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International weekly science journal, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Lightning can beat up rocks like an asteroid strike, casting doubt on past impacts  

Extraterrestrial impacts not the only source of "shocked quartz," a new model suggests

2017-07-21 07:56:25

North Korea travel ban would hit Pyongyang University hard  

Chancellor speaks out on ban's consequences and on university-affiliated detainees

2017-07-21 02:32:24

Watch the secret to a tuna's sharp turns  

Fish use their lymphatic system to become agile hunters

2017-07-20 13:20:51

Paying cash for carbon, making dogs friendly, and destroying all life on Earth   

On this week's show: the economics of paying farmers not to cut down trees plus a roundup from the daily news site

2017-07-20 12:38:46

Surprise! The proton is lighter than we thought  

New measurement could help explain a mystery of the universe

2017-07-20 10:04:04

Salk Institute hit with discrimination lawsuit by third female scientist  

Beverly Emerson's newly filed lawsuit alleges institute is an "antiquated boys' club"

2017-07-20 08:32:43

Watch elephant seals recognize each other's 'accents'  

Animals know the rhythm of their rivals' calls

2017-07-20 05:57:54

For first time in history, half of all people with HIV are getting treatment   

But new scorecard shows many nations still struggling to control epidemic

2017-07-20 02:07:44

Building a robot is one of many skills these students have mastered   

FIRST Global Challenge attracts teams from 160 countries to promote STEM education

2017-07-20 01:56:39

How will we keep controversial gene drive technology in check?  

DARPA project will fund strategies to contain or reverse spread of an introduced gene

2017-07-19 21:42:43

Salk Institute under fire for 'smear' on women suing it for discrimination  

Prominent researchers speak out after lawsuit

2017-07-19 12:22:37

Nominee for Department of Energy's undersecretary for science draws praise  

Investment banker Paul Dabbar will have Senate confirmation hearing tomorrow

2017-07-19 11:16:51

A fungus is attacking Europe's most beloved salamander. It could wreak havoc if it gets to North America  

Researchers are desperately looking for ways to prevent the voracious pathogen from causing extinctions

2017-07-19 11:16:15

Some scientists hate NIH's new definition of a clinical trial. Here's why  

Behavioral scientists fear new rules could complicate basic research projects

2017-07-19 09:42:46

Watch a shape-shifting robot extend its tentacle  

Design could aid in firefighting, search and rescue

2017-07-19 07:06:16

In the next 30 years, we'll make four times more plastic waste than we ever have  

And we won't be doing a very good job recycling it

2017-07-19 04:57:59

Updated: Trump pick for USDA science post has drawn darts for lack of technical background  

Iowan Sam Clovis better known as political operative

2017-07-19 03:48:40

What makes dogs so friendly? Study finds genetic link to super-outgoing people  

Childlike affinity toward humans may have been a first step in domestication

2017-07-19 02:36:38

A find in Australia hints at very early human exit from Africa  

"Elaborate" tools dated to 65,000 years ago show humans reached Australia early

2017-07-19 01:22:44

'Scientific wellness' study—and a famed biologist's spinoff company—divide researchers   

108-person pilot study offers glimpse at Leroy Hood's plans for a 100,000-person wellness project—and a profitable industry

2017-07-19 01:14:05

Senate budgetmakers move to keep ARPA-E, bump up DOE science spending  

House bill, meanwhile, would eliminate ARPA-E and keep science funding flat

2017-07-18 03:23:30

Relatively few NIH grantees get lion's share of agency's funding  

Top 10% of grantees get 37% of the money

2017-07-18 02:32:23

Cuts imperil Brazil's stake in astronomy observatories   

Other disciplines also reeling from another budgetary body blow

2017-07-17 19:15:42

We're asking frequent readers to register for   

Science introduces metered access to it's online-only news

2017-07-17 16:17:21

Why midsized animals are the fastest on Earth  

Study compares nearly 500 species

2017-07-17 11:42:21

Can you tell whether this photo has been manipulated?  

