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   MP Bob Katter's abrupt crocodile line amuses Austr...

Bob Katter was discussing same-sex marriage when he switched topics, in footage that has gone viral.   

2017-11-20 01:40:56

   How the 'Queen of the Curve' redefined our cities

From Beirut to Beijing, Zaha Hadid's distinctive buildings have transformed skylines around the world. Nicknamed the "Queen of the Curve," the late architect will be remembered for her bold, fluid designs, including London's Olympic aquatics center a...   

2017-11-20 01:34:32

   As good as free

India's latest politically linked canteens are named after a former PM, and offer delicious food.   

2017-11-20 01:31:17

updated: 2017-11-19 20:46:14
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   Technology from "Harry Potter" Movies Brings Magic...

Software lets scientists explore the brain in 3-D and perform “virtual dissections” -- Read more on   

2017-11-19 13:00:00

   The Alien Observatory --"Ten Undiscovered Worlds a...

      "How would an alien observer see the Solar System?" asked an international team of astronomers, who estimated that there should be approximately ten currently undiscovered worlds which are favorably located to detect the ...   

2017-11-19 07:26:35

   What is the computational power of the universe?

Washington DC (SPX) Nov 20, 2017 Can a close look at the universe give us solutions to problems too difficult for a computer - even if we built a computer larger than a planet? Physicist Stephen Jordan reflects on this question in a new video by t...   

2017-11-19 05:11:35

updated: 2017-11-19 08:10:36
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   Low-Carb Thanksgiving Recipes That Will Make You F...

For someone who practices the low-carb way of life, Thanksgiving is a total buzzkill. Mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, various pies . . . even the sweet potato casserole is covered with marshmallows! Besides turkey, there aren't many dishes tha...   

2017-11-19 16:36:23

   22 Hot Guys Lifting Weights That Will Have You Boo...

Let's be honest: the biggest perk your gym has to offer isn't the complimentary mouthwash or the four different bikram yoga classes. It's the hot guys lifting weights. Think about it - do you catch yourself lingering outside the weight...   

2017-11-19 15:05:23

   23 Vegan Pie Recipes That Will Have Nonvegans Droo...

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday among many food-lovers, given the feast involved, but one group will have even more to give thanks for at the dinner table this year: vegans. Despite the meat-heavy meal, vegans can turn to an ever-growing collectio...   

2017-11-19 14:40:19

updated: 2017-11-19 21:30:23
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   Florida struggles from the floor, holds off New Ha...

The Gators (3-0) had been averaging a nation-leading 112 points per game in their first two wins. But they shot just 32 percent Sunday.   

2017-11-20 01:44:41

   Bridges sprains ankle in No. 2 MSU's win over Ston...

EAST LANSING, Mich. (AP) Miles Bridges scored 20 points before limping off the court with a sprained left ankle, casting a pall over No. 2 Michigan State as it beat Stony Brook 93-71 on Sunday night.   

2017-11-20 01:40:42

   Saints' comeback earns them 8th win in a row

The Saints needed overtime to overcome the Washington Redskins.   

2017-11-20 01:39:56

updated: 2017-11-19 21:19:41
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   Delta Is Removing Something Incredibly Basic From ...

We have come to this.   

2017-11-19 15:49:08

   Ellen Pao explains the root cause of Silicon Valle...

Josh Edelson/Bloomberg via Getty Images In the last year, many venture capitalists and tech CEOs have stepped down due to sexual harassment allegations. Ellen Pao believes the toxic work culture in Silicon Valley is due to the power imbalance bet...   

2017-11-19 15:45:00

   Alabama's largest newspapers used Sunday's front p...

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images Alabama's most influential newspapers denounced Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore and threw their support behind Democrat Doug Jones in a scathing editorial on Sunday. The joint editorial board said the seriousne...   

2017-11-19 15:31:45

updated: 2017-11-19 21:39:17
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   A Wrinkle In Time Trailer Drops: Oprah Winfrey, Re...

Disney just dropped the official trailer for A Wrinkle In Time during tonight's 2017 American Music Awards and it looks out of this world! Ava DuVernay's adaptation is based on...   

