an unpopular group die a slow death. It's a grand American tradition, writes Amanda Kerri.

2017-10-09 13:35:31

102 Photos Explore PDKs (Public Displays of Kink)  

2017-10-09 13:02:12

Alan Cumming's New Cabaret Is Studio 54 With Show Tunes  

New York's raucously artsy Club Cumming gives people a reason to go out and celebrate.

2017-10-09 06:01:21

Silence=Death Applies to Gun Violence Too  

Politician Daniel Hernandez, the gay man who saved Gabby Giffords's life, sees a parallel between the Reagan administration's handling of AIDS and Trump's NRA worship.

2017-10-09 05:15:37

Religious Right Overjoyed by 'License to Discriminate'  

The Trump administration's Friday actions may have appalled others, but members of the religious right are thrilled.

2017-10-08 16:44:32

SNL Sends Lesbians in Search of Wonder Woman's All-Women Island  

Watch what happens when Kate McKinnon volunteers to help the women uncover their sexuality.

2017-10-08 13:32:18

Harvey Weinstein's Company Booted From LGBT Film Event?  

The mini-film studio headed by mogul Harvey Weinstein — recently accused of rampant sexual misconduct — will no longer be honored by Outfest.

2017-10-07 16:10:21

What Was on the Russians' Fake LGBT Facebook Page?  

A lot of general LGBT news, it seems, and a lack of enthusiasm about the election — apparently aimed at depressing voter turnout.

2017-10-07 13:02:27

What Is It About Russian Bodybuilders? (100 Photos)  

2017-10-07 05:00:30

Little Richard, Once Gay, Is Now Antigay — Again  

The singer has gone back and forth on the matter for years and now says being gay or transgender is "unnatural."

2017-10-06 20:27:05

Little Britain's Matt Lucas Apologizes for the Show's Trans and Blackface   

The British comic said he would not make the show now. 

2017-10-06 19:44:02

Emails Show Gay Vice Editor Worked With Milo Yiannopoulos to Disparage Women  

Mitchell Sunderland, editor for Vice's feminist vertical Broadly, leaked stories to proud misogynist Yiannopoulos.

2017-10-06 16:21:22

Celebs Blast 'License to Discriminate' Order  

The Justice Department has issued a "religious freedom" memo that invites anti-LGBT discrimination.

2017-10-06 15:21:47

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