Study finds that people aren't great at spotting fake images

2017-07-17 10:52:04

Watch this robotic appendage give humans a third arm  

Device could help workers reduce injury

2017-07-17 09:03:22

Two female scientists sue Salk Institute, alleging discrimination at 'old boys club'  

Complaints cite pervasive sexism and gender bias

2017-07-14 22:27:18

Why a flat 2018 budget could tie NSF's hands  

House of Representatives spending panel adds language that limits the National Science Foundation's ability to set priorities

2017-07-14 13:52:42

Scientists uncover trick to spider's stealth  

Unusual molecular arrangement of spider silk prevents the arachnids from spinning in midair

2017-07-14 13:19:54

To woo public, Europe opens up on animal experiments, but U.S. less transparent  

A trans-Atlantic gap on sharing information

2017-07-14 12:36:25

This conch shell trumpet would be heard far and wide in the ancient world  

New tool helps archaeologists "hear" history

2017-07-14 09:24:06

Top stories: A killer cell transplant and the secret to reducing your carbon footprint  

This week's top Science news

2017-07-14 06:57:04

Pesticides could hike risk of catching a parasitic worm  

When insecticides kill aquatic predators, parasite-carrying snails proliferate

2017-07-14 03:45:21

This is what it would take to kill all life on Earth  

Giant asteroids, supernovae, gamma rays could boil all the water off our planet. But it isn't likely

2017-07-14 02:26:35

Take a 360° spin through the heart of the sun  

Astronomers simulating the sun's interior are one step closer to understanding solar cycles

2017-07-13 14:29:33

Ravens—like humans and apes—can plan for the future  

Experiments show these clever birds can also delay gratification for better future rewards

2017-07-13 10:49:05

House Republicans move to bar funding for NIH fetal tissue research   

Provision likely to face struggle in Senate

2017-07-13 05:57:50

Massive balloons help polar scientists build underground tunnels  

Tunnels are stronger and more environmentally friendly than traditional shelters

2017-07-13 05:56:48

Artificial intelligence helps scientists map behavior in the fruit fly brain  

Machine vision creates brain-behavior maps from more than 5000 hours of fruit fly videos

2017-07-13 04:48:17

Future heat waves are going to make air travel a pain  

Flight delays in Phoenix last month were just a preview

2017-07-13 02:08:45

Still-living dinosaurs, the world's first enzymes, and thwarting early adopters in tech  

On this week's show: What happens when you deny early adopters access to new technology, plus a roundup from the daily news site.

2017-07-13 01:46:50

Expert panel to FDA: time to hold opioids to a new standard  

Report calls for new agency review of already marketed opioids

2017-07-13 01:12:57

Cholera vaccination campaign in Yemen is dropped  

War-ravaged country suspends its request for vaccine

2017-07-12 20:26:33

We may now know how a rare, lethal microbe infected dozens of people across the globe  

Medical sleuthing suggests factory contamination of medical device explains mystery

2017-07-12 14:59:07

Delaware-sized iceberg splits from Antarctica  

Calving warns of collapse for Antarctic Peninsula's largest ice sheet

2017-07-12 14:07:45

Q&A: Former Obama science adviser John Holdren on the White House science office and Trump's science policy  

Holdren has been hands off, but he's worried

2017-07-12 13:56:54

House bill gives NIH 3% raise, blocks cuts to overhead payments  

Measure would prevent Trump administration from slashing portion of grant that covers indirect costs

2017-07-12 13:28:39

A stem cell transplant helped beat back a young doctor's cancer. Now, it's assaulting his body  

Graft-versus-host disease is an often debilitating consequence of a common leukemia cure

2017-07-12 10:47:51

These termites can use glass beads to build mounds  

Mound-building termites use a wide range of materials, as long as they are able to mix them with saliva