2017-11-20 01:22:00

   Pink and Kelly Clarkson's Opening Performance ...

What a powerful way to start an award show... It's no surprise that the 2017 American Music Awards have brought some of the biggest names in music together for a night filled with...   

2017-11-20 01:15:00

   Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Reveal Their Big Fam...

The holidays are here again and it's time for even more family time! Well, it's certainly the case for Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman who stepped out in Los Angeles Sunday night...   

2017-11-20 01:13:00

updated: 2017-11-19 21:12:49
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   Alice Glass Served Court Summons From Ethan Kath B...

Last month, Alice Glass spoke out about years of physical and sexual abuse by her former Crystal Castles bandmate Ethan Kath. In response to the allegations, Kath (real name Claudio Palmieri) filed a defamation lawsuit against Glass, calling her accu...   

2017-11-19 19:24:21

   Nick Cave Holds Press Conference About Playing Isr...

Nick Cave, the dark poet of rock, on Sunday accused the anti-Israel boycott movement of trying to bully musicians and said he was taking a "principled stand" by performing in the country. The Australian artist, known for music that can be both me...   

2017-11-19 19:02:07

   Russell Simmons Encouraged Terry Crews to “G...

Last month, Terry Crews shared details of his experience being sexually assaulted by a then-unnamed "high-powered" executive at a Hollywood party. Later this month, Crews' assaulter was revealed to be WME agent Adam Venit, who is currently taking a l...   

2017-11-19 18:44:01

updated: 2017-11-19 14:04:29
70 new today
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   Some Instacart Contractors Are Striking in Protest...

At least some delivery workers for Instacart, a so-called gig economy app that dispatches an army of shoppers and drivers to deliver groceries and other supplies directly from retail stores to customers, have launched a two-day strike from Sunday to ...   

2017-11-20 00:30:00

   Media startup Cheddar launches its TV channel in E...

 Business news network Cheddar has been partnering with social media platforms and OTT services in the U.S. And Cheddar is now looking at international markets. The media company is partnering with French startup Molotov so that French viewers c...   

2017-11-20 00:01:43

   Fintech startup Glint de-cloaks to offer a multi-c...

 London-based Glint has been pretty stealthy about what it planned to offer, despite several funding rounds and a vague description that it wanted to a create new “global currency” based on gold. Well, today the fintech startup is fi...   

2017-11-20 00:01:38

updated: 2017-11-19 21:14:06
15 new today
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   We Honestly Don't Know How to Feel About Disn...

Disney's holiday macaron flavor has some people scratching their heads. For the Festival of Holidays celebration at Disneyland California Adventure, the park has introduced an unexpected eggnog macaron. Let's be real: eggnog is a pretty po...   

2017-11-19 09:45:54

   Thanksgiving Onion Recipes

Roasted, creamed, and casseroled: sweet and tender onions for every palate. Read More   

2017-11-19 09:00:00

   How to Make Alex Guarnaschelli's Restaurant-W...

POPSUGAR is bringing you an exclusive look at Thanksgiving recipes from famous lifestyle influencers. We're excited to present the first online look at this twice-baked butternut squash with brown butter and parmesan recipe from Food Network hos...   

2017-11-19 06:01:29

updated: 2017-11-19 13:55:37
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   Arrow: Oliver Still Hopes to Find Some Redemption ...

With Black Siren currently causing trouble for Team Arrow, Stephen Amell admits that Oliver Queen is hoping to redeem the villain somehow.   

2017-11-20 01:33:07

   'A Wrinkle in Time' Trailer: Ava DuVernay's ...

Traveling 91 billion light years has never looked so surreal and fantastic. A new trailer for Ava DuVernay‘s adaptation of the Madeleine L’Engle fantasy classic A Wrinkle in Time has been released by Disney, and it continues the film&#...   

2017-11-20 01:27:57

   Three's Company Actress Ann Wedgeworth Passes Aw...

Actress Ann Wedgeworth of Three's Company has passed away in her home in New York City at the age of 83 after battling illness.   

2017-11-20 01:26:54

updated: 2017-11-19 21:30:44
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   5 Ways To Stay Cool And Win At Divorce (Even If Yo...

When stress is high, it can be incredibly hard to stay cool. One Expert shares how to control your emotions, even when it feels impossible ... like when you're going through a divorce. Keywords: couples, Divorce, Marriage, Relationships, relatio...   

2017-11-19 18:45:22

   3 Reasons Why Even Good People Are Willing To Laug...

Photo: weheartit Why do we laugh when other people are hurt or embarrassed? Here's why we find humiliation funny, even if we consider ourselves good and decent. Keywords: empathy, happiness, SELF, humiliationread more   

2017-11-19 18:33:38

   Mega confused

Hi got a faint BFP on wed morning at 10dpo showed it to husband he saw it to, 11dpo BFN, last night 12dpo another faint but slightly darker BFP...   

2017-11-19 18:19:57

updated: 2017-11-19 14:29:00
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   3 Outfits to Pack for Your Thanksgiving Travels

It's the week of Thanksgiving! The moment that you've waited for has arrived, and you are more than ready to head back home for the holiday. When it comes to packing for such a short break, packing light is almost required (especially if you're the j...   

2017-11-20 00:00:00

   BTS Bring the Best Boy Band Style on the American ...


2017-11-19 23:46:00

   Selena Gomez Goes Blonde for the American Music Aw...


2017-11-19 23:36:00

updated: 2017-11-19 21:16:25
64 new today
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   Texas Border Patrol agent dies from injuries susta...

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent died Sunday after he was injured while on duty in Texas, the agency said in a statement. Rogelio Martinez, a 36-year-old from El Paso, and his partner responded to activity in the Big Bend area when they wer...   

2017-11-19 20:51:19

   J.D. Vance: Republican Presidential Nominee In 203...

Just the fact that he has a political adviser is a harbinger of things to come.   

2017-11-19 19:05:36

   Donald Trump Says He Should Have Left UCLA Players...

The president lashed out at LaVar Ball, the father of one of the basketball players, in a tweet Sunday.   

2017-11-19 15:01:01

updated: 2017-11-19 21:16:26
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   A Nutcracker Christmas Porch

For this year’s Holiday Style Challenge, Darnetha Myers, of ChippaSunshine, channeled her love for Christmas and dressed up her front porch using bright, festive colors. We sent her some Home Depot Christmas decorations and challenged Darnetha...   

2017-11-17 18:38:57

   Our 25 Favorite Tiny Houses of All Time

Some happy homeowners are perplexed by the tiny house craze, while others are ready to trade in their full-size homes for a taste of the tiny life. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you're on, you'll have to agree that this architectural trend ...   

2017-11-17 18:28:35

   10 Fabric Sofa Ideas for a Modern Interior

In this article we are going to take a look at ten fabric sofa ideas and help you decide if you want to opt in for one of these instead of a leather sofa. Nowadays almost every living room has 2 important points of attraction: a TV and a sofa. Decidi...   

2017-11-17 16:12:42

updated: 2017-11-18 16:02:22
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   Angel Soft Mega Roll Toilet Paper, Only $0.01 per ...

Visit Walgreens this week to pick up Angel Soft Mega Roll bath tissue for $0.01 per square foot! The 12-count package of Angel Soft Mega Roll bath tissue is on sale for $9.99. Combine the sale price with a printable manufacturer coupon to pay $8.99, ...   

2017-11-19 22:02:54

   King-Size Milka Oreo Candy Bars, Only $0.11 at Wal...

The awesome deals on Milka Oreo candy bars continue! This week at Walgreens, the king-size version of the Milka Oreo candy bar is on sale for $1.11 each, when you buy at least three. Combine with a $1.00/1 rebate at Checkout 51 to pay just $0.11 per ...   

2017-11-19 21:39:06

   Samsung Curved UHD 4K 65″ Smart TV, Only $76...

Today is the only day to save an additional 15% on TVs at Target! Check out the deal on this Samsung Curved UHD 4K 65″ Smart TV. It’s regularly priced at $1,499.99 and is on sale for $999.99. Receive a $50.00 Target gift card with your pu...   

2017-11-19 21:22:21

updated: 2017-11-19 20:59:34
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   Chargers defense comes up huge in 52-24 win over B...