2017-07-12 10:25:51

How sunlight might have jump-started life on Earth  

Scientists recreate the reaction that may have led to the birth of metabolism

2017-07-12 07:44:14

Competition helps college students find a place in science  

National contest, hands-on curriculum encourage undergraduate research

2017-07-12 05:22:54

The best way to reduce your carbon footprint is one the government isn't telling you about  

Top strategies to combat climate change contain a surprise

2017-07-11 19:50:43

Watch this spider walk just like an ant  

Strategy helps fool predators

2017-07-11 16:39:06

Trump's White House science office still small and waiting for leadership  

Office of Science and Technology Policy has so far played little role

2017-07-11 12:26:44

Breaking: Trump nominates finance executive for DOE science undersecretary  

Investment banker Paul Dabbar has long experience in energy industry

2017-07-11 12:19:59

Protein tangles behind Alzheimer's disease may be critical for human reproduction  

Semen fibrils trap bad sperm so immune cells can eat them up

2017-07-11 06:48:50

'Replication grants' will allow researchers to repeat nine influential studies that still raise questions  

A Dutch funding agency is making €3 million available to repeat landmark studies—including one published in 1960

2017-07-11 05:33:06

House panel set to vote on bill that cuts or eliminates some DOE science programs  

Biological and environmental research could see cuts

2017-07-11 01:07:31

Memory-enhancing drug reverses effects of traumatic brain injury in mice  

If it works in humans, the compound could help reverse memory decline in patients, even a month later

2017-07-10 16:18:24

Meet the only animal known to pump blood with its guts  

Sea spiders move oxygen around with their intestines

2017-07-10 14:51:23

New Zealand aims to eradicate invasive predators, but winning public support may be big challenge  

Researchers examine ethical and social challenges to ambitious conservation plan

2017-07-10 12:19:13

Rogue chromosome may be behind new contagious cancer striking Tasmanian devils  

Contagious facial tumors show problems with the same chromosome as previous cancer

2017-07-10 05:22:57

Tiny fossil reveals what happened to birds after dinosaurs went extinct  

Find suggests birds made a quick comeback after other dinos died off 66 million years ago

2017-07-10 03:18:10

Glider aims for new heights and rare scientific data  

Perlan 2 glider to ride mountain waves into the stratosphere

2017-07-10 02:47:40

Top stories: The secrets of Roman concrete, superfast stars, and making a pox from mail-order DNA  

This week's top Science news

2017-07-07 15:34:52

Emperor penguins may disappear by the end of this century  

New model suggests their numbers could climb until 2050—before falling off a cliff

2017-07-07 13:46:17

Tesla to build titanic battery facility  

World's most powerful battery installation promises to enhance the reliability of renewable electricity

2017-07-07 07:09:22

Trump taps Georgia health director to lead CDC  

Pick follows selection of surgeon general nominee

2017-07-07 06:48:51

The AI revolution in science  

How deep learning is helping scientists cope with a data deluge

2017-07-07 02:35:38

How Canadian researchers reconstituted an extinct poxvirus for $100,000 using mail-order DNA   

A study that brought horsepox back to life is triggering a new debate about the risks and power of synthetic biology

2017-07-06 21:27:30

Getting rid of carpool lanes could double travel times  

Impact could be felt even during non-rush hour times

2017-07-06 13:49:31

French scientist who lied about conflicts of interest to the Senate gets suspended 6-month sentence  

Michel Aubier downplayed the health risks of air pollution while on oil company Total's payroll

2017-07-06 13:49:26

Odorless calories for weight loss, building artificial intelligence researchers can trust, and can oily birds fly?   

On this week's show: A special issue on the role of artificial intelligence in science plus a roundup from the daily news site

2017-07-06 06:20:49

Are some primates wired for sexual harassment?  