Rivers passed for 250 yards and Keenan Allen had 12 receptions for 159 yards and two touchdowns for the Chargers   

2017-11-20 01:35:11

   Rams machine needs some repairs after 24-7 loss at...

The Rams' four-game winning streak was tossed aside by a determined Vikings defense in a 24-7 defeat on Sunday in this matchup of NFC division leaders.   

2017-11-20 01:30:49

   Mike Zimmer: “hard to yank” Case Keenu...


2017-11-20 01:20:41

updated: 2017-11-19 20:48:44
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   Atheists Unwittingly Spark Spiritual Revival in Hi...

A football coach from Georgia's East Coweta High School who was recently banned from praying with players has revealed that an atheist group's quest to remove him from invocations has actually sparked an incredible reaction from players and stud...   

2017-11-19 13:00:29

   The Real Reason There's a Divide Between the LGBT ...

It seems like every month a new Christian leader embraces the LGBT movement—from pastor Brandan Robertson to Tony Campolo and Jen Hatmaker—the list never ends. Recently, I came across an article in the Christian Post stating, "After his a...   

2017-11-19 11:00:50

   What Happened When Jesus Brought This Ex-Muslim a ...

A Muslim man named Hamid found Jesus through his brother's witness. When Hamid heard the gospel, he accepted Jesus with his mind, but his heart was slow to experience the fullness of God's love.Timid about his faith, Hamid had no desire to risk shari...   

2017-11-19 09:00:01

updated: 2017-11-19 09:52:15
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   This ex-trucker has some questions about the Tesla...

Filed under: Green,Read Vehicles,Electric,Future Electric trucks, including the Tesla Semi, are inevitable and welcome. But questions remain about this particular implementation.Continue readin...   

2017-11-19 19:25:00

   Sunday Drive: Performance comes in many shapes and...

Filed under: News Recaps From supercharged V8s to fancy electric motors and lithium ion batteries, last week was all about power.Continue ...   

2017-11-19 15:10:00

   SCG 004S opens the entry-level door at Scuderia Ca...

Filed under: Misc. SCG will be pleased to engrave your name in the pre-order books right now, taking a $40,000 deposit against the 004S base price around $400,000.Continue reading SCG...   

2017-11-19 14:20:00

updated: 2017-11-19 21:23:21
video games
6 new today
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   French Senator Writes Letter to France’s Gam...

French senator Jerôme Durain is the latest to join an ever-growing list of figures concerned about loot crates in video games. The latest controversy was sparked by Star Wars Battlefront II‘s microtransactions, which have since been pulled b...   

2017-11-19 19:00:53

   A Way Out Dev Says His Previous Comments on PS4...

Back in June Hazelight (A Way Out) founder, Josef Fares, came into the limelight for all the wrong reasons. In an interview with Engadget, he likened the PlayStation 4 to a five-year-old PC, which unsurprisingly resulted in quite a bit of backlash. R...   

2017-11-19 18:00:25

   Arika Details Fighting EX Layer Beta Plans, Region...

Following its announcement of an open beta for Fighting EX Layer, Arika has provided further details about the test, including when and where it’ll be available. The developer has said that although the release date is December 11 in North Amer...   

2017-11-19 17:00:36

updated: 2017-11-19 15:15:08
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   Ranking The Best Shows You Can Stream Online Right...

You've got free time to kill, and you want to spend these rare moments with a TV show, but you've got a ton of options on   

2017-11-18 09:32:58

   Ranking The Best Shows On Amazon You Can Stream Ri...

Amazon really wants to be a part of your life. The more you stream, the more potential there is for you to click over to   

2017-11-18 09:30:30

   Ranking The Best Shows On Hulu You Can Stream Righ...

Hulu has been a true savior for cord-cutters. While other services have gone more in the direction of original content, Hulu   

2017-11-18 09:28:21

updated: 2017-11-18 13:14:58
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   A glimpse into Norilsk, Russia: The most polluted ...

After several failed attempts at a visa, The Atlantic was finally allowed inside...   

2017-11-19 00:00:00

   Unbelievable bicycle goal.

If there's any goal worthy of taking off your shirt, it's that one.   

2017-11-19 00:00:00

   Dog reunites with owner after two-month deployment...

This is sure to bring a smile to your face.   

2017-11-19 00:00:00

updated: 2017-11-19 20:51:19
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   9 Gift Ideas That Guarantee You'll Win Secret Sant...

By CRACKED Store  Published: November 19th, 2017    

2017-11-19 00:00:00

   5 Ways Applying For A Job Is Hopelessly Stacked Ag...

By Rob Rose  Published: November 19th, 2017    

2017-11-19 00:00:00

   5 Unexpected Activities That Encounter Startling R...

By Archie Grimm  Published: November 19th, 2017    

2017-11-19 00:00:00

updated: 2017-11-19 12:53:18
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real estate
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   Is it the Leads that are Bad, or could it be...

I am a huge proponant of getting your own leads. Whatever leads Zillow can get you or can get you or any other vendor can get you.. you can get for yourself. Creating more websites and platforms to get leads from does not create more lea...   

2017-11-19 18:21:14

   Ashton Thayer Plaza, Westwood CA

Ashton Thayer Plaza - Westwood CAIf you are a condo buyer looking to find out more information on Ashton Thayer Plaza in Westwood, then you have come to the right place! Our website features a plethora of information on Ashton Thayer Plaza, includin...   

2017-11-19 18:19:23

   Price Improvement Acqualina Resort & Spa!

Recently Repriced Our Spectacular Residence for sale in Acqualina Resort & Spa. 17875 Collins Ave #601, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160 4 Beds / 4 baths - 2,750 SFNew price - $2,575,000 www. Click Here For A Video Tour Acqualina ...   

2017-11-19 18:17:28

updated: 2017-11-19 21:24:26
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   8 Yr old big quarter horse gelding

 Want to be riding the best looking horse on the trail? Luke is an 8 yr old quarter horse gelding that is absolutely gorgeous. He is easy to catch, easy to load, stands for farrier, and is 100 sound in every way. He is very athletic and smooth. ...   

2017-11-19 18:16:46

   Registered Arabian Mare

Evana is a purebred Arabian with great bloodlines and SO much potential. She does great groundwork and just wants to please. She needs someone who has time to teach her. She has a wonderful temperament and is great around children.   

2017-11-19 17:50:00

   Beautiful M.F.T. Gelding Smooth gaited,quiet

 Willie is a very gentle,quiet horse.He is well built,strong,good comformation.He is easy to ride safe for a beginner,but fun for anyone.Willie rides any where you want him to,he doesnt get upset if other horses leave him.He has a very nice foxt...   

2017-11-19 17:24:24

updated: 2017-11-19 22:08:11
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   Trickhead and Muglight (kinda old art)

an oldie from tumblr, gif form studiomdhr*mlp;fim/ hasbro   

2017-11-19 15:54:44

   Alien T. rex

So I actually did this a ways back, some of you may have seen this already but I never officially posted it places. I wanted to see if I could distill all of the elements I found vital to the xenomorph from Alien 1979(Big Chap) and recreate them usin...   

2017-11-19 15:26:36

   Get's Hight ~


2017-11-19 15:14:14

updated: 2017-11-19 20:49:26
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   AL West Notes: Cruz, Mariners, Astros, Gattis, A...

Some items from around the AL West… The Mariners apparently aren’t planning to make Nelson Cruz available in trade talks, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe writes.  The newly-acquired Ryon Healy will be used at first base, leaving Cruz to...   

2017-11-20 00:29:53

   Giancarlo Stanton Rumors: Sunday

Rumors continue to swirl around Marlins right fielder and trade candidate Giancarlo Stanton early this offseason. Here’s the latest on the NL MVP: The Cardinals “have made a formal offer” to acquire Stanton, according to Jon Morosi ...   

2017-11-19 22:43:01

   Poll: Will The Rays Trade Chris Archer?

Even though Rays general manager Erik Neander suggested last week that the team plans to keep its top trade chip, Chris Archer, the right-hander still figures to frequent the rumor mill this offseason. On Saturday, for instance, Marc Topkin of the Ta...   