Evidence of intimidation in baboons adds to evidence in chimpanzees, but implications for humans are unclear

2017-07-06 05:04:13

Germans provide big boost for sequencing often ignored organisms  

Grant will help sequence thousands of plants, insects, and fungi

2017-07-06 03:09:21

How AI detectives are cracking open the black box of deep learning  

As neural nets push into science, researchers probe back

2017-07-06 02:26:50

First big efforts to sequence ancient African DNA reveal how early humans swept across the continent   

Two new studies suggest extensive migration and an early south-west population split

2017-07-06 02:04:54

Even tiny amounts of oil could doom seabirds  

Oiled wingtips can cripple flight, potentially preventing birds from reaching their breeding grounds

2017-07-05 18:48:37

A new breed of scientist, with brains of silicon  

Artificial intelligence isn't just a tool. In some labs, it conceives and carries out experiments—and then interprets the results

2017-07-05 10:10:51

AI is changing how we do science. Get a glimpse  

AI systems spot new particles, see galaxies, sense the public mood from social media

2017-07-05 08:31:03

Mice shed weight when they can't smell—but not because they stop eating  

How the new work applies to humans is still unclear

2017-07-05 04:10:01

Milky Way's superfast stars may have been fired out of a nearby galaxy  

Study hopes to explain mystery of hypervelocity stars

2017-07-04 15:50:13

Neandertals and modern humans started mating early  

Ancient encounter completely replaced Neandertal mitochondrial DNA, German bone suggests

2017-07-04 13:54:55

Extinction that killed the dinosaurs may have led to frog explosion  

Frogs probably diversified rapidly, hopping into empty ecological niches

2017-07-03 13:53:43

Why modern mortar crumbles, but Roman concrete lasts millennia  

Seawater is the secret behind the strength of the Pantheon and Colosseum

2017-07-03 12:38:44

South Korea's nuclear U-turn draws praise and darts  

New president pushes dramatic shift in energy policy

2017-06-30 22:34:55

House lawmakers balk at most Trump science cuts in early bills  

But climate and earth science see cuts, and ARPA-E is eliminated

2017-06-30 22:06:27

In India, critics assail proposal to build 100 waste-fueled power plants  

Draft action plan boosts waste to energy

2017-06-30 11:37:51

Top stories: Mysterious human skull carvings, algorithms for origami, and NASA's newest astronauts  

This week's top Science news

2017-06-30 09:37:56

Safety problems at a Los Alamos laboratory delay U.S. nuclear warhead testing and production  

A facility that handles the cores of U.S. nuclear weapons has been mostly closed since 2013 over its inability to control worker safety risks

2017-06-30 07:46:27

Controversial pesticides can decimate honey bees, large study finds  

Neonicotinoids harm domesticated and wild bees, but leave healthier honey bee colonies unaffected

2017-06-29 15:48:06

A near-disaster at a federal nuclear weapons laboratory takes a hidden toll on America's arsenal  

Repeated safety lapses hobble Los Alamos National Laboratory's work on the cores of U.S. nuclear warheads

2017-06-29 14:03:35

Most modern horses came from just two ancient lineages   

Research traces history of most of today's breeds

2017-06-29 13:06:56

A Stone Age skull cult, rogue Parkinson's proteins in the gut, and controversial pesticides linked to bee deaths  

On this week's show: Controversial pesticides have subtle links to bee declines plus a roundup from the daily news site

2017-06-29 12:48:28

Weighing the universe's most elusive particle  

Physicists prepare for one last push to measure the mass of the neutrino

2017-06-29 07:16:03

NASA's new astronaut corps features an abundance of scientific talent  

Two geologists and a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor make new class distinctive

2017-06-29 07:01:47

Here's how much climate change is going to cost your county  

Map projects damage of warming to United States by end of century

2017-06-29 04:09:04

Scientists use carbon nanotubes to make the world's smallest transistors  

Silicon Valley can stay on the right side of Moore's law—for now

2017-06-29 02:07:19

How scientists are combatting deadly fungus—with baker's yeast  

Cheap paper biosensor could help detect fungal disease in developing countries

2017-06-28 19:57:15

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