2017-11-19 20:30:18

updated: 2017-11-19 22:02:57
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   Philadelphia 76ers point guard Markelle Fultz impr...

Philadelphia 76ers guard Markelle Fultz was examined and evaluated Sunday by Dr. Ben Kibler, Medical Director of the Shoulder Center of Kentucky at the Lexington Clinic, for the soreness and scapular muscle imbalance that he has been experiencing in ...   

2017-11-19 13:02:33

   Plays of the Week: Nov. 12-18 (Week 5)

* * *   

2017-11-19 13:02:15

   Boston Celtics' longest winning streaks

The Celtics' current 15-game winning streak is the fifth longest in franchise history, and perhaps the most improbable of the bunch.   

2017-11-19 01:13:07

updated: 2017-11-19 04:48:59
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   2017 US Open By the Numbers: 7

The current iteration of the ATP Finals started in 1970 as the Masters Grand Prix, with American Stan Smith claiming the inaugural title. Since that time, the list of champions has included Grand Slam winners, US Open titlists and current and future ...   

2017-11-14 09:56:13

updated: 2017-11-14 15:28:16
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   Timeline Photos


2017-11-19 02:45:01

   Timeline Photos


2017-11-18 18:45:02

   The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry

Within this 144-page paperback book you'll find the techniques and projects for metallic earrings and pendants that even you will surprise yourself with. The old technique of quilling can give you a modern and sophisticated piece of jewelry without t...   

2017-11-18 16:04:26

updated: 2017-11-18 21:26:00
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updated: 2017-11-14 20:45:22
web development
8 new today
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   Virtual Rave by Darrell Flood


2017-11-19 16:58:50

   Geryta by Eva Barabasne Olasz


2017-11-19 16:36:54

   Quad9 DNS promises better privacy and security

Quad9 is a new endpoint DNS service by IBM, Packet Clearing House (PCH) and Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) that improves privacy and data protection. While there are quite a few public DNS services out there, most Internet users probably don't use any o...   

2017-11-19 14:03:42

updated: 2017-11-19 22:22:36
web marketing
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   SEO + UX = Success

These days, SEO best practices include consideration for the user experience (UX). Columnist Sherry Bonelli explains how SEO and UX work together to help both search engines and users. The post SEO + UX = Success appeared first on Search Engine Land...   

2017-11-17 21:48:53

   Private blog networks: A great way to get your sit...

Columnist Kevin Rowe explains what private blog networks (PBNs) are, how to identify them, and why you should steer clear. The post Private blog networks: A great way to get your site penalized appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit Sea...   

2017-11-17 16:50:43

   Where to go next with your Google My Business list...

So, you've set up your Google My Business listing but still aren't seeing results. What's the next step? Columnist Brian Smith lays out some suggestions to further optimize your listing for better local search visibility. The post Where to go next w...   

2017-11-17 16:17:16

updated: 2017-11-17 14:40:39
fun facts
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   10 Clever Hoaxes That Fooled Experts

For as long as people have been making discoveries and expanding the breadth of human knowledge, others have been lying about it. Maybe the hoaxer seeks fame and fortune, maybe he just can’t admit he’s wrong, or maybe he just likes a good...   

2017-11-19 08:00:00

   10 Historical Mysteries Solved In Recent Years

Mysteries just pull us in. We like to read about them, watch shows about them, and try to solve them. As a whole, mankind has always strove to make the unknown known. As the years have gone by, we’ve found new answers for some of the mysteries,...   

2017-11-19 08:00:00

   Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Kenya

Kenya is a wild and wonderful place. As the country is filled with lions and giraffes and zebras, you might think it’s little more than a nature preserve for foreign sightseers. How wrong you are. Today, we take you to the wackier side of Kenya...   

2017-11-18 08:00:00

updated: 2017-11-18 05:42:13
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   Vikings 2017-2018 Playoffs Odds - Post Week 11

Video novid Featured Not Featured Language English The Minnesota Vikings had the second shortest odds of winning the NFC North after Green Bay, then Aaron Rodgers went down.  Now we have ...   

2017-11-19 21:56:03

   Jaguars 2017-2018 Playoffs Odds - Post Week 11

Video novid Featured Not Featured Language English As one might imagine, the Jacksonville Jaguars odds of winning their respective division and anything beyond that (Super Bowl anyone?) were e...   

2017-11-19 21:28:33

   What the Bookies are Saying: Lions vs. Bears

Video novid Featured Not Featured Language English Resident bookmaking expert Tony Caliente discusses Sunday’s NFL game between the Lions and Bears. For this one we look at a sharp bo...   

2017-11-19 15:55:23

updated: 2017-11-19 14:03:09
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   Trump calls LaVar Ball 'very ungrateful', says son...

Trump again says he should have left LiAngelo Ball in China   

2017-11-20 00:57:17

   Vikings' Zimmer has 'high hopes' for Bridgewater, ...

The Vikings' coach addresses the team's cloudy quarterback situation after their eighth win of the season   

2017-11-20 00:46:28

   WATCH: Dale Earnhardt Jr. gives NASCAR champ Marti...

Junior finished 25th in his final ride after starting last and was happy to cede the spotlight to Truex   

2017-11-20 00:40:00

updated: 2017-11-19 20:45:58
13 new today
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   Turkey Day Hacks: 7 Alternatives to Traditional St...

When it comes to Thanksgiving, some people live for stuffing (or dressing, if that's what you call it). Personally, I love all stuffing, even the boxed kind. However, even the classics can start to feel a little staid and dull after a while. Why not...   

2017-11-19 22:00:00

   Hacking Pranks: How to Flip Photos, Change Images ...

Networking is built largely on trust. Most devices do not verify that another device is what it identifies itself to be, so long as it functions as expected. In the case of a man-in-the-middle attack, we can abuse this trust by impersonating a wirele...   

2017-11-19 21:00:00

   Google Glass Resurfaces as a Tool to Help People w...

Considered by many (perhaps unfairly) to be a very public failure, Google Glass can add another plot point to its comeback story, this time as a tool to teach social skills to children and adults with autism. Enter Brain Power, a company that has co...   

2017-11-19 20:00:00

updated: 2017-11-19 21:13:50
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   Major Alabama Newspapers Call on Voters to Reject ...

The candidate for U.S. Senate faced a rare front-page condemnation by local newspaper editors.   

2017-11-19 13:28:29

   California Joins Lawsuit Against Trump's ...

The Golden State will put its considerable weight behind a case challenging the legality of Trump's impulsive ban on trans service members.   

2017-11-18 19:10:23

   Sara Ramirez Stands to Break More Ground on &#...

Since leaving TV, Ramirez came out as bisexual and fought tirelessly for her communities. She and her character Kat may have a few things in common.    

2017-11-18 13:36:35

updated: 2017-11-18 21:47:38
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   Werdum flawless in unanimous win over Tybura

WERDUM vs TYBURAAfter going just 65 seconds in his last bout, former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum got 25 minutes out of game Polish contender Marcin Tybura in the UFC Fight Night main event at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, but the winning r...   

2017-11-18 06:00:00

   Benoit, Lentz impress at Sydney prelims

BENOIT vs MOKHTARIANReturning to the Octagon for the first time since December 2016, flyweight prospect Ryan Benoit got back in the win column as well at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, halting Ashkan Mokhtarian in the third round of their UFC Fight Nigh...   

2017-11-18 06:00:00

   Clark gets debut victory, Matthews wins for home c...

CLARK vs RAWLINGSLate notice replacement Jessica-Rose Clark stunned Octagon veteran Bec Rawlings in their UFC Fight Night co-main event at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, winning the battle of Aussie flyweights via split decision.Scores were 29-28 twice ...   

2017-11-18 06:00:00

updated: 2017-11-19 13:18:59
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   Black Cat Saved in Cliffside Rescue

This black cat was saved from the side of a cliff in Los Angeles, California.   

2017-11-19 18:45:04

   Ethiopian Wolves


2017-11-19 18:45:04

   Giant Fighting Bug Filmed For First Time

In Madagascar, a female katydid displays a fighting stance.   

2017-11-19 18:45:04

updated: 2017-11-19 18:45:04

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